C51 — Rest together



Arman looked at the people’s constipation-like expressions and was in an even better mood, but since they could appear in his office first after the incident, these people were obviously Arman’s trusted subordinates.


After joking, he looked straight and said with a serious expression, “Since you are here, let’s sit down and have a good chat, I also want to talk to you about this matter.”


The expressions of the people suddenly changed, from unbearable to excited anticipation.


On Arman’s side, he started to arrange the next thing, while He Yishu, who was on the field, directly sent the test data of the rune card to He Xiaochen, and then spoke in the team’s internal channel, “My matter has been solved, now we can move on.”


“Already solved?” No. 739 asked back in surprise, he looked at the time, indeed not even a minute had passed, “You’re not joking, are you?”



He Yishu nodded affirmatively, “I am indeed not joking with you.”



“But it’s not even a minute past, there’s no way you could have made a rune card ….. rune card master 532, you wouldn’t have made a rune card at all and plan to just admit defeat, right?” At the end of the sentence, No. 739 mecha warrior’s voice became louder, and his tone took on an obvious accusation, “Although I don’t care about your death at all, if you are eliminated, our team will be reduced by one member!”



Although the other members didn’t say anything, they were all a bit worried as well, but they were much more frank than Mecha warrior 739, they all knew very well that the main fighting force of their team now rested on Mecha warrior 532, if he was eliminated, their team would be in very great danger.


He Yishu listened helplessly and could only look at Adrian, who understood and spoke, “Keep going.”



“Hey, even if he’s your partner, you can’t indulge him like that!” Mecfa warrior No. 739 accused defiantly, “Do you even know that if he is eliminated, you will be teleported out of the race together!”


Adrian said, “Even if I get eliminated with him, I’m willing to do it.”


The 739th mecha warrior was immediately choked, why did this sound a bit wrong?


Regardless of what Mecha warrior #739 thought, the team began to march forward again under Adrian’s orders, they had to seize the time at the beginning of the competition and try to accumulate more points for themselves.


He Xiaochen, who was in the mecha, hadn’t changed his expression since he received the results of the rune card test, he stared at the data in front of him with a tense expression, simply unable to believe that this was true!



A C grade rune card, how could it have an A+ grade effect, how could it be of perfect quality, and what about these two special attributes?


This was simply impossible!


He Xiaochen closed his eyes hard, took a deep breath, and when he opened his eyes again, the data were still in front of him, without the slightest change.


When he looked at the source of the data displayed below the rune card, He Xiaochen was discouraged and his usually straight spine subconsciously bent, then he leaned helplessly on the back of the chair.


He was silent for a while, until He Yishu’s team had faded away, he then sat up straight again and turned his head to look at He Tingting, who was still fully engaged in rune card making.


He Xiaochen knew his sister’s love for making rune cards, and also knew that she usually spent a lot of time on practicing making rune cards, she was still very young, and there were still a lot of possibilities in the future, but if she really let her go through a blow like today, she might completely lose her confidence.


He could let that happen, even if they did do a lot of things wrong, He Xiandchen didn’t want to see He Tingting lose her confidence over this.


He Xiaochen’s throat rolled up and down twice, he pursed his lips and looked at He Tingting, then slowly raised his hand and pressed on the option to quit the match.



[Drop! After withdrawing from the competition, you will directly lose your chance to advance and will not be able to participate in the mecha competition again, are you sure about your choice?


He Xiaochen tapped on [OK] with a trembling finger.


[Drop! You have confirmed your withdrawal from the competition, you will be transported out of the battle map in three seconds!


A few moments later, a mecha silently disappeared from the map ……



He Yishu didn’t care whether the siblings would voluntarily leave the arena because they lost the match or not, nor did he care in what way they left the match, it was enough for him to be sure that he won the match.


After abusing the scum brother and sister, He Yishu returned his attention to the field, after all, the abuse of scum was dependent on luck, the game was the most important.



In the hours that followed, the team crushed strongly all the way south, solving a total of thirteen teams.


Seeing that the sky was getting dark, Adrian then stopped: “The light is not good for action at night, let’s withdraw some distance to the north, there is a place that is very open just now, it’s suitable for spending the night.”


Now, except for the No. 739 mecha warrior, everyone else was already very convinced of Adrian’s decision making skills, and the team immediately moved some distance north to reach the landing place for the night.


