The two of them walked a little further, Xie Yupan was a lively character, so she couldn’t stay quiet and chatted with Wen Run along the way, and then later when she didn’t know how to talk about Chu Yu, she wilted and said, “We haven’t seen him so far, he’s not out, is he?”
But the name of the eliminated guests was reported on the communicator, and Chu Yu’s name hadn’t appeared at all. She originally wanted Chu Yu to help her and Wen Run win, but who knew that the program team would come up with such a broken background, no one understood.

        “You want me to die?”

A man suddenly appeared in the nearby forest, his expression was dark. “If I die, you will be widowed.”

        Xie Yupan was frightened by him and jumped back a step, then she immediately reacted, “We aren’t even married, who’s going to be widowed, shame on you!”
Chu Yu didn’t argue with her, his unkind eyes looked at Wen Run, his gun lifted to aim at him, and he said to Xie Yupan, “Come here.”
Xie Yupan got anxious as soon as she saw his stance and opened her hands to block Wen Run’s face, like a hen protecting her cub, “What are you doing? This is my ally!”
The veins on Chu Yu’s head jumped, his expression also became more gloomy, “He is the enemy.”
Xie Yupan unreasonably replied. “Then I am also an enemy. Are you going to shoot me too?”
“… you are different.” Watching as she stubbornly protected Wen Run, Chu Yu heavily glared at him. Wen Run shrank back and hid behind Xie Yupan as quiet as a chicken, he knew Chu Yu definitely didn’t like him.
Xie Yupan didn’t listen and began to pester him. “I don’t care. If Wen Run is killed, who will cook mushroom and fish soup for me, will you?”
Chu Yu choked.
After making him speechless, Xie Yupan became more confident, “Do you have anything to eat? Can you cook? What do we eat without Wen Run? ”
Chu Yu: “…”
After a long silence, he finally gave in. He put away his gun and said in a gloomy voice, “Let’s go.”
As he turned back, Xie Yupan briefly made a face at him, and then squinted at Wen Run.
Wen Run narrowed his eyes and smiled, his strategy of netting Xie Yupan first was right. Since Chu Yu didn’t like him, if they met first, he wouldn’t have made a truce, but having Xie Yupan made the situation different.
The three of them walked in the front, feeling more relaxed after finding a backer, Xie Yupan scavenged for food that she could eat with reckless abandon.
The three of them walked for a while before stopping, and finally found a small spring at sunset.
Xie Yupan pulled Chu Yu to collect branches, while Wen Run was at the spring cleaning the fish and mushrooms. When Xie Yupan and the two returned with the dead branches and leaves, Wen Run lit a fire and boiled water, first boiling a pot of drinking water and filling the water bottle, then he started boiling fish soup. Two fishes were cut into pieces with sharp stones and cooked together with the mushrooms they picked. Another fire was built nearby to roast the remaining two fishes.
The three of them ate the fishes and ate a bunch of bananas they picked, and when they had eaten and drunk enough, the sun had completely set, leaving only the evening sun burning red in the sky.
Wen Run suggested going to pick some bigger banana leaves to make a bed. They had to spend the night on the island, so they could only solve the problem of resting by themselves. These banana leaves were big enough, so picking two of them and stacking them together could barely be used as a bed.
The three of them went to pick the banana leaves and found a relatively flat piece of high ground, then made their beds separately and just laid down.
At this time, the cameraman also went to one side to rest, with the camera out of the way, Chu Yu took off his camouflage jacket and handed it to Xie Yupan, frowning: “What are you doing so far away from me?”
Xie Yupan took the jacket, reluctantly dragged the banana leaves a little closer to him and laid down again.
Wen Run didn’t want to be a light bulb. The two of them were naturally far away from him, but after hearing the commotion coming from their side, he couldn’t help letting out a low laugh, he pillowed his arm and looked at the dark sky, he didn’t know when he suddenly started thinking of Ye Hansheng.
If Ye Hansheng was here, he estimated that he wouldn’t have to do anything. He just had to lie down and win. His chest suddenly felt tight, Ye Hansheng seemed to know everything. He still remembered his expression when he explained the outdoor course to him. His eyes were very dark, his facial lines were defined, and his thin lips opened and closed when he spoke, with calmness and convincing power.
He didn’t know what he was doing now. After coming back from the resort, the distance between them seemed to be getting farther again … When he went back, he would make some snacks and send them to him …
Wen Run closed his eyes, as he pondered, he slowly fell asleep.
No words were exchanged throughout the night.
The next morning, the three of them got up, got some food to eat, and cleaned up the scene, and set off again.
Xie Yupan and Chu Yu were in the front, while Wen Run was in the back. Because there was plenty of time, the three of them weren’t in a hurry. When they passed a banana forest, Xie Yupan was trying to see if there were any ripe bananas, and had just taken a step into the forest when she was caught off guard by the sound of a gunshot.
“Hide!” Chu Yu shielded her, that shot was from the inside of the banana forest, the person was hiding inside, but they weren’t very accurate, so their sneak attack didn’t work.
The three of them hid in the woods opposite the banana grove, with Xie Yupan and Chu Yu hiding together and Wen Run hiding behind another tree.
The two sides were aware of each other’s presence, they fired a few shots at each other tentatively, but found that they couldn’t hit each other, so they held back for a while. Wen Run only fired one shot, he saw a vague figure shifting in the banana forest, but there were too many obstacles, so it was difficult to hit the other.
The other side probably knew  that they couldn’t hit them, so they slowly retreated.
The three of them came out from behind the trees, Chu Yu looked at Xie Yupan, who hadn’t fired a single shot, and wondered, “What happened to your gun?” When he played CS with Xie Yupan, Xie Yupan loved to shoot blindly.
She subconsciously glanced at Wen Run, then her eyes moved around, before she replied: “The bullets are finished!”
It was her style, so Chu Yu didn’t suspect it, he removed his magazine and gave her half of the bullets and helplessly said: “Save some bullets.”
“Oh.” Xie Yupan secretly looked up at him, the man that she had always found annoying suddenly looked different. Her sold conscience hurt.
“Keep it, I can’t make accurate shots anyway.”
Chu Yu saw that she was holding a few bullets and hesitated. He simply took her gun and put the bullets in for her. He didn’t look happy, “I don’t mind.”
Xie Yupan suddenly became more guilty, and she couldn’t help remembering Wen Run. She touched the gun and silently thought, ‘Wen Run, don’t blame me for reneging, since ancient times, good friends have been sold!
I’m sorry, I decided to help my husband! Friendship is ultimately no match for love.
Wen Run wasn’t far from her, the more he watched, the colder he felt. He knew that Xie Yupan was probably betraying their friendship by giving preference to love over friendship, so he followed them for a while and then sneaked away when they had to split up to look for food.
Xie Yupan was still struggling with how to confess about their transaction. Before she could, she found that Wen Run hadn’t come back after going out.
Immediately, she had a bad feeling, and asked Chu Yu, “What about Wen Run? Has he come back? ”
Chu Yu shook his head, “He said he heard the sound of water flowing and went to see if there was a creek nearby.”
“There is no stream near here!” Xie Yupan became frantic and blurted out, “He must have guessed that I didn’t want to help him, and was afraid I would attack him with you!”

