C1– Wake Up

Kou Dong saw the person running towards him head-on. Under the high blue sky, he seemed to be plated with a light layer of light.

“…… brother.”

The teenager who ran all the way was panting, with his hands propped up on his knees, he half-heartedly brushed off the beads of sweat on his forehead and looked at him.

“I’m sorry, did you wait long?” He seemed to blush a little, he slowly continued: “I have some things I want to say to brother ……”


The vigorous grass scent rushed over, and the air seemed sweet.

He gathered all his courage and finally said, “Can I be brother’s man?”

The audience in the live broadcast room went crazy.

[Can can can can!]

[I’m sure you can! Just because of this face, I have to shout you can countless times!]

[It’s so sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, it should have a good HE ending ……]

【 Xi Xi Xi, I really want to see Kou Dong and the little milk dog sow on the spot. 】

[The sister upstairs …… warning!]

Comments and gifts filled the screen for a moment, another line caught Kou Dong’s attention.

[In the face of NPC’s confession, you: A: yes. B: no.]

Faced with his confession, Kou Dong was an anchor that only showed the sweetness of love ……

Of course he had to choose yes!

The holographic game didn’t require him to actually move his fingers, he just smiled slightly and whispered, “Okay.”

The teenager’s eyes welled up with ecstasy, his eyes didn’t blink as he looked at him, and his voice shook a little, “Really?”

Kou Dong replied, “Really.”

After the words were uttered, he was picked up by the little puppy. The little puppy looked young, but he was very strong, he held him up easily, he pressed him against the railing and fiercely kissed him: “Brother, brother ……”

The teenager grinned and shouted many times, before he finally buried his head in his neck and murmured, “Brother, I like you so much ……”

He felt something warm, soaking through his thin clothes.

This silly child was crying.

Kou Dong’s heart, however, was calm and unruffled as he held him and patted his hair soothingly.

The sunlight swirled down through the gaps in the branches and leaves, and a flock of snow-white doves flew up by the lake.

The lake and everything else became still.

He finally saw the icon show the HE ending in the lower right corner.

Kou Dong blinked, anyway, intimate actions wasn’t going to happen to his real body – in fact, in such holographic games, Kou Dong only entered the game with his mind.

Faced with intimate actions, he could choose to turn on his senses or not.

Kou Dong’s general option was to not open it. After all, he was a moderate game anchor and didn’t really want to experience his feet being in several boats in the game.

In the end, it was just a B-girl game to help people experience love.

He looked up and saw a new prompt on the transparent screen in the air.

[Archive or not, A. yes. B, no.]

Anyway, it was going to end soon, so Kou Dong chose “No” contentedly.

…… In the future, when he thought about his choice, he really wanted to kick his head off.

What the hell was he thinking!

Why didn’t he archive it at that time !!!!!

However, at this time, Kou Dong, still didn’t know what kind of impact this choice had on him. He looked over the character bar in the air, the four NPC’s favorable values had been on ninety and they confessed to him, all four HE endings had been played through, he just needed to wait for the final grand finale.

But that said …… he still didn’t know what the final grand finale was.

After all, it hadn’t been long since this game was developed, and he was still the first to hit the all-clear.

The comments were still popping up: [I guess it’s a cave night with four people, hee hee hee hee.]


【Coach Kou Dong !!!!! (broken voice)]

[Is Coach Kou sure he won’t play “The Dead”? His detail observation ability, a pity ……]

It wasn’t easy to beat the all-clear ending. The new B-girl game, because the four NPCs were broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted, long-legged, and were all beautiful men, it was very popular, and had countless players. But these four NPCs had different personalities, and one was more difficult than the other.

Not to mention that the holographic game was accessed by real brain waves, and had an extra test of human acting skills, which required players to maneuver between several people but not reveal their lies, yet also coax them to obedience, which was as difficult as ascending to the sky.

A careless move, and the love would turn to hate, ending with a blood splattered BE.

[TN: Bad Ending]

Kou Dong was hugged by the little puppy for a while, and finally saw the screen update again. Instead of the option to the final ending, it showed: [Player Kou Dong opened a new ending, the game will be self-updated for 8 hours, other players will be forced offline. Self-renewal countdown begins -]

Kou Dong froze, what was this?

Everyone else was out of the game, and he was the only one left?

He tried, and he really couldn’t forcefully log out. There was a blur before his eyes, and when he opened them again, he was already lying in his in-game home, sleeping in a familiar bed.

Kou Dong: “……”

Bullish operation.

He had to say goodbye to the audience, “So it seems that the anchor will have to sleep in the game, I’m afraid. Everyone, come back tomorrow to see.”


[Coach Kou, don’t sleep alone, where are your NPCs, ask one of them to accompany you.]

[What if they get into a fight? I’m so worried, my little puppy’s combat power is very weak ah, don’t sleep Coach Kou!]

[If the fight really starts, then I’ll be able to watch properly.]

[Upstairs, I also ……]

Kou Dong laughed, waved his hand and said, “I’m closing ah, see you all next time.”

