C75 — [3.14 — Judgement Day]

Inside the butcher’s store, Xiao Yun, who was tied up on the floor suddenly heard a commotion outside the door.

She looked up in horror, and when she saw that it was the store owner who had come in, she was even more frightened and trembled in fear.


Last time it was like this, the butcher store owner suddenly came in and easily cut open her senior’s windpipe, cutting and dissecting him, until only the white bones were left.

Now it was her turn too?

Tears streamed down Xiao Yun’s face, and she was so scared that she couldn’t even make a sound.

However, the next moment, she suddenly saw a man behind the butcher.

An unusually tall man.

His face was covered with bandages, his shoulders were flat and broad, full of powerful muscles.

It was the bandaged man who had looked at her through the curtain earlier.

What was going on here?
Xiao Yun watched in disbelief as the bandaged man followed the butcher store owner into the back kitchen of the butcher store.

The slaughter room in the back kitchen they were currently in was filled with human remains that had yet to be processed.

Her senior’s dead white arm hadn’t yet been picked clean, and was laid out on the counter.

There were even two human eyeballs on a plate on the side, which the butcher’s wife had prepared to use to replenish her body.

Normally, when people come here for the first time, they would be scared to death.

Their legs getting weak was the most basic, and it wasn’t unlikely to pass out from fear.

She had also been scared out of her wits.

But in the face of this bl*oody and horrible scene, this strange bandaged man’s expression was calm beyond what was normal.


It was as if he was used to it.

No wonder he kept his composure while locking eyes with her just now.

Sure enough, he was a maniac who ate human f*lesh!

Xiao Yun began to suspect that this bandaged man was in league with the butcher store owner.

She couldn’t help but stare at them with fear and resentment.

But the next second, she realized she was wrong.

Because she saw behind the bandaged man, the short and obese boss lady was holding a sharp bone cutter in her hand, then she ruthlessly moved toward the bandaged man’s back.

Obviously, the bandage man and they weren’t companions.

On the contrary, the bandaged man was their favorite food, just like her.

Xiao Yun’s eyes were wide open, her mouth was taped shut, so she could only let out a broken scream.

And the bandaged man, who was so tall that he seemed ghastly, still didn’t seem to notice.

He only glanced at Xiao Yun with his dark eyes under the bandage.

His empty, lifeless eyes were always creepy no matter what time of day it was.

Behind him, the excited and eerie face of the boss’s wife was also close at hand, and the machete in her hand displayed its sharpness.

The next second…


A large pale hand easily broke the boss lady’s thick and fat wrist, and the machete in her hand also fell to the ground.

Xiao Yun saw the bandaged man expresslessly lifting the woman up, with her toes more than half a meter off the ground.

The boss’s wife, who had always been high and mighty in front of her and would only show a hideous salivating smile, all of a sudden turned pale and let out a shrill wail.

Like a struggling fat pig.

The strong and tall bandaged man was holding this body that weighed more than two hundred pounds with one hand, the muscles of his straightened arm were only slightly tensed, without the slightest effort.

He didn’t have any special reaction in the face of this boss lady who suddenly attacked him.

He just habitually dragged the boss’s wife to the side near the hanging hook.

Although this butcher store looked remote and narrow on the outside, the slaughterhouse and cold storage were both extraordinarily spacious.


The hook was also sturdy enough to lift an adult body.


The boss’s wife screamed in pain.

The flesh at the back of her neck was pierced by the hanging hook, letting her experience the feeling of the meat she had once hung.


The technique was even more skillful than the couple’s.

Xiao Yun still remembered the way the couple had hung her senior at that time.
The effort was so great that their faces turned red as they lifted him up.

Not the slightest bit as easy and familiar as the bandaged man.

The bandaged man’s expression never changed from the beginning to the end, cold and empty.

Every action was a single stroke, precise as a machine.

Compared to the butcher store owner who liked to smile, this kind of cold demeanor actually made Xiao Yun more chilled.

From head to toe, this bandaged man gave off a cold and horrifying feeling that was devoid of any humanity.

Was he really a living person?

Thinking of the frightening sensation she felt when she met his eyes just now, Xiao Yun trembled and held her breath, not daring to draw the slightest attention from the bandaged man.

The evil people had met their match.

