C24 —– It’s Hard to Fly Without Wings (XII)

Kou Dong’s face felt a little warmth, like a splash, the fishy air enveloped his face.



It smelled like blo-od.



The man with the glasses let out a barely human wail and was rolled up surrounded by the experimental subjects. The mermaid’s dark blue tail dragged on the floor, creating a smooth water stain, slowly curling up Kou Dong and sliding in the direction where the blo-od couldn’t spread.



The sound was so loud that even the others were startled. The lights in the dormitory came on one after another, nothing too loud, only experiment S could hear them whispering.



“What’s wrong?”



“I don’t know, something seems to have happened ……”



“What should we do? Should we go out and take a look?”



“What if we get involved? Don’t–”



The corners of the experimental body’s lips curled upward, emitting a not-so-subtle sneer.






So he judged, his hand still over Kou Dong’s eyes.



He was displeased by the spattered bit of blo-od, and his thin, cold hand covered the patch of skin, wiping it away a few times. That action could almost be said to be gentle, his sharp nails hadn’t touched the youth’s face.



The mermaid was content to measure his trophy, revealing a bit of his snowy fangs, and finally his tail rolled, dragging the man toward the door.




Kou Dong had a bad feeling.



He held the mermaid’s wrist: “Child’s father?”






The experiment didn’t answer, he just breathed on the side of his neck. His breath was cold and sticky, instantly stirring up goosebumps.






Kou Dong quickly asked, “Where are you taking me?”



The mermaid’s scarlet eyes narrowed, rubbing against him, with pleasure written all over his face.



Kou Dong: “……”



He would like to comfort himself, but there was clearly the touch of steps beneath his feet – hell, what the director said couldn’t be true, right?



His baby’s father was going to take him upstairs, live in the tank and have babies?



Kou Dong tried to protest: “I’m very delicate, I’m not used to your tank!”



“It’s okay,” the mermaid said in a low, slow voice, “there are all kinds of things here – you’ll find what you like.”



Was that the point, big brother? I said I’m not used to living, you want to change the tank?



Even if it was a few dozen meters, that was a fu-cking tank ah!



And the point is that you want to force me to have a baby, okay!



The little man hanging on his sweater, at this time he also straightened up, vigilantly surveying the experimental body.



After a long time, the mermaid moved his lips, “The key.”



“Keys?” Kou Dong repeated, “What key?”



The mermaid let out a contented laugh and released his hand, and only then did Kou Dong understand what exactly was meant by the said key. In the depths of the petri dish where Experiment S lived, in the pile of countless strange and slippery milky white beads, there was a small, inconspicuous key hidden. That particular shape was familiar to Kou Dong, – the very one that could open the main door.



He finally knew what kind of desperation those fellows contained when they tried to escape.



The chance of life was clearly in sight, yet out of reach. From beginning to end, it was hidden in the petri dish of this most horrible opponent.



He gave people hope by himself and extinguished it. Kou Dong also had some doubts in a moment. It seemed that such a species with high intelligence was even superior to humans. Could he really deceive the mermaid just by relying on himself?






The mermaid repeated the word slowly, following Kou Dong’s gaze and seeing the tiny iron piece.



His mouth opened and his smile deepened, “You want it?”



Kou Dong pinched himself. The sound was like it had never even passed through his ears, it had come directly into his brain – it was almost like the whispers of a demon in his ear.



Legend had it that the song of the Siren, the unique magic of the Siren, was enough to rout all the weak-minded into mud.



“You want ……” the mermaid said slowly, his tail curling him tighter, as if he couldn’t wait to cluster, “I can give it to you.”



“If you ask.”


“Just ask and say you want-”



Kou Dong opened his mouth, his lips and tongue no longer obeyed his commands. His mind was in a deep, bottomless cloud, he couldn’t see, couldn’t think, he could only hear the voice. The mermaid’s voice compelled him to go to the fragrant path.



The experiment’s slender, crimson tongue licked him. The fishy smell changed to a fragrant aroma, rich and wonderful, reminiscent of sunshine, grass, lake water, or something else. Kou Dong drifted in it, almost like a foot into a glorious heaven.



A new prompt popped up.



[Faced with a request from an NPC, you: A: Yes. B: No.]
[Please note that each choice will affect the player’s final ending. Please ask the player to choose carefully.]






Kou Dong’s head buzzed, how could he say yes to such a suspicious question –






That word was on his lips, and it was about to come out with restraint.



His teeth slowly slackened, finally unable to resist, about to say-





A small crunch snapped him awake.



The little man climbed up Kou Dong’s shoulder at some point, and slapped him – without bothering to use much force. But this external disturbance made the youth snap awake, only to find himself actually half sunk in the petri dish of light blue nutrient solution.



The mermaid silently rolled around him, he was just like a chicken with little resistance, ready to drag him back to the nest. When he lifted his head, Kou Dong could still see the creature’s hard, strong jaws, wrapped beneath that soft-looking skin – human-like, but ultimately not human.



It was the jaws of a beast that could easily chew up its prey.



Kou Dong understood that he had nearly fallen for his trick.



“No.” He swallowed that word from the side and said, “I refuse!”






The experimental body’s movement paused.



Immediately, he straightened up again and spared a look at the person in front of him, but this look contained distress, and his pointed hand stroked Kou Dong’s hair, with an expression of deep thought.



Kou Dong understood that all NPCs has to act according to the rules. In other words, unless Kou Dong did something against the rules, or a random ki-ll happened, the NPCs weren’t able to dispose of him directly – but now with Ye Yanzhi on his body, Kou Dong’s lucky E attribute was cancelled out long ago, and the random shouldn’t have randomized to him only.



If not for the rules framework restrictions, he’d have been eaten alive by the little puppy in the first game.



The question just now was obviously the mermaid’s trap.



If he was dazed and opened his mouth to answer ……



Kou Dong was a little afraid to think. He gratefully said to his son, “You are a good pup.”



Ye Yanzhi sat on his shoulders, looking as cold as ever, hearing this compliment from him didn’t make him happy.



What kind of praise was praising him as a good son?



But it made Ye Yanzhi’s desire to fu-ck him to death a little stronger.



Kou Dong: “You managed to strangle your thousands of brothers in the cradle!”



Well done!



Ye Yanzhi hummed not so gently, thinking, “What’s the hurry?”



When I become big, I will also let you have thousands of ……



The mermaid’s hand completely loosened. He looked at Kou Dong gloomily, and after a moment of silence, he grabbed Kou Dong’s hand.



Kou Dong: “????”



He watched with bewilderment as the mermaid grabbed him and probed toward his own body, swirling hard and pulling off a fish scale from that polished and beautiful fish tail.



Shoving the fish scale into Kou Dong’s hand, the experimental body grinned again.



“You hit me,” he said grimly, “you hit me ……”



Kou Dong: “……”



No, you can’t do things like that!



You fu-cking dragged my hand and hit yourself, okay? I won’t be forced to buy and sell!



The system sighed and explained: [Experimental subjects tend to have a relatively high learning ability.]




Kou Dong: “What does that mean?”



Damn, why did this sentence make him a little panicked?



System: [Experimental body S, originally didn’t have the idea related to forced buying and selling.]


[Please ask the player to guess who taught him?]



Kou Dong shook slightly.



He naturally associated the system’s comment with that night when he was eager to get a clue, he brought the egg drawn from the redemption pool and came looking for the mermaid to recognize his son ……



The system said, with a gloating voice, [It’s you.]






Kou Dong wiped his face in despair.



This experimental body’s ability to learn was too strong, right?




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