Sun Bin spoke loudly, and there was a momentary silence in the laboratory.



Li Zheng paused for a moment, then slowly raised his head, sweeping his eyes over Sun Bin, then landing on Meng Jie.


“Oh, really?” Li Zheng smiled, seemingly not taking Sun Bin’s words to heart.



Sun Bin was still a bit wary, but seeing Li Zheng’s appearance of not taking his words to heart, he became a bit unconvinced.



“Professor, it’s all over the place now, Meng Jie’s resume states that he participated in the project during the summer of his first year of study, but his fellow countrymen proved that he went back to his hometown during the summer of his first year of study, and wasn’t in Huajing at all, so how could he possibly participate in the project in a laboratory in Huajing!”



Meng Jie hung his head, making it impossible to see his expression, however, the hands on his side, which were tightly clutching his pants, revealed that he was not in a calm mood at this moment.



Li Zheng gave him a deep look.


He then faced the crowd, “In that case, I will now give you the first lesson. Practice – the first rule for researchers.”



“For those of us who do scientific research, every project result that comes out has to go through countless experiments, and what is an experiment, an experiment is the materialization of practice. In your future scientific life, you will face a lot of data, the first thing we have to do is to practice verification.”



“Even if these data come from the most authoritative scientific journals, you have to scrutinize it with skepticism, and use the most rigorous scientific means to verify it, and the same goes for ……” Li Zheng paused, “in the face of rumors, even if they come from the mouth of a respected figure’s mouth, please remember that there is no right to speak without personally verifying the investigation.”



Sun Bin’s brows were furrowed tightly, Lu Ke was thoughtful, and Zheng Guangye was immobile, making it impossible for people to guess what he was thinking.



Li Zheng ignored their reactions and instead walked straight to the table, pulling out Meng Jie’s resume from a pile of documents.



“It’s very simple to confirm whether Meng Jie’s project experience is fictitious or not. Just follow the experimental process described in his resume and do it all over again.”



When everyone heard this, they all brightened up, and Sun Bin’s face revealed a look of confidence, “Professor, you have a point!”



Li Zheng nodded his head, his gaze glancing over the scowling Meng Jie as he began to do the experiment behind the lab bench step by step following the flow of the project described on his resume.



This was a project on Vitamin K. In 1943, the St. Louis group led by Doisy was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for obtaining a purified form of Vitamin K. This was the first time the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine had been awarded to a group in St. Louis. By this time vitamin research was in the sights of many researchers. There were not many domestic vitamin projects in the 1980s.



Li Zheng kept his hands moving, operating step by step in an orderly manner, glancing at Meng Jie’s resume from time to time.


Meng Jie didn’t say a word from start to finish, while Liu Sichao glanced over Meng Jie’s resume, then looked at Li Zheng’s movements and raised his eyebrows.



What Meng Jie described on his resume was just a component experiment in the purification of Vitamin K. It wasn’t that complicated, and in about forty-five minutes, Li Zheng managed to make the crystals.


The ghostly blue crystals laid quietly in the test tube, and a satisfied smile appeared on Li Zheng’s face.


“The experiment was successful.” He spoke with a smile.



Sun Bin’s mouth opened wide as he gulped and muttered in a low voice, “That Huang Zhichao kid lied to me.” At the same time, a trace of embarrassment appeared on his face.



Lu Xuexue’s face was full of admiration, Zheng Guangye’s eyes also flashed a trace of surprise, Meng Jie’s reaction was the most unexpected, his whole person froze in place, his mouth was wide open, he seemed to want to say something, but opened his mouth but nothing came out.



Li Zheng stepped forward and patted his shoulder, then handed the test tube to Sun Bin, “You can check the crystallized matter that you got according to Meng Jie’s project experience in his resume.”



Sun Bin hastily waved his hand, “Professor, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have.” He paused for a moment and turned his head to look at Meng Jie, “I apologize.”



Meng Jie shook his head vigorously, and it was only then that the crowd noticed that his forehead was covered in fine beads of sweat, and the clothes on his back were drenched in sweat. It was also true that with this kind of rumor, in case Professor Li didn’t succeed in obtaining the crystalline object, Meng Jie would be unable to wash himself even if he jumped into the Yellow River, the crowd thought so.



At this point, all the staff of the ninth laboratory were on board, and Meng Jie’s hands were still slightly trembling when he signed the contract.



“Professor ……, I …… I don’t, don’t fit, fit this, this position.” He struggled to express himself, “Mr Zheng …….” He wanted to make it clear that Zheng Guangye was more suitable for this position than him.



Li Zheng didn’t realize that the father of embryo transplantation was actually so cute when he was young, he suddenly raised his hand and rubbed Meng Jie’s hair, “Don’t worry, you can do it.”