The butcher store owner and his wife, who ki*lled without blinking an eye, met this horrible bandaged man. It was probably their retribution for all the evil they had done.

The butcher store owner standing at the side was originally waiting for his wife to succeed in her sneak attack, but he didn’t expect her to be easily dealt with.

Cold sweat instantly broke out on his face.

He couldn’t help but want to retreat.

But in the next second, the grim voice of the god of doom came back to his ears.



The god of doom was angry because of his cowardly resistance, he actually dared to disobey His orders.

–Must k*ill that damned guy!

He heard the god of doom say so through gritted teeth.

“… god of doom, god of doom is above!”

The butcher store owner who felt this anger trembled, and his eyes instantly took on a more blo*odshot color.

As a devout follower of the god of doom, the terrifying impact of facing the murmuring whispers of the god of doom directly was something that he was unable to resist as a mere mortal.

Thus, the butcher store owner, who was still harboring retreating thoughts, became filled with hatred.
As if he had been instilled by the god of doom with an abhorrence for all living things in this world, the gaze that looked at Lu Yuan became sinister and spiteful.

“Go to hell!”

The butcher store owner hissed loudly, holding the machete in his hand and slashing towards Lu Yuan.

Under the effect of adrenaline, his head was full of veins and his expression was hideous and appalling.


Xiao Yun saw the butcher store owner being stepped on by the bandaged man, his fat and ugly body seemed as if it had been fixed in place by nails, no matter how much the butcher store owner struggled, he couldn’t escape.

And the bandaged man who did all these acts still indifferently lowered his head down without saying a word.

His black semi-long hair fell down, covering the upper half of his face.

Xiao Yun could only tell that the bandaged man was staring at the butcher store owner with great concentration.

What was he looking at?

Xiao Yun wasn’t sure.

It was only a few moments later that she heard the bandaged man’s low, magnetic voice ring out, “Did you hear the god of doom?”

The bandaged man’s voice was similar to what Xiao Yun had imagined, cold and inhuman.

But Xiao Yun couldn’t understand what he was saying, why had he suddenly started talking about the god of doom.

“You damned backstabber, the god of doom won’t let you go! Wait and see hahahaha!”

“The god of doom! The god of doom will punish you! Until you are crushed by your sins!”

The bandaged man stared at him and continued repeating, “You heard the god of doom?”

This time, the butcher store owner seemed to finally understand what the bandage man meant.

Then he shouted, “Yes! I heard god’s teaching! He is right here in my ears, right beside me! My Most High Father is beside me!”

“And you, you are a monster destined to be rejected by god!”

The moment the words fell from his lips, Xiao Yun saw the bandaged man’s fingers, which had been tucked away at his side, twitch nervously.

“god also said that you’d better k*ill yourself right now hahaha!”

“That’s where monsters like you deserve to end up!”


Click – Before the words were finished, the butcher store owner could no longer make a sound.

With a mouth full of teeth on the verge of being stomped on, he could only let out moans of pain.

Along with the idol that was hung between his neck, it was also trampled together.


Inside the distant church, the statue’s frown seemed to become eerie again.

He waited to see the death of Lu Yuan.


Inside the butcher store at that moment, the bandaged man looked at the pieces of the idol at his feet and was silent for a long time.

This wasn’t the god of doom.

It wasn’t the god he had prayed for so long.

For Lu Yuan, believing in the god of doom had become a habit for him.

He actually didn’t know if he actually believed in the god of doom, or if he believed in some kind of hope that the god of doom represented.

Some kind of hope that he could become a normal human being.

But right now, what he could be sure of was that the voice of the god coming from the idol wasn’t what he was hoping for.

So He wasn’t the god of doom.

Even if He could indeed be heard by others and wasn’t a hallucination of his own.

Lu Yuan remembered the voice of the god of doom that he heard last night.

That voice that pushed for him to commit sui-cide and wanted to snatch Jiu Shu.

Yes, it was the voice of the false god of doom.

Lu Yuan thought so.

Still, the violently reversed notion of faith made his temples throb with pain, and the tinnitus in his ears tingled and boomed.

His mental state was once again unstable.

He frowned, his thin lips pursing under the bandage.

His pupils also continued to dilate, as if he was struggling to control his chaotic spirit.

