A copy of Qin Hengyi’s ID card, a copy of his work permit! All the things the agency was currently pushing him for!

        In order to ensure the safety of their artists, the company would put the identity of the artist’s parents and lovers into a file. However, only copies of some basic documents needed to be submitted, it wouldn’t involve privacy, the confidentiality was also very strict, there would be no leakage of personal identity information.

But it happened that these documents, Qin Hengyi, the lover of Zhu Qing’an, had none.

But now …… this game, was simply a lifesaver!

        Zhu Qing’an finally felt that the game had a conscience.

        He hurriedly clicked on it to check how to complete this task.

        [Mission 01 content: On New Year’s Eve, he was eager to taste the unique warmth of humans. But all that awaited him was pain and coldness.]

        [Task Tip: This task is related to the knot in the depths of your lover’s memory, please work hard, player.]

        Zhu Qing’an looked at the inexplicable words and was a silent.

        Zhu Qing’an: “……”

        For the other missions, the instructions had been written clearly.

        This time, it was necessary for  Zhu Qing’an to research about the task and solve it by himself.

        New Year’s Eve ……

        Zhu Qing’an looked at the date and found that New Year’s Eve was approaching.

        The word “New Year’s Eve” was very unfamiliar to the people of the Empire.

        Zhu Qing’an was only a slightly better exception, at least he knew when New Year’s Eve was.

        In today’s empire, there were no more ancient festivals like New Year’s Eve …… These festivals, and the laughter, warmth and happiness they brought, had all been lost in the long river of time, without a sound, it just disappeared.

       Why should the game bring up a long-vanished festival?

        Maybe Qin Hengyi lived in an era when this festival hadn’t disappeared? And this festival was very important for Qin Hengyi?

      The next sentence confused Zhu Qing’an even more.

        “He wanted to taste the unique warmth of humans ……,” Zhu Qing’an murmured.

        The “he” may be referring to Qin Hengyi.

        But what was “unique human warmth”?

     Zhu Qing’an: “……??”

        This game ……

        He sighed heavily.

       It seemed that the chance of getting a copy of Qin Hengyi’s ID card and a copy of his work permit was really slim.

        His curiosity to know what exactly Qin Hengyi did for a living would be unfulfilled as well.

Zhu Qing’an put the content of the mission out of his mind and chose to enter the game first to see if he could find the decryption on Qin Hengyi.

        With a sinking consciousness, he opened his eyes–

        It was pitch black.

    So black that Zhu Qing’an thought the holographic helmet was broken.

        Until he saw the gray and white snow outside the cave.

        –The time inside the scene was in the dead of night?

Late nights in the frozen grassland, the temperature was much lower than the day.

       Outside the sky wasn’t bright, there were no stars, no moon, only the darkness. The white snow was also reflected in a lurid gray, making everything look more dead. Everything was as creepy as a black and white photo.

        Zhu Qing’an shrank his neck, picked up the scarf sent from home, subconsciously looking for the man’s figure.

        He just took the first step, when he was held in a broad embrace. The familiar warmth gave him a start.

        He lifted his head and met the familiar red eyes, and very obediently held up the scarf that had just arrived and whispered, “Mr. Qin, I was afraid you’ll get cold, so I knitted you a scarf and made you hot fried shrimp balls. Will you try it?”

        He stayed up and made the scarf while he was bored on the sofa.

        The fried shrimp balls were also made by him seriously.

     The young man’s voice seemed unusually warm and soft in the silent darkness, like a soft little white cloud, snapping to cover Qin Hengyi’s heart. When the teenager spoke, his eyes also seemed to flutter with shimmering light, when he blinked, all the light within this scene, seemed to converge in his eyes.

        When Zhu Qing’an saw that the man didn’t speak, he took the initiative to help the other put on the scarf.

        The paper man may not have seen such a thing as a scarf.

        He stood on his tiptoes, holding up a cotton candy-like ball of scarf, feeling through the dark, to carefully put it on the man.

        The man’s skin wae wheat-colored, the muscle curve on his neck was clear and perfect, wearing the thin and soft white scarf suited him.

        After putting on the scarf, Zhu Qing’an wanted to retract his hand. Suddenly, the man took hold of his wrist.

      The man’s chin rested against his forehead, and he spoke in a faint voice: “Thank you.”

       “No thanks needed Mr. Qin.” The young man smiled, revealing a pair of small tiger teeth: “Quickly eat the shrimp balls I made for you, it’s especially good during the winter.”

       He turned his back and brought out a plate from nowhere.

     Qin Hengyi took a bite. It was delicious and sweet.

He liked to eat this sweet little thing …?

