“Chu Qi–!”


The person who called out his name was vaguely heard, Chu Qi’s raven-black eyelashes trembled slightly.


When he raised his eyes in a trance, a beam of bright sunlight shone into Chu Qi’s eyes, causing him to blink twice subconsciously and a layer of fog appeared in his eyes.


After avoiding the glare, Chu Qi’s vision changed from darkness to clarity and everything around him came into his eyes.

There was a crack in the stone, and two or three weeds were growing on their own.


In the corner of his eye, the mountain road paved by the green stone steps winded forward, into the layers of green mountains, far away from the end.


This scene was vaguely familiar to Chu Qi.




This seemed to be the green stone stairs he had to take when he wanted to enter the Immortal Gate ……


Before Chu Qi thought about it, the voice that came out earlier spoke again.



“Did you get sunburnt? You are out of your mind.”


The voice was clear and crisp, which should be pleasant to hear, but it sounds very ironic with its unique desultory.


This intonation was also very familiar to Chu Qi!


Chu Qi suddenly raised his head and looked in the direction of the speaker with his eyes wide open.


The man had dark hair and a golden crown, and he was well-dressed. He was dressed in black clothes with gold patterns, wore dragon jade around his waist, and had a scabbard made of black wood. The handle of the sword exposed was engraved with the word “dragon yin”.



The boy’s facial features were beautiful. Because he was young and childish, he couldn’t fit the face in Chu Qi’s memory. But it didn’t prevent Chu Qi from recognizing the identity of this man – Yan Jiuge.


Still alive, young Yan Jiuge!


Was he dreaming?


No, no, the soul should enter the reincarnation after death, not a dream.


After seeing everything, he was influenced by the inexplicable power and was reborn back to his youth?


His heart swept up a thousand waves, Chu Qi tried to restrain his emotions, he quietly clenched his fingers and pinched his palm.


It hurt.


It shouldn’t be a dream, he went back to the beginning of everything, the entrance to the Immortal Gate selection.


It was ridiculous thing to be reborn.



But before that, Chu Qi had experienced something even more absurd.


He died violently on his bed for no reason, and after becoming a wandering spirit, he saw the so-called “plot”, which turned out to be the world of a book.


After Chu Qi’s death, the swordsmanship genius Yan Jiuge, who had always been at odds with him, went crazy. In order to find him the rejuvenating elixir, Yan Jiuge went to the mountains of knives and the seas of fire, and went into the abyss of the poisonous miasma with his sword, and finally ended up with a heart demon and the poisonous miasma, and died in a scribble.


After the death of Yan Jiuge, his lifelong cultivation and immortal path, was sucked away by a crappy plot protagonist. The life of the former waste protagonist became brilliant.


When people talked about Yan Jiuge again, they only said that he was a paranoid madman trapped in love. No one remembered his amazing talent.


Recalling the ending of Yan Jiuge, Chu Qi couldn’t help feeling sour at the tip of his nose.


His eyes had been hazy by the sunlight, but now he was in a sour mood, and his eyes were full of water.


Before Chu Qi’s sourness fermented into sadness, he heard the person in front of him say, “You’ve been crying for so long. I’m afraid you want me to carry you.”


Chu Qi: “…”


Awakening from the memory, Chu Qi restrained his excessive emotion and looked up at Yan Jiuge.


Yan Jiuge’s expression was still the same as his memory. His eyebrows were slightly twisted, his eyes were deep, and his thin lips were pursed, which seemed to be impatient. It was hard not to think about mockery when you added the above words.


Because of this, Chu Qi in his previous life directly quarreled with Yan Jiuge.


But it was different now.

Chu Qi’s mind wasn’t that of the ten year old child.


Moreover, reborn as a child, Chi Qi wondered whether Yan Jiuge really liked him for ten years, as the plot said.


After pondering, Chu Qi held out his hand, “Yes, you should carry me.”


Almost immediately after Chu Qi’s words ended, Yan Jiuge’s expression changed. His eyes, which looked in two directions carefully, glanced at him with astonishment. His lips opened and closed again, looking at Chu Qi as if he had something to say.


“…” Yan Jiuge would probably laugh at his “wishful thinking”.


Chu Qi was a little nervous and was about to make amends, saying that he was just joking.



Unexpectedly, the tall boy in black turned around without saying a word, turned his back to Chu Qi, lifted his robe under his knees, and squatted down.


Chu Qi opened his eyes wide.


“Come up.” Yan Jiuge said.


The two short words were said very quickly, not as casual and mocking as usual. But Chu Qi’s heart jumped — Yan Jiuge really wanted to carry him!!


After being shocked, Chu Qi moved slowly towards Yan Jiuge with almost the same hands and feet movements. Every step was so unreal, like he was tepping on the clouds.


Yan Jiuge, who was squatting on the ground, had probably waited for a long time. He asked a little uneasily, “Don’t you want me to carry you?”


“Well… well, here we are.” The last three steps were two, and Chu Qi finally moved.


The palm of his hand was sweating, Chu Qi slowed down his breathing and carefully put his body on Yan Jiuge’s back.


He didn’t dare to stick his whole body on, keeping his chest at a certain distance from Yan Jiuge’s back, so as not to let his heart beat too fast and Yan Jiuge hear it.