        Chu Yu froze and he narrowed his eyes at her, “What do you mean he guessed you wouldn’t help him? When did you become partners? How come I didn’t know?”

        Realizing that she had slipped, Xie Yupan covered her mouth and looked at him innocently.
“Xie Yupan!” Chu Yu gritted his teeth and questioned in a low voice, “Were you going to join hands with another man to fight against me?”
Xie Yupan madly waved her hand in denial. “I’m not, I am not!”
“What the hell is going on?” Chu Yu took a look at her and knew that she was lying, and sneered, “Tell me clearly.”
“Hey ……” Xie Yupan saw that he was really angry, she quickly admitted her fault, “I was forced by life … and I didn’t help him. This is not a betrayal for love! Don’t be so narrow-minded … ”
Then, she confessed about the trade with Wen Run.
Chu Yu’s smile was very ugly. “So you sold me, your fiance, for a few grilled fishes?”
Xie Yupan lowered her head, she looked ashamed and whispered, “Wasn’t there regret before the sale?”
Chu Yu squinted at her. “That’s all? Is there anything else you’re hiding from me?”
“No more, right ……” Xie Yupan seriously pondered for a while, then she suddenly remembered something, then she weakly responded: “All my bullets were taken by Wen Run.”
“……” so before the bullets were also a lie, the truth was that she, for the grilled fishes, not only sold herself but also turned in all the bullets. Chu Yu was angry to the point of speechlessness.
He looked at her for a moment. Finally, he said, “I will learn to cook when I go back. Don’t be so worthless in the future!”
Xie Yupan knew that she couldn’t defend herself right now, so she honestly nodded, “Okay”.
On Wen Run’s side, after he sneaked away, he caught up with the second “high tide” without going far, and finally left the high tide area and reached the safety zone. It was already noon. He checked the surrounding environment with the map and estimated that it wasn’t far from the forest canyon, so he decided to find something to eat.
Unfortunately, he ran into Weng Yu and Qu Yiyang, who were allied.
Wen Run hid behind a tree, looking for a chance to escape. But the two women on the other side probably thought he was alone and had a good chance of winning two against one, so he was shot at. He had no way to escape, so he hid and frantically thought of a way to get away.
The two sides were only a dozen meters apart, Wen Run hid behind a tree and shouted, “Weng Yu, you shot at Zhou Yao’s back yesterday, and today you tricked Qu Yiyang into forming an alliance with you.”
“You’re talking nonsense, don’t even think about separating me and Yiyang.”  Weng Yu looked calm, pretending not to know anything, and said to Qu Yiyang, who wasn’t far away, “Don’t fall for his trick.”
Wen Run continued: “I didn’t talk nonsense. Yesterday, Xie Yupan and I saw it. I also shot you. Don’t you have only two lives left?”
Qu Yiyang subconsciously looked at her electronic display, the number there had indeed become “two”, and before now, they hadn’t met Wen Run. Suspicion gradually appeared in her eyes.
Wen Run continued, “Yangyang, don’t be fooled by Weng Yu’s appearance. It’s better for us to form an alliance. I will never shoot at my teammates.”
Qu Yiyang was about to say something when she suddenly noticed Weng Yu turned her gun on her. She went to hide behind the tree next to her, and Weng Yu missed two shots, so she hid herself on the other side. Wen Run took the opportunity to surround her from the other side, and took a shot at Weng Yu. He raised his voice to Qu Yiyang: “Weng Yu has only one life left.”
She knew where Weng Yu was and risked being shot by her, and fired three shots at her hiding place. When the last shot fell, she heard the communicator broadcast the message “Weng Yu is out”.
Weng Yu helplessly put down the equipment, and gave them both a thumbs up, “I’ll wait for you outside the island.”
She followed the cameraman out of the island, Wen Run picked up her gun, unloaded the magazine and counted, said: “There are only three rounds left, how many rounds do you have?”
Qu Yiyang counted, “I have five rounds left.”
Wen Run said, “I have six rounds left, so you two and I one.” He said and handed two rounds to Qu Yiyang.
