C60 —— [2.23 —– The Rose Manor]


What a load of crap!



It was complete nonsense!



Having been falsely accused for no reason, both Black Norman and Norman swelled with anger at the same time, and at the same time looked uneasily at Jiu Shu.



Fearing that he would really believe Reid’s nonsense.



Especially Black Norman.



He was the one most afraid of being misunderstood.




So afraid that even his main body hidden in the ground was trembling slightly.



Once, when he was still alive, he was so arrogant that he did not pay attention to anyone in the world. He thought that the world was a vulgar place that only cared about beautiful appearance.




Although he was old and ugly, he had a more noble soul than them.



After his return to his youthful appearance, he became more and more complacent, not caring about those ridiculous rumors circulating in the manor and the territory.



After all, in his opinion, they were just the snarling of the vulgar world, not enough to make him pay attention.



He could have found out what was going on in his domain, after all, the Imperial Emperor’s tactics were not so clever, rather it was childish and ridiculous upon a moment’s reflection.



But his arrogance made him arrogant.



He focused on his own appearance, not caring about the affairs of the territory or the international storm, and only woke up when he was betrayed by his own family.


He still remembered the way the Imperial Emperor sent soldiers to surround his estate.



Led by Reid and Julie, the housekeepers and servants, who he was sure of their loyalty, all looked at him with icy faces and criticized him to the core with many trumped up charges.



He just straightened his spine as always, defying these ignorant people.



The pride in his bones made him absolutely refuse to admit that he had never done anything and that those dead girls had nothing to do with him.



But the mouths of the people were full.



The moment the trial was handed down, countless peasants with farming tools also clapped their hands outside the manor.



It was as if they only remembered his atrocious crimes, forgetting that he had stopped the other nobles from enclosing their lands and prevented them from driving the peasants out of their territories.




Everyone looked at him with a hateful gaze, every pair of eyes were cold and abnormal.



It wasn’t until that moment that Black Norman realized that it wasn’t that he didn’t care about the gazes of others.



He just cared too much.



Underneath the extreme arrogance was an inferiority complex that he couldn’t hide.



No one believed him when he was misunderstood, when he couldn’t defend himself.



He was ostracized from the crowd, and all that was left was the disgust and curses that echoed in his ears.



The loneliness and bewilderment of that moment, he would never forget.



Was everything going to repeat itself again?



Black Norman looked at Jiu Shu in front of him, countless black hollow eyes trembling, he seemed to want to say something, his mouths opened and closed but couldn’t send a sound.



He could only watch as Jiu Shu looked at Reid with interest, at the human who had caused his tragic death.



He didn’t dare to speak, nor did he dare to make a slight movement.



He was afraid that the next moment he would be greeted by his lover’s cold eyes, just like those humans who had judged him.



The kind of eyes that – as if they were looking at something filthy and dirty.



Inside the corridor.



Looking at Jiu Shu casting an interested look, Reid seemed to get even more agitated, his face flushed with a drunken flushed color.



Continuing to impassionedly say bad things about the old Count.



He seemed to like to say bad things about the old count, as if this could relieve his inner anger and depression.



In his words, the old count was ugly in both character and appearance, and was a complete monster.



He was not only a womanizer but also a brutalizer.




To both Julie and the other maids in the estate, and he was once furious when several maids fought fiercely and beat them all over before throwing them out of the estate.


“Yeah? You saw it with your own eyes?”



Jiu Shu’s voice was calm, the blue pupils reflecting Reid’s increasingly nervous face.



“Not with my own eyes, but that’s what everyone in the manor says, and I’ve seen a few beaten and bruised maids thrown out of the manor.”



Reid choked for a moment, then replied with forced composure.



[False! All of them are fake!]



[Those maids were thrown out because they stole property! Julie’s stupidity is also unfounded! I didn’t do anything!]



[I didn’t do anything! How could I have ever been attracted to that idiot? They all made it up!]



It was only because he didn’t take the servants in the manor seriously, and didn’t care what they said about him in private, that he didn’t kill these rumors in the cradle, but he didn’t expect that they would become a stumbling block between himself and his love now.



In the thick fog, the grayish-white behemoth seemed to be trembling with anger, each eye staring deathly at Reid and desperately making rustling, strange noises.