From yesterday coupled with today’s excitement, his fragile spirit was already on the verge of being uncontrollable.


However, to outsiders, Lu Yuan just stood still and didn’t move.

At least that was what it looked like to Xiao Yun.

She only saw the bandaged man standing in place for a good half a day.

Lowering his head without and expression, she didn’t know what he was thinking.

He looked a bit scary.

It was only after another moment that Xiao Yun finally saw the bandage man move.

He casually picked up the butcher store owner’s trembling body.

With a slight lift of his pale, sturdy arm, he hung the picked up meat pig with the another meat pig.

Now, there were two more wailing fresh meat animals in the slaughterhouse.


The bandaged man, meanwhile, stepped aside and sharpened the knife out of habit.

He hadn’t gotten the right kind of meat yet.

Their meat was fat and lean, perfect for making stew for Jiu Shu.

Prick-la prick-la-

The sound of the knife blade with tiny breaks rubbing on the sharpening stone gave one goosebumps.

The back of the bandaged man earnestly sharpening the knife was even more frightening to the extreme.

It wasn’t just the hanged butcher store owner couple who were in disbelief with their eyes wide open.


Not believing that they would actually be treated as meat about to be slaughtered.

Even Xiao Yun couldn’t help but shed tears and didn’t dare to continue looking.

Too terrifying, this bandaged man was more than twice as terrifying as the butcher store owner and his wife.

The face wrapped in bandages hid any expression he might have had, but it allowed one to visualize all sorts of ghastly and eerie expressions.

The more she thought about it, the more terrified she became.

When the butcher store owner couple was slaughtered, it would probably be her turn.


Xiao Yun cried out without control for a moment.

The next moment, the sound of the bandaged man’s sharpening knife stopped.


Xiao Yun pressed herself against the corner of the wall in horror and saw the bandaged man look towards her.

It couldn’t be that he was going to slaughter her to cut her meat!?

She was really scared.

But to her surprise, the bandaged man didn’t seem to be looking at her.

Instead, he was looking at a magazine that was being used as a tablecloth.

He even stopped sharpening his knife and picked up the magazine to read it.

As the bandaged man turned the pages, Xiao Yun vaguely saw that it was a wealth magazine.

It seemed to be a magazine that recorded the deeds of various tycoons.

Only that many of the articles were exaggerated, like someone that started from nothing, being a teenage genius; they created all sorts of gimmicks in order to sell their magazine.


It had actually been eliminated from the market, but she didn’t realize there was a copy in this butcher store.

A cold and scary strong man and an old and tattered magazine, how could such a pairing look so incongruous?
But the bandaged man didn’t seem to notice that something was wrong, he continued to look at the magazine seriously.

Looking at a beautiful and exquisite color photo on it for a long time without removing his eyes.

It was a young man with black hair and eyes and a gentle smile.

His name was Jiu Shu.

He looked down and saw the article describing this youth; born in an orphanage, he was a teenage genius.

Not the rich second generation origin that many people guessed.

Just a few months, he speculated in the stock market and got a large amount of raw capital, then he invested in the emerging high-tech industry and earned a lot of money.

He was a real genius.

He once became a hot presence in the capital’s high society.

Countless big shots invited him to various banquets just to be able to ask him for some business know-how.

And his easy-going, graceful demeanor became a merit praised by many.

He became the idol of many people in this era when tycoons were highly sought after and received the attention of millions.

No matter which way one looked at it, he could never be connected to the dilapidated slaughterhouse and the ugly butcher.


Lu Yuan looked at the magazine, pausing for a moment and subconsciously tensing his fingers for a long moment before continuing on.

The article continued with gossip, mentioning that Jiu Shu, a young tycoon, seemed to be very aloof to women.

For a time, it made people suspect he had a preference for males.

However, a person in the know revealed that someone had sent a male to this tycoon, but it was also rejected.

The young tycoon who came out of nowhere was surprisingly clean.

He once said in an interview, “I only want a lover I can spend my life with.”

“You already have a lover?”

“I don’t, if I really want to find one, it will be a lover who I can have lifelong companionship with.”


The black-haired youth in the photo had a slightly arched brow and a smile that carried a gentle sense of distance.


