C40. 1

Zhu Qing’an was confused, he put down his light computer and walked around the room aimlessly.

        He and Qin Hengyi had been together for so long that he has become accustomed to his presence, even if the other’s presence was limited to the game.
He never thought that the other would one day set foot in his real life.
In fact, Zhu Qing’an didn’t resent the announcement in reality that he was Qin Hengyi’s lover.
The only friend he currently had was Qin Hengyi.
Qin Hengyi had given him a lot of help and warmth that he couldn’t imagine getting before.
–He was a lover for once, and it didn’t hurt.
But what really distressed him was the series of events that would happen after the announcement.
At that time, he wouldn’t be able to remove his identity as “Qin Hengyi’s lover” in front of the public and at work, which also meant that he had to really take up this identity, 360 degrees.
He didn’t know if he could really take up the role.
He had never been in love with anyone, or even had much contact with people.
What was more, he didn’t know everything about Qin Hengyi.
He didn’t know why Qin Hengye lost his memory, what kind of life he had, or even …… how to help Qin Hengyi.
He was afraid that his reckless decision would bring unknown trouble to Qin Hengyi.
In case Qin Hengyi later regains his memory and no longer like him, but had to deal with Zhu Qing’an’s initial public decision, in the eyes of everyone, they were already a pair of lovers who had been together for a long time and wouldn’t be separated.
At that time, what should he do?
–His lover was very special. On the Star Network, just a little spark could cause endless curiosity.

        He and Qin Hengyi’s romance, whether to go public or not, he had to  consider it carefully.

        As for …… If Qin Hengyi noticed that he refused to admit that they were lovers, would he get angry?

        They’d talk about it when the time came ……

       Zhu Qing’an sighed lightly.

        He was about to put down the light brain and go out for a walk. But the light computer dinged, and it was his agent calling again.

        He frowned slightly and picked up the phone.

        The agent: “Now all of Weibo is urging you to give a statement, the agency is also very anxious, after all, an artist revealing their love isn’t a small thing. Is that person …… your lover? What kind of person is he? Is he from the industry? Why did you fall in love without talking to your agency!”

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

        If he told his agent that his lover was a virtual character in a game.

Then he would certainly be treated like a psychopath.
But that was the truth ……

        After a long time, Zhu Qing’an squeezed a few words out of his teeth, “I’ll think about it.”

Agent: “……”
What was there to think about?

        “All right.” His agent wasn’t bad-tempered, he didn’t blame Zhu Qing’an, instead he lightly sighed: “The netizens don’t have to know about your lover, but the company has to know. It’s also for your sake, I’m afraid that you were cheated together by someone with bad intentions …… This kind of thing happens often in the entertainment industry. So, you hurry up and bring the information of your lover, it doesn’t have to be public.”

        The agent paused and remembered something: “By the way, we arranged a new variety show for you. I will send you the information of the show later. I hope you can accept it.”

        After saying that, he hung up the phone.

        Zhu Qing’an didn’t wonder about the variety show first.

        He didn’t know how to tell the agency about his lover’s identity …………

        And the company may also want a copy of his lover’s identy card and work permit, these ……

        These rules were set when Zhu Qing’an first signed the contract, and he agreed to it when he was still single.

        But he never thought that his future lover would be a virtual character!

        Zhu Qing’an wrinkled his eyebrows, not knowing what to do.

       He flipped through the contacts in his light computer, and the only one he could turn to was Sammy, who he suspected to be a game insider.

        Sammy was the boss of the group that monopolized the game world of the empire, and he had also clearly told Zhu Qing’an – he knew some unknown secrets of the game “False Love”.

        He also proposed to Zhu Qing’an an invitation to go to the headquarters of the game “False Love” to find out what happened. Unfortunately, Zhu Qing’an was unable to find the time.
It seemed that he really needed to find time to go to the game headquarters.
Zhu Qing’an thought, while sending a request for help to Sammy.
[Zhu Qing’an: Sir, I wonder if you’ve been following the news on Weibo?]
[Sammy: ?
Zhu Qing’an told Sammy the whole story, and said what he was currently struggling with.
[Zhu Qing’an: Qin Hengyi now has amnesia, and his future and past are still unknown. I’m just going to claim him as my lover in front of everyone and set him down for life. Is that really good? Moreover, I don’t know if I can be a good lover for him in reality.]
The other was silent for a long time before replying. It seemed that his question wasn’t expected.
[Sammy: You don’t have to think too much. Qin Hengyi has more ideas than you, he will be responsible for himself and for you. This game selected you in the whole empire, it means that you are the best candidate to be Qin Hengyi’s lover, you can definitely do well with the identity of his lover.]

