Shi Fei wrote the paper fast, spending half of the time to finish the paper.


Seeing that half of the time given had passed, Ming Lihui saw Shi Fei laying on his desk, she sullenly walked over, ready to reward him with a smack.


As a result, when she saw the paper pressed under his arm, she glanced at a few questions, and retracted her palm silently and continued to invigilate the exam hall.


She couldn’t stop him from sleeping if he’d finished the exam.


As Shi Fei went school to take the exam, bloggers finally had something to talk about.


This time, for the sake of the traffic, some posts exaggerated that he didn’t show up for the whole semester except for the registration.


The media that caught something new didn’t care about the truth, insinuating that in order to become popular, Shi Fei only knew how to participate in talent shows and reality shows everyday, yet he didn’t go to class for a whole year.


Originally, two days before Shi Fei went to school, because of his identity as Mr. J, the degree of discussion about him was now high. When they heard about the news, many people stood at the moral high ground and began to criticize him.


Entertainment Big Shot: [Jiahuan High School principal has been publicly criticized for allowing Shi Fei to skip classes, which is seriously affecting the school’s reputation, he’s being persuading to make Shi Fei repeat a grade.]



Entertainment Uncle VIII: [Shi Fei is popular, he’s often absent from class, and the security guard didn’t know him. It’s a possibility that he may be expelled.】


Gossip Aunt: [Shi Fei has to take a make-up exam if he doesn’t attend class. Many students in the school have great opinions on him, but many parents have reported the situation to the principal, and the principal may expel him. ]


For a time, a lot of blogs came up with all kinds of headlines in order to pull traffic. They didn’t care about the truth, as long as they could attract attention.


Netizens didn’t know the real situation. They only knew that according to the timeline, Shi Fei really didn’t attend classes all semester. In addition, the scene of Shi Fei entering the school seemed a bit off.


“Students have to act like students. Does it mean that while making money and being famous, they don’t have to attend classes. Is this fair to other students?”


“No matter how good you are at drawing and singing, you are still a student, and students should stay in class.”


“As a star, you’re setting a bad example to other teenagers by skipping classes.”


“Go to class with peace of mind. Don’t play around all day, and make the network messy.”


“If I were the principal, I would expel him directly. If he doesn’t attend class, how will he graduate? Leave the quota to those who really need it.”


“Some people are really idle. Are all the anti-fans online? If you have time to worry about others, it’s better to think more about your future. ”

Things on the Internet fermented for a while, and Shi Fei didn’t know about it until he finished his morning exam. At lunch, he ate while checking Weibo.


In fact, this kind of thing would stop after two days without intervention. Those media originally started this for the sake of blog traffic, and soon the topic would become less interesting.

At this time, ‘Entertainment Gossip Sauce’ made a post: [Is it that Shi Fei is blocking your path, so it is necessary to fight him once in a while? He started writing popular songs like Nianxiang at an early age, and he can play the guitar. He is also one of the top painters in China. Have you ever thought that he might also be a schoolmaster? Aren’t you afraid of being slapped in the face? 】


When Shi Fei saw the blog posts, he wasn’t moved, after all, this kind of thing wasn’t a big deal. Not to mention Shi Fei wasn’t afraid of being his results being exposed. Even if his grades weren’t very good, it was his business. He didn’t do anything unjust, so netizens would let him go in a couple of days.


It was just that it would be hard on his fans. Shi Fei didn’t want to see them fight so hard.


Shi Fei logged into his account and made a post: [My life’s regret is that I didn’t have the opportunity to participate in the high school examination, I also don’t have the opportunity to participate in the future college entrance examination, I have to walk all the way, I’m too miserable!]


There were several pictures attached to the bottom of this post. The first one was several stacked transcripts from the first grade to now, and there were many trophies.


Once this was posted, it exploded wildly.


It was too wild, too arrogant.


“Cr*p, Brother Fei is actually a school master, I’m kneeling down and begging for your notes.”


“F*ck, this pile of trophies, I want to hit him, he doesn’t go to classes yet every time he gets first, are you still a person? Ask yourself if you are still a human being?”



“The same thing for the second year of high school …… No, this post absolutely cannot be seen by my mother, otherwise my legs won’t be protected.”



“We are all human beings, why should we hurt each other. IQ limits my bragging rights.”


“Brother Fei, please delete this post, my mother is your fan, give me a way to live.”


“I’m no longer a fan, my life is over, the school bully won’t let people live.”



“I’m sorry, I’m ashamed of myself.”


Shi Fei used his strength to shut up the bloggers who wanted to spread rumors and get traffic, and continued his exams with peace of mind in the afternoon.


The final exams were divided into three days, these days were like guerrilla warfare.


He avoided the enthusiasm of the students and also avoided the paparazzi squatting in front of the school, then Ming Lihui, the class teacher, caught him once and asked him for Yu Zixing’s autographed photo. Only then did he remember that the class teacher called him before to ask for a photo.


Without advance preparation, he was caught by the homeroom teacher and signed more than 30 autograph photos before he was let go.


As soon as the last exam finished, Shi Fei was ready to leave, but Zhu Yixin quickly held him back: “Big star, where are you running to? No one has seen you this semester. Shouldn’t we go out together after the exams?”


The students next to him also coaxed him: “Yes, invite us to dinner today, don’t even think of running.”


“Since you participated in the talent show, journalists often come to school to inquire about you, we always say good things, we’re so helpful, shouldn’t we be rewarded?”


The relationship between Shi Fei and his classmates was actually good.


In the first year of high school, he took a long leave of absence at the beginning of the school year and stirred up public discontent in the class, but later, after the class president led the other outstanding members of the class to PK study with him, they were willing to bow down, and everyone quieted down.



In addition, he later dominated the school after getting first place in the final exam, and no one in the class had any opinion about his frequent leave. On the contrary, he seldom went back to school at ordinary times, and when they met with questions they didn’t understand, they would text Shi Fei.

They hadn’t met many times in recent years, but they got along very well. They were all true-natured people. After that, he had to participate in programs, so he didn’t have many opportunities to meet them.


Two days ago, he was hacked by the media, and many students spoke in support of him.


When he thought about it, he promised to go out with them.





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