C6 —— Injury

Lu Wenxi was shocked for a while, he couldn’t say a word for a long time, his mood was a bit complicated.



But Xu Chen was very serious, he kept looking straight into his eyes, his gaze was frank and unadulterated, like an ignorant little lamb, waiting for his answer.


In fact, Lu Wenxi would be suspicious because he noticed that when Xu Chen came for the first time, he didn’t bring a bag. But he brought a bag this time. Was it because he was trying to deceive him, and he guessed that he might give him a character test this time, so he brought the tool?


Still issuing invoices?


But he didn’t dare to say, afraid that Xu Chen would leave away again, and then he’d find out that it was he who wrongly blamed Xu Chen, he’d have no place to cry.



“You …… this is quite formal.” Lu Wenxi sighed a bit tongue-in-cheek.

“I watched my senior uncles, many businessmen come to them to read the feng shui of real estate and homesteads.”



Lu Wenxi had heard of this thing, many people built new buildings. When they bought their own houses, they liked to find people to look at the feng shui. When his father contracted for new buildings, he had already checked the feng shui. Even before the filming started, they needed to put on incense, it was a good sign.



He understood this, hesitated for a moment, then nodded, pointed to his own house, and asked, “Shall we go into the house and have a detailed discussion?”


“Okay.” After agreeing, Xu Chen added, “If you need an invoice, I need a while before I can give it to you.”


“It isn’t necessary, I don’t even know if I’ll live long enough for you to give me the invoice.”


The two returned home again, Lu Wenxi unlocked the door, and then saw the sweeping robot. He immediately moved up and prepared to move out of the way, but he didn’t know how Yin Hanwei set it up, just after moving up, the sweeper robot shouted, “I’ve been assassinated, come and protect the driver.”


Lu Wenxi put it aside without good grace, pressed the switch and turned off the sweeping robot, while saying, “Now you’re dead.”


Xu Chen kept watching, his eyes flicked on the sweeping robot, and followed Lu Wenxi into the house.


“Since you said that my life is not long, it means that I need to be protected for a short time, I will tell my assistant about this, and he will manage the accounts. I’ll first pay you 5 million deposit, and when I die …… fuck, really fucking …… forget it, after death, you’ll be paid 15 million, we can set up a word document, give me your card number and cell phone number.” Lu Wenxi disliked mentioning his death.



Lu Wenxi walked to the house, took out a folder from the suitcase, took out a check and began to fill out, he waited for a while and found Xu Chen didn’t move, he couldn’t help but look up suspiciously at Xu Chen.


“I don’t have a card and I don’t have a cell phone.” Xu Chen replied.


“Then I’ll give you the money, do you want to take it all in cash? Will you drive a truck to get it?”


“Then can you help me pay my tuition first?”


Lu Wenxi froze once again, sizing up Xu Chen, the clothes and bag on his body were really old and presumably very cheap. Such a boy, his tuition fee hadn’t been paid yet?


“Then when I gave you money yesterday, why didn’t you want it?” He asked.


“That kind of money, I don’t want it.”


He realized that when he gave Xu Chen money yesterday he imagined he was insulting him, he was probably disgusted and wouldn’t accept it, so he sighed, “So poor, yet you’re still quite noble.”


Xu Chen pursed his lips, he disliked this kind of words with thorns.


Lu Wenxi raised his hand, beckoned to Xu Chen, and asked, “How do I pay the tuition? If you can pay online, I can transfer them over now.”


At this time, Xu Chen took out a book from his bag, flipped it open and looked at it, then handed it to Lu Wenxi.


The words were written with a ballpoint pen, but the words were very nice, it was standard block letters, it was so good that it seemed printed, every word was regular and meticulous.


There were a series of card numbers, but it also had the remittance needs to pay attention to, and how to fill in the notes, and Xu Chen’s school number.


Lu Wenxi looked at what was written on the book, opened the app, remitted the money according to the way it was written, and then pointed to the amount of money written on it: “Is it okay to remit according to this amount of money?”