     [Sammy: But you are really getting deeper and deeper. At first, you just played his lover, and now you are almost his real lover. 】

        Zhu Qing’an froze slightly and took a long time to come back to his senses.
Yes …… He didn’t know when it started, Qin Hengyi occupied more space in his heart.
When he was framed by a villain, it was Qin Hengyi who helped him.
When he was lonely and helpless, it was also Qin Hengyi who accompanied him ……
The only thing he could was to give Qin Hengyi what wsd valuable in return, and the only thing he could do was probably the game “love.”

        –Please play Qin Hengyi’s lover and give him a warm love while he has amnesia. Make up for his dark and lonely past and bring him a bright future.
[Sammy: Just kidding.]
[Zhu Qing An: It’s okay. By the way I have one more question, my agent is pressing me for Qin Hengyi’s identity information, but Qin Hengyi doesn’t have an identity in reality ……]
[Sammy: The game will help you out.]
[Zhu Qing’an: By the way, sir, when are you free? You said at first that you wanted to go to the game headquarters with me to take a look. Is that …… okay?]
[Sammy: I’ll take you there in half a month.]
[Zhu Qiang’an: Thank you, Mr. Sammy!]
After saying a brief goodbye to him, Zhu Qing’an closed the private message box.
He vaguely guessed that – Sammy might be the game’s maintenance and upgrade staff, able to modify and upgrade some small settings in the game. But he didn’t know the real secret and purpose of this game. Even if he knew, Sammy refused to reveal half of it, and needed Zhu Qingan to dig slowly.
At the same time, he was slightly shocked by this idea.
This game’s background, in the end, how powerful …… a man who monopolized the empire’s game world, couldn’t learn the secrets of this game, he could only be a small setting maintainer for the game.
What exactly was the origin of “False Love”?
He couldn’t understand, and he couldn’t figure out why, among so many imperial citizens, the game had chosen him for Qin Hengyi.
Did he have a special ability?
Zhu Qing’an was amused by his thoughts.
Since he was born, he had lived an ordinary life, as an ordinary citizen of the Empire.

The only thing that wasn’t quite the same as others may be his family background.
His parents disappeared when he was very young.
He learned to live on his own at a very young age.
Of course, he also longed for a time when he could find them and give them a hug.
But it was okay, he didn’t have parents, but right now, he wasn’t alone.
He had Qin Hengyi.
A new message suddenly came through the light computer’s mailbox.
The agent had sent over the information about the new variety show that Zhu Qing’an was going to participate in.
Zhu Qing’an clicked on the light brain and checked the information, but at the next second, his figure froze slightly.
The one that he was going to participate in was a food variety show called “Dinner’s On”.
It was the longest running variety show in the Empire. The main idea was to make people remember the food of ancient Earth, the food that had fed humans for tens of thousands of years.
In each episode, a few artists were selected to show their cooking skills on stage and then it was placed on the Star network in holographic mode for all internet users to taste and evaluate.

        ‘Dinner’s On” selected Zhu Qing’an to participate. Probably because of the photo Zhu Qing’an posted on Weibo, after all, there weren’t many celebrities who could cook nowadays. Not to mention ancient earth dishes.

        Nowadays, people in the Empire chose to consume nutritional supplements or let robots do the cooking.

Zhu Qing An froze for a long time, he slowly relaxed.

        Did participating in this variety show …… also mean that he would have the opportunity to share his food with someone?

        Without saying a word, he agreed to participate in this variety show.

        ‘Dinner’s On’ would be held next week and each artist had to cook more than three dishes. The dishes must be from the ancient earth.

        –Since the variety show started, few people had succeeded in the challenge. Even if the challenge was successful, the dishes made weren’t complimentary and was very difficult to eat.

        Zhu Qing’an was quite confident in cooking, especially in making dishes from the ancient earth.

        Zhu Qing’an remembered something, put down the light computer, went to the corner of his bedroom and opened a small box wrapped in cloth.
The small box was part of the things that his parents left him.

        Among them was a small cookbook.

        It was full of long-lost ancient Earth recipes.

        When Zhu Qing’an was bored as a child, he would cook the above dishes over and over again to develop his current cooking skills. He not only convinced all the cubs, but also captured the stomach of the virtual man! To conquer a man, you must first capture his stomach!

        But it was this little recipe book that made him curious about his parents.