Knowing that His lover couldn’t hear Him, He kept slamming His tentacles into the pitch-black behemoth beside Him.



Telling Him not to play dead, to hurry up with His mouth if He had one, and to quickly tell the truth.



Return his innocence, never let Jiu Shu misunderstand!



Norman believed that no matter which world’s self, they couldn’t possibly look at anyone other than Jiu Shu, much less that stupid thing Julie!



He didn’t want to see Jiu Shu misunderstand Himself, it would make His heart ache to the point of dying.



It had been so hard to get this far, how could He give up just because of a few slurs from Reid!






Black Norman’s pitch-black colored main body was slapped by the thick and heavy tentacles with a thud, trembling like jelly for a few times, even his eyes with his mouth were almost shattered by Norman’s unrelenting force.



But He stayed where He was as if He didn’t feel it, not saying a word as He kept his timid appearance.



Norman looked in shock at this other self who seemed to be still indulging in jealousy.



Now was not the time for jealousy at all; if misunderstood, His lover could leave without a second thought.



Unable to comprehend the foolishness of his other self, Norman became even more angry and trembled even more.



It was as if his eyes were being shaken off, and due to His body becoming more and more massive in the mist, the entire castle trembled slightly with His movements.



The shivering maids and housekeepers in the castle, including Clance and his party who were still lost in the corridors were all scared and crouched down, thinking it was an earthquake.







Jiu Shu seemed to chuckle softly.



Reid looked at the smile on Jiu Shu’s face and didn’t see the meaning in it, and laughed along.



The look of infatuation on his face caused his face to redden, and the words he uttered became more and more exaggerated, “I know, you must be a candidate in this manor, right? Don’t worry, when the old count dies, I will give you a place to stay.”






Jiu Shu withdrew his gaze and turned his head to Norman in front of him, reaching out to caress His aggrieved and trembling grayish-white tentacles, no longer teasing the two love-starved behemoths.



“Okay, don’t be sad, of course I trust you, I wouldn’t trust anyone else.”



Jiu Shu’s voice was soft with a mesmerizing smile.



The tentacle trembled and immediately wrapped itself tightly around its lover’s arm, circle after circle, the force compact wasn’t heavy, but it revealed a strong sense of unease and attachment.



“…… Who are you, talking to?”



Reid froze and stammered as he looked at Jiu Shu who suddenly smiled softly into the mist.
He seemed to finally sense that something was wrong, and the pain at his temples intensified, as if signaling some ominous change was about to happen.



“Of course, I only trust Norman.”

Ignoring Reid, the raucous hero behind him, Jiu Shu continued to smile and reassure an uneasy Norman until Reid could no longer stand the immense psychological pressure and screamed out, “Who the hell are you talking to!”


“Come on!”


Reid nervously reached out his hand, trying to yank the beautiful young man in front of him with his unusual demeanor.


In the next moment it felt like he was being blocked by countless ropes.


And close by, underneath the blonde hair, a grayish-white tentacle poked out and opened its mouth covered in spiral jagged teeth in Reid’s direction, corrosive mucus pulling at its teeth in a ghastly and lurid manner.



“What? What is this!!!”



Reid looked at the tentacle in horror, almost thinking that the beautiful youth in front of him was a devil changed to compel the world.
The youth didn’t answer, and still seemed to be having a conversation with someone, looking warm and eerie.



Reid didn’t know what was happening.



He only felt that the manor seemed to have become strange in an instant, and the invisible fear that had been isolated from his spirit finally seeped into his brain.



His eyes widened and his body trembled unknowingly as he saw the youth not far away smile and finally answer his previous question.



“Of course I’m talking to my love.”



Turning his head, the youth’s snow-white face still wore a smile if nothing else, as if he was just responding to the question in a very plain manner.



Whew – the wind from nowhere blew away the thick fog that stretched out in front of him.



Reid finally saw Jiu Shu’s hand entire body, on his slender waist were entangled grayish-white tentacles, even his shoulders and arms were swimming with tentacles.

Reid was so terrified that he couldn’t make a sound, he thought he had met the devil, and this beautiful youth was the devil’s manifestation.



But in the next second, when he moved his eyes up in the direction of the tentacles, only then did he see the truth.