It was completely different from the intimacy when facing Lu Yuan.

It was a tenderness unique to lovers.

A lover with the premise of lifelong companionship.


Lu Yuan’s pupils widened slightly.

His eyes, which had originally turned scarlet due to the collapsed mental state, now returned to their original pitch-black color.

Looking at the photo for a long time, he reached out his fingers to touch the smiling face.

Then, he picked up the magazine and put it away after putting down some cash as the cost of purchasing the magazine.

Having regained his senses he didn’t sharpen his knife again.

He knew Jiu Shu wouldn’t like the meat of these filthy animals, he needed to get to some normal meat.

He had thought that the sheep was barely suitable meat, but upon closer inspection he realized that it was also human.

So it wasn’t suitable either.


He really shouldn’t have delayed too much here, Jiu Shu must have been waiting impatiently.

Thinking like this, Lu Yuan got up and prepared to leave this place, not paying the slightest attention to the victim still tied up in the corner.

Xiao Yun, on the other hand, looked at him with her heart pounding, not daring to squeak.

She seemed to have just seen what could be called a gentle expression on the bandaged man’s face.


It was too scary.

What exactly did he see in the magazine?

Xiao Yun didn’t know, nor could she imagine just what content could make this horrible man show that kind of tenderness, it was unbelievable.


After sensing that Lu Yuan had regained his sanity, the god of doom grimaced and made a rustling, strange sound.

However, He wasn’t in a hurry and just watched the figure of Lu Yuan as he slowly walked towards the exit.

He hadn’t wanted to do away with his other self so easily anyway, so now was the time.


No one noticed the sparks from the leaking wires in the corner of the butcher store.

The gas that filled the entire butcher store completely detonated.


Looking at the figure that was submerged in flames, the idol of the god of doom seemed to reveal a smile.

Then, without looking at him again.

The god of doom turned his gaze to the human who was still staying in the hotel.

The human called Jiu Shu.

It was the second object He wanted to remove.

And as a human with no power, He had a much simpler way of dealing with him than Lu Yuan.


It was just that He didn’t want to see that person injured, so the process of kil*ling the human still had to be extra careful.

When the god placed his gaze inside the hotel room, He saw that the dark-haired, snow-skinned human was still lying on the bed resting.

His tired brows revealed last night’s indulgence.

The snow-white arms and thin white neck exposed outside the sheet also vaguely bore traces left by kisses.

Hmph, it was all the sins of that frivolous other self.

The god of doom thought sorrowfully.

Then he observed the human like this.

Whether it was the delicate eyebrows or his rosy lips, they were all beautiful.

The ebony hair showed off his beautifully defined face, and the way his eyes were closed was incomparably attractive.

His arms were also white and soft, so that one could imagine the warm feeling of touching them.

Wait, He was here to arrange a suitable death.

After observing for more than an hour, the god of doom finally remembered His original mission.


He felt that the self He had just watched for over an hour was a bit strange, yet He couldn’t tell what was strange.

Just as He was racking His brain to think with His chaotic and empty brain, Jiu Shu on the bed also finally woke up.

He opened his eyes and looked at the empty bed beside him for a moment before sitting up.

The sheet slid down the contours of his upper body.

Revealing a bare, snow-white upper body.

Slim, but one could see the traces of exercise, a thin layer of muscle lines, with the beauty of youthfulness of a young adult.


The god slightly narrowed his eyes.

Feeling that it was really frivolous for a human to casually display his body like this.

He wasn’t a frivolous fellow like His other self, and wouldn’t want to get close to a human just because of such seduction-like behavior.

However, the god also suddenly remembered the promise he made last night in order to make his other self commit sui-cide.

Although He himself hated humans, and the promise at that time was nothing more than an expedient way to coax Lu Yuan into committing sui-cide, He did promise it after all.

As a supreme deity, it didn’t seem right for Him to go back on His word.

After all, his other self had already died, and this human would have no one to turn to.

It wasn’t impossible for him fo follow Him.

He could be open-minded, not counting the human’s seduction of Himself and no longer looking for a way to k*ill him.

The god of doom thought so as he looked at the black-haired youth on the bed who was starting to get dressed.

And planned to personally descend in a few days when his power was strong to explain the situation to this human.