  Maybe his parents …… wanted to learn something about ancient Earth.

        But they disappeared, and Zhu Qingan couldn’t remember what they actually did for a living.

        He only remembered that …… his parents always wore white coats, his father wore a thick glasses, and his mother smiled gently.

        But he didn’t know which day it was, he woke up, and then could never find them again. Then later, he was taken away by a woman and had a painful and lonely childhood.

Zhu Qing’an shook his head slightly and sighed softly.

      When he had earned enough money, and the cubs in the base had homes, and he could try looking for his mom and dad.

He picked up the small recipes and covered the box, intending to study the dishes inside during this time and prepare properly before going to the competition.

As for practice …… he could use Qin Hengyi as his test subject.

        Zhu Qing’an completely forgot about the public love affair. He held the small recipes and pondered for half a day, and decided to try it one by one, which dish was delicious and which dish went with it.

     There were some fresh shrimp in the fridge, and he decided to try the fried shrimp balls with cheese and cream first tonight.

       After he was done, he could also drop in and feed the virtual man and …… himself.

    He washed his hands and rolled up his sleeves and checked the fridge then walked into the kitchen with a bag full of ingredients.
The fresh shrimps were pureed in a cooking machine, then the potatoes were drained and turned into mashed potatoes. Then he mixed them with some ingredients and covered them with bread crumbs, egg wash and cheese and fried them ……

The golden brown shrimp balls were fished out of the pan. The shrimp balls were dutifully laid on a porcelain plate and covered with creamy, fragrant cream. The round, crispy and tender shrimp balls with cream cheese, when poked with chopsticks, it cut through the golden skin covered with cream, revealing a little creamy white shrimp inside, along with the pulling of the cheese.

Zhu Qing’an tasted a few, packed the rest and contacted a courier robot to send them to Qin Hengyi.

        He also added a knitted scarf.

      Last time, Zhu Qing’an entered the game without clothes and found that the temperature there was very low, he felt that …… the man must also be a little cold. It took time to knit a furry scarf for him.

This was the first time he was giving him something other than food.

        Zhu Qing’an smiled, when there was time …… he would not only make all kinds of food for him, he’d also make a lot of good-looking clothes and dress him up.

In fact, this game and those ordinary raising game had some similariity.

        Less than half an hour after the courier robot picked up the package, the courier showed that it had arrived at its destination.

Zhu Qing’an opened the light computer and held the holographic helmet, ready to enter the game.

      Before he put on the helmet, he suddenly received a message from Sammy.

[Sammy: I checked your game and found a problem.]

      [Zhu Qing’an: ?

        [Sammy: …… When you entered the game last time, did your clothes disappear? ]

     [Zhu Qing’an: “……”]

        Faced with the other party’s straightforward and frank inquiry, he paused, and his entire face became red.

        [Sammy: This bug isn’t from the game, someone modified the game’s program. But it’s not a big deal, I already modified it back for you, you don’t have to be afraid that next time you’ll still be n@ked.]

      [Zhu Qing’an: “…………”]

        [Zhu Qing’an: Who modified my game?]

        Logically, this kind of thing shouldn’t happen ……

        [Sammy: I don’t know.]

        [Zhu Qing’an: Okay …… thank you! You helped me a lot!!!]

       [Sammy: It’s okay.]

        Zhu Qing’an was really gratefu this time.

       He almost forgot about this problem with the game, if it wasn’t for Sammy, he would have entered the game again in ignorance ……

The first time he could explain it, but if it happened the second time, he wouldn’t have known what to say.

        He thanked him again before he closed the chat box.

        After he exited the chat box, it was on the homepage. The two cubs were still sleeping, one cub was holding the software icon, the other was lying on the clock pendant in the light computer, it looked fluffy, soft and innocent.

        Zhu Qing’an didn’t pay attention to them, he was filled with questions.

       In the end, who modified the …… game settings?

        It was too dangerous.
He had to find that person and fight for himself.

        He bit his lip and secretly swore, while putting the holographic helmet on his head.

        [Welcome back to False Love!]

        [Congratulations~! You and your lover had an intimate encounter yesterday! Your interaction phase with your lover has entered the third stage, and the system will add the following new tasks.]

        【Task 01: This task can help you find your lover’s identity before he lost his memory. Reward: copy of Qin Hengyi’s ID card X1, copy of Qin Hengyi’s work permit X1 ……]

        Zhu Qing’an: !!!


It’s been a long timmmmmmeeeee

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