At first, people thought Zhu Qing’an was a big star, but when a small box appeared on Zhu Qing’an’s head, the live pop-ups instantly exploded –

[Are the crew sure they’re right?Is this… is he really new?]

[ I apologize!I shouldn’t have told the crew to disqualify the newcomer from participating in TVT Luckily the crew didn’t listen to me…]!

[We can’t be prejudiced against this newcomer just because of the last newcomer’s accident!I love little brother!]

[So pretty!I hope his character will be gentle!]

[The speed of life was hit in the face.]

After the brief variety opening ceremony, the artists began their variety tasks.

The artistes had a live light brain on their wrist, which allowed them to broadcast live in real time, as well as view the messages sent to them by the audience.

“I Love Animals” was an animal variety show. The mission was rightfully animal-related, and each artist was equipped with a small animal, and had two weeks to fulfill its wish, after which the variety show was considered complete in order to receive the 100,000 yuan reward.

Otherwise only twenty thousand would be paid remuneration.

Zhu Qing’an followed the other artists and went to collect his own small animal.

His little animal was a Mika battle beast cub, still in its primitive gnome state. A round, soft, furry mass with black pea eyes, it moved by bouncing.

The soft little cub like a small soup dumpling were carried in the arms of Zhu Qing’an.

The gnome was different from the other artist’s animals, it appeared a little skinnier, fluffy and grey, with dull beady eyes. It was a little timid and refused to face its new owner.

Zhu Qing’an’s wandering base had the Mika gnomes, and he knew how to jerk such pups, he rubbed the gnome, and it immediately settled down nicely, softly shrugging and pulling into the other’s arms to be touched.

Meanwhile.The critters that the other artists had collected were still chattering and jumping around and making a lot of noise.

The barrage also saw this sharp contrast, and then stirred up.

[Wow, it seems that my little brother took this variety show seriously and learned a lot about animals before coming here? 】

【 He knows how to placate small animals, brother, can you placate me? 】
[Good professional feeling! ! It was good he came to the animal variety show! 】


Zhu Qing’an picked up the dumpling, followed the artists to the catering department, and get the cubs and their own food.

The ration for animal cubs in the base was the same. Today’s cub lunch was a cup of milk and a piece of plump meat, and the food for the owners was an ordinary box lunch.

“Ji Ji …”

Little dumpling caught a glimpse of the delicious cup of sweet milk on the table and the soft, sweet meat on the outside, and immediately got refreshed, it struggled to jump out of his arms and get its lunch.

Zhu Qing’an caught a glimpse of the food prepared for these cubs and frowned. He hugged little dumpling and didn’t let it leave.
And didn’t get food for the cub.

At the same time, other artists looked at the cubs enjoying delicious food at their feet, and looked at Zhu Qing ‘an, who didn’t give his cub anything to eat. Zhu Qing’an’s dumpling cub was hungry and cried softly.
Their expression was somewhat more complicated at the moment.
Deliberately not feeding the cub …?

Zhu Qing’an didn’t notice others strange eyes on him.

Zhu Qing’an with the small dumpling went back to the dormitory.

He met a lot of artists and their cubs along the way. Most of them had already easily found their cubs’ wishes through their movements and cries, wanting lollipops, swimming and being kissed …

Zhu Qing’an’s little cub- it was so dusty, it could only lie prone on people’s arms and look around with wet black eyes. It was pathetic, and it didn’t see what it really wanted.

Zhu Qing’an took a casual glance at the live broadcast on his wrist to see how the audience responded.

The next second, his eyebrows furrowed.

【 This newcomer, I don’t understand? The cub is starving! Why didn’t you get it food on purpose? 】

[We all saw from the live broadcast that the little dumpling wanted to eat very much, and it could get something when they reached out, but the owner deliberately didn’t take it, hehe. 】

Just now, the breeder of the animal base distributed the cubs’ food in the canteen. Zhu Qing ‘an didn’t take the food of the dumpling, which was recorded by live broadcast.