Zhu Qing’an watched his paper man as he ate the fried shrimp balls with a huge amount of calories and fat.

He ate a lot.

        Zhu Qing’an stared at the empty white plate: “Was it delicious?”


        “Thank you Mr. Qin ……,” the teenager narrowed his eyes with a smile, like a good kitten, at the same time he was ready to bolt: “If there is nothing else, I have to go back. I don’t want to disturb Mr. Qin’s sleep ……”

        Qin Hengyi frowned: “Wait.”

        This was the first time Qin Hengyi didn’t let Zhu Qing’an go.

        Zhu Qing’an was stunned by the man’s low voice, he shrank back and whispered, “What’s wrong?”

        “I read something about you on Weibo.”

        Zhu Qing’an: “……”

        Read something about him ????

        He had a lot of news about him on Weibo –

       There were quite a few homoerotic emoji packs, homoerotic pictures, and even homoerotic CP novels of him and other artists. They were all casually in his trending topics.

        In addition to that, there were also some of his black history revelations.

        How he secretly ate strawberry candy while filming, brought a big bag of chips jelly chocolate to lure others while in the wilderness, running around in the hills wearing big pants and a big undershirt …… and so on ……

        What was more …… he loved to share his previous game playing record on Weibo.

        Of course, the games played were all raising games.

        Once the interaction value with the game protagonist reached one thousand, he bought a small suit for the game protagonist, and him and the game protagonist received a marriage license ……

        At the beginning he claimed Qin Hengyi that he loved only Qin Hengyi.

      -What would happen if Qin Hengyi found that he had more than one protagonist? ?

        These things were still the tip of the iceberg.

        He had been using Weibo for many years and had left a lot of material.

        The atmosphere momentarily froze, Zhu Qing’an pulled out a smile, slowly raised his head and said to the silent man, “Mr. Qin …… read about me?”

        Step by step, Qin Hengyi approached Zhu Qing’an, eventually forcing him into a narrow corner, not allowed him to move.

        Zhu Qing’an held his breath, tilted his head, and quietly gazed at the man’s gloomy, red eyes. Waiting for execution / torture.

      The man held his wrist, and his hot eyes stared at his fair face. His voice was a little low.

        “I looked at your hot topics …… I didn’t notice anything else, just a post.”

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

        What? What post?

        Was it the post of Xiao Ruiyu X Zhu Qing’an with millions of comments, or the post of a certain fan confessing his love for him? Or was ir his post with millions of forwards and a lucky draw for Zhu Qing’an’s pillow?

    Zhu Qing’an’s mind raced.

        Qin Hengyi stroked his arm and held the back of his neck.

        “That post, said some things about you.”

        “Your parents disappeared when you were very young, and you spent your childhood as a child laborer in an underground restaurant without any childhood to speak of. You’ve been on your own since you were a child ……”

        The man’s voice was gentle and warm, and when he said these words, it didn’t make Zhu Qingan feel the slightest bit sad, but it still made him freeze in place.

        Qin Hengyi was right. Zhu Qing’an thought.

        There was indeed a post in the popular topics that broke the news of his birth.

        After his parents disappeared, he went to work as a child laborer in a restaurant in order to eat, working almost without rest and sleep, paid with only one bowl of thin porridge a day. It didn’t fill his stomach at all.

        The restaurant was full of jerks and the owner’s wife explicitly forbade him to go out and play, shouting at him every time he took a step outside the workroom.

        He had no childhood.

        As a result, he was now, very bad at communicating with people. When he entered the entertainment industry, it was only to eat.

        He would only be bored in his own world, playing games, or taking care of the little cubs ……

        These were all that he had to offer.

        His fans were aware of his past and were very kind to him. But it was only limited to the internet, through a cold screen.

        In reality, he had no friends, and no one could comfort him.

        Qin Hengyi …… was the first.

        Zhu Qing’an lowered his head and looked at the hand held by the man, not knowing what to say.

        Qin Hengyi was heartbroken for his little lover.

        The teenager had been timid, like a frightened kitten, very careful of anyone.

        The child liked him so much.

Yet he didn’t give him the attention that he should have … He didn’t even know anything about his past. After knowing him for this long, he never asked about him.

        No wonder the child was so persistent in trying to get his attention.

        It was too …… heartbreaking.

        Qin Hengyi wanted to hug the teenager in front of him.

        “An.” Qin Hengyi was silent for a long time and said in a quiet voice: “What you didn’t have in the past, including your childhood, I will make up for it.”

The appearance of the teenager, which confused him before, was now a warm light. He would teach him how to communicate with others, how to live … how to love others …

        Although he had lost his past, he had a better future, he would be loved and accompanied by people and would never disappear.

