C73 — [3.12 – Judgement Day]

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Inside the church, the idol’s eyes, which had been staring eerily at the butcher, stopped violently.

Instead, it began to stare at the color of blo*od slowly seeping out of the human’s face.

The color of blo*od was blinding to the extreme.

As the human lowered his head and seemed to stroke his cheek in pain, the rustling sound that He had originally still echoed within the church also disappeared.

It was as if He couldn’t even make a sound under extreme emotion.

Outside the world, the original body that was still violently hitting the world barriers stopped moving completely, and was at a loss for words.


Lu Yuan, who was originally looking at the statue, immediately supported the young boss who was about to fall, and his pupils dilated as his gaze met the wound on the boss’s face.


He was injured.

It was all his fault for not noticing the danger just now.

“I’m fine.”

Saying that, Jiu Shu wiped away the bloodstain on his face with an unchanged expression.

This wound was nothing, what he cared about was the string that had cut him.

“It hurts.”

The tall man looked down at the boss in front of him and suddenly whispered.

It was as if he was answering for Jiu Shu.

Then he carefully reached out his hand, wanting to touch the wound on the young boss’s face, and then stopped his fingers when he was about to touch it.

The narrow red line-like wound looked harsh on the boss’s snow-white, smooth cheek.

Lu Yuan had suffered many times from injuries that were heavier than this wound, but there had never been one that made him feel so uncomfortable.

It hurt so much that his heart clenched.

Jiu Shu had his cheeks cupped by Lu Yuan’s large pale hands.

The next moment, it felt like there was a wind blowing across his cheeks.


“I’ll blow on it, so it won’t hurt.”

Lu Yuan’s voice was low, with his characteristic gloominess, but at this moment, he seemed particularly serious.

It wasn’t a matter of love, it was simply because as an employee who had been taken care of by his boss, he should always be concerned about his boss’s physical health and make sure that he didn’t suffer a single injury.

After all, it was his mistake that led to all of this just now.

Jiu Shu raised his eyes and looked at Lu Yuan, his eyes curving as he smiled. “Hmm, thank you, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”


Looking at the intimate appearance of Lu Yuan and Jiu Shu, behind them, the idol that was originally staring at Jiu Shu’s cheeks reset its gaze on Lu Yuan.

His line of sight also became gloomy and morose again.

And for some reason, it became even more gloomy than before.

It was simply a disgrace!

As a part of His consciousness, even if it only possessed an ugly human body, it shouldn’t have indulged in filthy love and approached a human so intimately.


And that frivolous demeanor and movement, disgusting!

The other self was disgusting to Him!

Yes, that was why.

It could never be because he saw that human smile at His other self.

He was simply too disgusted by all the filthy, unclean, filthy love-desire that filled His other self.

There was no other reason.

Meanwhile, lying on the floor, Li Sheng, who had just regained his strength, looked up and saw the scene of the butcher lowering his head to his lover’s cheek.

His expression instantly became a bit alarmed.

He had also entered the church before realizing that this lover of the Butcher’s was particularly beautiful.

Compared to the tall and gloomy Butcher, it was simply the difference between beauty and the beast.

Especially when the Butcher’s bandage-covered face approached, it looked particularly eerie, almost as if he was threatening his lover.

Even if he snapped his lover’s neck in the next second, Li Sheng wouldn’t be surprised.

But in the end, the butcher just blew on his wound, his demeanor incredibly light.


And that lover with the beautiful appearance didn’t show the slightest bit of fear, but instead showed a smile as if he was satisfied.

Intimate as if they were a normal couple.

However, how could it be normal?

That was the Butcher!
The butcher who always raised his butcher’s knife indifferently and cut down all living things that stood in his way.

Li Sheng didn’t want to believe his eyes.

Especially just now, he was tripped by his lover.

There was definitely something wrong with both of these people!

“Y-you guys! Go to hell!”

Li Sheng couldn’t figure it out, so he simply stopped thinking about it.

He gripped the g*un in his hand tightly and resolved that he must fulfill the task god had given him.

