C70 —- Like or not


“You are?”



Gu Yanshen’s voice sank, making Cheng Xuan feel suspicion. He sounded so fierce early in the morning, wasn’t he here to cause trouble?


Cheng Xuan thought to himself, ‘Anyway, the other party can’t see him, and his momentum cannot be defeated.’.



He cleared his throat and followed the tone of his bossy sister.


“I can tell him.”


Gu Yanshen was puzzled, “…… No need.”


Who wants you to tell him?


But after hanging up, Gu Yanshen got concerned.


Especially when he heard the other say, ‘he’s sleeping’, it sounded so intimate, but also with a bit of bragging rights.



He heard Lu Wenxing’s voice, then this person suddenly interjected, the tone sounded like ‘I kindly offered to help you, you don’t know how to appreciate’.



If Lu Wenxing was still sleeping, then the person who answered the phone was with Lu Wenxing last night, and could answer the phone for him, indicating that he and Lu Wenxing slept in a room, or …… a bed.


Gu Yanshen: “……”


The more he thought about it, the more he cared, Gu Yanshen’s sense of crisis increased exponentially, Lu Wenxing was so good, a lot of people certainly liked him.


Gu Yanshen took it easy and sent a WeChat message to Lu Wenxing.


[There is a variety show that wants to invite both of us to participate. I will discuss it with you when you wake up.]


Wen Yu hadn’t been doing well these past few days, and the online abuse became increasingly fierce. He no longer dared to read the online comments.


Li Xiao answered the phone once and asked him to stay away from online affairs. He said he would help him find a way, but for several days, Li Xiao didn’t give him any news.



Wen Yu couldn’t wait any longer and called him again.


“What are you worried about? Those marketing blogs have no evidence.” Li Xiao sounded amused, “When you were looking for me to work with you, you were quite a good talker, why are you going back?”



Wen Yu’s heart stuttered, he could find Li Xiao to talk about cooperation, of course, it was because he knew what Li Xiao wanted. Borrowing the plot of the original book allowed Li Xiao to make a lot of money, that was why Li Xiao trusted him.



After Wen Zheng’s return from studying abroad, Wen Yu felt that his every move was under his watchful eye. And with the subsequent development away from the original plot, Wen Yu, even though he was holding the script of the original novel, was becoming increasingly weak and it couldn’t help him much at all.


The only person he could think of was Li Xiao, because the two of them stood on the same line, Li Xiao wouldn’t ignore him.


“You weren’t afraid when you did it, why are you panicking now?”


When Li Xiao was first approached by Wen Yu, he originally didn’t care about him, but then Wen Yu’s behavior made Li Xiao find him a bit interesting.


He was staring at Wen Zheng’s bidding projects, following Wen Zheng’s investments, and so on, all of which were Wen Yu’s ideas for him.


At first, Li Xiao didn’t believe in it, Wen Zheng was only twenty years old and had a master’s degree, but he didn’t believe that he was so accurate in his investments.



He suspected that Wen Yu was sent by Wen Zheng to mess with him, but then Wen Yu told him that he could invest his money. Li Xiao had just arrived in C City, the Li family didn’t trust him, didn’t believe he could accomplish anything, and didn’t have much money at all.



He would rather not go to the investment than to lose the assets he had on hand. However, Wen Yu gave him a guarantee that if he lost money, he was willing to return double the money to him.


Li Xiao was initially cautious and didn’t invest much, but later had to admire Wen Zheng, he indeed had some skills.


Only he couldn’t understand why Wen Yu, with the name of the young master of the Wen family, was always going against Wen Zheng, but of course it had nothing to do with him. To each his own, Wen Yu could bring him to make money, he didn’t mind providing some help to Wen Yu.



Compared to the Wen Yu who used to negotiate with him, he was like a different person.


Later on, using Wen Zheng to set up traps, the Li family’s skilled players also followed suit, and the more people participated, the happier he became. Li Xiao made a small profit with them, they went from questioning to trust, after getting more, they were willing to take out assets to let Li Xiao do things for them.



After gaining trust, Li Xiao coaxed them to sign the fake qualification certificates and engineering projects. Those people were originally hesitant, but once they heard that they could earn several times more than before, everything was thrown out of their minds and they rushed to sign.


“Anyway, you’ve terminated your contract, what does what the internet says have to do with you? No matter if it’s true or not, in any case, they have no evidence, and you’re holding a share in your hand that’s more than the paycheck you got for working your ass off.”



What Wen Yu wanted in the beginning was money, but now he wasn’t satisfied with just money.



He also wanted fame.



Could it be that just because Lu Wenxing was the main character, he could get what others couldn’t get more easily than others?