The sky slowly darkened and was finally covered by a pitch black. Even in the competition, time was still planned according to reality, there existed day and night, because the contestants also needed time to rest and reorganize.


After dark, the visibility was very low, which wasn’t conducive for the team to continue moving, but gave the sneak attackers a very good opportunity.


Adrian quickly gave instructions, “Tonight, mechas 768 and 029 are in charge of the first half of the night, mechas 470 and 915 are in charge of guarding the second half of the night, the other mecha warriors will rest from now on, and the rune card masters will start making rune cards and rest at 11 pm sharp.”



As soon as his words fell, he heard Mecha Warrior No. 739 hurriedly retort, “Are you sure you’re not mistaken? These warriors are weak in combat, aren’t you exposing us to danger by letting them keep watch?”



“It is true that these four mechas aren’t very powerful, but they have been very cautious and careful during their journey, never exposing themselves to danger,” Adrian explained calmly, “and our night watch does not require them to defend our safety by force, but only to wake us up in time when they find something unusual. The task is ideal for them because they can wake us up in time. At the same time, if no abnormal action is encountered, it can also guarantee the quality of rest for the team’s main force.”



Adrian’s arrangement was very clear, the task of keeping watch would definitely affect the mental state of the next day, so letting careful and cautious people who weren’t strong in combat keep watch, wouldn’t only prevent the situation before it happened, but also wouldn’t affect the combat state of the team’s main force the next day, which could be said to be two birds with one stone.



The 739th mecha warrior had nothing to say and grumbled as he found a place to sleep.



The other rune card masters went to make rune cards seriously, they would have many opportunities to use rune cards in the next ten days, they had to try and make better rune cards.


In the mixed team tournament, the rune card masters could make more runes than they could use, and then they could choose from the results of the rune testing, so they had to seize all the time to make as many quality runes as possible, so that they could better cooperate with their partners in battle.


But this situation was obviously not comfortable for He Yishu, he simply made a few rune cards and then prepared to rest.



So here came the problem, although the space in the mecha control room wasn’t enough to do any strenuous exercise and they couldn’t do anything with the live cameras on them but still …… They felt very shy ah.



In order to facilitate rest, the manipulation chairs within the mecha was able to stretch directly into a resting table, but the width and length were poor, and after all, it was two people resting together, the space was naturally more narrow.


When He Yishu finished making the rune card, he turned around and saw that Adrian had adjusted the seat to rest mode and was half leaning against the mecha wall looking at him.


He Yishu felt his heart beat a little faster inexplicably, although they had already established a romantic relationship, they hadn’t laid in a bed together yet.


Adrian’s dark green eyes were staring at He Yishu, he looked very calm, but if you looked closely, his ears were red.



He Yishu was also a bit panicked in his heart, but he remained calm on the surface, he climbed the rest platform, and ‘calmly’ asked: “Will the Star Live close during the night?”



It was a bit awkward to think about being watched by others sleeping or something, especially since he was staying with Adrian.



Adrian, inwardly apprehensive, replied in a smooth voice: “After the mecha’s internal rest mode is turned on, it will automatically turn off the starnet live broadcast, and will only turn on again when the state returns to combat mode.”



He Yishu lightly breathed a sigh of relief, and inexplicably became more nervous: “Then …… then let’s rest early, we have to continue the competition tomorrow.”



“Okay.” Adrian slowly laid down, but his eyes were fixed on He Yishu.



He Yishu’s face turned red. He had to pretend to be calm and lay down with him. There was no quilt in the machine armor, but after all, it was a virtual network so he wouldn’t feel cold.


He Yishu was thinking about how to sleep later without feeling embarrassed, when he felt a strong arm reach over from the side, firmly wrapping around his waist, the next moment, he had a hot chest behind him.



This sudden action made He Yishu’s body stiffen up, and for a while he didn’t know whether he should feel shy or lament the high degree of reality of the virtual network.



“Go to sleep.” Adrian’s magnetic voice came from behind him, gentle and low.


“Mmm.” He Yishu secretly took a deep breath and slowly relaxed.


Although the environment here wasn’t romantic at all, and the space was pitifully small, there wasn’t even a soft quilt in the bed. He Yishu was also a little bit unaccustomed to such close contact, but the feeling of being protected in Adrian’s arms wasn’t bad, it was even a little sweet.




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