Do away with the butcher along with the lover beside him!

But before he could get up from the ground, he saw the Butcher, who was originally cupping his lover’s cheek, looked down at him.

There wasn’t a single light in his dark pupils.


He was stomped on.

The tremendous force caused him to wail in pain for a while.

His back was stepped on by the Butcher, and even the g*un in his hand was kicked aside.


He knew he couldn’t fight Butcher at this point.

He could only cast his eyes towards the idol in the church, pleading for help.

The idol located behind the church’s colored windows was bound to a stone pillar, and the white marble surface had already been turned into a thick bloodstain by the tears of blo*od that had continuously dripped down earlier.

But His narrowed eyes was fixed on the entrance of the church.

It seemed to be looking at the back of the butcher snuggling with his lover on the side, and also seemed to be watching him.

Seeing this, Li Sheng couldn’t help but get excited, his face revealing an almost nervous ecstasy: ”My Lord, they’re already here! Quickly! Quickly k*ill them!”


Li Sheng was aware of god’s k*illing intent towards the butcher, He would definitely k*ill these guys who had offended Him immediately.



On the side, Jiu Shu was originally looking down and touching the sharp piano string in his hand, it wasn’t clear what he was thinking about.

Upon hearing this, he raised his head and looked towards the statue of the god inside the church.

That god that the male lead, Li Sheng, said was about to k*ill them.

Jiu Shu had previously investigated the relevant information about the male and female main characters and confirmed that this was the male lead in the original story.

It was just that for some reason, he didn’t wait until the end of the world to escape from the mental hospital like in the original.

Instead, he appeared in the outside world right now, and was also mouthing off about killing him and the object of discipline.

Could it really be related to the Doom god?


After all, the only existence that could be called “My Lord” by the male lead was the god of doom.


When their eyes met, the blo*od that had been seeping out of the idol came to an abrupt halt.

It seemed to have instantly turned back into a senseless stone statue, as if the god that Li Sheng kept calling out from his mouth wasn’t Him.

And Jiu Shu was still quietly looking at the idol.


His beautiful peach blossom eyes reflected the hideous and terrifying face of the idol at this moment.


From its appearance alone, the idol’s current appearance was strange.


The pure white marble body was covered in bl*ood, leaving only a pair of eyes that looked eerily into the distance.


It was shrouded in the holy light struck by the church’s colored windows, yet it didn’t look holy at all, but instead gave people a creepy feeling.

Filled with the aura of madness and bl*oodshed.

It seemed that, unlike the gradually improving mental state of the object of the punishment, the god’s insanity had reached an irreversible extreme.


It might not even remember him anymore.

Jiu Shu lowered his eyes and looked at the string in his hand, no longer gazing at the idol.

It was as if he had already lost interest in this god who wanted to ki*ll him.

This should have made the idol happy.

After all, He loathed the closeness of humans, never liking to be near their tainted emotions.

Love and desire, hate, everything that was filthy to the core.

He even loathed the gaze of humans.

He wanted the death of all humans.

Even more so, He loathed beyond measure the blissful emotions that the Butcher had been passing on, and all of those emotions were because of this ant-like youth.

His gaze only made Him uncomfortable.

In the church, the blo*od-stained idol fell into silence for some reason.

He seemed to be puzzled by His own disorganized thoughts at the moment, unable to distinguish what He was really thinking.

Not knowing why He had just disarmed all the death traps He had set up and accidentally hurt that human’s cheek.


He also didn’t know why he had stared at that wound for a long time, and there was an unprecedented sense of panic spreading in His heart.

It hadn’t completely subsided yet.

He still felt sad and lost because the human averted his gaze.


The idol fell into confused thoughts.


It must be because He hated humans so much that He hated to even see humans getting hurt, and he didn’t like to see humans not looking at Him.

Taking down the trap was also to k*ill the other self first, He just didn’t want to k*ill the human first.

Yeah, that was right. That was it.

The insane idol was so convinced that He didn’t seem to realize in the slightest that these reasons were illogical.

Oh yeah, the wound was bleeding.

