C1– The god Of Learning Becomes A Loser

After three hours of digestion and absorption, He Yishu was finally forced to accept his current situation.

He had crossed over, from a god of learning in the 21st century who was calling the shots in the academic world, to an interstellar waste in a worrying situation.

The situation was worrisome, from the original owner’s family environment, as well as his circle of friends.


The original owner’s real mother had remarried, and at the same time, his real father brightly married his true love who had been lurking for years, and brought back two older siblings who were even older than the original owner.


The original owner didn’t know people, his best friend, not only instigated other people to trouble the original owner behind his back, but also always rightfully hogged the original owner’s things; his beloved lover was insincere, he had hooked up with many people behind the original owner’s back.

The worst thing was that this best friend also hooked up with the original owner’s lover.

The original owner’s situation was really fatal, yet there was something even more fatal waiting for him.

From the original owner’s memory, it seemed that although there were still thousands of professions in the interstellar era, the most sought after were mecha warriors and rune card masters.

A mecha warrior could directly manipulate the mecha, as the main battle party, while the rune card master was the auxiliary party, they used the rune card to enhance the operation of the mecha warrior effect, when the two parties cooperated, it enhanced the mecha’s combat power to the highest.

The former required an extremely strong physique, while the latter required extremely high mental strength.

The original owner’s goal also fell on these two professions that were quite revered by the world, however, his spiritual power was as low as none, and his body was unimaginably weak due to severe injuries, in this case, his dream became an empty dream.

This was simply to add insult to injury.

Probably under such a double blow, the original owner died, and then He Yishu came.

He Yishu didn’t have time to seriously feel the great responsibility on his shoulders, when the door of the room was pushed open directly from outside.

“He Yishu, today is the day to take the Capital Star First Academy entrance exam, why are you still lying in bed!” A crisp female voice was heard, her voice full of smugness and impatience, “Get up now, or we’ll be late!”

He Yishu, who was lying in bed, raised his eyes and looked at the girl who had walked in and shouted without even knocking on the door, which was the half-sister He Tingting, who was only a month older than the original owner.

Since He Tingting followed her mother Lu Na into the He family, she had been committed to bullying the original owner, and their relationship was hostile, yet this little girl wanted to drag He Yishu along to the entrance exam today, her bad thoughts were obvious.

Although He Yishu hadn’t really experienced the original owner’s life in these eighteen years, just from the information obtained from the original owner’s memory, it already made him feel very disgusted with this little girl in front of him who was wearing a pink puffy dress and dressed up in a dainty and cute way.

“Shut up!” He Yishu spoke with a frown, but his voice was hoarse.

Probably surprised by He Yishu’s sudden assertiveness, He Tingting paused slightly for a few seconds before she spoke again in annoyance, “I’m your sister, how dare you tell me to shut up, I’ll definitely tell dad about this!”

“Fine, you can go now.” He Yishu coldly glanced at He Tingting, the original owner was a good-natured soft persimmon who let people bully him, he was not.

He Tingting was blocked again and her face turned red, but when she thought of her purpose of coming over to this punk, she barely suppressed the anger in her heart and wrinkled her nose, “You are really insensitive, do you still remember what day it is today? If you don’t get up, you’ll have to miss the entrance exam of Capital Star First Academy!”

Upon hearing this, He Yishu manually searched the memories of the original owner’s mind about the Capital Star First Academy.

The First Academy of Capital Star was a famous academy in the entire interstellar empire, and its mecha and rune card majors were even more famous, and it had produced many excellent mecha warriors and rune card masters.

It must be said that this was indeed a very good academy, and the original owner dreamed of entering the academy, but the cruel reality was that, with the original master’s qualifications, it was impossible to be admitted to this academy.

So under such a premise, why did the original owner sign up for the entrance exam for the Capital Star First Academy’s Rune Card program?

The answer was obvious, he was caught in a trap.

The one who was easing the original owner was none other than Brooke, the scum ex-boyfriend who cheated on the original owner only a short while ago, and Du Fangping, the best friend of the original owner.

These two people, were really good, He Yishu gritted his teeth and thought.

In addition, He Tingting, who was trying to pull the owner to take the exam in the past, and He Xiaochen, the elder brother, who was in the third grade of Mecha major in the First College of Capital Star was also involved, so there were quite a few people who wanted to see him make a fool out of himself.

However, the fun was theirs, only the bed was his, so He Yishu’s intention was to continue to lie in bed like a dead fish.

He wasn’t going to take the exam, what could they do?

Seeing that He Yishu didn’t even move his fingers, He Tingting realized the problem at this time, and she said in disbelief, “He Yishu, you don’t want to give up this exam, do you?”

He Yishu didn’t even pay attention to He Tingting, and continued to pretend to be a dead fish. The reason he didn’t kick her out directly was because he had learned from the original owner’s memory how low his status was in the family.