The truth of this world.






A small, strange sound came from his ears, and the corners of Reid’s eyes almost split open as blood oozed out, coloring his vision scarlet.



And in the midst of this scarlet vision were large swathes of eyes, pitch black and grayish-white interspersed with countless hollow eyes staring at him, covering everything as far as the eye could see.



Those gently writhing semi-solid liquids spread inside the castle, and as far as the eye could see, the entire castle seemed to have turned into the interior of some behemoth’s body, filled with body tissues that bulged like He was breathing.



And he was the tiny mole cricket that had mistakenly entered it and was about to be digested and gnawed by these liquids.




“As well, everything you just said is a rumor, Norman, he didn’t do anything.”




“You should be duly punished for your lies.”



The youth’s voice was light, but contained a chilling coolness.



Reid moved his eyes dully to Jiu Shu, his mind blank as he looked at the human who was incredibly close to the unnamable being.




At this moment when he was about to go completely insane, it was as if he understood everything, his previous foolishness and the true horror.



It turned out that there really was a god existing in this world, and it was that old count who had always been loathed by him.



And the youth not far away that made his heart flutter was the extremely beautiful Angus in Julie’s mouth.



It was indeed as she said, beautiful as illusion.



But why?



Why would he fall in love with a monster-like god, and why would a god fall in love with a human?



Reid didn’t understand, and he didn’t have a chance to.


After being exposed to too many hidden secrets that humans shouldn’t know, he had completely lost his mind.



All that could be done was to open his dull eyes wide and let out a piercing scream before fleeing in panic, finally crashing through the hallway’s floor-to-ceiling windows and crashing to the ground.



Amidst the blood, the pain he had never experienced before made him moan in despair, seeing the blonde young man walking along the edge of the corridor not even looking at him, only lowering his head and gently kissing the tentacle on his arm.



Smiling, he said something.



The god was gentle beyond words, very different from the coldness with which he was treated.



It was probably the god that compelled him.



Reid’s last thoughts dissipated into endless madness as increasingly horrific pain spread through his body, even as he desperately wanted to die and rid himself of this unimaginable pain that was unimaginable to normal people.



As if he had been cursed, he wanted to escape, but his broken bones couldn’t move a bit.



He wanted to kill himself, but even though all his flesh was chewed through and rotted, death still did not come.



Only ever-increasing pain flowed through his body, and every inch of bone marrow seemed to be gnawed by ants.



And the punishment was clearly coming from the evil god, not only for those sins he had yet to commit, but also for having spoken ill of him to his lover.



Reid’s appalling wail spread almost throughout the entire manor.






Jiu Shu looked to Norman.



Norman didn’t answer, only wrapped his tentacles a little tighter, as if he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to garner some more affection.



Jiu Shu indulged His tentacles and raised his eyes to look at Black Norman, who had been following carefully on the other side.



It seemed that from the moment Reid appeared, Black Norman had become unusually silent, silent in a way that was the opposite of what he had been before.



Only the tentacles were still circling around him, exposing the uneasiness and panic within.






His voice softened a bit and reached out to touch Black Norman’s pitch-black tentacles.



The timid tentacle flinched back the moment it was touched.



But then, as if it was afraid of being hated by its lover, it immediately stretched back and wrapped around Jiu Shu’s wrist.



Not too long and not too short, it wrapped around in a circle, like a pitch-black bracelet.



He didn’t dare to be as wanton as Norman, just such a contact made Him satisfied.



But His pitch-black eyes stared unblinkingly at Jiu Shu from a place where he couldn’t see.



Yet none of them dared to meet his eyes, as if they were afraid of seeing some emotions they couldn’t bear appearing in them.



“In fear of being misunderstood?”


Jiu Shu poked at the most disturbing part of Black Norman’s heart.



He knew that no matter which disciplinary target it was, they had their own inferiority complex, even if they hid it well, it would come out inadvertently.



This was the case now.



If he didn’t calm him down properly, he would probably hide and cry.



Although Black Norman didn’t seem to be a big crybaby.



Jiu Shu thought helplessly.



When Black Norman was faced with his gentle touch, his countless pairs of pitch-black eyes finally summoned up the courage to meet Jiu Shu’s clear blue eyes.