It hurt when a human bled, didn’t it?

Wouldn’t that human be sad?

He did look sad at that time.

He didn’t like that human, so He didn’t like to see that human showing a sad expression either.

He wanted to see him smile, but it couldn’t be at His other self.

Just as the idol’s thoughts grew chaotic and unsettling, filling his mind with the way Jiu Shu looked when he was injured, Li Sheng’s hoarse voice suddenly came out.

Vocally, he revealed god’s will to the crowd.


“You are the unclean who is hated by god!”

“My Lord will not spare you! Wait and see! You will soon come to your doom under the judgment of the Lord! Hahaha!”

“Under the light of the god of doom, you will eventually come to an end!”

As he said that, Li Sheng didn’t forget to stare eerily at the butcher and his lover, meaning that he was referring to the two of them.

god had already blacklisted the two of them and was going to ki*ll them at any time.

Because god abhorred them!

The lover beside the butcher looked at him intently, seemingly taking his words seriously.


The originally decorative picture frame by the wall suddenly lost its support and slammed down heavily.

It smashed Li Sheng’s head, which was held high, and he fainted.

Finally, there was no longer any way for him to say words that caused the god to feel inexplicably annoyed.

Moreover, that human was injured just now also because he acted recklessly.

Although He was the one who told him to k*ill the butcher and the humans around him, He didn’t tell him to be so rash that he caused that person to be injured.

That guy was simply a waste!

Didn’t he know that He didn’t like to see humans get hurt?

To actually dare to be so callous, the mere human deserved to be smashed!

The insane idol thought so, not caring in the slightest about this believer who was doing His will.

He only glanced at the figure of the black-haired human, as if in fear that he would actually take Li Sheng’s words seriously.

Although that was indeed true.

Inside the church, Lu Yuan, who was still standing on Li Sheng’s back, looked at Li Sheng, who had been hit by a picture frame, and his bandaged face couldn’t be seen for his emotions.


Only after a long time, after confirming that he was no longer capable of hurting his boss, did he release his foot.

He didn’t know why this stranger suddenly rushed out to try and shoot him, and indirectly caused his boss to be injured, but he would never allow his boss to be hurt again.

Thinking like this, Lu Yuan suddenly looked at the idol inside the church again.

Previously, it was because he overly concentrated on looking at the idol that he didn’t notice the person coming behind him, causing his boss to be injured.

The idol in this church was very different from the sacred and majestic god in Lu Yuan’s memory.

Covered in blo*od, He didn’t look like a supreme god, instead He looked like a monster filled with resentment.

And he didn’t know whether it was his own illusion or not, he always felt that the eyes of the idol were looking at him, filled with an unknown malice.

Even the entire church was filled with a hanging atmosphere, an invisible sense of oppression that made his nerves tense.

It actually made Lu Yuan have the illusion that the god of doom really wanted to k*ill him and judge his crimes.

But that crazy stranger who was full of nonsense couldn’t possibly be saying the truth.

He devoutly believed in the god of doom, and obeyed all of His commands, it was impossible for Him to harbor ill will towards him.

Lu Yuan knew that it was probably because he was sick again.

He was sick that was why he felt that others wanted to hurt him, now he even felt that god wanted to hurt him as well.

“The church is a bit of a mess, maybe today is not the right time to come, let’s come back to the church some other time.”

Jiu Shu’s voice interrupted Lu Yuan’s outburst.

He could tell that Lu Yuan’s mood wasn’t quite right.

He knew it should be because he was too close to the god of doom, and there was a certain synchronization between the two’s mental states.

This caused the originally good mental state of Lu Yuan to become not so good as well.

It seemed that the god of doom couldn’t be approached for the time being, and it was still necessary to restore Lu Yuan’s spirit first.


Lu Yuan sniffed, silently withdrawing his gaze on the idol and obediently nodded towards Jiu Shu.

He had always been obedient to the young boss at his side.

What was more, the church was indeed in a mess right now.

The change in the idol had attracted quite a few people to gather around.

