“Why do you ask, but I do have information that Novartis and the University of Chicago BioLabs are at an impasse, and the patent on the UW solution hasn’t expired yet. There’s no other buyer for the program except Novartis. The deal was supposed to be in Novartis’ favor. But the Transplant Association and civil society have been pressuring Novartis to apply the Chicago lab’s technology to the UW solution as soon as possible, so both sides have been emboldened and are at a standstill.”



“But I guess, it won’t be a stalemate for long. As long as Chicago Labs doesn’t ask for too much, Novartis will eventually agree.” David on the other side of the phone sounded a little helpless, “The hegemony of knowledge ah……” he sighed.



Li Zheng raised his eyebrows slightly, a hint of a smile flashing in his eyes, “David, don’t be too absolute in everything. Things in the world change a lot.”



Three days later, Novartis announced that it would sign a contract with the University of Chicago Biological Laboratory.



Ballroom, Hilton Hotel, Chicago, USA


The attendants in the meeting room were busy, and a number of people had already come to the scene, including Novartis staff, University of Chicago Biolabs staff, as well as representatives from the American Society for Organ Transplantation, International Society for Organ Transplantation, civil society, Chicago government, etc. The contract signing ceremony would be held at 9:00 a.m. in the morning.




“Congratulations, Professor Olney, on what will be an extremely exciting addition to your resume.” Someone from the Organ Transplant Association congratulated a man in his early thirties.


The man was tall and lanky, with curly brown hair, black eyes, dark features, and handsome features, and he was Professor Olney, the head of the experimental program at the University of Chicago’s Biological Laboratory.



“This is the success of everyone’s joint efforts.” Smugness flashed on Olney’s face, but his mouth said extremely modest words.



Due to the external pressure, the price given by Novartis this time was really not low, and this was already a great success for a biologist who was only in his early thirties.



“It’s good that you know.” An abrupt voice rang out, and an old professor with gray hair came from outside the venue surrounded by several people, he looked serious, his facial grooves became more pronounced because of his expression.



Olney’s expression became a little stiff as he stood up and called out, “Teacher.”


The old professor didn’t pay any attention to him, but walked straight to the front row of guest seats.



Olney’s face went pale and red again and again, after all, he was young and still less sophisticated, he couldn’t help but speak, “Teacher, doing scientific research is to work for the progress of mankind, If we still ask others to sponsor research funds like this, it would be too sad.”



The old professor’s footsteps paused, he turned his head, his eyes swept over Olney like a sharp sword, “You know what I’m talking about.” After saying that, he didn’t care about his reaction and continued to walk forward.



Olney’s good mood of the morning was gone, he took a deep breath and adjusted his expression, then turned his head to continue talking to the person next to him.



The banquet hall filled up one after another and the hour hand was slowly approaching the 9 position.



The people from Novartis entered the venue in the last five minutes, and the leading ones had fake smiles on their faces, and their expressions really weren’t good.



Also, in their opinion, his calculations were really unsightly. In the first stage of the project, he published papers in international journals, and then frequently accepted media interviews, vigorously promoting the powerful role of his laboratory technology in reducing the side effects of UW solutions.



But on the contrary, he didn’t mention that the UW solution they produced had huge side effects.



Because of the technology patent, they had to pinch their noses to talk business with him, and the people of Novartis were holding their breath in their hearts.



The small brass bell was struck a few times, and the noise in the meeting place slowly decreased.


The contract signing ceremony began.


The attendants took a red cloth and spread it on the long table in the center of the venue.


Olney and Novartis representatives stood up and walked towards the center of the table under the gaze of the crowd. Novartis Legal handed two separate contracts to Olney and the head of his side.



Olney sharply signed the contracts and they were exchanged.


Just then, a young man with a Novartis work ID jogged in from outside the banquet hall, ran to the side of the Novartis staff area, and whispered something to the middle-aged man sitting in the first seat.



The middle-aged man’s face changed drastically, ignoring the reactions of the others, he quickly walked over to the long table and stopped the person in charge of his side who was about to move his pen.



He whispered two sentences in the ear of the person in charge.


The face of the person in charge of Novartis was first surprised, followed by a strong shock as he put down the pen in his hand.



Turning his head, he looked at Olney with a fake smile, “I’m sorry, Professor, I don’t think we’ll be able to sign the contract today.”



His hand handing the contract froze in place, then he frowned, “Mr. Bryce, I know that our negotiation did not make you feel that happy, but I think as the head of Novartis, you have encountered quite a few of these things. This is a formal occasion for contract signing, and there are quite a few people sitting down there.”



