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After coming out of the bar, he didn’t have to walk a few steps to the highway, although Duan Changke didn’t look so formal today, no matter what he wore, he couldn’t hide his temperament and attracted people’s attention.





He also asked Fang Lin thoughtfully, “Do you need to wear sunglasses?”




Fang Ling wanted to nod, only to find that he was used to walking on the street and was just a plain person. In addition, everything was at Tao Le’s place. As soon as he got off the plane, he followed Duan Changke and ran away with nothing on his body.






“……. It’s okay.” Fang Lin was a bit embarrassed.





Duan Changke just nodded and stopped interfering with him.






Anyway, Duan Changke didn’t need to care about this.





Going further was the Binhai Sightseeing Road. The weather in most cities here was hot, and the scorching summer temperatures remained in the air. However, due to being close to the sea, there was an extra salty dampness, walking on the road made it obvious.





The city was between prosperity and tranquility, not as busy and anxious as the first-tier cities, content but not so hasty, with a bit of sophistication.






This road was very long, Fang Lin specially looked at the navigation, the hotel was arranged on this side of the end, but it wasn’t too far, the distance was suitable for walking.





When Fang Lin said that he would accompany Duan Changke for a walk, it was really just a walk. He actually thought about whether to chat about something, but most of what he wanted to say had already been said in the hazy and fragrant atmosphere just now. It was awkward to provoke a topic, so he simply walked side by side with Duan Changke, only occasionally speaking.





The streetlights were warm and bright yellow, to the left were the buildings lined up, to the right was the sea immersed in the murmuring summer night, palm trees were located on both sides, he could hear the sound of the sea water lapping on the rocks from time to time. The path was long so it wasn’t crowded, and it was off-season so there weren’t many pedestrians.





There were couples passing them by, words of love and sweet love melted into the night before falling into the sea with the wind.





And they were still walking not far from each other across the formulaic distance, but thankfully neither felt awkward.






Seeing that Duan Changke had indeed come to take a break, his pace had slowed down a lot, and Fang Lin was also walking at his pace.





The phone lit up, the caregiver had sent him a regular message about his grandma, saying that everything was fine now and she had already fallen asleep. Even before bedtime, she told the caregiver that her grandson was busy on a business trip and asked them not to disturb him.





Fang Lin thought about whether he was currently on a business trip or not. He didn’t really have a strong desire to take photos of the delicious scenery, but he was used to taking photos and sending them to the elderly, no matter which year her memory stopped.





Sometimes he would take a selfie, sometimes he would ask a passerby to take a very standard tourist photo – his grandmother’s favorite kind of tourist photo.






But now this road wouldn’t look distinctive if he took a selfie, Fang Lin thought about it and called to Duan Changke: “Mr. Duan, can you take a picture of me? Just a random shot of me and the sea behind me, I’ll send it to my grandmother.”






Duan Changke nodded and took Fang Lin’s cell phone without asking too many questions, then he watched as he ran a little farther away, looking for a small viewing platform that protruded out, and choosing his own angle, and even leaning against the stone fence behind him, he obviously knew the essence of tourist photos.






After doing this well, Fang Ling maintained this pose without moving, smiled and called out; “That’s it! Alright!”






He saw Duan Changke holding up his phone with a gentle smile, presumably laughing at his current posture and behavior. Fang Lin’s face involuntarily burned a little, probably from embarrassment.






Fang Lin himself felt amazing, in the past he wouldn’t have thought in any way that he would actually walk together for a walk with this kind of person who originally didn’t cross paths with him, and he even asked him to take stupid looking pictures of himself.





Fortunately, Duan Changke quickly took the picture and handed the phone back, Fang Lin stopped thinking and focused on the results of the shoot.






Duan Changke’s photographic techniques couldn’t be said to be good, but it wasn’t bad. As he thought, the composition was complete, the size was moderate, the posture was in place, the expression was perfect, and there was also a background of people. If it was washed out, it would definitely be a standard tourist photo used by the scenic spot photography museum for promotion.





Fang Lin’s eyes were sharp, and he also saw the couple who had just walked past them. The taller boy slightly lowered his head and kissed the girl’s lips. The girl closed her eyes, but even so, he could almost feel her shyness and palpitations.





It was kinda fitting.




Fang Lin thought.




Then sent the photos one by one.






“Thank you, Mr. Duan!” Fang Lin held his phone with satisfaction and told the caregiver to show the old lady when she woke up, and for him, he would go see her after the finalization.





“Uh-huh.” Duan Changke faintly responded to his thanks and continued to walk forward.





The two of them resumed the mode they were in just now, but the sea breeze was warm and the waves were soft, it was also considered natural and comfortable.





He saw Duan Changke’s shadow illuminated by the streetlight, more upright than usual, and standing next to him made him look even thinner.





Fang Lin reached out and pinched his small arm, as if it wasn’t that thin. But if he was at a normal weight, it wouldn’t look good on camera.






He looked at the shadow on the ground and saw Duan Changke notice his movements and incline his head with some suspicion.





In order to prevent him from realizing why he was looking so distracted, Fang Lin pointed to the gg sign that read, “Bountiful seafood that you’ve never seen before, and awesome lobsters as thick as a child’s arm,” and said, “I just wanted to compare and see how thick this lobster is up there.”