Qu Yang thanked him, loaded the bullets and followed him. At this time, Wen Run didn’t conceal his knowledge of the route, and told Qu Yiyang the position of the assault boat very frankly. Qu Yiyang had a stunned expression. Wen Run knew he didn’t guess wrong, she didn’t see the stone tablet, and she didn’t know the key information that was deliberately hidden.
As they walked and chatted, Qu Yiyang asked strangely, “Aren’t you allied with Xie Yupan? Why are you alone? ”
Wen Run sighed and said with a frown, “We ran into Chu Yu.”
Qu Yiyang understood in a second, “Then you were lucky to get out of there.”
The two of them were laughing and joking, and after walking for a while, they heard the sound of water flowing in the distance, Wen Run stopped and said in a low voice, “I think we are almost there, be careful later, Chu Yu also knows about the forest canyon, they are probably coming here too.”
Qu Yiyang nodded, the two no longer chatted, both carefully concealed their bodies to move forward.
Wen Run picked a high place to hide and looked around carefully, but didn’t see Chu Yu and Xie Yupan’s figures. He hid in the grass and gave a hand signal to Qu Yiyang in another place, signaling to continue on.
Just after the communication, Wen Run walked a few steps forward with his waist down, and a shot whizzed pass his ear, he saw a bullet hit a nearby stone.
Wen Run went down and alertly moved to the side as he tried to remain silent. Sure enough, he just moved away, when a bullet flew opposite him. Accurately hitting where he just was.
After the bullets were fired, a low cry of alarm was heard from the grass to their side, and then the grass shook for a while. Wen Run fired two more shots, followed by Qu Yiyang on the other side. After the two of them fired, they heard the communicator report that Chu Yu was out.
Chu Yu took a bullet and blocked two more shots for Xie Yupan, so he was out.
“I’m done with you!” An enraged Xie Yupan picked up her gun and rushed out with a burst of fire, shooting all the remaining bullets in two shots. And she herself was also killed.
At this time Wen Run and Qu Yiyang were still in the game.
The two tacitly agreed to break the alliance agreement and quickly found an obstacle to hide, no one bothered about the supplies Xie Yupan and Chu Yu threw in the same place.
Xie Yupan grinded her teeth, but after looking around, she couldn’t find where Wen Run was hiding. She shouted bitterly, “Xiao Wen Run, I won’t forgive you if you don’t invite me to dinner after the game is finished!” This little white rabbit with black interior and white exterior really fooled her!
Wen Run didn’t respond, Chu Yu and Xie Yulan left the island, leaving Wen Run and Qu Yiyang to confront each other.
He counted Qu Yiyang’s bullets and knew that his opponent didn’t have many rounds left, while he had collected ten rounds from Xie Yupan in addition to his own bullets. In terms of the number of bullets, he had an absolute advantage.
After secretly observing for a while, Wen Run fired several shots to test Qu Yiyang.
The last two shots should have hit her direction, but the grass moved as she fled in the other direction. Wen Run frowned, then he fired two more shots at the swaying grass without hesitation. He couldn’t shoot a moving target, but he had many bullets. After five or six shots, Wen Run guessed that she had been shot at least once, so he deliberately showed his hiding position, which led Qu Yiyang to counterattack and fire two shots in his direction.
Wen Run dodged through the cover of the trees, and then “inadvertently” continued to lure her.
After four or five shots, there was no movement.
Wen Run didn’t hide this time, and he came out from behind the tree. Qu Yiyang didn’t try to shoot him, so he knew he was right, Qu Yiyang’s bullets had been used up.
“I’ve lost!” Qu Yiyang came out from her hiding place and raised her eyebrows at Wen Run, “You lied to me about the number of bullets you had, right? You definitely don’t have only seven bullets!”
Wen Run gave her two more shots, heard the radio announcement from the communicator, and replied her with a smile, “I had all of Xie Yupan’s bullets.”
Qu Yiyang opened her mouth wide and muttered, “Xie Yupan was right, you’re too cunning.”
Wen Run coughed lightly and laughed, “Soldiers do not tire of fraud.”
They had played hide-and-seek for a while, it was already late, less than half an hour before the boat landed on the island.

