In two days, Zhou Yuhe’s Weibo followers went up by more than 4 million, which was an incredible thing in 2014, a silent newcomer to the acting world, with a single role exploding into such a frenzy, not only Weibo, Zhihu, Douban, these news media platforms, but also magazines, paper media, which were traditionally stereotypical media also received a great shock.


If the topic of “the nation’s first love” lasted long enough, then there was no doubt that this young man, Zhou Yuhe, would become the brightest star of the year.

All the media were keeping an eye on Weibo and Zhou Yuhe, wondering how big of a star he would be.

However, while everyone’s focus was on Zhou Yuhe, a nuclear bomb message exploded on the internet-.

Emperor Xuanzong won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor at the Burfi Awards!

Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor ……?!!!

With each best, the press was breathing a little harder, until the words “Best Actor” came out, and boom!

Brains were blank.

Those media workers who had been staring at Zhou Yuhe with deadly eyes, when they saw this news suddenly posted on Weibo, all of them without exception stopped what they were doing and looked at each other.

What had happened?

If Zhou Yuhe’s burst of popularity was only in the film and television industry, then this news certainly blew up the entire entertainment industry!

It wasn’t until a minute later that people started to respond-

Oh, my God!

It was the Burfi Awards!!!! No Chinese team had won a major award in 30 years, but they won three in one go? And these three awards weren’t even inconsequential, pork-sharing awards, they were the heaviest Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor!

Was the director the one who hadn’t made a new film in 3 years? Well, it was not like he’d been studying for the Burfi for a year or two; technically, he was the most likely winner of the Burfi in the entire Chinese-language film industry; was Robert the cinematographer? He was a regular at the Burfi Awards, and this win was mostly a result of the judges recognizing his strength; actor Xie Yifeng …… eh? Which one was Xie Yifeng?

The guy from “Rejuvenation”? And he made movies?


Looking closely at that face, where else did it look like they’d seen it before?

Everyone opened Baidu Wikipedia with a question.


“F*ck! Isn’t he the kid picking up trash in The Passage!”

“What the hell! He’s in this movie too!”

“This delivery guy is him!”

Netizens had discovered a scary fact: Although they didn’t know the young actor, they were impressed with the TV show roles and movie roles he had appeared in! It was just that no one ever associated these roles with each other!

A look at the details: Xie Yifeng debuted twelve years, starred in more than 80 TV dramas, and movies, regardless of the main supporting role, played as many as 100 characters!

Looking at the familiar supporting names, from the grasslands of the set horse Hanzi, to the live studio’s pseudo-feminine netizen anchor; from a mental disorder to a perverted juvenile delinquent of 138 IQ ……

And then looking at the handsome, exuberant young man in the awards video, who no one could connect to the oddball characters –

How good of an actor did he have to be to act in a completely uncompromising manner!!!!

The “plastic surgery acting” hot search after “Xie Yifeng,” “Xie Yifeng,” and “Xie Yifeng, Bo Fei,” had risen strongly to the top of the hot search list!

Not only that, but Xie Yifeng’s excellent English speech during the award ceremony, and his fluent English and witty answers to foreign reporters after the ceremony, made him a huge fan base at home and abroad!

The literacy level of stars in the entertainment industry had been criticized by the public, with many young people not even completing high school before coming out to the entertainment industry, and some not even speaking their native language properly, let alone English.

There were some Chinese-English fans who couldn’t wait to see it erased as black history.

Of course, it wasn’t that no one could speak fluent and pure English, but many of those people were old artists and veteran actors and actresses, and among the younger generation of artists who could speak English to the level of Xie Yifeng and could joke with foreign reporters with ease and comfort, it could be said that there were hardly any.

Ten years of sharpening the sword, the sturdiness, Xie Yifeng such a person, who could get angry?

“Xie Yifeng Award Speech”, “Xie Yifeng English”, “Xie Yifeng Interview”, “Xie Yifeng Xu Chang” ……

For a whole week, hot searches about Xie Yifeng took turns to dominate the list, it was hard to wait for the heat to drop a little, on the 22nd, the country’s most authoritative film awards ceremony – the Golden Cup Awards announced the best actor.

Xie Yifeng, Emperor Xuan Tong!

It was Xie Yifeng again! It was Emperor Xuan Tong again!

The Hot Search exploded again.

The entire month of June, July.

Xie Yifeng had won 3 domestic and international movie trophies in a row, as well as 6 nominations, including international, breaking the history of Chinese cinema!

As long as it was an award ceremony, as long as it was a Weibo hot search.

It couldn’t escape three words: Emperor Xuan Tong.

However, this was just the beginning, in the next year, there were still 4 movie star trophies and 9 movie star nominations, these 7 movie star trophies and 15 movie star nominations would completely push Xie Yifeng to the altar.

If Zhou Yuhe was an overnight success, then Xie Yifeng was-.

A god in one night!

Some were in a trance about the outcome, some were jealous, some couldn’t believe it, but what all must admit was this.

