C74 — [3.13 — Judgement Day]

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The moment the idol shattered, the compelling voice in his ears faded away.

Inside the distant church, there seemed to be a grim rustling sound from someone who was furious.

In the hotel room, Lu Yuan slowly loosened the palm covering his face after the sound disappeared.

Revealing bandages soaked and wet with bl*ood.

There was also a blo*ody eye.

Large streams of blo*od were slowly flowing.

As if he couldn’t feel the pain, he lowered his head in silence, not daring to look at the young boss behind him.

The wound on his face looked much worse than last time, the skin around his eye was all rolled up, just short of gouging out his eyeball.

“Don’t move, I’ll get the medicine.”

Jiu Shu looked at the wound, sighed, and got up to get the medicine box.

Lu Yuan remained silent, only after he left did he dare to raise his head, his gaze looking at Jiu Shu’s back.

The face flushed with blo*od showed no emotion, he just slightly clenched his fingers.

His mood seemed to be very complicated.

It took a long time before he lowered his head again and resumed his calm and indifferent appearance.


What happened just now was just an illusion.

It wasn’t the real god.

After all, how could the god of doom suddenly appear in his ears and want to steal his boss?

The god of doom was the god that detested human emotions the most.


In all of his teachings, he emphasized the need to strip away those tainted emotions, and the word was all about the rejection of the seven human emotions and desires.


But …… what if it really was god?


he man with the bandaged face didn’t speak, his dark eyes looking at the pieces of the idol on the table beside him.

After a pause, he reached out his hand, collected the fragment and threw it into the deepest part of the trash can.

As a devout believer, it was obvious that one should treat each and every god statue with devotion, but at this moment, Lu Yuan’s actions appeared to be extremely cold and indifferent.

It was as if what he had thrown into the garbage bin wasn’t the fragments of the idol, but a pile of garbage.


No, it wasn’t the god of doom.

Lu Yuan said so in his heart.

As a devout believer, he was able to distinguish between the real and the fake, and what he had just seen was merely an illusion.


Soon, Jiu Shu came back with the medicine box.

Reaching out his hand, he tried to help Lu Yuan remove the wet bandage, but Lu Yuan subconsciously flinched.

And the boss after a pause, didn’t force it, instead he withdrew his hand.

In the end, it was Lu Yuan who went to the bathroom to change the bandage before coming back to continue to let the boss apply the medicine.

The snow-white complexioned boss didn’t blame him, he just gently touched his cheeks with his fingers before starting to apply the medicine to him.

Watching his boss’s fingers waving in front of his eyes, Lu Yuan’s gaze couldn’t help but fall on his boss’s focused face.


The boss always treated him, his lover who he had just established a relationship with, very gently.


It had only been a few days, but Lu Yuan already had a warm feeling that he had never experienced in the past half of his life.

It was only then that he realized that compared to loneliness, a lover’s touch and embrace was indeed incredibly mesmerizing.


“Alright, don’t do that again.”

The boss put on the medicine, and Lu Yuan didn’t even feel any pain the entire time, then it was over.

Lu Yuan lowered his eyes then seemed to withdraw his gaze with some reluctance.

“If the wound doesn’t get better tomorrow, we’ll go to the hospital.”

“Also, although you may not be too willing, let me accompany you to see a psychiatrist, your mental condition isn’t too good lately.”


Lu Yuan didn’t object and meekly agreed to the young boss’s suggestion.

He could see the pain in his boss’s eyes.

Moreover, his current condition was indeed showing signs of aggravation, and he could already hear the voice of the doom god.

He was a little afraid that the next time his hallucinations would further aggravate until he ended up hurting the boss.

As a dutiful employee, that would be too incompetent.

In fact, he had been quite remiss today.

Perhaps it was time to find a way to make up for it, or else the boss would surely be disappointed in him.

Thinking like this, Lu Yuan reached out his hand, upholding the proper duties of a subterfuge lover, and hugged his young boss, who had just gotten up and was ready to leave.

He would have to work harder in order to return his boss’s concern for him.


The young boss seemed stunned for a moment before accepting the hug somewhat helplessly after a few moments.

Their lips met.


It was only when it was light that Jiu Shu lay down on his bed tiredly, the corners of his eyes flushed red.

Jiu Shu glanced at the object of discipline behind him and tried to say something, but was too tired to do so, so he quickly fell asleep.


Lu Yuan, on the other hand, quietly looked at his young boss in his arms and couldn’t take his eyes off him for a long time.

He only wanted to see his boss happy.

The boss should be happy now.

Thinking this way, Lu Yuan warmly kissed his sweaty forehead and followed him to sleep.

He didn’t wake up until noon.

And at this time, Jiu Shu hadn’t yet woken up, his sleeping face was still calm and beautiful.

After waking up, he stared at the young boss’s sleeping face for a long time.

