C2—[The Runaway Bride 1]

The game could still change the classification!

Kou Dong still held some hope: “If I decrease their favorability points -”

Was it possible to get out of here?

The game system coldly said: [It is recommended that players do not try similar behavior. If the favorability points are too low, you will be wiped out on the spot by the NPC when it fails.]

Kou Dong: “……”

Too high, made him stuck in the game, too low, he would be wiped out on the spot ……

He needed to say MMP now!

[TN: MMP—- [mā mài pī] -Your mom’s a pr*stitute. I don’t mean your mom tho 😭]

He took a few deep breaths to calm himself down.

Nowadays, it was his brain waves that accessed the game.

If it was really like the system said, if he failed the mission, even if his physical body was safe and sound, his body would enter a vegetative state due to the loss of consciousness.

He looked at his game panel again. The panel hadn’t changed, except for the daily “Enter Plot” option, there were also “Luggage”, “Dating”, “Exchange Pool “The panel hadn’t changed. He clicked on his personal attributes and could clearly see his cheat values for NPCs, all four of which were close to full, giving him a headache.

Wait ……

Kou Dong’s gaze stayed on the exchange pool for a long time.

This wasn’t a kryptonite game, the redemption pool was spent on points accumulated from missions. If you’re lucky, you may be able to draw exclusive props for that NPC, triggering a special plot.

[TN: Kryptonite game: money game– aka games that make you spend money. For example, Episodes 🙃]
He asked, “What can I redeem in the redemption pool now?”

The game system replied: [It is possible to draw tools to defend against NPC attacks.]

This was simply equivalent to having an extra life!

Kou Dong’s eyes lit up slightly and he immediately followed up, “With what? Points?”

Game System: [Yes.]

It paused and seemed to have some coaxing implications, [Players can make multiple attempts.]

Kou Dong didn’t fall for it: “I’m poor now.”

He hadn’t completed any tasks, Kou Dong was now poor and penniless.

The game system: [You can get favorability points through the dating system.]

Dating ……

Kou Dong’s heart felt a bit complicated.

Before, he always liked this module. He went to drink a glass of wine with the boss and was performed for by the boss; he went shopping with his uncle and bought all kinds of clothes and did something bad in the dressing room; he wore a mask to listen to the concert of the male god and received a text message from him after the concert “I saw you, that song was sung for you”; he went to the oceanarium hand in hand with his little puppy and ate Ice cream when the other in the name of wiping cream timidly stole a kiss ……

All were sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, enough to make people’s hearts tremble.

But this was all f*cking love game NPCs.

Kou Dong couldn’t imagine going on a date with a horror game NPC, did he want them to remove their heart in front of thousands of viewers to see!

The game system also seemed speechless: [Player’s idea of horror games seems too narrow.]

He had mostly just seen domestic ghost films with ketchup used as blood.

[Has the player had previous experience in horror games?]


The problem was that he had none!

Kou Dong muttered: “If I had known, I would have found a few horror games to practice before ……”

The game system: [such as “The Dead”?]

Somehow, Kou Dong suddenly shivered. As if there was an electric current splitting from head to foot at once, his heart swayed violently and lifted up, even his voice got higher.

“Why do you ask that?”

The game system said: [This is the hottest game in the player’s world].

Because of the generous rewards, it was almost a universal game. If you played well, it wasn’t a dream to become rich overnight.

Kou Dong muttered, “No …… no.”

He also didn’t know exactly where his resistance came from. As a game anchor, his agent had advised him countless times to change to “The Dead”, after all, the popularity was high, the audience was also more, it was easier to make money than a simple love game.

But Kou Dong didn’t say yes once, he couldn’t even afford to download the game, in the streets, when he saw the “dead” posters, he had to cross the road.

The game system fell silent for a long time before a new prompt surfaced.

[Please prepare, player is about to enter the first copy.]

[Copy One: The Runaway Bride.]
[Mission: Avoid the groom and successfully escape from the old castle before the wedding is over.]

【Please player, lie down, after ten minutes, the copy will start.】

Kou Dong stiffened his head and laid down again amidst the four NPCs’ gaze. He lifted the quilt to cover himself, but his body was still trembling slightly.

He suddenly felt a caress.

He didn’t know which NPC gently touched him through the quilt, from head to toe.

The movement was undoubtedly gentle, as if he was touching a rare treasure.

Kou Dong suddenly had the urge to vomit.

It wasn’t right!

This wasn’t right, he clearly turned off the senses, this action was already considered intimate, how could-

More hands came up. There was a cold hand in the blanket, resting on the nape of his neck. Those eyes greedily surrounded him, and long, slender fingers slowly trace the outline of the stranger in the quilt.

From head.

To the feet.

