C4— Deathly Aura

“F*uck!” Lu Wenxi shouted out, he was so scared that his body leaned back and fell from the bed, then he was about to crawl towards the door, only to be tangled in the quilt on his body.



At this moment, his tears were going to come out, if there was a camera next to him, it  would certainly capture his almost distorted expression.



Struggling to break free from the quilt, he began to mutter: “Fu … Fu … What about the sweeping robot!”



The sweeping robot, after turning on the switch, it always moved by itself. If he didn’t pay attention to it a little, it would wander to other places. Now that Lu Wenxi wanted to find it, it disappeared. When he didn’t want to see it, it hung in front of Lu Wenxi, either stuck in the corner or in his slippers.



Now … he really didn’t know where it went.



What was that thing then?



Lu Wenxi untangled himself from the quilt and moved around the house looking for the sweeping robot, as he turned back, he saw that the black shadow also followed him out, it was holding the door, looking in his direction.



When he couldn’t find the sweeping robot, he touched his body and started to feel remorseful again. When he screamed in fear, he threw his phone away, the dark shadow stood in the bedroom door, blocking the way back, even if he wanted to go back and get his phone to call for help, he couldn’t.



He began to think, should he ignore it and continue to look for the floor sweeper, or simply rush out the door to escape?



Just as he hesitated, his hand slapped on the wall, turning on the light, and he once again looked in the direction of the dark shadow, and found that in the light, the dark shadow was much lighter, though he could still see a blurred shadow.



He didn’t move and the dark shadow didn’t move, they were relatively still for a harmonious 10 seconds.



“You’re Deng Xuanhan?” Lu Wenxi finally was able to calm down a little, after exhaling, he looked around the house, trying to find the sweeping robot.



In fact, he was considered calm at this point because he felt that he had something that could save his life, and he could also run for his life. If he was caught by the ghost and he really couldn’t find anything that could save his life, he couldn’t pick up a stone and throw it at it either.



So he decided to find the amulet and destroy the ghost, if it didn’t work, at least his death wouldn’t be so wimpy.



Another thing was, he remembered that ghosts needed to ring the doorbell before they entered the house, he opened the door, so the ghost came in. This allowed him to consider that these ghosts might not be able to pass through the solid objects, if he chose to run, he’d look for opportunities to lock the ghost in a sealed environment, which might also stall for time.



At this time, the sweeping robot hit the wall in the fitness room for a while and came out slowly, Lu Wenxi immediately saw that the talisman was still on top of the sweeping robot.



He hurriedly ran over and picked up the seal, and when he looked up, the black shadow was already in front of him and blew a gust of wind, seemingly trying to blow the seal away.



How would Lu Wenxi let air blow away his saving grace? As he firmly grabbed it, he saw the black shadow try to hide, he quickly raised his hand to the black shadow’s body and pressed. His hand passed through the black shadow, but the charm seal didn’t, it steadily stuck to the black shadow’s body.



The black shadow began to struggle after getting stuck, and it seemed to be very uncomfortable, it stumbled and fell down, rolling on the ground.



After the seal was affixed to the black shadow, it began to burn, and the flame was actually blue, the quiet room looked eerie until it burned out.



He didn’t stay idle, he backed up to the door and touched the pocket of his trouser, but the elevator card wasn’t there, it was probably in his jacket, the jacket was on the sofa and he wasn’t ready to go past the dark shadow to get the elevator card.



He quickly took the key from the entrance, and opened the door.



He was about to go down the stairs when he looked up and saw black shadows in the corridor.



There was a wolf in front and a tiger at the back.



Was he such a bad actor that ghosts were grouping up to abuse him?



After a moment’s hesitation, he opened the door and went back to the house, it would be better to deal with the half-dead one at home.



After entering the house, he went directly into the dining room, pulled the sliding door, looked around to make sure there were no other black shadows, breathed a sigh of relief, then he stood in front of the sliding glass door, looking at the black shadow huddled up in the living room, it looked like it was in a dying state.



Then he turned back, took an apple from the dining room, washed it and started eating.




