Puzzled, Zhu Qing’an froze for a moment and wrinkled his eyebrows: “How did that door get opened?”


When he entered the game headquarters before, there was indeed a door on the second floor that couldn’t be opened. It looked like something very important was stored inside.


Sami was a little excited: “I don’t know why it opened, when I came there, it was already open, it seemed to wait until it was time to open.”


Zhu Qing’an: “What did you find in there?”



The other was silent for a moment, and then the words came out with a sense of unjspeakable surprise: “I …… found a hibernation chamber.”



–Zhu Qing’an’s pupils suddenly shrank, he seemed to think of something, his heart was beating wildly with excitement, curiosity and excitement.


He forced himself to calm down and responded in a light voice: “What is the condition of that hibernation capsule? Can you see what’s hibernating inside?”


“……” Sami froze and said something that made Zhu Qing’an even more curious: “Well …… there is indeed a hibernation module. But the people in the pod, has disappeared, only an empty pod remains. Now I don’t know who the hibernating person really is.”


Zhu Qing’an: “…………”


Zhu Qing’an: “???”



“But I can look up the person inside through the hibernation pod’s program, exactly how long they hibernated for and at what time they left this pod.” Sami was a big player in the game industry, and also a game developer, naturally he had a little experience with some program queries.



“Give me some time. Hey, it is really confusing, the people inside, where exactly did they go?” Sami complained, then he hung up.




When Zhu Qing’an learned that there was a hibernation capsule in the game headquarters, an inexplicable obsession suddenly rose up inside him.



He wanted it to be Qin Hengyi’s body.


The precedent of AI having a physical body wasn’t unprecedented in the Empire. The empire previously had a group of lovers AI, they could only exist in the star network. But some rich people, for their future relationship, didn’t hesitate to spend a lot of money to create a body that belonged to a person, and load the AI’s consciousness into that body. So that lovers AI could be with them for life.



With the strength of the lab that made Qin Hengyi, creating a body for the AI was a breeze.



Zhu Qing’an put down the light computer, he lifted his hand and touched a tear that had rolled up at some point. He lifted his watery eyes and glanced at the empty table for two.

The dining table had two chairs, the other one was Zhu Qing’an’s, the other …… the Qin puppet occupied it.



The Qin puppet was wearing a small suit made by Zhu Qing’an, the soft body looked very cute, it quietly sat on the chair, buttons made of red eyes looking at the table.


The meaning of Zhu Qing’an doing this was very clear, he only wanted the owner of this Muppet, to come to his side.


He didn’t want Qin Hengyi to stay alone in the virtual network.


This world was so beautiful, there were bright and rosy starry sky, the vast and endless sea …… no matter in what way, he wanted him to come to this world and witness those things.



What was more, he would love to personally hug Qin Hengyi and touch his handsome face.


He wanted to see him every day as soon as he woke up. Instead of needing a cold holographic helmet as a channel.


He didn’t want their feelings to survive only in a virtual world.



Zhu Qing’an glanced at the light computer, Sami hadn’t sent a new message, he was probably still working on the dormant pod.



He had to focus first –


He now had two Qin Hengyi.


He must find a way to make them fuse.


As long as Qin Hengyi could fuse with the personality that was lost, it would be equivalent to retrieving that stolen memory code. All of the memories would be restored.


Not to mention ……



Zhu Qing’an didn’t want to be enjoyed by two people at the same time.


Especially in the future after Qin Hengyi had a physical body.


Two personalities taking turns with him in the same body.


Zhu Qing’an: “…………”


Zhu Qing’an pinched his dangerous thoughts in time.


He opened his light computer and decided to chat with that Qin Hengyi personality first.


He no longer held a sense of strangeness and wariness towards that Qin Hengyi. Instead, there was a strong sense of familiarity.


They were both his lovers, they both loved him.


Once Zhu Qing’an opened the chat box, he found the question he had asked the other earlier – [Do you have a physical body?]


He had already replied.


[Qin Hengyi: Yes. What’s wrong?]


Zhu Qing’an: “……”


Sure enough.


[Zhu Qing’an: Mr. Qin, I want to ask you a question.]


Zhu Qing’an wanted to test whether the other knew that he was a separated personality and whether he knew the existence of the real Qin Hengye.


[Zhu Qing’an: Do you believe that you are not the real Qin Hengyi, but one of Qin Hengyi’s personalities?]



After the message was sent, he thought for a while, afraid that saying so would hurt the other party.


After all, suddenly informing a person that he was just a personality wasn’t a good thing.


Zhu Qing’an sent another message.


[Zhu Qing’an: Even if you are just one of the personalities of one person, it’s okay. I love you all]



[Qin Hengyi: ……]


[Qin Hengyi: Little cutie? What are you talking about? What do you mean ‘love you all’? You like someone else? :)]


Zhu Qing’an: “…………”


He sighed lightly.


–The other really didn’t know ah.


[Zhu Qing’an: Nothing. Pretend I didn’t say that.]