But looking at the time, it was already time for lunch.

Thinking of this, Lu Yuan touched the wound on his face.

His healing ability was very strong, and with the addition of the compress, the flared flesh and bl*ood was now close to healing.

It was all because of the boss.

Thinking so, Lu Yuan felt that he should work harder to repay.

But the boss had rested, and he had used his body as repayment once, it was time to choose something else.

Maybe make a lunch with his own hands.

That was something Lu Yuan had learned from the TV show.

He was somewhat looking forward to the expression the boss would reveal when he saw the lunch.

Would it really be a surprise smile followed by a tender kiss like in the TV show?


Inside the room, the man whose face was wrapped in a miserable white bandage lowered his head and gently kissed his young boss’s forehead.

Even if there was no kiss it didn’t matter, he wanted to see his boss happy.

Lu Yuan carefully got up from the bed without disturbing the sleeping Jiu Shu on the bed and left the hotel room.

His ability to memorize the streets was good, and when he walked all the way back to the hotel earlier he remembered that there was a food market nearby that should have freshly slaughtered meats in it.

He wanted to make his boss one of the best stews.

And at that moment, the idol far away in the church seemed to have sensed something and finally stopped its unceasing nightly curse tirade-like rustling and strange noises.


Abominable Lu Yuan!

He felt it.

All last night had been filled with those sickeningly blissful emotions, and while abhorring human emotions, the god of doom wasn’t ignorant of those emotions.

He knew that it had to be His other self doing some disgraceful deeds!

Disgusting in the extreme!

Inside the church, eerie blo*od stains seeped out again on the clean white marble idol of god of doom.

As long as He thought of that gentle human youth with a gentle expression who had been entwined with His other self all night yesterday, the god of doom felt all wrong.

His own body had long since become manic due to his anger, constantly pounding against the world barriers.

He couldn’t wait to rush within the world the next moment and do away with that shameless split consciousness.


Luckily, a night of rage wasn’t useless, He was now able to remotely manipulate some items, He’s made sure to do away with his other self silently.

That way, no one would ever know the true cause of His death, and He would only be forgotten, never able to commit those shameless acts again.


That human called Jiu Shu would also only be slightly sad for a moment before forgetting about him.
This was the most perfect ending that He had thought of for Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan knew nothing about what the god of Doom was thinking, he just walked quietly through the streets and soon found the food market he was looking for.


But for some reason, the meats here were all very old, like they hadn’t been sold in a long time.

The owners of the butcher stores were also listless, looking at the customers passing by without even raising their eyelids, without any desire to solicit customers.

Passing guests also didn’t stop, theyall walked in a certain direction.

Lu Yuan silently followed and came to a slightly remote butcher store.

The not-so-spacious store was filled with the smell of blo*od and was crowded with a steady stream of customers.

They all had a hideous animal head, their mouths wide open and salivating as their eyes glowed.

All of them waved their banknotes wanting to buy more meat.

“I want ten pounds!”

“Twenty pounds! Hurry up!”

nside the butcher’s store, the butcher’s store owner with a huge fat pig’s head was laughing and salivating, cutting off broken and unshaped pieces of meat from the large pieces of pork placed on the board with a single knife.

Being an experienced butcher, Lu Yuan’s eyes under the bandage looked at it for a moment and saw that it was the meat of a pig.

And it was freshly slaughtered.

Did Jiu Shu like pork?

After thinking about it, Lu Yuan decided to buy some.

After that, he would go buy some other meats, and bones, which would make a good stew.

And so, Lu Yuan stood at the end of the line, his tall and strong physique clearly giving the surrounding guests an extremely oppressive feeling.

But perhaps the attraction of buying meat was too great, they merely looked at him for a few moments before continuing to squeeze towards the front.

Wanting to buy meat quickly.

The meat from this butcher store seemed to be really delicious.

Although it didn’t look any different from the usual meat to Lu Yuan, it was just a bit fresher.

But since so many people were buying it, there must be something desirable about it, and he needed to buy some for the boss as well.


Just then, Lu Yuan seemed to hear a strange, thin sound in his ears.

He bowed his head in silence and didn’t say anything.

He knew that he was sick again, but the sound was fine, it wasn’t to the extent of covering the world with bl*ood and flesh.

So he didn’t react otherwise, he just calmly waited for the hallucination to go away.

Squeak squeak squeak-

And at this moment, above Lu Yuan’s head, there was an old fan whirring and spinning.

The screws holding the boom slowly turned away, and the fan blades suddenly became faster and faster.

The accelerated wind speed dissipated the summer heat for the people inside the butcher store.

No one realized the impending danger.

Until the screws on the fan completely unscrewed the last layer, the rapidly rotating fan blades grew eyes and fell straight down towards the bottom.



Blo*od splattered everywhere.