Wen Run sat on a clean stone he found and waited with his gun in his arms. When the time came, he saw a narrow boat coming slowly along the current of the canyon. Besides the driver, he could vaguely see a big rooster tied up.
Wen Run’s mind had a string of question marks, and he thought he was hallucinating. When the boat stopped at the shore, he leaned over and saw that it was really a big rooster. He greeted the staff present and patted the rooster, and then sat on the boat. And the big rooster with big eyes and Wen Run were taken off the island by the boat.

And for the poor big rooster, after the six guests gathered, it was sent to the back kitchen of the restaurant and made into a pot of chicken soup for the six guests.

       The six guests were able to eat the chicken in a pot, which corresponded with the name of the show, “Eat Chicken Tonight”.

    After the end of the show, Wen Run rested at the hotel for the night before returning to B City the next day with his two assistants.
He arrived home at eight o’clock in the morning, and when he left the elevator and passed by Ye Hansheng’s house, his steps slowed down involuntarily. He pricked up his ears, but unfortunately the house was well insulated, and nothing could be heard from outside.

He walked forward in a gentle and dawdling manner, by this time Boss Ye should be at the company, right?
Before he could work out anything, he had already dawdled to his house, so Wen Run had to open the door and go in. He sent back the two assistants to rest then he slept for a long time.

        After two days of rest, Guo Congfei, who heard he was back, came to his door with his script.
Guo Congfei’s originally part dyed hair had been dyed fully silver, with his slightly thin features, as well as holey jeans and red sneakers, he looked like a rebel.

When he didn’t smile, he looked like a noble aristocrat, and when he smiled, he was like a husky that swallowed stimulants.

Guo ‘Husky’ Congfei smiled and moved towards Wen Run, “I sent the script, when will you call Shen Muxun so we’ll have a meal together?”

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