        Why couldn’t he help Zhu Qing’an make up for the past?

        Make up for the days when he wasn’t by Zhu Qing’an’s side.

        Zhu Qing’an’s nose was a little sour when he heard the man’s words.

        –This game was really bursting with conscience.

        The world’s best paper man.

        He lowered his head and couldn’t help but bury it into the man’s broad arms as a way to cover his reddened nose.

       He whispered, “Thank you, Mr. Qin.”

      Qin Hengyi looked at his sensitive and soft little lover and became even more heartbroken.

        Zhu Qing’an inadvertently raised his head and unintentionally glanced outside to see that it was dawn.

        The black sky emerged a little bright light, gradually illuminating the gray-white snow.

        But the ice and snow that covered the entire continent didn’t melt, the white snowflakes were still sparsely falling, making the scene look deadly.

        This snow, when would it stop?

        Zhu Qing’an couldn’t help but think.

        This scene, was probably similar to the last scene, as long as the knot in Qin Hengyi’s heart was untied, the snow and ice would probably melt, revealing the original appearance of the grassland.

        As for what Qin Hengyi’s heart knot was, it was likely to be that quest given by the game system.

        — [On New Year’s Eve, he was eager to taste the unique warmth of humans. But what awaited him is only pain and coldness.]

        Zhu Qing’an frowned, this sentence, what exactly did it want to express?

        Qin Hengyi interrupted Zhu Qing’an thoughts, “An, go back and rest.”

        “……” Zhu Qing’an’s heart warmed and he nodded.

        The man stood in the midst of the morning sun, his tall figure was drenched in bright sunlight, his golden hair cloaked in a thin layer of soft light, the sunlight cast on his handsome face, the shadows made his features look more profoundly handsome.

        What attracted Zhu Qing’an’s attention most …… was the wolf ears on his head. The snow-white fluffy hair, under the sunlight, looked especially …… good. Like two small clouds of warmth.

        Zhu Qing’an stood on his tiptoes and secretly jerked a handful of Qin Hengyi’s wolf ears as fast as he could, then quietly ran away.

        He took off his helmet and sat up from the bed.

        He played the game a little longer this time.

        It was just dawn outside, and the warm golden morning sun was like soft silk, enveloping the earth.

    There was no ice and snow here, no cold ……

        Zhu Qing’an got out of bed and washed up briefly.

       After preparing breakfast for the cubs, he dove back into the bedroom and continued to study the dishes to be used for the competition.
At the same time, he didn’t forget the game tasks he had to complete.

        He sat down at his desk, found a piece of paper and a pen, and carefully wrote down the content of the game, which was only one sentence, and pondered it word by word.

        [The night of New Year’s Eve.]

        [The unique warmth of humanity.]

        These words, what did they mean?

        Zhu Qing’an scratched his head and thought about it for half an hour at his desk, but he couldn’t figure it out.


       He could only give up doing this for the time being. First of all, he had to solve the current pressing problem.

        He opened the ancient Earth food recipes left by his parents and began to prepare the dishes for the food variety show.

        This ancient Earth recipe book, there was no second copy in the current empire.

        It could be said that Zhu Qing’an would be the only one who knew the most about ancient earth food among the people in the food variety show.

        The food required for the variety show also happened to be from the dishes of ancient Earth.

        Steamed scallops with garlic, fish flavored pork ribs, steamed beef with flour ……

        Zhu Qing’an couldn’t find his favorite dishes, the dishes he found were either not interesting or the ingredients were too difficult to find and took too long ……

        He turned the book to the last page…

        The last page was no longer the introduction of dishes, but the introduction of holidays.

        [New Year’s Eve]

     [ Every New Year’s Eve, people of ancient Earth would prepare the New Year’s Eve meal. New Year’s Eve dinner is a reunion meal, when all family members gather together and enjoy the last dinner of the year with joy.]

        New Year’s Eve Dinner ……

        Zhu Qing’an glanced at these three words and felt it was a little familiar, a long forgotten memory surged in his mind.

        The New Year’s Eve dinner didn’t exist in the current empire.

        However, his parents, who were extremely aware of ancient Earth culture, had cooked a New Year’s Eve meal for him.

        Steamed pork with taro in a round cage, buckled pork with winter vegetables, milk buns ……

       He had almost forgotten the taste of the food, but he remembered his parents’ unusually soft faces reflected with the food mist.

        That was the last memory he had of his parents before they disappeared.

        It was also because of that lively New Year’s Eve dinner that made him grow up to dislike eating alone. He had been practicing his cooking skills, so that more people could taste his food and reconstruct that lively New Year’s Eve dinner.