Looking at Meng Jie’s expression that was so excited that he was unable to speak, a trace of satisfaction rarely flooded Li Zheng’s heart, a feeling that would only appear after his vanity had been stroked by the Father of Embryo Transplantation ……



When Zheng Guangye and the others left, Meng Jie was at the end of the line, he had already stepped out of the laboratory door, but came back a few minutes later.



He looked at Li Zheng’s face as he lowered his head to organize the experimental data. A hint of struggle appeared on his face.



“Teach, Professor.” He spoke with difficulty.



However, Li Zheng behind the lab bench didn’t raise his head in the slightest, but Liu Sichao on the side whistled, “Yo, you’re back?”



“Professor, I ……” Meng Jie ignored Liu Sichao and took two steps forward, walking over to Li Zheng’s lab bench.



“I know what you want to say.” Li Zheng looked up helplessly, “Your project experience is fictitious, I know.” It was as if Li Zheng was saying something that couldn’t be more common.



Meng Jie’s mouth opened wide in surprise, and he spoke naively, “You, you know?”


Li Zheng raised an eyebrow, “My experience in the program is real, so I can still see the tricks.”



“The American Medical Journal of the year, page 86, the third paragraph, had a review of Amquist’s research history, you comprehended the essence of it.”



Meng Jie’s face turned red all of a sudden, “Teach, professor, I, I just, opportunity, want an opportunity.”



Li Zheng nodded, “So, I gave you a chance ah.” He said rightfully, the heavens owed Meng Jie a chance in his last life, and in this life, Li Zheng did not want that regret to repeat itself.


Meng Jie was silent for a long time.


“Thank you, thank you Professor!” It was only after a long time that he spoke.


Meng Jie bowed deeply to Li Zheng before trotting over to the laboratory door.



Liu Sichao highlighted the papers published by the University of Chicago’s Biological Research Laboratory and then walked over to Li Zheng, “I thought you were a man of principle.”


Li Zheng glanced at him, “Aren’t I?”



Liu Sichao bristled, “I don’t see it anyway.” He paused, his expression becoming a little serious, “Is he, is he worth it?” Is he worth breaking your own principles?


Li Zheng froze for a moment, then hung his head slightly, making it impossible to see his expression.



“Ah, it’s worth it.” Worth it, to break your own principles a little, in exchange for a living, healthy, growing father of embryo transfer, where could there be a better deal than this.



Liu Sichao nodded, “Well, since all the people have been recruited, we have to hurry up. I got the news that Novartis has already proposed patent purchase and cooperation intention to the University of Chicago Biological Laboratory, if we don’t want to offend Novartis at the same time, we’d better get the results out before they sign the contract.”



If Novartis and the University of Chicago Biological Research Laboratory signed the contract, and they then announced the results of their experiments, then the one who would be offended would not only be the University of Chicago Biological Laboratory, but also Novartis Pharmaceuticals, because what was bought at a large price turned into a waste of paper, the heart and mind of these large international pharmaceutical companies were not that accepting.



Li Zheng frowned slightly, “Okay, I know. I’ll make a good experimental plan this evening, and the official project will be set up tomorrow.”



That night, Li Zheng sent Liang Zhe, who had a down-casted expression, onto the airplane, and then returned to the laboratory to make the experimental plan.



Li Zheng remembered very clearly that in the early 1990s, a new breakthrough in human organ transplantation technology was published in the Australian weekly Bulletin, namely the use of CH5 solution instead of UW solution as a human organ storage fluid.



CH5 was a casein hydrolyzed substance that could be extracted from milk soybeans and had been used as a blood growth agent for many years. Its performance in storing organs was almost the same as that of UW solution, but the cost of production was much lower than that of UW solution, and there were no side effects, scientists even found that it had a nutritional function for human cells in practical applications.



In other words, as soon as the CH5 solution came out as a human organ storage solution, it would be possible to squeeze the UW solution out of the market without any effort at all.



If a drug didn’t even have a basic market value, then what was the point of researching a program to reduce its toxic side effects.



The corners of Li Zheng’s mouth hooked up slightly, his hands were not stopping, the CH5 solution already existed as a blood growth agent, as long as the composition was slightly adjusted, it could be used as a human body storage fluid, what he was doing now was two things.



Explain the process by which he discovered that CH5 solution could be used as a human organ storage fluid.



Then argue the properties and benefits of the CH5 solution.


This task seemed to be easier than he had imagined.



The following day, the 9th Biological Research Laboratory of Huaqing University.



Meng Jie was the first to push open the door of the lab, he turned on the lights and then turned around to clean up a bit, however a face suddenly appeared in front of him.



Meng Jie couldn’t help but cry out in shock.



Li Zheng rubbed his sleepy eyes, “Ah, Meng Jie, you’re early.”



“Li …… Professor Li.”



Li Zheng nodded, “I’ll go wash up first, call me when everyone is ready.” With that, he staggered towards the outside of the lab.


Meng Jie clearly saw that Professor Li didn’t go to the washroom, but rather walked into a random room and then lay down on the floor ……




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