Everyone’s room was equipped with a password, only his was not, everyone in the family could enter and exit at will, it was estimated that even the family robot’s status was higher than him.

And if He Yishu really did something to He Tingting, the result could easily be seen from his memory, three full days of staying in a black room + starvation, which was probably one of the main reasons why the original owner had always chosen to put up with it.

He Yishu was now under the hedge, the light brain on his wrist only had a total of less than 500 credits, if he acted now because of the hard feelings, then it was tantamount to hitting the stone with an egg, as a god of learning, he could still distinguish between the important.

Therefore, He Yishu’s plan was to wait until he was strong first, and then slowly abuse these scums!

He Tingting saw that He Yishu was really not going to get up, she became anxious and directly reached forward to tug He Yishu’s arm: “He Yishu, get up! Since you have already registered, how can you not take the exam! You have to take it!”

He Yishu was just about to shake He Tingting off, but a thought suddenly flashed through his smart little head, he rolled his eyes, and instead of shaking He Tingting off, he looked up with a desperate face: “I’m not going to the exam, I’m not in the mood for it.”

He Yishu looked more like his usual self, and He Tingting was inexplicably relieved, but she immediately frowned again and reprimanded, “This is the entrance exam of Capital Star First Academy, haven’t you always wanted to study there? If you miss it this time, you won’t be able to get in for the rest of your life!”

Speaking as if he could get in if he went, He Yishu bristled in his heart, but sighed heavily on the surface, “But I’m really upset, I don’t want to do anything if I can’t buy that model.”

He Tingting caught the point of He Yishu’s words: “Model? What model?”

He Yishu answered truthfully, “The mecha model I saw on the virtual internet a few days ago, didn’t you also see that model?”

Of course He Tingting had seen it, and at that time she even laughed at He Yishu for being insensitive, because the model he was looking at cost 5000 credits, and there was no way Dad would buy it for him.

He Tingting, whose brain wasn’t that good, did not realise He Yishu’s real intention, she just rolled her eyes and said, “Why are you still thinking about that model? Didn’t I tell you? Dad will definitely not buy it for you!”

“I know, that’s why I’m so sad that I don’t want to take the exam,” He Yishu sighed heavily, slowly lowered his head, and stressed again, “I won’t take the exam if I can’t buy the model.”

He Tingting looked at He Yishu, who was being a little naughty, and wanted to slap him awake, but she was afraid that he would really not go to the exam, so she could only be patient, she replied perfunctorily, “Then go for the entrance exam first, and after the exam is over, I will help you talk to your father and ask him to buy the model for you, okay?”

He didn’t expect this person to be so cooperative, He Yishu couldn’t help but laugh: “No, you must be lying to me, you were always like this before, I don’t believe you, unless you ask dad to buy it for me right now, otherwise I won’t go to the exam.”

After saying this, He Yishu muttered again in a small voice to himself, “Anyway, if I go to the exam, I’ll just be seen as a joke, it’s better not to go.”

Although He Tingting looked silly and easy to deceive, there was no guarantee that she wouldn’t wake up midway, so it was necessary to ensure that her attention was placed where it should be.

He Tingting wanted to see He Yishu become a joke, in addition, she also wanted to use He Yishu’s uselessness to set up her own intelligence, she had even talked to a few friends, if He Yishu really didn’t go, wouldn’t all her plans fall through?

But she didn’t really intend to ask her father to buy that model for He Yishu, so what could she do now?

He Tingting was biting her lip when she heard He Yishu continue to mutter, “Even if he doesn’t buy the model for me now, he should at least give me the money first, otherwise I don’t believe Dad will buy the model for me.”

As soon as she heard this, He Tingting instantly lit up, why didn’t she think of that!

As long as she transferred the credits to He Yishu first now, he would definitely agree to go to the exam with her.

And when the exam was over, she would go to her father and tell him that He Yishu threatened her and made her transfer 5,000 credits to him on the pretext of not going to the exam, and that he planned to use the credits to buy a mecha model secretly, then her father would definitely help her get the money back and lock up He Yishu for a few days!

Thinking of this, He Tingting’s eyes lit up, and she was afraid that He Yishu might see what she had in mind, so she quickly coughed twice to cover up and said with as much helplessness as possible, “How can you be so distrustful of me? I am your sister, but since you have said so, it’s always okay if I transfer the money to you first, right?”

“You can make dad give me the money now?” He Yishu, who had seen all of He Tingting’s expressions, raised his eyebrows in slight surprise.

He Tingting clenched her hand, glanced at the window and said, “Not dad, I’ll give you the money first, it’s not too late now, I’ll ask dad for the money when I get back from the exam.”

After saying that, He Tingting couldn’t help secretly checking He Yishu’s reaction, as if afraid that he would see through her.

He Yishu deliberately remained silent for a while, and then nodded slowly with a little worry: “All right then.”



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