        Even though, his parents were long gone.

        Zhu Qing’an sighed lightly.

His arm rested on the tabletop and unintentionally touched the piece of paper with the game’s words written on it.

        — [On New Year’s Eve, he was eager to taste the unique warmth of human beings. But all that awaited him was pain and coldness.]

        This time, Zhu Qing’an noticed the word.


        This word was associated with New Year’s Eve, plus Zhu Qing’an remembered the memory of the New Year’s Eve dinner.

        Zhu Qingan had an idea all of a sudden.

        The phrase …… might be about New Year’s Eve dinner.

        Through those memory fragments and the last scene, Zhu Qing’an knew that Qin Hengyi was …… lonely as a child and suffered inhuman treatment.

        Such a lonely person must have also longed for warm and happy things, the New Year’s Eve dinner may be one of them.

        But in the end, what awaited him was invariably cold and loneliness.

        Zhu Qing’an exhaled.

        A subtle idea flashed ……

        He might try to prepare a New Year’s Eve meal for Qin Hengyi.

        No …… he could totally use the New Year’s Eve meal for the food variety contest.

        — After all, the New Year was coming too.

        Zhu Qing’an made such a big decision for the first time.

        At that time, after he finished cooking, the dishes he made would be uploaded to Starnet and tasted in holographic mode by the whole audience.

        That would also be the same as the whole audience accompanying him to enjoy the meal.

        He could also invite Qin Hengyi to participate.

        Zhu Qing’an could guarantee that of all the food variety shows in the empire at the moment, none of them had ever thought of using the New Year’s Eve meal.

        The New Year’s Eve meal, symbolizing reunion, had a profound meaning.

        Zhu Qing’an picked up a small book, wrote down all the food to be used for the New Year’s Eve dinner, and took his time to study them one by one.

        After doing all these things, Zhu Qing’an was finally able to rest.

        He made himself a glass of iced cola, the crystal ice cubes dipped in the vapor of the iced cola and it tasted good.

       Zhu Qing’an sat on the sofa, opened Weibo, and clicked on the hot topic of ‘Dinner’s On’.

        The “Dinner’s On” was a once every three years variety show, every time it started, it would attract a great deal of attention.

        Food always captured people’s hearts.

        One was the most famous food anchor in the empire, another was a chef of a high-end hotel, and the other was a movie star who was very good at cooking.

        In this way, Zhu Qing’an was obviously the one who made up the number.

        Zhu Qing’an: “……”


        The familiar game reminder sounded.

        He forgot to completely quit False Love, the game was still running in the background.

   It was like something was about to happen. He hurriedly clicked into the game.

A text box popped up in the black and white game interface.

        [Congratulations player! Successfully cracked the content of mission 01 – New Year’s Eve Dinner!]

        [The game rewards the player with a new item – Cooking Golden Finger X1!]

        Zhu Qing’an had previously experienced the “Big Man Experience Ticket” given by the game, and although he hadn’t finished experiencing it yet, he had already felt the power.

        The seals were found to be endangered animals, and Zhu Qing’an, who saved them, became the center of attention for a while. He was successfully shortlisted as a Marine Animal Ambassador Candidate.

        Although the final list of candidates wasn’t yet available, he was already proud of himself.

        The game’s complimentary merchandise wasn’t to be underestimated.

        …… cooking golden finger …..

      Was it something that could increase cooking skills?

        The corners of Zhu Qing’an’s lips were slightly raised. When he quit the game and looked at the list of contestants of “Dinner’s On”, he had a little more confidence in his heart.

       Zhu Qing’an quit the hot topic and glanced at the hot search list hastily.

        The search for his and Qin Hengyi’s relationship was still high.

        The netizens were still urging them at the bottom of his and Qin Hengyi’s Weibo.

【 An An, you’re not in love, are you? That person is not your lover, is he? ! You are mine! 】

[An An, please explain whether he is your lover or not! 】

[He’s not responding, maybe …]

        Qin Hengyi’s name on Weibo was, “Zhu Qing’an’s Lover”, and because of this, in one day, the number of his followers had gone from zero to tens of millions, which almost matched some stars who had worked hard for three or four years.

He hoped that the heat of this matter would subside, and then he could pretend that it didn’t happen …

        Qin Hengyi …… would probably stop posting, he wasn’t very interested in the Internet.

      Just as he secretly speculated, Weibo issues a notification.

【 The user “Zhu Qing’an’s Lover” made a new post, and tagged you. Click to view. 】

        Zhu Qing’an: “……”

        What did Qin Hengyi post? And he also tagged him?

        He frowned and clicked on it to take a look.

        At first glance, he froze.

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