C1—- Rebirth

[Congratulations to the host for completing the mission.]


[The real world is loading–]



Lu Xiaoning opened his eyes and what jumped into his sight was the deserted economic development zone of the capital.


He stood at the crossroads, took out the phone in his pocket, opened the front camera, and saw his appearance.


“I can’t believe I was really reborn.” Lu Xiaoning was a little incredulous.


[System: How does it feel to be back?]


Lu Xiaoning sneered, “Great.”



Only after he died in his previous life did he realize that he was the cannon fodder real young master in the book “Fake Young Master Is A Million Dollar Man”, a beauty text.



He was born in the top plutocrat Lin family, the youngest young master of the Lin family, with two brothers above him.



But he was switched by his adoptive parents and their child on the day he was born.


That child was named Lin Yi by the Lin family and enjoyed the thousands of favors and affluent life that should have belonged to him.


When he was a freshman, things were suddenly revealed and the Lin family took him home, but didn’t send Lin Yi away, and even connived at his blatant bullying and suppression of him.


In the end, he died a tragic death at Lin Yi’s hands.



After his death, the system found him and told him that he could be reborn as long as he went to another “scum-bottom, cheap-top” article and walked through the plot of the green tea little scum-suffering.


He didn’t die in peace and wanted to take back everything that belonged to him. Of course, he agreed without hesitation.


[System: However, I don’t know why you chose to be reborn on the day of Lin Xingye’s car accident to save him. He wasn’t very good to you in the previous life, and now it is half a year before you are picked up.]


[Lu Xiaoning: Because he was the only family member who ever loved me in a previous life].



In his previous life, he did his best not to replace Lin Yi’s position in the Lin family, nor did he fit in, but he could feel that second brother was still okay with him.



The second brother would give him pocket money and would not hesitate to come over to protect him when his parents scolded him for Lin Yi.


So in his previous life, he often lamented thinking that it would be good if the location of the car accident wasn’t so remote, so that he could be found in time to be sent to the hospital for treatment, and wouldn’t be delayed because of the injuries caused by lifelong paralysis of the lower body, making him spend a lifetime in a wheelchair.


In fact, he would prefer to go back earlier and call his second brother to avoid this car accident, but unfortunately, the so-called Lord god didn’t allow it. He had to settle for the second best, go back to before the car accident and call an ambulance for his second brother earlier.




An ear-piercing sound of wheels scraping against the concrete ground rang out.


A black Bugatti rushed onto the green belt and crashed heavily into a large banyan tree.


The front end of the car was immediately deformed by the collision.



This scene, from when Lu Xiaoning was reborn, just less than a minute had passed.


Lu Xiaoning hurriedly called the police while running towards the opposite side of the road.


What he didn’t notice was that not far behind him, a Rolls Royce Phantom was parked.



Inside the car was an extremely good-looking man, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, with a cigarette in his hand: “Ningning, you little fool, wouldn’t it be nice to let him be paralyzed like in his previous life?”




Lu Xiaoning sent Lin Xingye to the Lin family’s hospital.


After the hospital saw that it was their own second young master, they hurriedly contacted the Lin family’s people.


The first to arrive were Lu Xiaoning’s parents, Lin Yongqin and Ye Wenyin, and big brother Lin Muran.



Lu Xiaoning looked at them and his heart prickled, remembering for a moment that he had never been half-accepted by the three people in front of him in his previous life.


But when he thought about it, he wasn’t accepted and liked in his previous life for some of the same reasons.


He was too stubborn in his previous life, and when he had a grievance, he pulled his face down and threw a tantrum.


He didn’t even know that other people’s indulgence was based on favoritism.


Being wild and capricious without the preference of others would only make the other party more annoyed with you.



And at that time his temperament also looked earthy, depressed, and a bit swarthy, even he himself had a feeling of a potential murderer when he looked at it.



The good thing was that when he was in the mission world, the system stuffed him into the body of many green tea scum bottoms.



The little scum was set to win the group pet from childhood by full level tea art, or to become the top star of the entertainment industry from small star to large.



The system had told him many times that he had not only learned the tea art but also assisted his temperament during his years in the system.



Outside the operating room, the three anxiously walked up to Lu Xiaoning.


While worrying about Lin Xingye, Ye Wenyin asked Lu Xiaoning, “Did you send my son to the hospital?”


“Yes,” Lu Xiaoning smiled good-naturedly, “Since you guys are here, I’ll leave first.”


Lin Muran took out his cell phone, “Where to, I’ll call a car for you.”


Lin Yongqin: “By the way, leave a contact for us, we will come to the door to say thank you as soon as possible.”


“None of that is necessary.” Lu Xiaoning politely finished in a soft voice and turned to leave.


He was sure that even if he said that, they would still look for him afterwards.


The reason why he did this was because he wanted to leave a good impression that he didn’t want anything.


In fact, he really didn’t want anything but love for the Lin family.


Lin Yongqin and his team wouldn’t care about Lu Xiaoning. They were all focused on Lin Xingye, so they let Lu Xiaoning go first. Anyway, it was very easy for them to find a person.


Lu Xiaoning walked out of the hospital.


Just as he was about to take the bus back, a Harley motorcycle suddenly came running at full speed from the left front, and was about to hit a young man with a cap who was rushing towards the hospital gate, Lu Xiaoning subconsciously moved towards him.


The teenager bumped into Lu Xiaoning’s arms. When he stood still, he looked up at Lu Xiaoning. There was a bit of doubt in his aloof eyes. Why did he feel a little familiar?


Lu Xiaoning looked at the young man’s face and was surprised. Lin Yi?


“Thanks.” Lin Yi was anxious to see Lin Xingye, so he bypassed Lu Xiaoning and walked away.


Lu Xiaoning smiled coldly, how obscure.


Suddenly, a mischievous smile flashed under his eyes.


[Lu Xiaoning: In my last life, Lin Yi made me love my family but I couldn’t get them to love me back, do you think I should also make him have the taste of unreachable love?]


[The system had followed Lu Xiaoning for so long that it already knew Lu Xiaoning very well: you mean, you want to use the routine you learned on the little scum to make Lin Yi like you and see him fall in love with you?]


[Lu Xiaoning: Hmm.]


Not only does he want Lin Yi to die, but he wanted to make Lin Yi’s life before he died even more painful than his previous life.




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