Wen Yu didn’t believe it.


He held the script in his hands, and he could rewrite the ending as well.



Cheng Xuan was one of the important characters he found.


But how could he not expect that the Cheng Xuan he met was not at all the rather famous novelist inside the book.


His purpose of approaching Cheng Xuan was very simple, the novelist Mile Xuan and Wen Chi were friends since childhood, and the one who brought Wen Chi to the top star position besides the movie star Gu Yanshen, was his good friend Cheng Xuan.


The original book didn’t write in detail, only that Wen Chi acted in the remake of Cheng Xuan’s novel TV series.


When he spent half a year to make friends with Cheng Xian, to win his trust, the result ……


was a complete waste of time and had no use at all.



“Don’t care about what I’m going to do, you just need to help me solve this storm.”


Li Xiao snorted.


“If there is no evidence in the hands of the other party, I can help you sue for libel, but if there is evidence …… you may need to be investigated.”


Wen Yu was worried about this very thing, “I looked for you for this purpose, help me find the person who has evidence in his hand, spend as much money as you can to buy it.”





Li Xiao’s tone was perfunctory, Wen Yu wanted to ask again, but the phone had already been hung up.


It was at this time that the doorbell rang.


When Wen Yu saw the people in police uniforms, he was instantly alert and pretended that no one was home, letting them knock on the door as much as they wanted without responding.


When Lu Wenxing woke up, Cheng Xuan was sitting at the table reading a book.


“You’re awake?”


Cheng Xuan touched his stomach, “I’m so hungry.”


Lu Wenxing originally wanted to ask him why he didn’t go downstairs to eat breakfast, but quickly reacted, Cheng Xuan didn’t like to contact strangers, for Cheng Xuan, his family, except for Lu Wenxing, were all strangers.


“Why didn’t you wake me up?”



Cheng Xuan blinked, “Just now, a person called you, you picked up and fell asleep. Look, the call didn’t even wake you up.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


“Someone called me?”


Cheng Xuan nodded, “Yeah, I saw you fall asleep, I kindly told him, but he was mean to me.”



Lu Wenxing glanced at his cell phone, the first thing shown in the call log was ‘Teacher Gu’, and WeChat also had a message from Gu Yanshen.


The time showed nine thirty, and it was now ten o’clock.


“He was mean to you?” Lu Wenxing raised his eyebrows, he hadn’t seen Gu Yanshen being mean, and he couldn’t imagine him being mean.



Cheng Xuan had a sensitive personality, and Gu Yanshen’s voice sounded a bit cold when he was serious. It should be a misunderstanding, “Do you know who answered the phone?”


Cheng Xuan shook his head.


“Gu Yanshen.”


Cheng Xian let out a ‘wow’, “So are you two a couple?”


“…… No.”


Cheng Xuan let out an ‘oh’, sounding quite disappointed.


Lu Wenxing: “……”



He didn’t call directly, and first sent a text to Gu Yanshen.


A few seconds later, a call came in.




“Uh-huh.” Lu Wenxing asked, “What’s Mr. Gu looking for me for?”



Gu Yanshen didn’t answer, asking a rhetorical question as if he didn’t care, ” Did you stay up late again yesterday?”



“Had a nightmare and woke up once during the night.”



“No wonder, when I called you in the morning, your friend said you were asleep.”


Gu Yanshen purposely emphasized the word friend, and Lu Wenxing didn’t refute, “A friend came to my house to play yesterday and slept here.”



After hearing this, Gu Yanshen was instantly relieved, since it was at Xingxing’s house, it wouldn’t be what he thought, “You slept together?”


The first two sentences were nothing, this latter sentence didn’t seem like a casual question, remembering that he had planned to test Gu Yanshen before, but didn’t find the opportunity, Lu Wenxing paused.



“Yes, he slept on my bed.”


Lu Wenxing walked into the bathroom to wash up, “What does Mr. Gu want to talk to me about?”



He spent ten minutes washing and dressing, and took Cheng Xuan downstairs for breakfast, “The variety show thing, Sister Xu Rong didn’t mention it to me.”



Gu Yanshen wasn’t surprised, Lu Wenxing signed with a company under the Wen family, it was obvious that the Wen family was very interested in Lu Wenxing’s career development, so this variety show was probably directly shot down by Xu Rong.


It was an outdoor entertainment program, each invited guests were different, and they invited all the popular CPs in the film and television drama.


[TN: CPs — Couple Pairing ]


It was said to be an outdoor entertainment program, but in fact, it was a program for CP fans, and it was high on the list of variety shows.



