Zhu Qingan: “……”
He rubbed his eyes to make sure he had read the words in the bullet box correctly.
Did the paper man …… seem to have actually received what he had sent?

Zhu Qingan had a chance to look at the bullet frame in confusion.

He was more worried than wondering why the man had received it – how would the other man react when he saw the things he had sent?

Moreover, he also posted a verbally ambiguous note on the cupcake.

Zhu Qingan thought the game wouldn’t really record him sending something, so he jokingly wrote a note.

But he now has goosebumps, not daring to think of the man’s expression when he saw it.
He didn’t dare turn on the game to meet the paper man.

He stared at the black and white game on the screen.

Until another pop-up message popped up, making Zhu Qingan return to his senses.

[You used ‘Love Mailbox’, interaction value +30! the system will present your lover with a new background for the room in your name!

New Background ……?
Talking about the room, Zhu Qingan recalled the last time he came to Qin Hengyi’s residence in holographic mode, it wasn’t good, the floor was damp, the bed was a creaky little metal bed, the light was dark, and the atmosphere was depressing and gloomy.

He didn’t think the game had a conscience and was willing to change the background for its own protagonist.

[Are you sure you want to give your lover a new background?]

[The background has been replaced! New room background: Sweet couple double bedroom】

Zhu Qingan: “…………”
Couples …… double bedroom?
It was obviously for him and Qin Hengyi.

He couldn’t think of any difference between a couple’s bedroom and a normal bedroom.

But he was sure that with this kind of love game, there would be some “things” that could promote the development of the couple’s relationship.

He couldn’t imagine how the man in the game would look at his small room that suddenly changed into a couple’s room with strange things.

He cringed and didn’t dare open the game to face the man.

He quit the game and opened Weibo.

At the moment when Zhu Qingan went on Weibo.

The official blog of the Dreamboat Entertainment Company, where he was going to sign, sent out a new Weibo post.

@Dreamboat Entertainment: [Welcome @Zhu Qingan to sign with our company, and to officially join the big family in the entertainment industry].

Three seconds after the Weibo post, Zhu Qingan’s fan club exploded-.

Zhu Qingan had many small fans, mostly from when he was still a group act. They were all eager for Zhu Qingan to officially join the entertainment industry so that more people could see him.

They had waited for this day.

His official entry into the entertainment industry meant that they would have an official backer group, official blog, and personal topics in the entertainment industry, and they would have more channels to support Zhu Qingan.
 [We love you, An! We’ll always be there to protect you!
Welcome to the world of entertainment! A brighter future awaits you!]
[Kiss kiss kiss kiss my little baby! ~Go for it! Waiting for you to become a movie star!]

Zhu Qingan’s Weibo was quiet and silent, and most replies were “thank you for your welcome” and “thank you for your support” … He never said a word more.

In addition, he also found out that he was contacted in a private message box by the Dreamboat company, who wanted to talk to him about his next development path.

Dreamboat Entertainment had already prepared a development route for Zhu Qingan.

Zhu Qingan was still young, so it wasn’t suitable for him to go straight to the acting emperor route. Rather, they wanted him to appear in more variety shows, auditions, and singing competitions to gain experience and save up a group of young and energetic fans. Then he would enter the acting world to make a movie and take the route of the movie emperor.

Meanwhile, Dreamboat Entertainment wanted him to join an upcoming variety show. “Poorer Than Poor”

The variety content of “Poorer Than Poor” was just literally, poorer than poor. The entertainers were placed in a strange neighborhood and they had two weeks to convince the neighborhood that they were the poorest of the group of entertainers. The artists that participated within the variety show were their rivals.

The road to being poorer than poor was not an easy one.

It often happened-.
The contestant in the variety show deliberately let himself dress in rags, carrying a garbage bag, looking like he couldn’t afford to eat, just as the crowd was about to cast the “wow this person is so poor – ” eyes. The player with patched pockets, had the high-profile version of the Apple phone.
And so, failed to pretend to be poor.

Or the contestant couldn’t stand the hunger and broke his or her “too poor to eat” persona by carrying a garbage bag and running to a five-star restaurant to eat and drink. And then the others saw – “This person is so poor that he can’t afford to eat? “So you’re that rich!”

  Failed to pretend to be poor.
The other artists managed to hold on to their “too poor to eat” persona with one nest egg a day.

This variety show was very interesting and was one of the highest-rated variety shows in the empire.