He was so hungry, he had only eaten an apple all day, yet he was able to run through brute force alone. Sitting in the dining room, he suddenly realized that yesterday’s chair was most likely dragged out by the black shadow.



It could touch that …… but it still couldn’t open the door? During that live broadcast, it was also the black shadow that opened the cloakroon door?



Thinking of this, he got up and locked the sliding door again, then he sat back in the dining room and continued to eat apples.



When he suddenly saw a ghost squatting next to his bed, Lu Wenxi was really frightened. Now, he was able to calm down, especially after seeing that the ghost was actually so weak, he wasn’t that scared.



He habitually crossed his legs and placed an arm on the dining table, thinking about what to do next.



The ghost had been in his house for two days and didn’t seem harmful to him, so was it not aggressive?



Should he go back to his room, take his cell phone and call Yin Hanwei to come?



He was still thinking of what to do when he heard a knock on the door.



Lu Wenxi suddenly realized that it might be the little Taoist priest who came before, so as he nibbled on an apple, he opened the glass door of the kitchen and passed the dark figure lying in the living room that hadn’t moved, then pressed on the visual intercom, as he saw the figure of the little Taoist priest, he quickly opened the door.



After opening the door, he noted that the little Taoist was panting, well it would be strange if he didn’t pant after climbing the stairs to the 22nd floor.



“Okay, take it with you.” Lu Wenxi pointed to the living room and said, “There are other ones in the corridor. Please clear all the ghosts in this area.”



The youth entered the house and stood in the doorway then he looked at Lu Wenxi suspiciously, his eyebrows knitted slightly, “You can see it?”



“You can’t see?”



“If your yin and yang eyes aren’t opened, it’s impossible to see them.”



Lu Wenxi was also a little surprised, he pointed to the black shadow in the room, “It is that black shadow, can’t you see it?”



The little priest looked into the living room, looked around the room, and then once again looked at Lu Wenxi.



Lu Wenxi was also looking at the teenager, meeting the youth’s gaze made him very uncomfortable



As the teenager stepped into the room, he said, “Sorry to offend.”



Then he held up the fengshui compass, entered the living room and followed the compass display, then he stood less than a step in front of the black shadow, and then asked Lu Wenxi: “Here, right?”



This time Lu Wenxi also realized that something was wrong: “You really can’t see? Aren’t you a Taoist priest?”



The young man spoke in an unperturbed tone, “People and ghosts have different auras, so people can see people, ghosts can see ghosts, and if people can see ghosts, then they are not far from death.”



“What do you mean?”



“Last time I came, I noticed that you were closer to death, I predicted that you wouldn’t live long. Now, you can actually see the ghosts, proving that the death aura in your body is getting heavier.”



“Death Aura? What does that mean?” Lu Wenxi pursued his lips, his response made him feel strange. No one could accept suddenly being told that they wouldn’t live long.



The young man put the compass back in his backpack, the backpack seemed very old, the zipper wasn’t very sensitive, so the teenager struggled with it for a while. Lu Wenxi also noticed that the bottom of the backpack seemed patched, it definitely wasn’t the bag’s natural state.



Placing the compass aside, his hands started moving, his fingers were flexible, and the strange gestures were very continuous, but he looked quite handsome.



“Naruto?” Lu Wenxi couldn’t help but ask.



He ignored him and finished his hand gestures, then he placed his fingers in front of his eyes and quietly muttered: “Open.”



Lu Wenxi leaned against the wall, hands around his chest as he looked at the teenager in the middle, then he heard the teenager speak: “Why are you crying?”






Lu Wenxi was sure he wasn’t crying.



Was it possible that the ghost was crying?



The teenager didn’t get a response, he turned his head and looked at Lu Wenxi: “What did you do to her?”



“What did I do to it?!” Lu Wenxi thought their world views were extremely different, a ghost came to him and scared him, but the results looked as if he bullied the ghost, he quickly responded with displeasure: “I woke up from sleep and saw this thing squatting by my bed staring straight at me, I gave it a middle finger, it pounced, I ran out and put the talisman you gave me on it. ”



Lu Wenxi raised his middle finger to the teenager: “Just this gesture.”