Lu Wenxi finished remitting the money and showed his phone to Xu Chen: “It’s done, do you have living expenses now?”


Xu Chen didn’t say anything.


“Did you have dinner tonight?” Lu Wenxi asked again.


Xu Chen still didn’t say anything.


This poor little Taoist ah ……


“Let’s go, brother will take you to dinner.” Lu Wenxi put the phone into his pocket, took out his wallet from his bag, opened it and pulled out five notes to give to Xu Chen, “I don’t have much cash, so I’ll give you these first.”


Xu Chen hesitated for a moment, but reached out to take it and put it into his pants pocket.


Lu Wenxi put on a black jacket, put on a hat, and a mask, the disguise was complete.



The two of them walked out of the door together, he led Xu Chen to the elevator door and pressed the down button.


Xu Chen stood behind Lu Wenxi, quietly watching Lu Wenxi’s movements, then noticed that the elevator door opened and Lu Wenxi walked straight in.


After entering, Lu Wenxi found that Xu Chen hadn’t moved, so he blocked the elevator door with his hand and asked, “Aren’t you coming in?”


“What is this?” Xu Chen asked, pointing at the elevator.


“This is the …… elevator.”


“What’s it for?”


“For going downstairs.”


Xu Chen was puzzled for a moment, but still followed Lu Wenxi into the elevator, and just after standing firmly, the elevator door closed and then moved. The numbers on the display changed, then the elevator doors opened again and Lu Wenxi walked out.



Xu Chen followed him out and found that he had reached the 1st floor. He was so surprised that he opened his eyes wide and looked around. When Lu Wenxi looked back at Xu Chen, surprisingly, Xu Chen’s eyes lit up for a moment, like he discovered a new continent, or a young boy seeing a hero in his own mind.


This little Taoist …… had never been in an elevator, and still didn’t know about elevators.


Lu Wenxi looked at him doubtfully, and then asked Xu Chen: “You were living in a Taoist temple before? On the mountain? You never came down?”



“Yes, it’s my first time coming down the mountain.” Xu Chen answered truthfully.


“No wonder, but if your senior uncles earned money, why didn’t they help you pay for your tuition?”



Xu Chen pursed his lips, just now he still looked secretly excited, but now he turned into a sullen gourd again, and didn’t say anything, he just followed behind Lu Wenxi.



Lu Wenxi began to guess, his family didn’t like the descendants that didn’t want to inherit the mantle, he wanted to go to college, so this little Daoist, should be bent out of shape. In his mind, he immediately brainstormed a deep mountain child, eager to go to school but was shunned, he couldn’t help but have some sympathy for Xu Chen.



Lu Wenxi glanced at his phone, it was already 10:47 p.m. He began to think, what other stores could be open now. Did the nearby reporters leave? Would he be recognized if he came out like this?



Then he saw not far from the street lamp, two dark shadows, one a little taller, the other a little shorter, obviously a man and a woman. The man had one hand supporting the street lamp, the woman was standing under the street lamp, they seemed to be chatting, and then they kissed.


Lu Wenxi froze, suddenly remembering that he could see ghosts, he couldn’t help but look around, then he found that a little farther away on the sports field, there were several black shadows playing basketball, of course, someone must have burnt the ball for them, so in Lu Wenxi’s eyes, the round ball was also a black shadow.



After slowing down for a while, Lu Wenxi twisted his head and asked Xu Chen: “After these people die, the soul is allowed to fall in love?”


Xu Chen was baffled by the question for a moment, then frowned, he didn’t know whether he was thinking, or didn’t like the question. Just as Lu Wenxi continued to poke around, Xu Chen answered, “I guess it’s okay.”


“Then can they snap?”


“Snapping means?”


“Making love.”


“……” Xu Chen was speechless for a moment before answering, “I don’t know.”


The tone of voice wasn’t very good.


Lu Wenxi concluded that this one was an ascetic.