Zhu Qingan agreed to join this variety show, which would start shooting in two days.
He was confident in his ability to pretend to be poor.
No, he didn’t have to pretend at all, he was already poor and could put on a real show!

His 100,000 interstellar coins were going to buy a new plot of land in a suburb of the Empire near the sea for a new base, plus the cost of moving. He would soon have less than five hundred interstellar coins left.
Five hundred interstellar coins were not enough for him to feed the pups, and he would have to work harder to participate in Variety to earn money.

After Zhu Qingan agreed to participate in the “Poorer than Poor” variety show, Dreamboat Company fully confirmed the list of participating artists for this variety show and announced it on Weibo.

Zhu Qingan unintentionally swept the list and glimpsed at a familiar name and his heart trembled.

Xiao Ruiyu.
The empire’s youngest triple-amphibious movie star.
At the same time …… was also Zhu Qingan’s male god.

When Xiao Ruiyu wasn’t taking dramas, he would indeed have the presence of mind to participate in some variety shows to relax.

But Zhu Qingan did not expect that he would participate in a variety show with him ……
This was a great opportunity to meet his idol.

Zhu Qingan rubbed his hands, his heart thumping.

But now he never thought that his paper man would not only become a roadblock on his way to pretend to be poor but also intercept him from contacting Xiao Ruiyu.

Zhu Qingan was in a good mood, putting down his light chip and going to cook for the pups.

When he returned, Zhu Qingan picked up the light chip again-.
He suddenly found out – False Love, a shameless triple virus game, forced him into the game. Let him meet the Paper Man with the Strawberry Shortcake, Chicken Little, and the Couple’s Room.

Zhu Qingan: “……”

–this time it was no longer a small, dark, narrow space that caught his eye.
Instead, it was a vast expanse of hazy, lovely girlie pink.

A double king-size bed sprinkled with pink roses, covered with pink sheets, and set in a circle for some sort of movement.
The rug under the double bed was also pink, the window curtains were lace, and even the small coffee table by the window was also covered with a pink tablecloth.

Zhu Qingan: “……”
He couldn’t imagine what his experience would be the next time he entered the game in holographic mode.
Afraid he would be blinded by the pink flash.

Zhu Qingan lightly tapped the screen.
Finally, in front of a table filled with small love dolls, he found Qin Hengyi.

The man’s clothing changed with the background update.
He was wearing a white shirt and black trousers. The shirt had a button unbuttoned, his sexy Adam’s apple was clearly visible, the vaguely visible muscle curves wrapped by the fabric, his blond hair spread in front of his forehead, full of an amorous aura …… but he also gave out a  gentle feeling. It did look rather like a date with a lover at a couples hotel.

The small pink dolls on the table were piled to one side by him, and the vacant spot …… held the box of strawberry cake that Zhu Qingan sent.
  The mousse strawberry cupcakes had been eaten.

The chicklet, which looked a little awkward in the lovers’ room was nowhere to be found
He measured the teenager with his dark red eyes that contained unknown meanings.

“Qin, Mr. Qin ……” the teenager’s voice trembled, his cheeks reddened, and he didn’t know where to put his fingers.

This time it was Zhu Qingan’s real emotions from the heart, no disguise.

The tenager didn’t know how to explain well, he hung his head, not daring to look at the man, his voice shook: “I, I …… made you a small cake …… those chicks…”

“Those two chicks are a souvenir of our love!” The teenager held his breath and spat out, “We raised them together, and whenever I see them, I think of you. I think they are the things that witnessed …… our love.”

When the young man said the words “our love”, his voice lowered and softened, like a feather sweeping the man’s heart.

Zhu Qingan was afraid that Qin Hengyi would take the initiative to bring up the matter of the note attached to the cupcake, so he took the opportunity to say first: “I attached a note to the top of the cupcake, did you …… see it?”
He looked and acted shy, but eager to be bold towards him.

The little note was in the man’s pocket.

The words on the small note were overflowing with passion and admiration from the teenager, which was very comfortable for the man.
Qin Hengyi: “I saw.”

Zhu Qingan’s head grew even bigger after explaining those two things.
Then, he didn’t know how to explain the matter of the couple’s room.