“Does this gesture have any special meaning?” The teenager asked particularly serious, as if he really didn’t know the meaning of a middle finger.



“Ah …… is …… it means I love you.” Lu Wenxi hesitated to answer, obviously joking, who would confess to a ghostly shadow?



But the teenager believed h9m.



“She is your former lover? Since you guys are in love ……”



“So I haven’t even had a lover, how did my lover die?” Lu Wenxi felt that his question was ridiculous, however, he quickly responded, “A female ghost? Is she Deng Xuanhan?”



“I don’t know.”



“You don’t know Deng Xuanhan? The former film queen ah!”



“I don’t know her.”



“Do you know me?”



“We met yesterday.”



Lu Wenxi was kind of sure that this teenager didn’t know him at all, which gave him a sense of frustration.



At this time, he looked at the black shadow again, then he asked Lu Wenxi again, “You can’t hear her speak?”



“I can’t.”



“Then talk among yourselves, she seems to know you.” The teenager said, walking towards Lu Wenxi.



After standing face to face, Lu Wenxi found that the two of them were about the same height and had similar figures, only their temperament was completely different. If Lu Wenxi was a gangster, then the teenager was a gentleman, but he also a mysterious aura.



As Lu Wenxi sized up the teenager, the teenager lifted his hand towards his brow. The temperature of the teenager’s fingertips was cool, but it made his heart swell.



Immediately after, Lu Wenxi heard the sound of a young girl crying, seriously, looking at this black shadow and hearing the sound of a young girl crying was bizarre.



“Can you hear her now?” The teenager asked him.



“I can.” He replied.



The teenager gave way and let Lu Wenxi talk to the ghost himself “Only a quarter of an hour.”



“A quarter of an hour is …… fifteen minutes, right?”






This was really a new experience, he was about to …… chat with a ghost?



“You ……” Lu Wenxi was stuck for a long time before saying, “Are you Deng Xuanhan? The voice isn’t alike ah.”



“No, I am Vesi …… oooh …… Deng Xuanhan left this morning, I am your fan …… I …… saying your name, mouth …… mouth keep the shape of a smile ……” the ghost spoke while crying.



The amount of information, was a little big ah ……



One, the fuzzy black shadow lying here, was his fan, and she also said the fans’ favorite slogan.



Two, Deng Xuanhan really came, but left in the morning, indicating that there were two ghosts in his house yesterday.



Three, he bullied the ghost into tears.



“You’re a new ghost?” Lu Wenxi felt her name was especially interesting, now that the fear was gone, he didn’t think there was much differences between a ghost and a human.



“I just became a ghost…… oooh …… I didn’t expect to scare you, when I noticed that you could see me, I immediately lost control and wanted to pounce on you, I… …before …… didn’t know you could see me. I was wrong …… Boss Lu, forgive me ……”



“Come on, don’t cry, talk properly.” Lu Wenxi felt much lighter, he walked to the coffee table and reached for something before he stopped to ask, “Do you need tissues?”



“There’s no need, my obsession isn’t strong, so I can’t touch it.”



This sentence seemed to be some kind of hint, but Lu Wenxi didn’t care, he sat on the sofa and patted the side, “Come sit.”



The dark shadow seemed moved for a moment, then she sat up and asked, “May I?”



“No nonsense, hurry up.”



“Mmm!” The black shadow nodded vigorously, then her head fell off, she hastily picked it up, pressed it on top of her next, then with a good and obedient expression, she went to sit next to Lu Wenxi.



Lu Wenxi held his forehead with one hand, a little shocked by the scene just now, but he quickly moved on.



“Don’t cry, tell us what is going on.” Lu Wenxi pretended to be calm.



“Okay.” The young female ghost gradually stopped crying, and formally spoke, “I only started to follow you the day before yesterday, I was waiting in front of your company, then I entered your nanny car, and then came to this house. Last night, it was after you were disturbed by the doorbell, Deng Xuanhan came in, she seemed to carry resentment and had signs of becoming an evil spirit, she wasn’t quite in control of herself.”