[Qin Hengyi: Little cutie, you’re really getting interesting 🙂 the money I sent before, have you finished spending it?]



The other had somehow stuffed two million interstellar coins into his account.



[Zhu Qing’an: I didn’t touch it.]


[Qin Hengyi: It is impolite for a lover to give money and it’s not spent. Little cutie. Believe it or not I’ll hit you with more money as punishment?]



Zhu Qing’an: “?”



This Qin Hengyi – and the real Qin Hengyi definitely had certain similarities.


For example, they loved to throwing money at him. In various ways.



But this Qin Hengyi personality, the desire to smash money …… seemed to be heavier?


Zhu Qing’an couldn’t help but ask.


[Zhu Qing’an: Where did you get so much money?]


Qin Hengyi had money, he could understand.



After all, Qin Hengyi was a world administrator, and the salary of the ruler of the empire could be quite a lot. But …… this Qin Hengyi was only one of the personalities of the main body. And he could only exist in the network, and it hadn’t been long since he was awakened.


[Qin Hengyi: I earned it.]


…… ah?


Zhu Qing’an froze.


[Qin Hengyi: Little cutie, I am a decent person with a job.]


Zhu Qing’an was more confused.


[Qin Hengyi: Search Qin Yuan online.]



[Zhu Qing’an: …..]



He raised his eyebrows and stared at the name “Qin Yuan”. It was a little familiar, but he couldn’t remember who it was.


He obediently exited the private message box and typed the name in the Star Search.



Then, he was shocked by the search results that appeared in front of him.


——Qin Yuan.


Famous new business genius.


It took him less than two years to gain power over the entire Imperial business community. He crushed a number of famous business people.


This wasn’t the most striking.



Rumor had it that he truly started with nothing, just with one brain.



And …… his activities were limited to the internet, he never attending any business meetings and banquets in his real body, all meetings he attended were on the internet.



No one knew his age, no one knew what he looked like. It was as if he only existed in the network.



According to relevant sources, his current possessions reached tens of billions of interstellar coins.


Such a powerful business genius, but he possessed a more low-key and calm personality than anyone else.


Zhu Qing’an: “…………”


His eyebrows furrowed, he understood.


Qin Yuan was none other than the split Qin Hengyi personality.



Otherwise, he wouldn’t specifically ask him to search this person.



It turned out that after Qin Hengyi escaped from the government, he focused on making money. Waiting to become strong before coming to his little lover.



Qin Yuan never appeared to people in his real body. It was because he didn’t have a physical body at all.



Qin Yuan was very low-key, because his goal wasn’t to make money at all …… but to fall in love.



These two Qin Hengyi were really similar –


Both were super powerful and super rich.



One was a genius giant in the business world that millions of people were watching, and the other could casually spend hundreds of millions to build an amusement park for him.



He couldn’t guess who was richer.


But in any case, he wasn’t as rich as they were. His small treasury wasn’t even a small fraction of the other.


Zhu Qing’an: “……”


He was humbled.



But a moment later, that Qin Hengyi sent a new message.


[Qin Hengyi: Little cutie, do you know who Qin Yuan is yet? :)]


[Zhu Qing’an: …… I know.]


[Qin Hengyi: Do you like him? Little cutie?]



Zhu Qing’an: “……”


He was silent, choosing not to answer, afraid that once he answered, the other would begin to say strange tawdry / words. For example, “Then how about you kiss him?” “Can you confess to him?” “What do you want to do with him?”



He scowled and tried to break off the chat.


[Zhu Qing’an: Mr. Qin, I’m a little tired, let’s talk next time?]


[Qin Hengyi: Sure, little cutie.]



Zhu Qing’an quietly exited the chat box.


Sami at the game headquarters still hadn’t sent him a message.



The black-haired teenager climbed back into bed, the bed was stained with fragrant sunlight and it was comfortable to sleep on. He glanced out the window at the blue sky.


How could …… he get them to merge?


It was logical that that Qin Hengyi’s personality, after escaping from the government’s control, had the option to return to the main body.


But …… so much time had passed, and that Qin Hengye was still indifferent, not even knowing that he was just a split personality.


Was there some obsession he hadn’t realized?


Zhu Qing’an was a little puzzled.


When he was about to fall asleep in bed, the light computer suddenly rang.


He picked it up and took a look.


–His agent was calling.


According to past practice, if his agent called the artist personally, there must be something big happening.



The familiar voice rang in his ears: “Zhu Qing’an! You quickly go on Weibo to see!!! What’s going on with your …… lovers? How many lovers do you have, huh?”


“Ah ……? What do you mean how many lovers?” Zhu Qing’an’s eyes were wide open and full of confusion.



“Just go to Weibo and you’ll know! Your fan base has exploded! The whole entertainment industry has exploded!”


Zhu Qing’an: “……”


He silently turned off the communication and skilfully opened Weibo.


But the moment he saw the hot search, he froze.




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