A total of dozens of ability users came along with several trucks, and now only one car was hurrying away, the ability users, including young master Xiao and Su Tianyun, were left with only five people who were lucky enough to be alive.

The five survivors, in addition to young master Xiao and Su Tianyun, the other two were ability users, two of them were young master Xiao’s henchmen, and the other one was a speed ability user who luckily ran out.

Su Tianyun and his henchmen didn’t dare to hold a grudge against Young Master Xiao, but the one who escaped with his life was very resentful of the speed ability user.

His face was undistinguished, and when he heard Young Master Xiao’s proposal, he said, “Young Master Xiao, I’m from A City, I’m more familiar with this area, just behind the street in front of me, there is a residential area about to be demolished, there are so few people, zombies should also be few, it’s best to go there.”

Young Master Xiao nodded, “Then let’s go there.”

He looked towards Su Tianyun who was gently wiping sweat stains on his forehead at the side and softened his gaze, “Tianyun, bring out some food and drink.”

Su Tianyun nodded and took out some convenience food and five bottles of mineral water from the space.

Young Master Xiao received the mineral water and twisted the bottle cap with a movement: “Why has this lid been opened?”

Su Tianyun’s action of drinking the water was calm, then smiled, “The mineral water has been consumed, I have water in here that I condensed with my supernatural powers.”

Young Master Xiao did not care about this small problem, after hearing Su Tianyun’s explanation, he unscrewed the bottle cap and drank water and ate bread.

A loaf of buttered bread and half a bottle of water went into his stomach, and he suddenly felt warm and energetic, as if even his ability had grown a lot faster.

Young Master Xiao thought it was a psychological effect and didn’t pay much attention to it, wiping the water stains from the corners of his mouth, he asked the person in the driver’s seat, “How long until we reach our destination?”

The driver drove the big truck to crash the zombies along the way, the cracking sound of bones being crushed was incessant, and the glass of the car was splattered with yellow and black slime …… he said with a serious face: “The road is not very good, we have to go around for a while, and we can get there in about ten minutes.”

Young Master Xiao opened the window to see what was happening outside, a fireball was thrown out to block a zombie that was trying to climb onto the car, so the car managed to drive far enough to get rid of the zombie.

Su Tianyun stared at the zombies that were moving forward and backward outside, and reached out to touch the area a little above his chest.

This was the place where he wore the Jade Guanyin that he had stolen from Ye Tianyi, and now that the Jade Guanyin had been dripping blood to recognize his master, it had completely integrated into his body, leaving only a Guanyin tattoo on the area a little above his chest.

Whenever he wanted to enter the space, touching the Guanyin would allow him to enter, but if he only entered the space mentally there was no need to touch the Guanyin.

What just made him panic was that today, when he was outside the factory, the Guanyin statue was hot from time to time for some reason, and when he left the garment factory, it was not hot again.

Could it be that this Jade still had an early warning function?


Ye Tianyi had already asked Little Leaf to remember the scent of Su Tianyun and the others, and he had asked Little Leaf to point the way along the way, chasing after Su Tianyun and the others.

His speed was much faster than the ability users who drove by countless zombies blocking the road, at least where he passed, not a single zombie dared to stop the road.

When he got close to Su Tianyun’s group, his mental energy also detected their whereabouts.

At this time, Su Tianyun and the others were resting in a house with a large ‘demolition’ word written on the wall in red paint, Ye Tianyi tucked Little Leaf into his clothes and quietly lurked close to them.

When he lurked outside the house, Su Tianyun, who was originally sitting next to Young Master Xiao, suddenly stood up and said in alarm, “There’s danger!”

He pressed tightly against his chest, but it was actually a little above his chest where the jade was heating up, even a little hot and scorching.

This had happened before outside the factory, just not as strong as it was now.

What exactly was going on? Was the warning stronger this time than last time because this crisis was more dangerous than the last?

Young Master Xiao was also vigilant in looking around, even looked at the wind and grass to carefully investigate, but he just didn’t find anything.

He also didn’t suspect that Su Tianyun was deliberately talking nonsense, after all, there was danger outside the factory before or Su Tianyun warned him, showing that Su Tianyun’s early warning intuition was quite accurate.

It was just that Su Tianyun had this early warning, but he and the others hadn’t found the danger, which made people uneasy.

Either Su Tianyun was wrong, or that danger was so high that they couldn’t detect it.

