C2 – The Secret Realm of Maokong Village (2) Village Flower and Scholar

“Fire! It’s on fire!”


“Come and put out the fire!”




Amidst the terrified cries of the villagers, Ji Mingchen and Xiao Yushen jumped down from the other side of the house.


As soon as the soles of their feet touched the ground, the coordinate alarm sounded, but the sound was buried by the villagers’ cries and wasn’t obvious.



Xiao Yushen ran, followed by Ji Mingchen. The two of them ran a few meters away and were spotted by villagers passing by.



Villagers: “The adulterous couple is here! Fight!”



While cursing this broken plot, Ji Mingchen frantically ran. The villagers were more ferocious, catching up extremely fast.


Fortunately, he was physically strong and quickly stepped into the safety zone.



As soon as he stepped in, the villagers coming after him froze:



“They’re gone!”


“Split up and look for them!”




“Phew,” Ji Mingchen let out a deep breath and sat down on the ground.


He thought he was physically superior, but he still panted after running for tens of seconds. On the contrary, Xiao Yushen was calm, he seemed even more stable than before.


What kind of monster was he?


Since Ji Mingchen saw that he knew a lot of things, he didn’t bother to use his brain, he looked up and asked: “What do we do next?”


Xiao Yushen: “How should I know?”


Ji Mingchen: “……”



The two were at a standstill when they saw a row of prompts pop up in the void above their heads.


[Drop! Congratulations to the player for walking into the safe zone]


【Drop! Please click on the old tree for guidance]


The crooked-necked tree behind them was an NPC.



The old tree woke up from its slumber as if it was tickled, shaking its leaves: “Who called me?”



Ji Mingchen: “It’s me.”



Old tree: “Who are you?”


“My name is Ji Mingchen.”


The old tree murmured for a long time: “Ji Mingchen …… Ji Mingchen…… Oh, you are the scholar of Mao Village Ji Mingchen, how are you and your wife Xiao Yushen?”


Xiao Yushen: “……”


Ji Mingchen tried to purse his lips to keep himself from laughing: “The villagers want to dip us in a pig cage, can you tell us what happened?”



The old tree said quietly: “That day, you pulled Xiao Yushen to my tree to light red candles and worship heaven and earth. It was witnessed by the village head as the matchmaker and your parents. How can you become adulterers now? I think it’s strange.”


Ji Mingchen asked the old tree something again, which roughly cleared up the background of the task.

In the original story, Ji Mingchen and Xiao Yushen were childhood sweetheart. The two families were well matched, and they naturally came together when they became adults. Ji Mingchen loved reading and was the first scholar in Mao Village.



After taking the exam, Ji Mingchen was recommended by the village to attend the exams in Beijing, his wife Xiao Yushen volunteered to accompany him, and the two of them went. Ji Mingchen won the first place in the examination in Beijing and returned to his hometown in fine clothes. When he arrived in the village, he was beaten by everyone. It was strange.


That was all the information the old tree gave them. If they asked again, it refused to speak.



Ji Mingduan analyzed: “Since Ji and Xiao are originally from the village, we might as well find a way to contact friends and relatives on both sides, maybe the aunts and uncles or something can give us some clues.”



Xiao Yushen agreed to this plan.


Old tree: “Since you guys are leaving, I’ll give you a few things.”


After saying that, the old tree shook and something del to the ground.



Ji Mingchen picked it up and looked: a map of Mao Village and two set of clothes.



The clothes were a set of ancient wedding clothes, the men’s clothing was black gold robe with red flowers, the women’s clothing was a phoenix crown cape with concentric knots.


Two people simultaneously put their hands on top of that male clothing.


Ji Mingchen pinched the sleeve of the male outfit and smiled: “Mr. Xiao, yours seems to be that set.”


Xiao Yushen’s expression was almost murderous: “Player roles are randomly assigned, but the clothes don’t have to fit the persona.”


Ji Mingchen: “But you are a village flower, this phoenix crown cape is so exquisite, it won’t suit me.”


Xiao Yushen’s eyes narrowed: “Cut the crap! Since you don’t want to give in, then take it with your ability!”



Xiao Yushen raised his hand and struck!



Ji Mingcun cursed and jumped away: “One word and then strike, you really think I’m easy to bully!”


He ruthlessly caught Xiao Yushen’s hand.



Xiao Yushen’s eyes flashed with amazement.



Before jumping into the system, he received seven years of special training, physical fitness, combat, strategy, concealed weapons …… He didn’t expect to immediately meet such a difficult opponent.


The people that the system selected to be the main characters weren’t ordinary people.


Xiao Yushen was very calm when he met a strong opponent. He broke his opponent’s moves and was full of momentum. He didn’t drag his moves, he obviously wanted to end this quickly.



Ji Mingchen: “Hey, hey, hey! Just for a set of clothes?! What good is it if you hurt me? Unity is strength!” As he spoke, he kept his spirits up, and was able to avoid Xiao Yushen’s flying foot.

Xiao Yushen didn’t care about him, his body turned faster, dodging and moving like a sharp blade that broke the wind, ruthlessly rushing towards Ji Mingchen.


Ji Mingchen complained incessantly.


The ancestors of the old Ji family were very capable of fighting so Ji Mingchen was trained by the elders of his family since he was a child. He never lost a fight in ordinary times. He thought he would never meet an opponent like his ancestors again. Unexpectedly, he kicked an iron plate when he came in.



Although Xiao Yushen was fierce, he didn’t have confidence to win, so it was unnecessary for him to consume combat power so much for a set of clothes. If the fight went on like this, both sides would lose. Ji Mingchen wanted to go home safely.


Thinking of this, he quickly raised his hands: “I lost! I surrender!”


Unfortunately, Xiao Yushen didn’t stop, he seemed addicted to fighting.



When Ji Mingchen saw that he couldn’t get rid of him, he simply gritted his teeth and jumped out of the safe zone.



[Drop! Drop! Drop!]



A piercing coordinate alert sounded around him.


“There’s the adulterer! Everyone grab him!”



Ji Mingchen fiercely clasped Xiao Yushen’s arm and said without good grace, “If you fight again, we’ll die together.”


Xiao Yushen looked at the villagers coming up. If Ji Mingchen really wanted to get rid of him, just forcefully dragging him out of the safety zone would end the mission.


He took only one second to assess the situation and chose to stop.


Ji Mingcun saw him relax, and only then did he re-step into the safe zone, and the villagers coming after him once again lost their target and wandered away in bewilderment.



Xiao Yushen remained cold: “You’re very skilled.”


This person’s reflexes, judgment, and improvisation were all superior, worthy to be his teammate.



Ji Mingchen’s expression sank, suddenly realising that this guy was just testing him.


The system was dangerous, and their partners couldn’t be useless. Ji Mingchen understood Xiao Yushen’s idea, but that didn’t mean he liked it.


At this moment, Xiao Yushen calmly picked up the dress on the ground.


Ji Mingchen: “… Hmm?”


Xiao Yushen wore the dress in silence. The bright red wedding dress set off his cold white face, he looked extremely beautiful. He thought the sleeves were too big, so he tied the red belt to his left and right arms in two parts, and made the robe shorter.


Ji Mingchen took his behavior as some kind of compromise, his anger disappeared.


This guy wasn’t unreasonable, except for his foul temper.


He picked up the male set of clothes on the ground and wore it with pleasure.



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