The customers’ screams rose and fell, and many of them were drenched in b*lood, covering their injured arms and heads as they wailed.

Fortunately, this fan was too old, so it didn’t injure people fatally, they all had superficial wounds.

On the side, the tall Lu Yuan just quietly watched the fan fall.

The bandages wrapped around his face made it impossible to see the emotions on his face, and one could only see that pair of eyes that didn’t have the slightest change of emotion, mute and indifferent.


His reaction speed wasn’t comparable to that of any other person, and he just stepped back a bit to avoid the damage range of the fan.


He avoided the accident.

[…… tsk]

A light snort of shadowy disdain seemed to ring out from the sound wave frequencies that were inaudible to humans.

But Lu Yuan was oblivious.

He calmly listened to the rising and falling wails of the livestock.

The eyes under the bandages stared straight at them.
It felt like their cut flesh was fresher than what was on the butcher’s countertop.

The customers who were being watched by Lu Yuan shivered.

Following the source of their gazes, the moment they met the gaze of the tall, ghastly bandaged man, they felt a jolt of indescribable creepiness.


Jiu Shu sure wouldn’t like the meat, though.


Just as Lu Yuan was expressionlessly contemplating just what the beautiful young boss would like, behind him, the air conditioner made a strange sound of zipping, with condensation slowly flowing out, soaking the old, leaky socket nearby.


The sound of electricity flowed along with the liquid and ended up at the feet of Lu Yuan.


Lu Yuan heard the sound, he glanced at it and avoided the current.


A nearby customer with a face full of exuberance waiting to buy meat let out a mournful scream and collapsed in convulsions.

The light inside the meat shop flickered.

The man barely managed to save his life, weakly getting up and panting heavily.

But still stubbornly continued to queue up.

Lu Yuan lined up behind him and continued to stand there in silence, ignoring the weakly grunting animal as if nothing had happened.


As if receiving a silent taunt, the idol inside the church had a gloomy aura and let out a rustling sound that was hard to hide its anger.


And at this moment, the chaos within the butcher store seemed to have displeased the butcher store owner.

He wiped the stinking sweat from his face, and his fat, piggy mouth was filled with uncontrollable drooling.


Shaking his face full of horizontal meat: “Hey! Those who can’t buy meat, get out for me! Don’t try to make me compensate you!”

“Buy! I can buy!”

“Yeah, we can buy ……”

Once these words came out, the customers who had just covered their wounds and moaned stopped talking, and quickly confirmed that they could still buy meat.

Especially when they saw the meat on the countertop, there wasn’t much left, they desperately moved forward.

They didn’t want to be the one who couldn’t buy meat.

The butcher store owner also realized that there wasn’t much meat left on the counter, and hurriedly pulled his voice to ask his equally fat meat pig wife to hurry up and serve the meat.

“The customers are waiting! Hurry up!”

“Okay, okay! I’m really working hard ah!”

The meat pig boss’s wife, who was lazily fanning herself to relieve the heat, reluctantly wriggled away.

She lifted the curtain of the back kitchen to enter, and one could vaguely see the freezer and the slaughter room.

Large cuts of meat chops hung from the hooks in the butchering room, the white ribs had a layered texture.

The floor was covered in muddy blo*od.

Even a gagged, constantly weeping sheep was tied up in the corner.

Lamb, would Jiu Shu like it?

“Oooh ……”

The girl tied up in the back kitchen, Xiao Yun, looked at the gaze that the tall, ghastly bandaged man was casting towards her, and was so scared that she even stopped crying.

She had never imagined that someone’s eyes could be more terrifying than the butcher store owner’s.

While the butcher’s owner’s eyes still held the insatiable desire for meat, this strange man’s gaze was empty.


It was so dead that it was almost mute, but it only caused one to feel an inexplicable shudder.

It was more frightening than mere kil*ling intent.

Then, after watching the curtain that had been lifted by the boss’s wife gradually close, and seeing the bandaged man remain indifferent, Xiao Yun revealed a look of despair.


She knew that her situation was completely hopeless, this butcher store and the customers in the butcher store were all very abnormal, they saw death yet they didn’t have the slightest bit of empathy.


Did it feel that good to eat human fl*esh!

They were simply a bunch of lunatics that had gone crazy eating meat!

“Oooh-” Xiao Yun huffed, she didn’t know how she had ended up in this situation.
She was just passing by this commercial street and wanted to check the price of vegetables in the market, but she didn’t realize that she would be knocked out by a stick, and together with her companion, she became meat in the butcher store.

Her companion had already become a victim of the butcher’s knife before her.

Thinking of the way her companion looked when his windpipe was cut open to bleed out, Xiao Yun’s face turned pale and she couldn’t help but glance at the large meat steak hanging on the hook.

That was the senior she adored.