In those eyes there was no indifference, no aversion, there was only a soft love that could not be seen in one glance.



The warmth was so overwhelming.



“In this world, the person I trust the most is Norman, and will always be only Norman.”



Jiu Shu’s gentle affirmation pierced Black Norman’s most fragile heart.


For a moment, it was as if Black Norman had returned to the past when he was pierced through the chest by countless pairs of cold eyes, only this time, there was a soft palm holding his hand.



Never letting go again.






The dark-colored behemoth shuddered, its tentacles swinging uncontrollably and haphazardly in the mist.

Jiu Shu curved his eyes, seeing Black Norman’s overwhelmed appearance, and held out his hand toward Him.



“Want a hug?”


Jiu Shu coaxed softly, like waiting for a scaly stray dog to voluntarily remove its defenses and approach.



In the mist, Black Norman hugged Jiu Shu.



Countless tentacles carefully encircled his body, and every eyeball spread across it looked at the beautiful lover in his arms, writhing liquidly.



He didn’t ooze tears like Norman, but it was as if a sentiment heavier than tears filled the air.



But the next second.





More water ran down the walls.
Jiu Shu paused, helplessly freeing an arm and reaching out in Norman’s direction.


“Come for a hug?”



Snap- The huge, wet, grayish-white figure squeezed into the embrace and managed to soak both of Jiu Shu’s jackets.



“It tickles.”



Jiu Shu couldn’t help but laugh out loud as he was tickled by Norman’s sudden approaching tentacles.



And as if this inspired Norman, more tentacles came over and kept occupying positions on him.



Only Black Norman was a bit more stable.


Jiu Shu had just thought that, when in the next moment, Black Norman’s tentacles unobtrusively squeezed Norman’s tentacles off and replaced them with his own.





It looked like it was going to be a quick fusion, both of them were becoming more and more childish.



Jiu Shu had a bit of a headache.



Meanwhile, Clance and his group, who were walking through the manor, followed Reid’s screams and came nearby.



They watched the nearby fog with very low visibility with trepidation, wondering what had happened to Reid to make such miserable cries.



As they made their way forward, they walked past a room and suddenly noticed a gap in it that appeared to have been left by someone snooping around.


There was someone in the room.



Clances’ complexion was aghast, and after making a gesture to the crowd he carefully approached, opening the door to the room only to realize that it was a middle-aged man hiding in the corner of the room and shivering.




Probably in his fifties, with a pale and nervous appearance, he seemed to be driven mad by this manor as well.



“Wait, this seems to be the butler in the manor, I’ve seen his picture before!” Jack had also done a detailed investigation before coming here.



At least he knew the likenesses of all the important people in the manor, of course, except for that Angus who was claimed to be exceptionally beautiful.



He’d only seen a family group photo of him before he’d entered the manor, and he didn’t seem to be a big deal, gray and unimpressive.



Clance looked puzzled at the words and pulled out the journal in his arms, asking the butler in a hushed voice if what was in it was true or not.



“True? Probably true.” The butler replied numbly.



After experiencing all the chaos of today, he was already numb to this world, whether it was the twisted and deformed room, or the mournful screams coming from afar.



It was nothing in this increasingly terrifying manor.



Angus falling in love with the old count and the old count turning into a monster had become normal in the butler’s opinion, it didn’t matter if it was true or not.



Clance looked at this butler who had obviously lost his sanity and was on the verge of a breakdown, and a hint of despair flashed in his eyes.



Sure enough, this journal was written under the influence of an evil god, and the so-called Angus being loved by an evil god was simply a falsehood.



Those forlorn hopes dispersed as well.



The future of them, and indeed all of humanity, was already doomed.



Destruction was the end of everything.



“…… Forget it, let’s go.”



There was no point in asking any further.



Clance walked out of the room with a wooden expression, and behind him, the others who were still chasing after the butler also showed despair, but still refused to give up and kept questioning the butler.



Whether all that was true or not.
And the butler was just talking to himself like a madman, saying things that people couldn’t understand.



Only the crazy teammate seemed to be shaking like crazy as if he understood, his face all squished together in a way that made it impossible to tell if he was trying to cry or laugh.



“Cackle-” he convulsed, looking out of the room into the corridor as if trying to call out to Clance, who was walking away, but couldn’t control his body and could only
fainted in ecstasy.