Lu Wenxi put his hands into the pockets of his clothes, lowered his head and walked forward, then he turned back after a while and asked Xu Chen, “What do you like to eat?”




“At this time of the day there are probably only a few stores, I’ll buy you KFC.” Saying that, he took Xu Chen out of the neighborhood, When he entered, he told Xu Chen to wait at the door and went to KFC to order a bunch of things. Finally, he ordered a rice set meal.


When checking out, the waiter looked at Lu Wenxi several times, as if he recognized him.


Lu Wenxi still remained expressionless, standing at the food pickup entrance, waiting.



After the waiter entered the back to get food out, he brought a few other waiters, they looked at Lu Wenxi, probing, and a bold waiter, opened the selfie function, it seemed like she was taking a selfie of herself, but she actually focused the camera on Lu Wenxi.


Lu Wenxi looked at it, pulled off his mask, took off his hat, and looked at the selfie girl’s camera, and smiled, causing the girl to startle.



After the photo, Lu Wenxi disguised himself again, carrying his things out of the KFC.


Upon arriving at the door, he saw Xu Chen looking at him, seemingly puzzled. He asked Lu Wenxi, “Can they also see the stillness on you?”


“No, they can’t.”



“Then why were they screaming?”


Lu Wenxi couldn’t answer and was stuck for a while, and finally didn’t explain anything, he didn’t know how to explain to the small Daoist who didn’t know what an elevator was, it was very difficult, Xu Chen wouldn’t understand such things as chasing stars.


On the way back, Lu Wenxi saw another swaying black shadow.


In fact, after knowing that these spirits weren’t harmful, Lu Wenxi wasn’t too afraid and was quite calm when he encountered one. As a result, the black shadow seemed to be a bit wrong, it saw Lu Wenxi, after a pause, it suddenly rushed towards Lu Wenxi.



Lu Wenxi was a little surprised, he subconsciously took back a step, and heard Xu Chen beside him say: “Hold on.”


Then, Xu Chen quickly took a step forward, held down the back of Black Shadow’s head, and forcefully pressed it towards the ground. The speed was extremely fast, as if it were just an instant. Lu Wenxi only saw a blurry shadow, and the black Shadow was fiercely pressed onto the ground by Xu Chen. The black Shadow’s body hardly resisted and fell down.



Then, Xu Chen took out a blank yellow paper from his pants pocket and threw it into the air, the yellow paper actually just fixed in the air out of thin air. Xu Chen took the fan from behind him, unfolded the fan, the fan had complex patterns, one side by side.


Xu Chen unfolded the fan and recited the words, and then Lu Wenxi saw a pattern on the fan floating up out of thin air, and then, printed on the yellow paper.



Lu Wenxi looked at the scene in front of him, and felt that the special effects of a TV show do this, and there was no way it would be this realistic. When he saw Xu Chen with a fan, he thought that this kid would take advantage of his inattention and suddenly take the fan to sing “Ali Ali”, but the fan was for this?



Xu Chen put the fan away, and then took the yellow paper in mid-air and put it on the black shadow on the ground, still in an unperturbed tone, and said a sentence that made Lu Wenxi’s heart tremble: “Rest in peace.”


The black shadow gradually dissolved, turned into pieces and disappeared in the night.



It seemed to be a black flame that just ignited, and only that rune lit up with a blue fire, which looked a little scary in the silent night.


From the beginning, to the end, it seemed to last only a breath of time.



The step that Lu Wenxi took backwards just stood firm, that black shadow was just finished off by Xu Chen, and there were other black shadows around, also looking at this side secretly, shivering.


“Just now this …… is the so-called evil spirit?” Lu Wenxi asked up before he realized his voice was shaking.



It was happening right in front of his eyes, and the shock was too much.



“That’s right, but it’s very low level, a very stupid kind.” Xu Chen replied, pinning the fan behind his back again.



