C3— I Want You

These three words were a common combination of words. It was understandable that Li Zhiqing became stunned. Once the other person spoke, he felt that his brain was a bit insufficient.

He blinked his eyes slowly, and his eyes drifted away, wondering why the man suddenly said this to him.

When the second hand of the clock turned half a circle, Li Zhiqing remembered what he had said to the man before going upstairs, and felt dizzy.

“… what?” Li Zhiqing held the bookshelf next to him, squinted and rubbed the corners of the wood with his fingertips uncertainly. “Me?”

The man nodded, without a hint of banter in his expression.

Li Zhiqing’s eyebrows were squeezed, and his mood was complicated. He wanted to ask him which “want”, but when he saw the serious expression on the man’s face like a retired veteran, he felt that his thoughts were crooked.

He cleared his throat and turned his thoughts back: “Do you need my help? What can I do? ”

The man didn’t answer in time, and his lips moved for a long time before he said, “Follow me.”

Go with me.

Li Zhiqing confirmed that the other man did not give him any chance to deviate.

He was confused: “Follow you? Why? ”

Maybe because the other had spoken twice, or Li Zhiqing himself had been in a daze for a long time, he felt that the time the man used to prepare his words this time was not as long as last time. However, the content of the reply made Li Zhiqing more and more suspicious that his speech structure was disordered.

“It’s mine.”

The man’s tone was gentle. Compared with his last words, the connection speed between his words was relatively faster, and his tone was more determined.

Although the other party did not use the exact subject, his eyes were determined to burn two holes in Li Zhiqing’s face when he spoke. He wanted to know what words were missing at the beginning of the sentence.

Li Zhiqing had a headache. He closed his eyes briefly and opened them again: “… this gentleman, don’t mention that today is our first meeting. Even if you are my close friend, I can’t be labeled like this.”

The man continued to look at him for a while, and after a moment of silence, he said with a dumb voice, “Label.”

“What?” Li Zhiqing didn’t understand. He stared at him for half a day before he reacted. The other party may be asking him the meaning of the label so he patiently explained, “I mean, unfortunately, you said I was yours, which is obviously wrong. I will only stay here, I can’t go anywhere with you. If you have nothing else to do, you can leave after avoiding the rain. ”

He spoke for a long time, and the man was silent for an even longer period of time.

His reaction was too slow, he couldn’t express himself clearly, and it was a little difficult to have basic communication.

Li Zhiqing looked at the cold face again, suspecting that the other might have some defects in IQ or some mental obstacles.

He thought of that and began to worry. He put his words so bluntly. If the other was really mentally retarded or insane, he hoped he didn’t provoke him to do something impulsive.

But Li Zhiqing was obviously thinking too fiercely, he also obviously misread the temperament of the man, after listening to his words, his standing posture did not change in the slightest, still upright and disciplined, only his eyes hung down.

His eyelashes were straight and he didn’t feel anything as he stared ahead, dropping his eyelids to reveal their excessive length, which blocked out some of the light overhead and thinly revealed a curve of shadows, causing his eyes to be vaguely dark.

Li Zhiqing realized at this reaction of his that he was overthinking, the man’s emotions were not up to normal human standards, it was difficult for him to be a psychopath with crazy words and actions.

“You’ve been here.” The man looked over again, his pronunciation still stilted, so that for once he could speak clearly.

He probably hadn’t mastered the switch in tone, his words were always sure, yet when he lifted his gaze again, his eyes were distinctly questioning.

Li Zhiqing was watched by those dot paint-like eyes, his brain went empty, and he couldn’t help but nod in response, “You want me to go with you, not because there’s anything I need to help you with?”

The man shook his head and stood in the middle of the bookstore watching Li Zhiqing as he stopped talking, but finally took a few steps towards him and raised his hand to gently touch his hair.

The corners of his mouth curved in a very small stiff curve: “Sorry to bother you.”

The words trailed off as the man looked deeply at Li Zhiqing and turned to walk out of the shop.

It wasn’t until another muffled thunderstorm sunk in that Li Zhiqing came back to his senses. He touched the hair that was touched by the other man and went to the door to look out, the alleyway was empty and no one could be seen.

Looking at the umbrella stand behind the door, there were only two umbrellas leaning against each other.

Just gone?

Li Zhiqing said, “This person is really weird”, so he just pulled down the shutter and locked it, turned off the lights and went up to the second floor.

He and Song Junlin were self sufficient about dinner, and while they were eating, they turned on the TV, and the host of the weather forecast was explaining the recent weather conditions in Kyoto.

“The Kyoto area is expected to remain in a heavy rain pattern for the next week, and we need to continue to pay attention to the adverse effects of the rainy weather on traffic.”

“Is someone in Kyoto being condemned by God?” Song Junlin looked at the group of rain clouds on the satellite cloud map that converged over Kyoto alone, and couldn’t help but say, “Is the heavens staring at someone, groping all the way to Kyoto, waiting to find the right person to strike a thunderbolt.”

Li Zhiqing inexplicably felt a chill down his back, and was busy drinking a mouthful of soup, “Less ominous words.”

“I’m just speaking casually, we haven’t done anything unlucky, the strike will also strike someone else.” Song Junlin was unconcerned.