“Useless ……”



“Oh …… finally came this far ……”



Clance laughed at his own delusion, to have that ridiculous idea before, what with sacrificing Angus to the Evil god, it was really a slip of the tongue!



“Hahahaha-” he let out an insane, maniacal laugh, but it was sad in the extreme.


For himself, and for the future of humanity.



No one could stop the Evil god, humanity was finished, everything was finished!



It was all mankind’s own fault. If it wasn’t for forcing the old Count to die, how could the Evil god’s heir have been born.



If it wasn’t for their insatiable desire to explore this forbidden human zone, the Evil Heir would not have been released.



It was all their own doing, the humans’ own doing!



Clance fell to his knees, crying and laughing.



He didn’t know how far he had come, only that he had been able to wait to die, to wait for the Evil god’s Heir to find him and bestow his doomed death.


“It’s a bit noisy outside.”



Suddenly, a troubled male voice appeared in Clance’s ears.



He froze for a moment, feeling that the voice was unusually nice, as if it had some unique magic power making him unable to resist lifting his head and looking in the direction from which the voice came.



A room door blocked his sight.



And immediately after, the door of the room was opened, and someone seemed to walk out in the mist, his tall figure was hidden in the mist, and he couldn’t see his whole face.



One could only see the blonde semi-long hair that was tied up by a hairband, falling down to the side of the ear, showing off his white neck, even if one couldn’t see his face one could still feel an aura of beauty to the extreme.



“Never mind, it’s ready anyway, let’s go.”



The azure eyes seemed to faintly sweep over the kneeling Clance, turning away in an instant and walking past him without a care in the world, hidden into the thick fog.



Clance stared blankly at the man’s fading back, his expression dumbfounded, for a long time before his eyes snapped open, his lips trembling and unable to make a sound.



He could only make a dry “cackle” like his crazy teammate.



He had seen.



Or rather, he was seen.



Seen by god.



On the body of that extremely beautiful young man, countless entangled tentacles were intertwined, and following those tentacles, he saw the shadow that was so huge that he couldn’t see the edge of the sky.



Black and white were crowded together, huge, terrifying, and eerie to the extreme.



But the tentacles they placed on the youth had a softness and docility that did not match that horrible figure, and no matter how much the youth touched them, they did not get angry, nor did they emit ear-piercing wails.



Surprisingly, some were like domesticated pets, so obedient that they could only pray for their owner’s favor.



He loved his master to the bone, and even pulled out his sharp claws and teeth for this reason, just to win more favor from his master.



Clance shuddered, creeped out by his own inappropriate analogy.



How could an evil god become a pet, He would only fall in love with a human.


“……” Clance pinched himself and half collapsed to the floor, only to let out a dementia-like moan that sounded like a cry.



He finally understood the meaning of “two”.



Both in the past and in the future, the old count was in love with Angus.



Perhaps even this time travel was the evil god’s intention, just to see the one he loved.



Then, there was no need for them to do anything more, because He had gotten what He wanted to get.



Because He had fallen in love with Angus.




The evil god actually did fall in love with a human.



But Angus was indeed a human who was beautiful to the core, and perhaps that was why even the Evil god couldn’t help but fall in love with him.



He should have been….



Clance, who should have been happy that he was finally saved, suddenly lowered his head, not daring to think any further.



Because he knew, that kind of disappointment should not appear.



If the evil god knew about it, his fate would only be even more miserable than before.



Even if Angus was indeed too beautiful for him to forget.



On the other side, inside the manor.



In the midst of the fog, no one noticed two huge shadows looming in the mist, waving countless ghastly tentacles with teeth and claws.


It was as if they were drawing on the souls of all the humans in the shroud of fog.


“Alright, the spell formation has been drawn.”



Jiu Shu looked at the huge pattern of the spell formation within the manor’s flower garden and appreciatively touched the tentacles of the two punishment objects.



They were a big help, he wouldn’t have been able to finish painting such a huge spell formation if he had to rely on himself alone.



Of course this was also due to the excessive size of the two of them.



Norman, who was being stroked, seemed a bit drained, after all, it didn’t feel good to have dug his own grave with his own hands.



Would He still be Him if He fused?