The barrage became more noisy and fierce, and nearly rose to the personal attack of Zhu Qing ‘an. If this continued, the whole variety show would definitely be affected by him, and the pay would be reduced accordingly.

Zhu Qing’an turned the camera on your wrist, and showed his white and beautiful face.
Everyone was boiling by the time they saw his face.

Zhu Qing’an ignored the dense barrage and whispered: “I think I should explain …”

This was the first time that Zhu Qing ‘an had officially spoken to the audience since he entered this variety show.
His voice was surprisingly pleasant to hear. It was a clear and soft juvenile voice, which was very comfortable to listen to.

“My cub is a Mika cub. The food distributed by the base is milk and meat. As far as the information is concerned, the Mika can’t drink too much milk and eat meat with too much oil and salt. If it gets diarrhea, it will get sick.”

“So, I didn’t give it the food in the base.”

But the barrage was still questionable.

[information known? Who knows if what you said is true or not? What if this is just an excuse? 】
[emm doesn’t quite believe that the best newcomer of the last variety show explained it to himself. 】

But within a few minutes, a gold font marked with a big V [verified] suddenly appeared in the middle of the barrage, covering the barrage of doubt. It attracted the eyes of Zhu Qing ‘an and the audience.

[Leli Animal Living Base V: This is the head of the animal feeding group of the base. I agree with what Mr Zhu said, and I apologize to you all here.
As Mika dumplings are a new group of animals brought last week, the canteen department was not familiar with their taboos, and negligently, they put out the meat and milk they avoided and allowed them eat it!
Fortunately, Mr Zhu didn’t get the food for the young dumpling. I also thank Mr Zhu for daring to clarify misunderstanding and correct mistakes in the canteen of the base!
If it weren’t for Mr. Zhu, the canteen might be completely unaware of this mistake, and the future impact on the Mika animals in the base would have been unimaginable! 】

The barrage was silent for a few minutes, and it could be seen that those who questioned were at a loss.

A few minutes later, the barrage of apologies and support came off and on.
[emm, but I still have questions, since the newcomer refused to give the cub something in the base? What did the cub eat? What’s the difference between being hungry and being abused? 】

Zhu Qing’an looked at the questioning barrage that came out again, sighed, and turned to take out the special rations for the Mika animal from his backpack: “I fed it shortly after returning to the dormitory.”

The bag in his hand looked like a potato chip bag, but in fact it was a special ration for Mika animals, which was the highest grade and expensive.

The audience reversed the live video and found that Zhu Qing ‘an did feed the dumpling. Just because the angle and packaging were too similar to potato chips, they thought it was just a snack for him.

And dumpling, it really looked full.

Zhu Qing’an did not give dumpling food, but gave it higher and better food.

[Who said my little brother abused small animals? ? Clearly super loving, okay? ! The food for the cubs is better than what I eat! 】

[I can see that my little brother is so thoughtful. Before coming to the variety show, he not only learned a lot about the cubs, but also bought a lot of food suitable for the cubs. Love. 】


Zhu Qing’an exploded.

The brief episode soon ended, and gave him the first wave of fans.

He was lying in bed with dumpling in his arms.

As for the entertainment during the rest period, Zhu Qing’an opened “False Love” without hesitation and met his paper man.

Try to increase the interaction value with the paper man and start the memories recovery task!

The room in the game was as dark and depressing as ever.

This time, instead of sitting on the iron bed in the corner, the man appeared straight in front of Zhu Qing ‘an.

The handsome man still wore a black shirt and trouser, with slightly messy hair and dark crimson eyes, which stared straight at the boy across the screen.

Zhu Qing’an remembered the last time he entered the game …
Because he wanted to increase the interactive value, he listened to the game and wrote a disgusting note to the man with a little coquetry.
-note content:
Although you have amnesia, you don’t remember me. But I still love you, just like before day and night. Can you talk with me? I miss you so much. 】

-The person who loves you the most: I wish you peace.

This note was now being held tightly by the man.

After a long time, the man’s dark and sexy voice sounded in his ear.

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