The man must also have seen the ambiguous double bed, or some other strange and odd thing ……

“This room …… ” Zhu Qingan pinched the corner of his clothes, his cheeks even redder, like a ripe peach: “I bought it for, for you ……”

Qin Hengyi: “……”
He woke up to a change in his surroundings.
The small metal bed was transformed into a pink double king bed sprinkled with roses. The drawers were filled with brand new, unopened condoms, and props.
Even the wardrobe was full of sexy uniforms.

Qin Hengyi was surprised.
It was self-evident what the teenager who adored him meant by purchasing this kind of room specifically for him.
It was obvious that he wanted to take a step closer to him. But he was too embarrassed to tell himself directly, so he could only quietly buy a room like this to express his meaning.

“There’s no need to explain.” Qin Hengyi’s eyebrows raised and softly said, “I understand.”

If this shy and pure youth was allowed to spread out and explain his true thoughts about purchasing this room, he would probably explode ……

Zhu Qingan: “……”
He didn’t know what the paper man understood.
But he was glad not to have to find a hard and fast reason to explain.

“Thank you, thank you Mr. Qin for understanding ……” the young man’s eyebrows curved, his voice took on a little pleasure, like he was eating a strawberry candy: “I hope you like this room ……”

His unconsciously uttered words further deepened the misunderstanding between the two.

Qin Hengyi thought that Zhu Qingan was hinting at him, and answered him in a suggestive manner, “I will like it.”

The next time Zhu Qingan came to him, would he wear the uniform in the wardrobe to show him, or would he take a bath in the uncovered bathtub to show himself?
This little friend …… was so cute.

But now that he had lost his memory and knew nothing, he couldn’t take on the identity of Zhu Qingan’s lover.
He wouldn’t make a move on Zhu Qingan right now, besides, the other party was still a small child so much younger than himself.

Qin Hengyi gave a rare light laugh.
–He hadn’t laughed in a long time.
It had also been a long time since his long-suppressed room had had a bright light shining in.
Until the appearance of the teenager.

Zhu Qingan saw that the man was silent and quietly asked again, “Mr. Qin, is the cake good?”

Qin Hengyi nodded, “It’s delicious.”

“That’s great! Thank you for that, Mr. Qin.” Zhu Qingan’s smile was sweet with two curved eyes.
He didn’t expect the paper man to praise his craftsmanship as well.

Then he laughed out with genuine emotion.

Qin Hengyi looked at the bright smile of the teenager and recalled the last time he accidentally peeked into the truth of the teenager’s life ……

The teenager was actually so poor that he couldn’t even have enough to eat.

But …… still squeezed a little money to make cupcakes for him, and even …… spent more money to create this little pink nest that was just for them. Just to be able to make him laugh, to be able to make him like him more ……

Qin Hengyi tapped on the desktop, he abruptly raised his head, interrupting Zhu Qingan’s smile, his red eyes staring straight at the teenager: “An. Tell me, are you …… financially struggling? Can you afford to eat?”

After he said this, Zhu Qingan froze violently and was slow to return to his senses.

Qin Hengyi frowned.
Did he hurt the youth’s pride?

Zhu Qingan: “……”
He was shocked by the paper man’s question.
He was a man who had been in possession of a hundred thousand yuan, and someone asked him if he was poor ……?
This paper man was arrogant.

With a low, muffled grunt, he turned around and pulled out an updated bill from somewhere that he had printed from the Imperial Bank.
The bill showed a hundred thousand yuan that he owned.

The fair teenager blushed, took the bill, placed it in front of the paper man, and said, “Mr. Qin, I’m not poor ……” in a tone that took on a bit of aggravation and persistence, like a little white cat trying to contradict its master.

Qin Hengyi: “……”
He had a look at the balance that was only a hundred thousand yuan.
He was stunned.

He had lost his memory, but the money values he had retained before he lost his memory were still there.
It might be that he was too rich before his amnesia.
He only felt that this …… 100,000 yuan was very little.
Even if two zeros were added after the 100,000 blocks, he still felt it was very little.
Very little to nothing.

The man looked off-screen at the youth who was smiling happily and waiting for him to be impressed.
Once again, his heart tugged, and he felt even more sorry for him.

His little friend was too silly and too sweet.
Too poor to know it.

At the same time. An icy electronic voice sounded in Qin Hengyi’s ears.
【Your lover Zhu Qingan is very, very poor in your eyes!
[The system opened a special service for you to wish your lover good luck – Love Mall!
[Everything you own in the world that you can buy there to solve your lover’s problems-]

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