So ten minutes later Fang Lin sat in the restaurant and felt the weight of this signature lobster.





…… But this gg copywriting was still strange.





Duan Changke calmly explained, “It’s too late to choose another one, it’s close, I happen to know the owner of this place.”






In the private room, Fang Lin looked at the beautifully handled seafood in front of him woodenly, he almost forgot that Duan Changke’s identity was really more than just the boss of an entertainment company.






“Just now, I saw that you wanted to leave after only eating dessert,” Duan Changke added, “I thought that you might not have eaten enough.”





Fang Lin could only nod, “Thank you, Mr. Duan.”





Duan Changke asked for something else for himself. He was actually very young, and even though he wasn’t dressed formally today, his hands and feet carried a sense of reserve that was different from the next person. Fang Lin thought, because of this, he would always be different from ordinary people.






Today’s Duan Changke did seem to be different, at least after coming out of the bar, he didn’t seem so cold, and agreed to help him take pictures, and also took him to eat with him because of an obviously poor reason.






Although he knew that the other was doing this because of his upbringing, probably because he told someone about the old days, Fang Lin was not in a bad mood.






The two of them quietly finished the meal, and by the time they returned to the hotel it was already a bit late.






Duan Changke’s room was on the top floor, a few floors away from Fang Lin’s room. After all, if the room type was upgraded to be the same as his, it would be too high-profile, and also easy to attract suspicion.






Fang Lin knew that even if Duan Changke didn’t reject it, it didn’t mean he wanted to publicize the relationship.





He pressed the elevator for himself, then asked Duan Changke for his floor and pressed it for him.





There were only the two of them in the elevator, and he gave Duan Changke an idea of tomorrow’s schedule, “I guess I’ll have to leave early, and then shoot a day’s worth of scenes.”






The other didn’t say anything, and with a soft sound, Fang Lin’s floor arrived.






He was thinking of saying goodbye to Duan Changke, but he didn’t expect that before the elevator doors closed, the other would get off the elevator with him and head towards Fang Lin’s room.





“Duan ……,” but Fang Lin only said a very short syllable, and the rest of his words were taken back all together.




The two of them walked side by side, like they did when they were walking together before.





The difference was only that this time no one made a sound because the corridor was carpeted, and the shadows of the two couldn’t be seen.





Fang Lin used his card to open the door and walked in first to turn on the light, then heard the sound of the door closing from behind him.





The sound wasn’t big, but it was like a hint that everyone understood.





Fang Lin turned around and saw Duan Changke standing in the entrance hall.





He didn’t say anything, nor did he make any unnecessary movements. But locked eyes with him.





Fang Lin swallowed nervously, then casually threw his cell phone aside and took two steps back.






He turned off the light.





Then reached out and wrapped his hand around the other man’s back.





Without a word, he came up, like a well-behaved doll.





Soon he, too, was embraced.





No one said a word, only gradually bolder tentativeness, and hands that let loose with encouragement.





Fang Lin very gently licked Duan Changke’s earlobe, nibbled on his jaw, and then slid to the knot of his throat, wrapping his lips and tongue around it.





Duan Changke didn’t chase after him to kiss him, but he didn’t push him away either.





Nor did he ask any more irrelevant questions like those from the first time.





Both of them gradually became aware enough of who they were that Duan Changke could walk beside him in a gentlemanly manner, and he could naturally speak of the past events that had taken place.





These didn’t affect this relationship.





Duan Changke’s hand caressed the back of Fang Lin’s neck as he stood him in front of the sink and pressed his head downward.





He lowered his eyes and looked at the person who was trying to please him, unable to express his thoughts. He reached out and wiped the corners of his eyes.






“What’s wrong?” Fang Lin stopped and said the first thing since he’d entered the room.





His eyes still looked clear, as if he hadn’t done anything now.






“Nothing.” Duan Changke said and lit a cigarette.





He scooped Fang Lin up from the ground, “You’re busy tomorrow, don’t be unable to stand up by then.”







Fang Lin froze for a moment and just wanted to say it was fine when he saw Duan Changke reapproach him and continue, “The bed needs to be softer.”




Then he pulled him and took off the only piece of clothing he had on, then sent his fingers into his mouth, gently hooking his fingers when they touched his tongue.







He forgot how he got into bed with Duan Changke, only remembering that both of their clothes came off well, with little hindrance.





The air conditioning was turned on low, Duan Changke pressed his left hand on the back of Fang Lin’s neck, and his right hand diffidently lightly dusted the cigarette between his fingers, then rearticulated it to his lips, and inhaled it not too gently and not too heavily.








In fact, there had been progress this time, Fang Lin thought, at least it wasn’t as hasty as last time.








As he thought this, he suddenly felt a grip at the nape of his neck, and a pair of hands squeezed his neck.






The sudden stimulation made him go limp, and he couldn’t help but yelp as he inhaled in a mouthful of not-too-thick smoke.






He didn’t hate the smell of smoke on him.





Duan Changke’s right hand re-covered his chilled skin, searingly incandescent.





His voice was low, but Fang Lin still heard it.





There was soot falling on Fang Lin’s waist, lining a pale red fingerprint on the side.





He pressed Fang Lin’s soot-stained waist.





“Turn over.”




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