“So Deng Xuanhan did come in? Is she different from you?”



“That’s right, generally after death, the soul will remain on earth for 3 years, some souls will stay for a while, some go directly to reincarnation. The later it is, the more unstable the soul is, the more likely it is to become an evil spirit, and after 3 years, it becomes completely and utterly evil. I heard that ordinary souls who stay for a long time will experience the feeling of their souls being burned, the average soul can’t support it, and after two years it starts to be hard to bear, thus choosing to reincarnate.



“What about you?” Lu Wenxi asked as he looked at the blurred shadow.



“I’ve been dead for more than 1 year, I just want to stay for a while longer, then go to reincarnation, I want to reincarnate with no regrets, so I came to be your personal ghost.”



Lu Wenxi accepted this without difficulty, and moved on: “Last night, the open door and the dining room table chairs were caused by you?”



“Not me, it was Deng Xuanhan, a normal soul can touch earthly things, but we can’t move it, we can be trapped by earthly things, when you closed the door, we were locked in.”



“Didn’t you say that …… ghosts can walk through walls?”



“If you think about it, if we can go through the wall, can I be on the 22nd floor? I’d easily fall downstairs. Also, if ghosts were so powerful,  would the mortal world be so peaceful?”



“How are you and Deng Xuanhan different?”



“She must have died with hate, so once she died, she entered the state of half evil spirit, half soul, otherwise that little Taoist priest wouldn’t catch her.”



Lu Wenxi turned to look at the teenager and saw the teenager quietly standing aside as he waited, he was staring at the sweeping robot that was moving not far away.



He didn’t know if it was because the teenager’s temperament was too unique, or if it was because he thought he was handsome, Lu Wenxi couldn’t help looking at him a few more times.



Seemingly aware that Lu Wenxi was looking at him, the teenager turned to look at him, and he subconsciously avoided his gaze. But after he looked away, the teenager’s gaze didn’t move away from his body, making him uncomfortable all over.



“Let’s continue.” Lu Wenxi said to the teenage ghost, “Deng Xuanhan last night ……”



“She seemed to be trying to shut herself from hurting people, so she wanted to enter the cloakroom, but then she didn’t walk in and entered a blurred state of consciousness. After that she had thought of hurting you, I fought with her, in the kitchen, she hit the chair.”



“So you even protected me?”



“It’s mot worth mentioning, I’m a true fan, heh heh heh.” The young female ghost laughed shyly.



Lu Wenxi nodded, he didn’t understand why Deng Xuanhan came to him, they weren’t familiar, and they had no grievances or similar interests, he frowned slightly as he thought about it.



“Boss, do you have a girlfriend?” The young ghost suddenly began to chat with Lu Wenxi.






“Then what type of girl do you like?”



“Quiet and less problematic.”







“You peeked at me when I was bathing, right?” Lu Wenxi had been wanting to ask this question since just now.



The voice of the young female ghost suddenly disappeared, making Lu Wenxi suspect that it was true, after a while, the young ghost spoke again: “I looked at it…… before, the door was open ah ……”



“Your reason is quite good, why didn’t you shut the bathroom door?!” Lu Wenxi was a little angry.



No matter who it was, knowing that they were peeked at while they bathed, they wouldn’t be in a good mood, the fact that he didn’t punch the ghost now showed his great mental state.



“Boss I was wrong!”



“You still know that I am your boss! Then you should know what temper your boss has, right?”



“Boss, you don’t know, other stars are surrounded by a group of private ghosts, but you have less around. You usually have a purple gold aura, so getting close to you makes ghosts uncomfortable, that’s why followed you, I accidentally found that you suddenly had a death aura recently, that’s why I bravely followed you.”



Lu Wenxi heard the word “death” again, he frowned and asked: “Tell me about this death thing.”



The young man that had been staring at the sweeping robot, heard him and looked up at a person and a ghost in the living room not far away.



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