He gestured with the contract to the people representing the association seated in the first row and the media workers next to them.



Bryce shrugged and stood straight up, “I think they’ll understand my move soon enough.”



“George, book the nearest flight, I want to go to Huajing in China immediately!” Bryce ordered loudly, not hiding it in the slightest.



The project over in Huajing could be different from this technology based on the UW solution developed by Olney’s hand, even with reduced side effects, the CH5 solution was a brand new organ storage solution, and the patent for the CH5 solution as a blood growth solution had already expired, in other words, in terms of the CH5 organ storage solution, all pharmaceutical companies were on the same starting line.



As long as they signed that project in Huajing, they would be able to monopolize the market of organ storage solution.


Bryce’s heart couldn’t help but skip a beat, although for Novartis, the profit of organ storage fluid was almost negligible, the fact that organ storage fluid was a linked market was a big cake.


For artificial organs, long-term organ storage technology continued to develop and the level of medical technology continued to improve, using organ replacement transplants to extend life was definitely a trend, If pharmaceutical companies seized the opportunity before this wave arrived, they would definitely benefit immensely.


“Novartis absolutely cannot lose its advantage in this battle!” Bryce secretly decided in his mind.



David was much earlier than Bryce.


David and Li Zheng had been together for so long that he naturally knew that Li Zheng was not a gossipy person, and after receiving the call two days ago, he had gotten on board and asked the people under him to pay close attention to the project of storing human organs, and half an hour before the signing of the contract between Novartis and the University of Chicago’s Biological Laboratory, he had gotten a very interesting piece of news.



The Ninth Biological Research Laboratory of Huaqing University published a paper on a new application of CH5 solution in their national journal.



The CH5 solution, after a special treatment in their lab, would be changed into an even better organ storage fluid than the UW solution, without a single side effect!



This news made David stand up violently.



“Li is truly Li, oh I haven’t seen him in too long, I need to go find him. By the way, this project was developed in our donated lab, right, I remember we have first right of cooperation. Notify the legal department and draft a contract, on the most favorable terms.” David smiled wide.



He stroked his chin and turned to the person next to him, “Find someone and wait until Bryce has signed the contract to tell him the good news.”



“Okay, Mr. Andorio.”



On this side, David and Bryce both boarded the airplane to Hua Jing.



On the other hand, Li Zheng, who had just caused all this earthquake, stretched lazily.



“I can leave work early today, okay, let me treat you guys to dinner. It’s been hard on you guys for so many days.”


Sun Bin and Lu Ke looked at each other in disbelief, just like that?



A day ago, with their own eyes, the use of CH5 solution as an organ storage fluid was discovered, and the CH5 solution after adjusting the formula performed much better than the UW solution, which caused everyone in the lab to get excited.



However, they all thought that it was an accidental discovery, after all, science progressed from one inadvertent discovery to another, except for Liu Sichao who knew the inside story and sized up Li Zheng several times with his not-so-large eyes.



The way he looked at him, it seemed as if he was eager to cut open Li Zheng’s brain to see if the inside looked different from normal people.



How could he be so lucky that what he wanted came to him.



Li Zheng looked at the experimental data, a gentle smile appeared on his face as he swept his gaze across the laboratory table and picked up a journal that was placed at the top in his hand.



“What is this?” Li Zheng didn’t know much about domestic journals, but when he was the director of the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, he did set out to run a journal.



Ahem, to be precise, it was someone else who had borrowed his name to run a journal, and he heard that the response was quite good.


Sun Bin glanced at the journal in Li Zheng’s hand and spoke with a smile, “Professor, this is a journal jointly organized by the Universities and our Biology Department, and it is considered authoritative in domestic biology circles.” There was one more thing he didn’t say, the outstanding graduate papers from the two schools would also be published in this journal, spreading to the whole country.



This was what many biology students diligently sought, such as him.



“Oh~” Li Zheng raised an eyebrow, “That’s it then.”



“Zheng Guangye, contact the person in charge of the journal, I would like to see our paper published in the journal by nine o’clock tomorrow morning.” The current Li Zheng spoke with such vigor.



Zheng Guangye looked at Liu Sichao.



Liu Sichao had long since been unable to hold back, “Hey, Li Zheng, big boss, you’re not kidding, Golden Bull Project! This is a Golden Bull Project! You want it on a two school-run journals?”



Before Li Zheng could reply, Sun Bin couldn’t help but say, “Researcher Liu, ‘Exploring Biology’ is one of the top biological journals in China!”



Liu Sichao turned around fiercely and shouted, “Shut up!”



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