Lu Wenxi suddenly wondered if his head would have been shattered if Xu Chen had also pressed his head like that when he provoked him earlier. He subconsciously looked around, hoping that no one else saw this scene. He found no one around, not even the hidden reporter’s car, then he was rest assured.


He suddenly felt that Xu Chen’s move was just like a performance show, and it really shook him up.



“Why did he rush towards me?” Lu Wenxi asked.


“You are covered in death aura, evil spirits can possess you.”



“It can possess my body?!” Lu Wenxi was stunned.


“That’s right, but if you are determined and have a good body, it won’t succeed.”


“It’s easy to succeed if you’re not determined and have a bad body?”




“Fuck ……” he hurriedly pursued the question, “Then what should I do?”



“Sickness and injury can cause weakness, as can overwork, and also, don’t overindulge and hurt your body. And of course, try not to encounter evil spirits.”



Lu Wenxi pursed his lips, suddenly feeling that it was a kind of mockery, making his heart a little uncomfortable. He turned his head to look at Xu Chen, he still had the same strict look, there was no difference.



After standing in the same place to calm down for a while, they continued to walk home, he felt like he became powerful overnight, surrounded by ghosts everywhere, he also walked side by side with a strange little Taoist priest.



He was kind of a movie character, right?



If this were to be put in ancient times, wouldn’t he be a hero of the chaotic world?


Back home, the two entered the restaurant, Lu Wenxi gave most of the things he bought to Xu Chen, opened the rice, took out the chicken leg and gave it to Xu Chen, and ate the rice inside with a few pieces of vegetables.


Xu Chen kept staring at him and asked suspiciously, “Won’t you eat?”


“Professional relations, I’m already dying that’s why I’m eating at this time. Eating these high calorie foods is killing me. You can eat them, “Lu Wenxi replied.


Xu Chen took a piece of chicken nuggets, then said, “Teacher said, these foods are not healthy, I can’t eat more.”


After saying that, he took a bite, then another bite, then took another piece.



Lu Wenxi guessed that this young Daoist shouldn’t have eaten KFC, and looking at Xu Chen’s current expression, he loved it. He thought this kid was quite interesting, not too old, but old-fashioned look, really like a pure lamb, he was obviously very tender, but strict.



He casually ate a few bites of rice, felt full and stopped eating, then he suddenly remembered something and said: “I’m dying, and still control the diet? I should indulge myself and eat whatever I want before I die!”


After finishing speaking, he held a chicken wing. After eating it, he felt too guilty and didn’t plan to continue eating, saying, “What’s scary is not about dying, but about indulging and not dying. What would I do next? Will someone hold a photo saying that famous little fresh meat is willing to fall, or will my picture be used by an entertainment account saying that time is like a pig killer?”



Xu Chen just gnawed on the chicken wings and stared at him, because he didn’t understand the meaning of his words, so he didn’t answer.



Lu Wenxi went to the bathroom and washed his hands, then came out and stood at the door and asked Xu Chen, “Where do you live?”


“Not far from here is my school.”


“Oh, how did you get over here yesterday?”

“As the compass showed, I followed the prompts and found that the soul had not yet turned into an evil spirit. I had intended to lock it in and purify it, but she ran away.”



Lu Wenxi remembered the chain on Xu Chen’s wrist yesterday, he guessed it was ready to take that lock.



“Then stay with me today, stay in the guest room, I can only find one of my pajamas for you to wear, I see that we both have a similar figure.” Lu Wenxi said.



“Okay.” Xu Chen was still eating, and his mouth never stopped.


After a while, Lu Wenxi brought the nightwear, Xu Chen looked at it, hesitated for a while and asked, “Can I not wear it?”


“What? This doesn’t look good?” Lu Wenxi unfolded the pajamas and showed them to Xu Chen.


The pajamas had a white background and a dark blue print style, it actually looked very good, and was a major international brand, but that print was a woman’s body, each woman’s posture was different, the posture sexy and provocative.


“It has corrupting images.” Xu Chen replied.



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