The clergymen who had gathered in a circle around the perimeter were puzzled, not knowing how the idol shed tears for a while and then stopped.

But in the face of these miracle-like tears of blo*od, they still prayed more and more devoutly, begging for the god’s’ forgiveness.
The believers also kneeled down and begged for god to show themselves.

As a devout believer, Lu Yuan should have also knelt down in front of the idol and prayed as devoutly as they did.


But he turned around without hesitation at the young boss’s request and left the place.

Only leaving the idol with his back turned to Him.

Looking at his other self, who was obedient to a mere human and as docile as a pet, the idol’s gaze became colder and colder.

He was bviously filled with disgust for this other self that was full of dirty love and desire.

Especially after seeing his other self lowering his head, kissing the human on the cheek, and then they embraced each other as they left the church, the idol exuded an unprecedentedly cold aura.


No one could tell what the idol was thinking, they could only see that the idol was so angry that tiny cracks appeared all around it.

An extremely depressing feeling made the believers surrounding the idol feel like they had a headache and they could only flee the church in a panic.

Li Sheng didn’t know how long it took, but when he finally woke up from his fainting spell, he only saw an empty church and a statue of a god that exuded an eerie aura.

It felt more eerie than before.

Covering his bleeding forehead, Li Sheng shakily got up and endeavored to walk near the idol.


Still full of fervor, he told the god about his devotion to him.

“This time it was just a mistake, next time I will definitely complete the mission!”


After saying that, Li Sheng saw the idol in front of him once again shed tears of blo*od and let out a rustling murmuring sound.

Li Sheng listened carefully to the god’s guidance and felt that this time, the god’s voice smoothed out a bit, much better than the previous lurching.

However, after listening to the god’s words, he again felt that perhaps it was not as good as before.

[Not allowed–]

[Hurt humans-]

“But, but the butcher and his lover are both humans ah ……”

Li Sheng’s expression was filled with confusion, he didn’t know if he had heeded the wrong meaning.


[No harm allowed–]

[Or else you–]


He didn’t want to see that human get hurt.

“So, I shouldn’t k*ill the butcher and the lover beside him?”



“So, hurt them?”

[No harm allowed-]


Li Sheng stared blankly at the idol.

For the first time, he realized that god was indeed crazy, crazy as hell.

Speaking without any logic to speak of, typical crazy talk.

There was also the sudden realization that he had previously been seriously following through with the guidelines of a madman, when he himself was also a madman who had just escaped from a mental institution.

Li Sheng felt something subtle when he thought about this.

He felt like something wasn’t right, could this really save the world?
And just as Li Sheng and the idol were staring at each other like this, and the atmosphere fell into dead silence, sirens suddenly sounded outside the church.


The police had come to arrest Li Sheng.

For illegal gu*n possession and attempted murder.



A bewildered Li Sheng only heard these two last words given by god before he was dragged away by the police.

His tone was cold and abnormal.

Soon, only the statue of god was left standing alone in the church.

Now only He could personally k*ill His other self.

But His power was still imprisoned right now, and He couldn’t leave the church for the time being.

The god of doom became a bit annoyed.

His power was too vast, and now that He was blocked by the world barrier, He couldn’t even enter, or else He wouldn’t have needed to use the power of a mere human believer to realize His plan to k*ill.

He could only wait until the power of His own body penetrated in before He could leave the church.

But perhaps there was another way, and that was to communicate through the idol just as He had done with Li Sheng before.

The god of Doom knew that his other self was a devout follower of the god of doom and must have an idol on him.

Perhaps then he could talk to him and make him commit su-icide!

The god of doom felt that He had thought of a clever ploy.

So He began to listen to the sounds of prayers in the surroundings, focusing on searching for information about His other self, but He didn’t find any for a long time.

It wasn’t until nightfall that He finally heard some sounds of prayer.

Inside the hotel at this time.

Sitting at the table, Lu Yuan was looking at his bandaged face in the mirror.

Pale fingers touched his face, and after a long time, he lowered his hand.

god hadn’t yet forgiven him for his sins.