The butcher store owner’s wife was currently wielding a machete, sharply cutting the meat from the meat steak and preparing to continue selling it.

Outside the butcher store, business continued.

The butcher store owner’s wife soon came out, bringing large chunks of fresh meat steaks.

Lu Yuan t glanced at the boss’s wife and inexplicably felt that the meat of the boss’s wife, who had the right amount of body fat and lean, was even better than this meat chop.


Fatty fat lean meat stacked on top of each other, when cut it would be a very nice five-flake cross-section.



Lu Yuan withdrew his gaze, his face expressionless under the bandages.

His condition was still worsening lately, and his ability to differentiate between humans and livestock was getting weaker and weaker.

Good thing he remembered that humans walked upright.

Livestock were horizontal.

Just like these frail customers lying in line on the floor around him.

Inside the church.

The carved marble idol became more and more gloomy as he watched the quiet Lu Yuan.

Rustling – a strange sound carried from the church all the way inside the butcher store.

He didn’t believe in evil, he would k*ill this godless fellow today.

Inside the butcher’s store, the line had reached the end.

The customers who had bought the meat left joyfully.

It was finally Lu Yuan’s turn.

He looked at the time on his cell phone, it was a bit tight, luckily he could go straight back after buying the meat in a while.

There was a kitchen in the hotel room and he still had time to cook for Jiu Shu.

Hopefully the pork wouldn’t disappoint.

Apparently, as a butcher for many years, Lu Yuan still felt that the meat laid out on the countertop wasn’t as firm and flavorful as the meat on the butcher store’s owner and his wife.


“Alright, alright, that’s all we’re selling today, the meat is gone!”

The butcher store owner behind the countertop waved his hand in an impatient manner.

He then wiped his hands with a greasy rag before raising his eyes to the customer who hadn’t moved away in front of the counter.

Just when he wanted to angrily rebuke, the next moment he was startled by the man’s tall figure.

Nearly two meters tall, tall and strong, standing in the dilapidated butcher store like a wall.

His body was gnarled with muscles, but it didn’t look like that of person who worked out too much, instead it was tight and powerful, with well-defined muscles and excellent proportions, giving people an extremely strong sense of oppression.


Especially the face that was wrapped in bandages, the outline of the handsome face was vaguely visible, and his eyes were dark and creepy.

It actually gave the butcher store owner the feeling that he had encountered a kindred spirit.



The bandaged man stretched out his arm and threw the cash down, the short sleeves clearly showed the smooth muscle lines of his entire arm, and under the pale skin were the very beautiful muscles that stretched with the movement.


At a glance, it was a very bad person to be mess with.

The butcher’s store owner’s movements stiffened, and the arrogant expression on his face finally withdrew a bit.

He was just about to say that he could make an exception and give some more meat today, when the next second he heard a strange rustling sound coming from his ears.


The idol of the god of doom hanging around his neck seemed to be speaking to him.


[Ki*ll him–]


The butcher’s owner’s pupils dilated slightly, showing a slight uncontrolled trance, which then turned into a hidden desire that was drawn out from deep within.

This muscular man’s meat, it must be very good.
It must be chewier than the meat of that white chicken kid from before.

“…… There’s more in the back kitchen, come with me if you want it.”

Seemingly forgetting the oppressive feeling of the bandaged man’s size, the butcher’s store owner let out a low chuckle, full of impishness, as usual.

“Head of the house, are you sure?”

On the side, the boss’s wife looked at the bandaged man in disbelief, she didn’t want to get into trouble.

This man didn’t look like he could be easily won over.

However, the butcher store owner didn’t pay any attention to the his wife, he just viciously pushed her out of the way and lifted the curtain before signaling that Lu Yuan could go in and buy meat.

“Hehehe, there are all the freshest meat …… there,” the fat-headed butcher store boss said while salivating.


Lu Yuan expressionlessly looked at the meat pig that got fatter and fatter the more he looked at it, paused, and followed him in.

Seeing this, the boss’s wife could only tighten her grip on the bone chopper in her hand and follow them in.

And at this time, no one noticed that the sliding door of the butcher store was blocked by a fallen tree branch blocking the door valve, and could no longer be pushed open from the inside.

At the same time, the switch on the gas tank inside the butcher store slowly swung open, and the pungent smell of gas filled the air.

Inside the church.

The statue of god stood compassionately behind the large, colored window, and seemed to smile under the refraction of the colored halo of light, his eyes shone in a holy manner.
More and more worshippers knelt down to pray.

And the idol stood still, seemingly unconcerned about these devout devotees.


The god of doom let out a gloomy sound with a hint of pleasure.

The feeling of doing away with His other self was more pleasant than He had imagined.

His next target was that human.

As much as He hated humans, He would try to let him die gently and painlessly, not hurting him at all.

There was no other reason, He just hated seeing humans get hurt.



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