He pressed the live exit option, and the dense comments in the air instantly disappeared.

Kou Dong raised his eyes and surveyed the room for a while.

He was not uncomfortable. After all, during the game, he had slept in this room many times. There was nothing wrong with sleeping here one more time.

He first set an alarm clock for himself, then rolled up the quilt, and slept peacefully.


Eight hours later, the alarm clock hadn’t yet sounded, but Kou Dong woke up first.

He slept a little uncomfortably, and vaguely felt like there was someone sitting at the head of the bed looking at him. The gaze was so hot that he couldn’t ignore it.

He jerked open his eyes, sat up alertly and said, “What the hell!”

As soon as he said that, he went to press the bedside lamp.

The curtains in the room were light-proof, blocking out the daylight from outside, and only a few dark human figures could be vaguely identified standing next to the bed.

He smelled the fishy smell of blood.

Someone’s hand was cold and prickly and touched Kou Dong’s face, provoking a shiver from him.

Kou Dong: “!!!”

He was taken aback, and as soon as he pressed the light, he saw all four of the NPCs sitting in front of his bed, looking at him slyly.

Kou Dong let out an exclamation.

No …… what the hell was this!

What was wrong with these NPCs? How come they all came to him?

He shouldn’t be playing through the level? Shouldn’t he be receiving the final grand finale?

Kou Dong: “……”

Kou Dong hugged the quilt and said dryly, “You guys are having a meeting?”

The chief NPC didn’t answer, only looked at him with loving brows and a warm voice, “Honey, there’s a pair of embroidered shoes under your bed.”

A question mark popped up on Kou Dong’s head.

The uncle NPC also followed with a gentle smile, “Baby, if you betray me, I will die with you.”

The two question marks on Kou Dong’s head shook one by one.

The male god NPC blinked, but he was extraordinarily unconventional, he reached out towards his chest.

He cut his chest open and held out the bloody heart inside.

“Don’t be afraid, baby,” he whispered, “eat this and you will be able to have our baby.”

Kou Dong: “!”

Damn, this scene in the love game was strange – production team, come out, they must have had a hole in the brain to design such a plot!

Where was the sweet sweet sweet HE, wasn’t this a f*cking horror screen?

No, if there was a bug, why did all the NPCs appear together –

At least leave him with a normal one, right?

The last NPC didn’t live up to Kou Dong’s expectations and didn’t speak.

He just pulled out a handful of yellow paper money from his pocket and silently sprinkled it all over Kou Dong.

Kou Dong: “……”

Kou Dong: “…………”

Kou Dong looked at them, lifted the quilt and re-covered himself in it.

“I must not have woken up yet.”

How else would he have such strange dreams.

He closed his eyes and opened them again.

The quilt was lifted and the NPCs were still there.

Even the music hadn’t changed.

How could there be such a bug?

Kou Dong simply decided to force log out. This game didn’t look right, he shouldn’t stay here for a long time – hell, where was the forced logout option!

How did his option go away!!!

Kou Dong shook his item box in shock, and after shaking it for half a day, he didn’t see the game spit out his mandatory logout. Instead, a new screen appeared in the air with the words: [Please player, do not try to destroy the game facilities.]

Kou Dong: “Sabotage! I want to go home now, let me go home!!!”

The screen didn’t moved, it still coldly said: [Please player, do not try to destroy the game facilities.]

Kou Dong: [What the hell kind of program are you, is that all you can say!?]

Screen: [Please do not try to destroy the game facilities.]

Kou Dong: “……”

Give him a basin, he wanted to vomit his liver out.

He didn’t resist anymore, the game was finally satisfied. A new prompt surfaced: [As the player reached more than ninety favorability points for the four NPCs, the game opened the subsequent plot.]

[The four NPCs have found each other after the confession, from love to hate, this game classification will be changed from [Love] theme to [Horror] theme.]

【Player will face a level test, set by the NPC’s sense of autonomy test questions. If the player fails in a certain level, the player’s consciousness will be forcibly bound to the NPC–]

Kou Dong was dumbfounded.

He tried to translate it in his own words, simply put, these four NPCs knew that he had his feet in four boats, so they’ve blackened.

Now they intended to tie him from the real world to the game, digging countless pits for him to jump into, and whose pit he fell into was the person–

But why him ah!!!

Kou Dong just wanted to look up to the sky and wail, he was really wrong ah!

The game: [Because the NPCs have too much favorability towards the player, so it became self-aware.]

Kou Dong felt like he was going crazy.

He was f*cking brushing up on the goodwill of the romance game, who wanted the goodwill of the horror game ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!


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  2. But In a sense, most otome games I’ve played had yandere and horror elements for some reason near the end. Like mystic messenger, the ai went all self aware and that was creepy. Imagine having that in VR, I’d cry.

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  4. It sounds so cool to actually have a game in which you have to act in real life. I feel like it can also help actors as well.

  5. This is such an interesting plot. I love it.

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