Both Norman and Black Norman were thinking about this.



The tentacles were also wilting and listless, unable to pull themselves together even with all the soothing of Jiu Shu.



Aside from still being jealous, they were all depressed.






The grayish-white tentacle wilted and snapped off the pitch-black tentacle hovering around Jiu Shu’s waist, before being listlessly snapped off again by the black tentacle on his shoulder.






Jiu Shu watched this scene silently, pondering for a long time.



In the end, he decided to break them down one by one.


After all, the spell still needed to be voluntary, and if it wasn’t, he was afraid that accidents would happen.



“Only after becoming one can we live more happily together.”


“Norman must not want to become lonely again!” Jiu Shu kissed Black Norman.



Black Norman’s dark eyes quivered and he made a good-natured inorganic sound.





“Not alone.”



Even if He didn’t fuse, He wasn’t alone now, because He had Jiu Shu by his side.



He just needed to find the time to do away with his other self and have it all.


Far better than being passively fused together.



Because He couldn’t be sure how much of His own body’s consciousness would remain if He wasn’t actively devouring it.



“It will be more complete after becoming one-”








There seemed to be aggravation in the inorganic mass’s voice.



He felt complete now, what wasn’t complete was the short crybaby next to Him.



Let Him swallow Him in one bite right now, and He would be complete.


“…… Don’t get any ideas in your mind.”



Jiu Shu helplessly stopped the bloody mouth that was secretly opening on Black Norman’s tentacles.



Black Norman’s body was considerably larger than Norman’s, and one bite was perfectly doable.



But that wasn’t what Jiu Shu wanted to see.



“…… “Seeing that Black Norman wasn’t very persuasive, Jiu Shu looked to Norman next to him.



A big white blob who was already crying and leaking.



The tentacles full of eyeballs had almost all turned into showers, as if the end was coming and this was the last moment to get together with the love of his life.



Jiu Shu held his forehead, he never realized that the object of punishment loved to cry so much.
It’d been crying all day and now the castle was all waterlogged and would have to be redecorated when things calmed down.



And now He was watering the flowers.



Jiu Shu looked at the already soaked and wilted roses around him and blinked.



“There, no more crying.”


Jiu Shu stepped forward and hugged Norman’s oozing body, feeling like he was holding a large ball of water, and from time to time it would wiggle, giving him no chance to even get angry.



He sighed and his expression became a bit gloomy, in fact, forcing it was fine, but the reluctance in the heart of the punishment targets would still affect the effect of the spell.



“I just want a complete lover ……”


“Seems like a hard thing to do.”
The sad-faced lover caused both behemoths to stiffen at the same time, their respective tentacles tangling together somewhat.


No one wanted to see their lover with a sad face, and He would give anything to get a smile from Jiu Shu.



“I want to do the most intimate things with a complete lover, live together in a quiet manor, and live in peace and happiness forever until the end of my life.”


Jiu Shu spoke of the deepest vision of happiness that the subjects of discipline wished for, and raised his eyes to the two objects of discipline.


And he knew that They saw his intentions.





In the mist, it seemed that the two behemoths silently walked within the confines of the spell.


Even though they saw the purpose of their lover’s words, He chose to walk into the spell.
Jiu Shu’s expression became much softer, and tiny slits grew on the pitch-black colored tentacles that poked out from the spell, emitting inorganic sounds.









“Yes, the most intimate thing, the thing I only do with Norman.”

He kissed Black Norman, who was most afraid of loneliness.



He had been underground for eighty years, and the years had only made him more afraid of loneliness, and even though he had never said it out loud, Jiu Shu had always been able to see that he was afraid of returning to the other world.


Another world without Jiu Shu.



So, even if it was fusion, as long as He could become less lonely, He would do whatever it took.



He hadn’t done anything intimate with his beloved Jiu Shu yet, and anything more intimate than kissing was a blank to Him.



He longed to be close to Jiu Shu, but was also afraid that He wouldn’t be able to retain consciousness.



Even though He had split His consciousness countless times and fused it together countless times.



But this time, He was extraordinarily afraid.



Fear of loss.




Especially loss after having gained happiness, just imagining it could bring Him to the brink of madness, and He no longer wanted to return to that endless madness.