No one was willing to believe the second possibility.

Young Master Xiao whispered to Su Tianyun, “Do you know what kind of danger it is? Or …… are you feeling wrong?”

Su Tianyun was angry that Young Master Xiao didn’t trust him, so his tone was a bit punchy: “I never felt wrong, and I was right last time outside the garment factory!”

He used to have some intuition about sensing danger, which he had cultivated all thanks to a decade of crawling around in the end times in his previous life, but it wasn’t too helpful. But the jade’s warning was something he believed in one hundred percent.

In his previous life, Ye Tianyi was able to have that kind of skill, becoming a triple tenth-ranked supernatural being, the only savior who could deal with the zombie king, and it was definitely thanks to this jade guanyin.

This Jade had so many functions, wouldn’t it be easy to just warn of danger?

Now that the Jade was in his hands, he would be able to do better than Ye Tianyi from his previous life. Therefore he was very unhappy with Young Master Xiao’s suspicions, and sneered, if it wasn’t for the fact that he would become a ninth-order fire psychic in the future, the head of the survivor base in city A, who would be willing to coax him ah!

Young Master Xiao’s face changed slightly, but he quickly returned to his original gentle appearance, asking questions to comfort Su Tianyun.

The other three ability users looked at each other but did not dare to disturb those two, and only found their own place to sit down and rest.


Lying on the wall outside the house to gaze at the conversation inside the house, his mental energy also enveloped the house, taking in the behavior of the five people to the heart.

Su Tianyun’s early warning made Ye Tianyi’s heart thud, he had thought he really had some method to find his whereabouts, but this was the result, he put his mind at ease.

Ye Tianyi didn’t even make a casual move when he was so close to Su Tianyun because he found that he had a sense of closeness to Su Tianyun.

This feeling of closeness, Ye Tianyi was sure it wasn’t because of the bloodline between him and Su Tianyun.

He carefully felt it again, somewhat uncertainly suspecting that this feeling of closeness seemed to be something about Su Tianyun that made him feel close to him ……

And what else could Su Tianyun feel close to, other than the Jade?

Ye Tianyi didn’t cover up after he figured it out, and he generously came to the front door and knocked.

He wanted to personally kill Su Tianyun and was in no way interested in covering up and sneaking around.

As the knocking sounded, Su Tianyun became more and more distracted, the jade on his body became hotter and hotter, and he grabbed Young Master Xiao’s arm tightly, looking at the door in some panic.

Young Master Xiao patted Su Tianyun on the back a few times to reassure him and then gave a wink to the speed ability user closest to the door of the room to open it.

The reason why that speed ability user chose to rest near the door of the room was to facilitate the first time to escape if anything happened, but he didn’t expect to be summoned by Young Master Xiao to be cannon fodder.

But the other two ability users were eyeing him, and he didn’t dare refuse, so he carefully and cautiously walked to the door of the room and asked, “Who is it?”

The one who could knock on the door certainly wasn’t an unintelligent zombie, it would be a human.

Was there a squad of survivors here?

A man’s voice came from outside, “I’m looking for Su Tianyun.”

This sentence made Su Tianyun, who had just eased up under Young Master Xiao’s reassurance, go pale.

That voice …… no! How was that possible? He clearly saw the man bitten by a zombie, he should have mutated into a zombie? Why did he come to him in such a way?

Young Master Xiao didn’t notice that something was wrong with Su Tianyun this time, and he signaled for that speed ability user to open the door.

The one who could name Su Tianyun should be a human, and he hadn’t heard any chaotic footsteps before, so there shouldn’t be many people outside, so it didn’t matter if he let them in.

The door opened with a click.

Ye Tianyi stood in the doorway, he was dressed in a comfortable casual suit, a white kitten stood on his shoulder, his face was handsome but cold and solemn, and his cold gaze fell on Su Tianyun.

Su Tianyun could barely support his body on the ground, he tightly grabbed Young Master Xiao’s arm as if grasping the last straw.

Ye Tianyi! It was really Ye Tianyi! It was really him!

He was all too familiar with this appearance of Ye Tianyi, when he and his father went to look for Ye Tianyi the day before the end of the world, Ye Tianyi was standing at the top of the stairs like this, looking at him with disdain from above.

Regardless of whether it was in his previous life or this life, every time he saw Ye Tianyi, Ye Tianyi looked at him in this manner, as if he was looking at an insolent mole ……



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