Li Zhiqing took the bowl of rice and thought to himself, That was true, but he just suddenly had the illusion that the rain and thunder were all coming at him alone.

“By the way, Zhiqing, how do you arrange your study time at home? I’ll try not to bother you.” They both had good personalities, and Song Junlin and he had become familiar with each other.

“Just make yourself at home, I’m not a student.”

“F*ck no! You’ have a job?!” Look how young he was.

“I don’t work either.” Li Zhiqing chewed a piece of meat.

“What do you…?”

Lai Zhiqing’s face did not change: “Professional retirement, muddling through.”

Song Junlin stalked off, unable to say anything.

“Just kidding,” Li Zhiqing was happy. “I’m also planning to do something of interest now.”

“And what are you interested in? Tell me about it.” Song Junlin patted his chest, “I’ve been working part-time for years, I’m too good at finding jobs, I might be able to help you.”

“Don’t you draw comics?”

“Hey, this has to be exposed to society to inspire.” Song Junlin laughed, “I’m planning to draw the entertainment industry in my next novel, I recently went to a restaurant to work, delivering boxed lunches to the crew filming in Old Street, and when I get a chance, I’ll steal a couple of glances to collect material.”

Li Zhiqing stopped eating the food and looked up at him, “The film crew?”

“Yes, quite a small one.” Song Junlin urged him, “Say what you want to do, I’ll help you figure it out.”

Li Zhiqing was quiet for two seconds and spoke up, “I actually want to be an actor.”

If any other friend said this, Song Junlin would have laughed at them for daydreaming, but once it was Li Zhiqing….

“My God!” Song Junlin hit the side of the bowl with his chopsticks, “With your face, you’ll definitely be a hit as an actor!”

Just because of the face? Li Zhiqing laughed helplessly.

“It’s actually quite good for you to sing, I think you can get ahead in anything with your looks.” Song Junlin said, “Actors have it hard, I heard that there are still those who plunge into the water at several degrees below zero, do you have to be an actor?”

Li Zhiqing lowered his head slightly and stirred the rice porridge in the bowl, “Things are unpredictable, who knows when it will pause, how good it is to act, to play the old and the young, just think of it as earning a few more lifetimes.”

Song Junlin immediately hit his head: “Well said, don’t burp, bad luck!”

Lai Zhiqing smiled, raised his eyebrows and stuffed a piece of meat into his mouth, very contentedly bent his eyes and chewed, like a small hamster that was eating, watching, Song Junlin couldn’t help but laugh along with him.

“Acting is fine, but I haven’t seen any news about castings lately.” Song Junlin finished laughing and really figured it out for him, he thought for a while before his eyes brightened, “Hey! How about you come with me tomorrow to deliver box lunches?”

Li Zhiqing swallowed his meat and looked up at him in puzzlement.

“My colleague is off sick tomorrow, you go and give me a hand.” Song Junlin thought this was a brilliant idea, “Just think of it as going to the theater to see how other people film, maybe you’ll have a chance to be a group actor or be spotted by an agent or something. You’ll get the extra salary too, how about it?”

What kind of agent would squat on the set with a star, but Li Zhiqing was indeed attracted by the fact that he could go to the set and observe the event, he nodded his head and thanked him.

“Thank you for what, I can’t wait for you to become famous quickly so I can get my way in the industry.” Song Junlin grinned widely and waved his hand, happy to see Li Zhiqing smiling.

It was strange too, he wasn’t usually an enthusiastic person, but this time he just wanted to worry about this smiling young man.

He put down his chopsticks and took out his cell phone, and saw that it was from Tang Shunshui.

He stood up and walked out of the restaurant and got on the phone, “What?”

“Did anything good happen to you today?”

Li Zhiqing could imagine that dirty look of the other party just by hearing his voice, “I didn’t go out, so what good could come of it.”

“What’s the saying,” Tang Shunshui spoke in a singsong tone, “When one sits at home, good fortune comes from heaven.”

“Can you be brief?” Li Zhiqing missed the half bowl of rice he hadn’t finished, “I haven’t finished eating.”

Tang Shunshi scolded him for being “impatient”, “Seriously, nothing special happened today?”

Something special?

Li Zhiqing thought of the man in black who came to the shop today and briefly mentioned it to him, “It’s not that special.”

“Praising you for being naive, you can’t hear the subtext of saying, you’re stupid.” Tang Shun Shi gave him his analysis, “Stormy day, no umbrella, all clean in front of you, do you think this can be an ordinary person?”

Li Zhiqing thought to himself that he thought he was a mentally retarded psychopath, “So he’s special, like you?”

Tang Shunshi was silent for a while and said, “I’m old, don’t be angry with me.”

Li Zhiqing trailed off and couldn’t hold back a light chuckle.

“With that rain in Kyoto, no matter how hard it rained in the first few days, it couldn’t be as severe as today’s lightning and thunder. I couldn’t see why the rain was so fierce, so I worried about you and gave you a fortune. Guess what? It’s just this rain pleased you.”

“Are you idle?” He teased.

Tang Shunshui took the teasing and lowered his voice to get straight to the point: “I’m afraid the one who went to the shop today is not a person.”

Li Zhiqing was annoyed by his godly tone, and just wanted to dislike him when he heard another sentence.

“I suspect he’s from the abyss, he’s a dragon.”

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