After the finalization of “Power And Strategy”, the Wangfei CP directly rushed to the top three, before the broadcast, CP fans already occupied the position, and when the drama was aired, the first position was ultimately theirs.



The two of them were now a popular CP, and it was no surprise that they would receive an invitation. But Gu Yanshen invited Lu Wenxing to participate, which made it hard for him not to think about things more.


Did a movie star need to rely on a variety show to attract fans?


The answer was no.


And even if Gu Yanshen wanted to appear in a variety show, why did it have to be this one? On this variety show, it was like giving fans automatic sugar machines. Gu Yanshen couldn’t have been unaware since he invited Lu Wenxing, there was probably a hint of exploration.



Lu Wenxing didn’t say yes or no, “I’ll ask Sister Xu Rong first.”




“Let’s have dinner together sometime.”



Lu Wenxing didn’t refuse, “Then I’ll hang up first?”



Gu Yanshen paused for a second, “Last time we went to the painting exhibition, the bag you carried ……”


“What happened to my bag?”


Gu Yanshen was on the verge of saying something, but then changed it. “Nothing. I’m going to the studio, so we’ll meet again sometime.”


Lu Wenxing didn’t ask again.


“Okay, see you later, Mr. Gu.”


After Lu Wenxing hung up the phone, he let Cheng Xuan obediently eat in the dining room, “My dad and my brother went to work, at this hour my mom should be out for a walk, auntie is in her room. Don’t worry about eating, no one will bother you.”


“Where are you going?”


Lu Wenxing took a sip of milk, the corner of his mouth curved, “I need to look for something.”



Cheng Xuan gave him a puzzled look, “Then you’re not eating breakfast?”




“I’ll eat soon. And ……,” Lu Wenxing laughed, “eating this late already counts as lunch.”


Cheng Xuan didn’t know what Lu Wenxing was looking for so urgently that he didn’t even have time to eat a meal.



Lu Wenxing went back to his room to find the duffel bag he carried last time, he had brought a change of clothes before, and didn’t touch that bag after he got home and took the clothes out. But it was impossible for Gu Yanshen to bring up that bag for no reason, it meant something.



He found a small four-sided box in the inner pocket of the bag, which looked a bit familiar.


Opening the box, a delicate cufflink was placed inside.


Lu Wenxing: “!”


It was the cufflinks that had caused him to look at it a few more times that day, and if the price was slightly more convenient, Lu Wenxing would have bought it.



He didn’t lack the eight million or so, but he wasn’t so arrogant that he would spend eight million to buy them after just one look.



And he didn’t notice that Gu Yanshen bought something, no wonder Gu Yanshen would find him to watch a movie that night, wanting to watch a movie was also an excuse, secretly hiding the cufflinks was the real purpose.



If given in person, Lu Wenxing would definitely not take it.


But ……


Gu Yanshen was usually a straight forward person.


He gave it yet didn’t tell him, and also hid in the inner pocket of his bag, was he afraid of being found by him?



Lu Wenxing touched the cufflinks and felt a little amused. What was the point of giving him an eight million dollar cufflink without saying anything?


It wouldn’t be good to give it back, but it wasn’t a good idea for him to accept it for some reason…….



There was also today’s variety show invitation, Lu Wenxing didn’t even have to try to find out, he was already sure that Gu Yanshen was giving him special treatment.


But if you asked Lu Wenxing what he thought about Gu Yanshen, he could only say that he and Gu Yanshen got along very happily, as for whether there were other ideas, before this he didn’t think about it.


Gu Yanshen was good-looking, had a good personality, was a gentleman and considerate, and had a strong sense of enterprise. He was also very attractive, Lu Wenxing was willing to give him nine out of ten.


But Lu Wenxing’s own conditions were not bad, he had the idea of falling in love, but hadn’t met the right one.


He and Gu Yanshen shared the same interests and had a lot in common. Previously, there was someone who confessed to him, Lu Wenxing refused very decisively, but for Gu Yanshen …… he didn’t know what to do.



[ET] How to determine whether you like a person?



[Monkey Mountain King] When you ask this question, you already have a bias


[Peach Blossom Islander] You won’t have gotten tangled up because of this question. You have always decisively refused and won’t give anyone a chance.


Lu Wenxing fell into silence, he liked Gu Yanzhen? He really didn’t know, he could only say that it was quite comfortable to get along with him.



[Peach Blossom Islander] If you don’t know, just try, what’s wrong with having a relationship in your twenties?


[Monkey Mountain King] Life experience, confess first!!!!



[Peach Blossom Islander] I second the motion. It’s been said that the person that makes the first move is the top. Wenxing, boldly go on, no one can refuse you.



Lu Wenxing: ????



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