When Chu Qi climbed up, Yan Jiuge clenched his hands into fists, lifted Chu Qi’s thighs with the strength of his wrists, and carried him on his back.


The two were close, and their shadows almost overlapped under the scorching sun.


Chu Qiwas nervous, and his eyes wandered over Yan Jiuge’s collar embroidered with gold border.


Yan Jiuge really wanted to carry him!


This was Yan Jiuge!



He was speechless because he thought Yan Jiuge would let him sit on the ground. But at this moment, he was actually willing to carry him to the immortal mountain.


Chu Qi was shocked for the second time in 20 years. The first time he was shocked was when he knew that he was actually “the cannon fodder in the plot”.


Wasn’t that proof that what was said in the story was true, and Yan Jiuge really liked him? Even if it hadn’t yet reached the point of paranoia, at least he didn’t really dislike him!


Chu Qi was in a complicated mood. He couldn’t help looking at Yan Jiuge who was climbing the immortal mountain in the corner of his eye.


Yan Jiuge’s pace was very stable. Even if there was one more person on his back, it still didn’t affect his climbing speed, and even his breath wasn’t disordered.


Chu Qi originally just wanted to test Yan Jiuge’s opinion of him, but finally he really sat on Yan Jiuge’s back.


Xianshan Mountain was a treasure land in the Yunhua World. It was blocked by the border on weekdays. Only when several immortal sections recruited disciples, the border would be opened as the first assessment for selection.



If they could step over the green stone ladder and reach the top of the fairy mountain, they would have the qualification to become an outside disciple.


If there was no spiritual root, it was bad luck, they couldn’t walk through this blue stone ladder.



In the last life, Chu Qi and Yan Jiuge walked for two days and two nights before reaching the top of the mountain.



Seeing that there was still a long way to go and Yan Jiuge had to carry him to climb the mountain. It was really hard, which made Chu Qi embarrassed. He said, “Otherwise, I’d better stand. The top of the mountain is still far away.”


“It’s not far.” Yan Jiuge answered.


“Huh?” Was it possible that he remembered wrongly?


Chu Qi was confused.


“There are still ninety-nine steps of green stone stairs.” Yan Jiuge said.



“Why can’t I see the end ……” Chu Qi was mumbling, then he suddenly remembered, the green stone ladder was the selection test of talent, in his eyes, the green stone ladder was unreachable, in the eyes of Yan Jiuge, it wasn’t much.



“Because you were turned silly by the sun, naturally you can’t see how long the road ahead is.”


“…” Chu Qi clenched his fist and thought that the annoying man was still carrying him. After taking a breath, Chu Qi released his fist.



Forget it. He wouldn’t quarrel with Yan Jiuge.


Yan Jiuge interrupted his thoughts. When Chu Qi recalled what had just happened, his mood suddenly became somewhat complicated. If Yan Jiuge just wanted to make fun of him, he could actually say that he was too untalented to see the end of the stone ladder .


But Yan Jiuge didn’t, instead, he changed the topic with one sentence.



Chu Qi had long known his talent was moderate, it wasn’t outstanding and it wasn’t too bad. But Yan Jiuge was born with immortal bones and had a very high level of skill in the sword path.


If it was his ten-year-old self, he would be sad about the talent gap.


“…” The atmosphere became quiet.


Yan Jiuge raised his eyelids and looked at the end of the bluestone ladder. He couldn’t help slowing down.


Today, Chu Qi was too quiet. It was rare that he looked so cute. In the past, Chu Qi would start quarreling with him after he finished talking.



Yan Jiuge caught a glimpse of the boy behind him from the corner of his eyes. Because of his posture, he could only see half of his head, not his face, so he couldn’t tell Chu Qi’s state.


Was it true that he had heatstroke?



Yan Jiuge was stunned, and then walked quickly toward the end of the bluestone ladder with Chu Qi on his back. After passing through the bluestone ladder, the immortal masters of all the immortal sects were waiting on it, and some doctors would treat heatstroke.


It was rare for Chu Qi to be vulnerable to “heatstroke”. Therefore, Yan Jiuge comforted him, which he rarely did.


“If you stick to it, we’ll soon reach the top of the mountain.”


Chu Qi: “?”



His eyes showed a confused look. Before he knew what Yan Jiuge meant, he saw Yan Jiuge step up the green stone ladder in three or two steps to the top of the mountain.



The boundary faded, the original distant unknown end of the green stone staircase and the mountains disappeared, replaced by a square of immortal atmosphere.


This was the top of the immortal mountain, originally located in the vast cloud, and because of the selection of disciples by the immortal sects, a square was built with jade stones.



When the sun shone, the dense spiritual energy formed a winding rainbow across the sky, causing the spiritual birds at the top of the immortal mountain to fly and play. The harmony between heaven and earth was like a fairyland.


However, this beautiful tranquility only lasted for an instant.



After Chu Qi and Yan Jiuge appeared at the entrance of the square, hundreds of divine consciousnesses immediately swarmed towards them. It was like a river of carp, unstoppable.





It was the first time he was sized up by so many divine senses, Chu Qi’s scalp tightened and his fingers subconsciously curled, clutching Yan Jiuge’s robe.



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