“No, no matter which Norman is gone, I love Norman, every Norman.”


Hearing Jiu Shu’s words of love, the Black Norman seemed to finally be satisfied as He pressed Himself against he cheek as if it were a kiss before slowly moving back into the spell.



He looked to the grayish-white tentacles on his arm, entwined more thickly than Black Norman, revealing his inner turmoil.



The very insecure Norman didn’t speak, He would only express His emotions in the simplest of ways.






Jiu Shu similarly kissed Norman’s tentacles, whispering softly and comfortingly as if he could hear the rustling noise Norman was making, “Okay, after the fusion, whatever you ask for will be granted, including those most intimate things.”






Inside the phalanx, Black Norman, who understood Norman’s words, threw an incredulous look towards Norman.



It was as if they couldn’t believe what unashamed words He had uttered.



To Black Norman, who had never been intimate before, Norman simply had no shame and He had no idea what was going on in his head.





Norman didn’t care about Black Norman’s attitude as He continued to pester Jiu Shu with words that he once dared not say out loud.


He knew that he couldn’t hear, and Jiu Shu who couldn’t hear would only agree without hesitation.





“Don’t go too far.”


Jiu Shu looked at the color that was starting to glow red on Norman’s body and knew that He was talking about something less than pure, probably related to the tentacles that were flying haphazardly around His body.





Norman withdrew his tentacles with some aggravation and slowly wormed his way into the spell, staying with his other self.



But even in the final moments of fusion, They still looked at each other with displeasure.


[You frivolous fellow! ] Black Norman snorted lightly.



[Hmph! Don’t be a prude for me!] Norman replied coldly.



As the same Evil god’s heir, they could synchronize each other’s overly agitated emotions.



Black Norman’s mood swings when he heard those words just now were not small.


[…… Hmph just don’t cry.]



Black Norman finally grunted coldly and stopped talking, the pitch-black colored surface seemed to be vaguely flushed with a blush, just not showing it in front of his other self.






Norman looked at this prude with contempt and also covered his oozing tentacles.



He wasn’t like this guy, He never hid His emotions, because Jiu Shu liked Him best when He was straightforward.






Jiu Shu was a little silent as she looked at the two objects of discipline who were still fighting and whose tentacles were ripping apart but still thought they were invisible.



“Alright, stand still, it’ll be quick.”




With that said, Jiu Shu recited a string of incantations from his notes.



His spell was very simple, in fact, it all relied on just the power of the disciplinary object itself, and a few simple incantations could achieve the best results, much better than bloody devouring.



But the only drawback might be that there would be a certain period of adaptation after fusion, after all, they were two split souls, and there would probably be some collision when they fused together.




But Jiu Shu didn’t expect such a big collision.



After the fog cleared, Jiu Shu looked at the black and white behemoth in front of him, as well as the tentacles that were black and white and fighting with each other, and his expression was stunned for a moment.



“Can you turn into a human?”






Norman re-turned into his human form, perhaps it was the first time he changed and he was a bit unskilled, his face was like unkneaded playdough that would melt and fall off from time to time, and his palms were also in the shape of tentacles.



It took a good moment before he could barely maintain his human form.



“I’m back!”



Norman, who had maintained his human form, seemed a little excited.



He looked to the side where Jiu Shu was standing and suddenly hugged him deeply.



Compared to his previous calmness, the current him was more like the first time he embraced Jiu Shu.



With recklessness and impulsiveness, as well as an elation that was hard to hide.



It seemed to be more on the part of Black Norman.



Jiu Shu thought so, inquiring how Norman was feeling.






Norman gently replied to Jiu Shu, seemingly changing back to the original mature and stable old count.



But in the next second, he saw uncontrolled grayish-white tentacles behind Norman hit him in the face.






The pitch-black colored tentacles were not weak either, knocking the gray-white tentacles off the ground.



Norman, on the other hand, froze for a moment and raised his head to reveal his somewhat crooked cheek that had been hit, seemingly somewhat aggrieved.



The dark pupils of his eyes flashed with water, and it seemed that the instinct to cry made him hug Jiu Shu somewhat uncontrollably, and he didn’t say anything for a long time.




Jiu Shu laughed out softly and tenderly hugged Norman tightly.



Norman had completed the fusion.




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