His time had come.


As soon as Zhou Yuhe appeared from the back door of the company building, he was surrounded by a large group of fans, and it took a lot of effort from the four security guards to send him through the back door to the nanny van.

Zhou Yuhe positively waved at the fans through the window of the car and also told them to back off a bit to protect themselves.

A scream erupted from the center of the girls.

It was only when the car drove onto the highway that the surroundings grew quiet.

Susu swiped her iPad as she said excitedly, “Yuhe, you’re traveling so much more now than before! The fans are too enthusiastic too, I feel like I’m going to be shot to death by their eyes while sitting in the car hahaha.”

Laughing, she seemed to have suddenly remembered something, and her expression was slightly dimmed again.

“But it’s a pity this time if it wasn’t for the fact that you just happened to bump into Brother Xie …… “Your popularity would definitely be several times greater than it is now!

The momentum was so strong that one of them was bound to be crushed to pieces.

The momentum was so strong that one of them was bound to be crushed into a pile of dregs.

But Zhou Yuhe was still a bit better than scum.

Although this period of time most of the traffic were hanging on Xie Yifeng’s body, but those related to “first love” were still on the hot search, miraculously, the durability was also quite amazing, the subsequent fire degree had not dropped, even Xie Yifeng’s heat began to show fatigue,, it could be said, no matter where anyone went, mention the word “first love” and everyone would think of Zhou Yuhe.

Zhou Yuhe smiled and said nothing to Susu’s desire to keep talking.

Many fans and passersby were heartbroken that Zhou Yuhe had fallen on bad luck, and it was hard to dominate the headlines with his overnight success, but it was Xie Yifeng who bumped into him.

However, Zhou Yuhe did not think so.

The wood was more beautiful than the forest, the wind would destroy it.

He was a newcomer and didn’t have the same deep acting foundation as Xie Yifeng, so if his fans grew too fast, it might not be good for him.

Now like this, the heat of the first love was not as rapid as before, but also more stable and long-lasting, this development was instead a virtuous cycle.

And Xie Yifeng fame was for him, Zhou Yuhe’s fame was Shen Yan’s character. Once a character became a classic and was enshrined in film history, it would not fade and be forgotten even after more than a decade.

Although Xie Yifeng was strong, “Shen Yan” was more of a secondary character.

There was no absolute competition between the two of them.

Zhou Yuhe rubbed his eyebrows, “Where are we going next?”

After more trips, he didn’t have a clear picture of everything he had to do every day as he did before.

Susu read from her iPad as it was written, “Next up is …… we’re going to go to the Game Life variety show with the Rejuvenation crew.”

Speaking of the matter of his and Xie Yfeng’s double star explosion, no matter how the outside world made them up, the biggest winner wouldn’t be either of them, but Rejuvenation.

They had one male lead and a second male lead, and no matter who exploded, it would be a great thing for “Rejuvenation”.

After Xie Yifeng won the first film award, the two million saved by the publicity team of Rejuvenation finally exerted 200% power, and the publicity effect in seven days was much better than that in the previous month. The channels were laid out in all aspects, and the manuscript was strengthened. Because Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng became popular at the same time, investors saw business opportunities and increased the cost of publicity.

The “Obviously sweet” started high but ended low, “Rejuvenation” won from word of mouth.

This was something that no one professional would have predicted when the two dramas first started.

In the end, however, what made “Rejuvenation” a huge success was its hardcore strength.

In the past 14 years, there had been a lot of youth dramas and inferior works. It seemed that as long as it was related to “youth”, there was school violence, abortion, car accidents, snatching the boyfriend of the best friend, sleeping with the girlfriend of the buddy …… and the ending must be sad, the hero and heroine must miss as if only this way was worthy of the word “youth”.

Audiences had long been pulled down by these cliched, and thunderous works of the entire youth genre, and this time “Rejuvenation”, with no gimmicks, no abortion, no brother against brother, no leukemia, no car accident, no annoying second female lead …… only a real and warm youth script, it was like a portrayal of high school life that everyone in their reality would experience, unimaginative, but full of fireworks.

In the face of reality, he had to give up his dream, change his choice to science; parents divorced, male lead; seemingly isolated and rebellious, but when you got into trouble, he stood up for you, second male lead……

Every character in it, even the minor, unimaginative ones, had their own flash of humanity to show. It may not be all that positive, but at that age of 17, 18, even the slightest glitch could be endearing and accommodating.

This kind of domestic “Rejuvenation” opened a sunroof, making millions of people realize that the original youth films were not only for young people, anyone could find traces of life in it and be moved.

The team of “Rejuvenation” had broken many traditions due to its high impact on both word of mouth and viewership.

For example, it was very rare for a TV drama to be forced to be called for a variety show promotion more than a month after it had aired.

After all, the main stars of “Rejuvenation” had become famous to varying degrees, today, for the first time in two months, they got together.

Including Xie Yifeng who was so busy that he turned into a trapeze artist.

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