At that time, he could make him his favorite believer, and it would be considered to have fulfilled that promise.

At the same time, He wouldn’t be considered to be tainted with those lowly and filthy emotions of humans.


Just as the god was far away from the world, coming up with such a self-professed perfect solution in his messy and noisy flesh and bl*ood brain, the doorbell of the hotel room rang.

Jiu Shu got up and opened the door to the room.

Standing outside the door was the object of discipline, Lu Yuan, whose bandages were blackened by the flames.

It looked very much like he had just escaped from a fire.


Lu Yuan carefully handed out his newly purchased lunch

He’d bought meat, of course, but was afraid his young boss was starving, so he’d packed some meals from the hotel restaurant.

The meat could be saved for stewing later in the evening, he didn’t want to starve Jiu Shu.


Lu Yuan laughed softly and took the lunch, while not minding the smoldering marks on Lu Yuan’s body, instead he gave him a hug.

It was filled with the warmth of a lover.

Feeling his boss’s embrace, Lu Yuan’s eyes under the bandages seemed to brighten up a bit.

The corner of his mouth also subconsciously curved up.
After seeing the magazine, there seemed to be a little more longing in his heart, which had been full of despair about the relationship.

There was also a desire to be with the young boss for the rest of his life.

“This magazine? I remember it was from the previous year.”

Jiu Shu suddenly smiled as he looked at the magazine that the object of the punishment held in his hands as if it were a treasure.

“Yeah, that paragraph on it is true, I only want a lover for a lifetime of companionship.”


Lu Yuan looked at the young boss in front of him, his eyes widened and his breath caught.


Seemingly realizing the meaning of the boss’s words, he felt a bit incredulous.

As the young boss smiled and looked at him, he couldn’t control his excitement and eagerly embraced the boss.

The boss didn’t refuse either.


Looking at Lu Yuan that came back from the dead, the god of doom quieted down like never before.

He who was just now full of plans to raise his human believer had somehow suddenly become even more somber than before.

He stared at Lu Yuan’s arm holding Jiu Shu until they got closer and closer, then their lips pressed together.

Intimate as any couple who had just defined their relationship.

Completely crushing the delusion He had just had.


Inside the distant church, tears of bl*ood continued to seep out from the idol.

His eyes also became extremely eerie.

He must k*ill Lu Yuan!

This da*mned monster that refused to die!


As the curses of the god of doom rang out, the church became more and more eerie.

It was as if it was a symbol of the deity’s already insane mental state.

This drew trepidation from the faithful praying inside the church, kneeling down to pray that their god wouldn’t be angry.

And the idol just indifferently looked at these kneeling believers, he no longer had kind eyes.

In front of the idol, the holy water flowing on the holy water table also turned red like blo*od.

This should have been scary, but for some reason, the nearby believers felt that the bl*ood-colored holy water carried a strange charm that made people want to drink it.

As if that would be enough to gain the favor of god.

Especially as more and more bl*ood holy water gushed out, the crowd’s sanity wavered.

Finally, at a certain tipping point, they swarmed up and cupped the holy water in their palms and drank it, revealing mesmerized expressions.

“It’s a gift from god!”

“It must be god rewarding us for our recent pious sacrifices!”

The crowd drank the sweet blo*od-like holy water and looked at the white marble statue of the compassionate god under the colored window with hot tears.


All were immersed in the joy that god had rewarded them with holy water.

No one noticed that the color of blo*od flashed in the eyes of anyone who drank the holy water, if at all.

Like the idol’s eyes that had reddened from His bl*ood and tears.


Ho ho ho–

He didn’t believe that He couldn’t k*ill His other self this time!

Although His main body couldn’t enter for the time being, in this way, He could temporarily create countless more bodies, which was enough.

Thinking of this, the idol’s eyes were gloomy, as if he had already seen Lu Yuan’s tragic death.

And gradually, the believers who drank the holy water also revealed the same gloomy expression as Him.

It was almost as if they were possessed by Him.


But the believers themselves didn’t seem to notice such a change.

They only felt that they had been gifted by god, and in their excitement, more and more impulses welled up in their hearts to share the holy water given by god.

Let more people drink the holy water and see the grace of god.

More and more people.



Bl*ood and tears.



*Insert blindfold 😏*

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