Fang Lin laid forward, entirely buried in the soft white couch, he occasionally made little noises. It felt like he threw himself into the water of this lake, creating a layer of ripples, and then new rain fell in, merging into a larger and turbulent current.



This time the curtains were closed, and all was quiet, so he couldn’t see out of the window into the night, but could only feel everything, including the smoke-scented air, the warmth of his hands, and the unignorable scent of possession that made him want to run away.



He burst into tears, and every time he felt like he was going to fall, another hand would tug on his wrist and pull him up slightly, encouraging Fang Lin to put his hands on the other man’s waist.



“Duan ……” he just said a word, the rest of the syllables were swallowed by a violent wave, he clenched his teeth, unable to finish his words.



“Hm.” Even though there was only one syllable, Duan Changke answered. But he still didn’t let Fang Lin run.


Fang Lin lay with his left hand resting on his chin, smelling the smell of sexual desire smoke in the air, and his right hand turned backwards.


He was a bit uncomfortable and wanted to move his waist to slow down a bit, but Duan Changke held him down.


“Don’t move.” He said, “If you get dirty, how will you sleep later?”


Fang Lin actually wanted to say that this bed was big, he couldn sleep on the other side for a while, so it wasn’t a problem. But after thinking about it, he realized that he seemed to have left something on his waist.


At this time, he probably had more courage. He lay on his stomach for too long, and even if he spoke in a tone of hate, there was a coquettish vibe that spread to Duan Changke: “You did it yourself.”



He heard a light laugh, the person behind him covered up, lightly touching the back of his neck with his lips: “Yes. I was wrong.”



His voice wasn’t so icy, making Fang Lin almost have the illusion of him doting on him, but he knew very clearly that it wasn’t.



In any case, Fang Lin’s little bit of ferocity subsided just as he stood up.


He slowed down, then turned his head to look at Duan Changke’s face, he fell into the soft bedding while the other was still standing, he looked down at him, lips still with a little smile, he wasn’t as cold as the first time, with a mature and casual demeanor, but not to the point of being emotionally engaged.



But Duan Changke was a bit harsh again. It was him who had just made a good apology, but now, as if he was deliberately tossing around Fang Lin, he held his palm with a hint of enchantment in his voice, letting him touch and see for himself.



Fang Lin couldn’t refuse his order at all, the two of them intertwined their fingers, and just as he was tempted to move down, he quickly flicked his hand away like an electric shock.



Duan Changke didn’t say anything, but forcefully dragged him back to prevent him from leaving, both hands also covered in the place just now, Fang Lin couldn’t break free, he could only grit his teeth while closing his eyes as if his right hand now also belonged to Duan Changke.


This feeling of being clamped down was probably very pleasing to Duan Changke, after a while, Fang Lin felt a burst of heat coming back from his back, he just wanted to turn his head, his chin was pinched, and then the man kissed him.



His kiss this time wasn’t like the first time he tried, it was a little more gentle, but his tongue was still fierce, Fang Lin didn’t have the previous nervousness, and quickly reacted, he only froze for a moment, then began to frantically cater to.


When he was forced to remove his lips due to lack of oxygen, he tasted a little bit of blood in his mouth.


But Duan Changke didn’t care about this, his tone of voice was very pleasant, He also praised him and patted his ass, making a comment on the kiss: “Not bad, there is progress compared to last time.”


Fang Lin was kissed until his eyes had a layer of fog, he looked pitiful and dazed, but he didn’t say anything.



The night was long, and in the latter half of the night, Fang Lin was carried into the bathroom by Duan Changke.


A few times ago, Duan Changke either shook off his hands directly and left Fang Lin alone to clean it up, or came again before he had cleaned it up. In short, Fang Lin was quite anxious about various bathroom memories.


Perhaps Fang Lin looked a bit miserable now. Unexpectedly, Duan Changke no longer bothered him this time and even tried to clean him by hand. Although he wasn’t very skilled and the speed was surprisingly slow, it was still good.



His movements were actually a bit stupid, he obviously didn’t know how to take care of people, Fang Lin almost choked on water several times, and it was because he withdrew that he didn’t get washed up.



But the middle wasn’t without “accidents”.


Maybe it was too troublesome to help clean up all the time, and both of them were honest with each other, Fang Lin felt that the other was a little bit wrong at a certain moment, and was trembling and wanted to explain that although he didn’t need to get up too early tomorrow, he couldn’t be too tired, when he heard Duan Changke say “forget it”, and then he lowered his head and touched his lips again.


They kissed in the fine mist of water cast by the shower.


He couldn’t say whether it was desire, instinct, or other feelings, but it was just kissing.


Duan Changke didn’t torture him anymore, Fang Lin was kissed by him, and after feeling the other person resolve himself, desire finally rushed down the bathroom water flow into the pipes.



Everything else dissipated as well.


After staying in the bathroom for too long, Fang Lin was rinsed by him five times before holding his back and coming out of it, the room air conditioning was turned on, he met the cool wind and subconsciously shivered.


Fortunately, Duan Changke quickly put him under the covers.


Fang Lin looked at Duan Changke silhouetted in the darkness, his voice wasn’t loud, but was somewhat sweet: “Boss Duan.”


“Are you going up?”


Duan Changke’s water-drinking action stopped, he didn’t deny it.


A moment later, he asked; “What if I’m seen by others coming out of your room tomorrow?”



Fang Lin hadn’t envisioned this, so of course he didn’t know what to do. He paused and was just about to say something when he saw Duan Changke walking towards himself, lifting one side of the quilt and lying in.



“I’m joking.” Duan Changke said, “It’s been arranged that you will be the only one to stay on your floor.”



Fang Lin was still in a daze when the other rubbed his hair, “Go to sleep.”


“…… Oh.”



Duan Changke laid down beside him, Fang Lin played with his cell phone with his back to him and started checking the messages he missed earlier.


Chu Chen posted a Weibo message to check in on this city. Tao Le went alone to find food because he didn’t follow him, while Lan Peirou sent a post visible in a particular group, saying, “xxx really knocked me to death. How could there be such a beautiful fairy love?” – Since Fang Lin asked her for a novel, she seemed to have assigned him to the dynamic group where he could see this.



Fang Lin looked at it and began to feel sleepy. He stuffed his phone next to the pillow, rubbed his eyes, and yawned.



He could feel Duan Changke’s presence, keeping not far away from himself.


It seemed like it was like this every time.


But probably because tonight’s warmth hadn’t completely faded, Fang Lin completely shrunk himself under the covers and called out to Duan Changke.


“Mr. Duan,” he reached over the bed and turned the temperature up two degrees, “the air conditioning temperature is a little low.”


“It’s a bit cold.”



He retracted his hand, then added, “Hug me.”


In the darkness, the other didn’t say anything, but Fang Lin felt that heat source a little closer to him.



In the next second, he was hugged by the other, and the extended warmth completely wrapped around him, along with his arm that had just been exposed to the outside and was a little cold.


His front was pressed against Duan Changke’s back, and he couldn’t feel his heartbeat due to the distance between them.


But this night Fang Lin slept quickly and well.



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