C1 – The Secret Realm of the Maokong Village (1) Falling into The System

【Drop! The secret escape system welcomes you!]


【Drop! Newbie copy – Maokong Secret World has been opened!]


【Complete the secret mission within the time limit, players can get rich rewards!
Please be careful to avoid danger and save your life, otherwise you will die and leave the game!
Good luck!]



Ji Mingchen sat on the ground and cursed.


As a descendant of the system family, he was no stranger to the system. Although he had been dealing with various systems since childhood, he never thought of jumping into the system to do any da-mn tasks.


The first rule of the family motto: the system was a life-threatening thing, you must not enter it.


Obviously, Ji Mingchen already entered the fire pit.


He couldn’t escape from the system without completing his mission, so he could only take a look at the world around him.


The place where he fell was a dark, dense forest, heavy humidity, low temperature, the smell of moldy rot lingered, insects and birds chirped in the distance, it was very strange to be caught in a gust of cruel wind.



There was an electronic bracelet on his hand, with the following message on the top: Level 1, 6 days and 23 hours left on the mission.


When he looked up again, he saw a huge arrow floating in the void in front of him, with the inscription: Maokong Village.


It seemed that this was his destination.


Ji Mingchen followed the direction of the arrow and walked deeper and deeper, calculating his action plan as he went. He fell into the system without any warning, but the good thing was that the system mission time limit was only seven days, with his education, it shouldn’t be difficult to muddle through here for seven days.


As soon as the deadline was up, he’d leave immediately.


There were no problems along the way, and Ji Mingchen soon came out of the edge of the forest.


It was dark and candlelights reflected from the windows of many homes.



He thought that since this was a newbie copy, the danger factor should be relatively low, so he walked forward unsuspectingly, intending to find a passerby to ask about the situation, but just before he stepped into the village, he was grabbed by someone.


He was seized by an old woman with half white hair. She grabbed his clothes with her left hand and held a rolling pin with her right hand. She shouted at the top of her voice, “Come on! Come on! Ji Mingchen, the adulterer, is back!!! Come on!!”


Ji Mingchen: “Adulterer?”


What a plot!!



The old woman mercilessly poked him with the rolling pin: “Bah you shameless thing! Dare to seduce the village flower to elope and shame us! If we don’t immerse you in a pig cage today.”


Ji Mingchen was so confused that he would have fought back if he had not been afraid of pushing the old woman down.


Ji Mingchen:”What adulterer? Tell me clearly ……”


The old woman: “You still want to deny! You’re the one who seduced our village flower Xiao Yushen!!”


At this moment, the villagers who heard the shout had all run out: “Catch the adulterer! Catch the adulterer!!!”


Ji Mingchen quickly ran.


The villagers behind him were still shouting: “Ji Mingchen is here! Everyone, let’s go!”



“Dare to seduce the village flower, I will let him understand what is the ancestral teachings of Mao village!


“Flanking, flank from the rear, don’t let him escape!




He lightly turned into the pathway, while the people behind him didn’t follow, he jumped on the roof without making a sound.


The people at the bottom were in a mess, holding benches, shovels, while cursing and running away.


Ji Mingchen was hesitant to jump down, when he suddenly heard a male voice beside him “don’t move.”


This sudden appearance of the human voice almost made the scared Ji Mingchen scream. He stared and found that there was one person on the roof next to him. The distance between them was 30cm yet Ji Mingchen didn’t notice him??


This guy couldn’t be underestimated.


The man said: “Don’t underestimate this newbie copy, there are traps underneath, if you jump easily on the roof, it’ll trigger the coordinates alarm system, those villagers will surround you to death in a minute.”


The man’s voice was cold, and it sounded good to the ears, which made Ji Mingchen a little less wary.


The man also had an electronic bracelet on his wrist, so he knew that he was also a bad lucked person who had fallen into the system.



The world was so big that he wasn’t the only one with a system interface, so he quickly regained his composure.


Ji Mingchen: “Have you triggered the plot line?”


The man replied, “Not yet.”


“How did you know about the coordinates alert?”


The man replied: “I just saw another player jump from the roof and was found by the villagers and was captured on the spot.”


Ji Mingchen remembered the system mentioned [death] and asked, “How did he get out? Was he ki-lled?”


The man was about to say something when he heard a scream in the distance.


They looked away from the roof and vaguely saw a group of villagers beating up a player and then put the man in a wooden box and sunk him into a well.


Ji Minghchen: “……”


Fu-ck! Even if it was death, this way of death was too bad, right?



He hurriedly put away his stupid little thoughts, meticulously balanced on the roof and didn’t dare to move.


The two of them laid in silence for a while, but Ji Mingchen couldn’t resist the urge to start a conversation: “Since we’re met, we’re companion, my name is Ji Mingchen.”



When the man heard the name, he stared at him strangely.


Ji Mingchen: “What are your eyes?” He had already made a defensive gesture secretly.


The system situation was unknown, and the relationship between players was uncertain, it may be cooperation or competition. In case the other party had a bad heart, Ji Mingchen promised to pull him down with one move, he was confident of his strength.



The man just looked at him for a moment and said indifferently, “My name is Xiao Yushen.”



Ji Mingchen was stunned: “…… Xiao, Xiao Yushen?”


Xiao Yushen: “Yes, I am the village flower that you seduced away.”


Ji Mingchen: “Pfft”


The man in front of him had sharp angular features, strong physique, he looked like he should be taller than Ji Mingchen, his short sleeves revealed muscles and evenly proportioned arms, how did he become a “village flower”.



Xiao Yushen said coldly: “If you laugh again, we’ll go our separate ways.”


Ji Mingchen knew that this person was closely related to his mission, he certainly couldn’t let go, so he quickly tried to hold back his laugh: “I didn’t laugh ……”


Xiao Yushen waited for him to hold back his laughter before he spoke, “We have to find a way down, do you have any available props on you?”


Ji Mingchen was unprepared for anything when he fell into the system, so he put on a suit of home clothes. He felt his pants pocket and pulled out half a bag of wet paper towels: “Can this work?”


Xiao Yushen indifferently turned his gaze away: “Keep it for yourself to wipe your face.”


Ji Mingchen:”……”


Xiao Yushen:”I just saw a torch on the villagers’ house, if I set the house on fire, do you have confidence to run to that tree in 30 seconds?”


He turned to the direction he pointed to, only to see a crooked-necked tree at the entrance of the village not far from them, there was a circular circle of light under the tree.


Ji Mingchen: “What is that place?”


Xiao Yushen: “Mission safe zone, after entering, we’ll automatically be invisible and won’t be discovered by the villagers.” It seemed that he had been on the roof for a long time and had basically figured out the terrain of the place.


Ji Mingchen estimated: “It’s OK to run there.”


Xiao Yushen: “Then let’s move.”


He took out the fire flicker and lit it with a “stab” sound, the blue flame jumped twice, reflecting Xiao Yushen’s unruffled eyes. He raised his hand and threw the torch to the roof next to the thatched roof and it immediately burst into flames.




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