But he had tried to obey god’s orders lately, yet god never seemed to favor him.

Lu Yuan remembered what he had seen when he went to the church during the day, the bleeding idol and the narrowed eyes, as if they were filled with malice towards him.

It should be an illusion.

He had a lot of strange hallucinations every time he was sick, only this time it had turned out to be a hallucination about the god of doom.

He was a devout follower of the god of Doom, obeying all of god’s commands and doing whatever he was told.

If god really knew him, then surely he would forgive him for all his sins.

Thinking of this, Lu Yuan then remembered that it seemed like he hadn’t prayed for a long time.


He took out the souvenir he bought from the church neighborhood today, a small idol.

Closing his eyes, Lu Yuan began to say his routine prayer.

Praying that god would forgive his sins and allow him to become like a normal person.

That way, he would be able to accompany his boss more without fear.


It wasn’t out of love or desire, he just wanted to give his boss the best experience possible out of his duty as a staff.

An ugly, hideous animal would be highly incompatible with his beautiful young boss.

Even if he was only fond of the body, his boss would surely only feel disgusted if he knew he had such an ugly head.

Lu Yuan performed his prayers in silence, just like countless times in the past.

He had never gotten an answer from god, but he still did it every time.

As if expecting a miracle.

And today, it seemed that a miracle really did happen.


Lu Yuan’s tall body froze for a moment, and he opened his eyes, wondering if the voice was a hallucination of his own.

But immediately after, the voice continued.



The illusory voice was filled with malice and resentment.

But for believers, the voice coming through the idol was always full of compulsion.

It made him want to obey god’s every command.

It also made him realize in an instant that this could never be an illusion, and that it was indeed god responding to him.

Looking at the idol in his hand, Lu Yuan’s pupils slowly dilated and his eyes became increasingly hollow.

He was already mentally unstable, and under the stimulation of the sound, he once again became mentally unstable.

Tinnitus sounded in his ears, and the world in front of him began to distort, strewn with blo*od and flesh.

As a devout follower of the god of doom, he had to follow all of god’s orders.

Even if it meant he had to die.

Thinking like this, Lu Yuan stretched out his slightly trembling hand to cover his bandage-wrapped face.

He felt that sticky bl*ood was falling out of the cracks of the bandage.

It was his ugly head rotting and stinking.

Tick-tock – it was the sound of bl*ood dripping onto the tabletop, and the sound of his fingertips digging deeply into the flesh of his eye sockets.

“Lu Yuan, what are you looking at?”

Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around his neck, and the cheek pressed against the nape of Lu Yuan’s neck was as delicate and moving as porcelain.

Instantly, it broke the compelling voice that kept echoing in Lu Yuan’s ears.

Lu Yuan was stunned, he wanted to respond to his young boss, but the he didn’t dare let go of the palms of covering his face, fearing that all that sticky, rotting bl*ood would seep out.

There was no way to hide his ugly face.

“Let go, don’t push any harder.”

The young boss’s voice took on a soothing tone, his fingertips caressing over Lu Yuan’s cheeks.

Lu Yuan’s ears still vaguely heard the voice that compelled him to commit su-icide, but feeling the boss’s fingertips caressing his cheek, his collapsed sanity gradually smoothed out again.


Still teetering on the edge of collapse, he could only repeat over and over in his mind neurotically.

He couldn’t die for the time being, it wasn’t that he was going against god’s guidance, he just hadn’t completed his duties as an employee yet.

After sensing Lu Yuan’s thoughts, the compelling voice in his ears suddenly became annoyed.


It even began to say [Give me–]

[I’ll come – you k*ill yourself -]

He’d finish the job for him and take care of that human.

Only death was the best place for the vile and disgusting Him.

He’d take his place and finish the job-


Lu Yuan, who was still trying to resist the compulsion, suddenly crushed the idol in his hand.

“What’s wrong?”

“…… Nothing.” Lu Yuan lowered his eyes expressionlessly, not daring to let his boss see the residual madness in his eyes.


He just had another hallucination.

The hallucination pretended to be god.



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