They gazed at him as if they were travelers in the desert looking at the only bottle of life-saving water.

The gaze was gentle and vicious, gentle enough to melt him, and vicious enough to tear his throat out.

Just at this time when Kou Dong couldn’t see, the original logo of the romance game faded away a little from the bottom right corner. In its place, there were two bright red texts: The Dead.

These two words slightly shook, before it also disappeared.

“Remember to escape, my baby–”

A voice said warmly.

“Otherwise, you’re going to be my, eternal bride.”


There was a violent blackness before his eyes, followed by brightness.

He seemed to be in a reeling carriage, which stopped, and someone said with him, “Please get out, young master.”


“Young master? …… Young master?”

Kou Dong forced himself to lift his eyelids. He saw the towering spires of the old fortress from between the shifting curtains of the carriage, the rolling fir bushes and iron fences surrounding it tightly, leaving only a narrow pathway that could barely accommodate the passage of a carriage.

The carriage he was sitting in now came from this lane.

“It is time for you to go in. –You shouldn’t keep His Excellency waiting too long.”

Someone gently assisted him and led him towards the castle without question. The carpet was so soft under his feet that the tips of his boots were almost lost in it.

The wedding was about to be held, but the place was too cold. The hall didn’t have any bouquets, only a high chair hidden in the gloom cast by the curtains, there was a figure standing behind that chair, with his back to Kou Dong.

Seeming to hear the movement, he turned his head sideways and said faintly, “Back.”


There was another voice that spoke joyfully, followed by the sound of footsteps ringing from the steps, boots being stepped on with a creak. Kou Dong looked up and instantly had a toothache –

It was the little puppy.

Another look at the face of the man standing in front of the window, the toothache turned into a shudder –
Damn it! It was uncle!

Kou Dong was particularly impressed with the role of the uncle, the character set was quite peculiar, basically he was extremely cold, his eyes were dark and deep, a glance could make people shiver.

Kou Dong didn’t make any mistake with the two NPCs, but this one turned over twice in succession, and almost entered the prisoner-forbidden play BE ending –

Seeing two difficult NPCs, Kou Dong felt a little panic inside, and reluctantly replied: “Yes ……”

He actually didn’t really want to respond.

The little puppy suddenly leaned closer and reached out to rub his forehead.

“Brother …… you’re sweating a lot.”

He looked vaguely worried.

“Where are you not feeling well?”

Seeing an opportunity to escape from the two of them, Kou Dong’s acting skills came to life again, he calmly tilted his slightly white, his body was also a bit unstable: “I want to go back to the room to rest.”

Surprisingly, both NPCs actually didn’t object. Little Puppy thoughtfully said, “The wedding is in three days, brother should indeed rest well.”

Kou Dong’s heart tightened, and when he looked at the upper right corner again, he really glimpsed a mission countdown that had just appeared.

Three days.

He had to try: “I’m afraid the time is a little tight, I want to change the date of the wedding.”

The expression of the little puppy in front of him changed all of a sudden, although he was still smiling, the smile wasn’t as vivid as before.

It was paper-thin and plastered to his face.

“What,” he slowly removed the gloves from his hands, “is brother regretting it and doesn’t want to be my bride?”

Kou Dong then knew who was the groomsman. He saw the little titty puppy’s favorability points start to drop abruptly and said, “No, I just want to prepare properly.”

As if relieved, the little puppy put the pair of snow-white gloves on again. The gloves pulled over the back of his hand, Kou Dong vaguely glimpsed a flash of traces on his hand, like a tattoo.

“Brother should have said ……”

His fingertips through the thin layer of gloves, almost squeezed Kou Dong’s fingers.

“I, ah, like brother the most.”

Kou Dong: “……”

He couldn’t help but say to the game system, “This would have been sweet before.”

Unfortunately, at this moment, he could only feel the sweat on his back.

The little puppy got out of the way.

His breath was icy cold, but his smile was extremely bright, as if he was overflowing with youth from head to toe.

“Go up and rest, brother.”

Kou Dong nodded and walked up the stairs one step at a time, when he suddenly heard the little puppy call out to him again.

“By the way–”

“There are wild animals outside, so don’t go out after dark, brother.”

Kou Dong frowned slightly, and looked at down at him from the stairs, but he saw him put the finger that had just stroked the beads of sweat on Kou Dong’s forehead into his mouth, the tip of his tongue happily licked it.

“If you don’t listen–”

He said softly, but the light in his eyes was almost exultant, as if he had foreseen a joyful ending.

“You’ll be eaten by wild beasts.”

The words seemed to be a trigger, and immediately afterwards, Kou Dong saw from the open door that the wavering bright red sunset, which struggled for two seconds on the horizon, finally became overwhelmed and was completely hidden at the top of the fir forest.

It was dark.

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