C59 —- [2.22 — The Rose Manor]


It was a false accusation!



In an instant, Norman threw away the limp chunks of flesh on his tentacles as if it were an electric shock.



Anger caused His grayish-white form to become even more inflated in the mist, but He could only emit a thin sound that couldn’t be heard by humans.



It was Him angrily rebuking Black Norman for his impudence.



Reprimanding him for completely losing the propriety and honor that he once had as a nobleman, or even a human being, and for simply being an ugly and despicable monster.






In the sound of Norman’s rebuke, Black Norman, as if he didn’t hear it, continued to cower, and even hid to the side as if he was afraid.



It seemed He was afraid that Norman would continue to hurt Him.



He was obviously a black giant occupying half of the castle, but at this time He showed puppy-like cowardice.



The tentacles crawling all over the corridor were also entangled together, lying next to the body.



Pitifully shrunk into a ball.






Looking at his pretentious other self, Norman’s body was filled with eyes, all looking at Him eerily.



Each pupil trembled slightly in anger.



A bloody mouth on the tentacles even involuntarily cracked open, revealing the fine sharp serrated teeth, with a ferocious look as if they were about to start a killing spree.



Black Norman looked at Norman’s behavior, and didn’t confront him as before.


But instead, he continued to speak with countless openings growing on his body.



“Good boy.”


“I’m good.”


Wailing in general, it seemed to be so weak that it didn’t even have the strength to open its mouth covered in sharp teeth to confront Norman.



Norman became more and more furious by Black Norman’s anger, wanting to tell this shameless person that Jiu Shu wouldn’t be compelled by such hypocritical tricks of His.



His lover would only trust Him!



However, in the next second, Jiu Shu’s voice rang out.



“Norman, stop.”



Norman violently stopped the tentacles that were about to tear into Black Norman, overwhelmed by anger, He seemed to have finally realized that His lover had been standing beside Him all along.



Witnessing the scene of Him trying to hurt Black Norman.






Norman stiffened and subconsciously tried to explain, but forgot that his beloved couldn’t hear his voice at all.



He could only watch as Jiu Shu skipped past him and went to the fake Black Norman next to him.



He gently touched that black ugly thing.



“Does it hurt?”



Jiu Shu’s platinum blonde hair hung down, only revealing the lower half of his face, He couldn’t see his specific expression.



He only saw his fingertips slightly sink in black Norman’s smooth and moist epidermis, gently caressing the edge of the wound that was torn open and had a hole.



His movement was very light, almost careful.



He seemed to be afraid of hurting Him.



“It hurts, no.”



“It doesn’t hurt.”



The inorganic voice spoke carefully, as if it didn’t want to worry Jiu Shu, but couldn’t help the pain.



In the end, he could only move closer with his pitch-black tentacles, gently pressing them against the warmth of his lover’s body, drawing on the body heat that mesmerized Him.



Jiu Shu didn’t reject these tentacles.





Norman looked at what was in front of him with disbelief.



Each eye shook violently, and droplets of water condensed from the heavy mist, turning into a constant stream on the walls of the corridor.


He wept uncontrollably.



And yet His lover was still comforting his other self.



Was it just because of those wounds?



But clearly He didn’t do it, it was all that bastard’s own bite!


The grayish-white behemoth seemed to swell up in aggression, and liquid that smelled like seawater continued to ooze from its surface, soaking the walls around it and soaking the soles of Jiu Shu’s shoes.




[It’s not me! It wasn’t me!]



[He did it Himself!]




Norman kept explaining so, but his lover couldn’t hear him at all, still comforting the culprit, Black Norman.






Water also began to continuously seep down from the ceiling of the castle.



On Norman’s huge body that was spread all over the walls and ceilings of the entire manor, white semi-solid eyeballs all trembled and dripped down bundles and bundles of water.



The entire castle seemed to be under a torrential rain, soaking the floors and carpets in seawater that smelled like the sea, making them muddy.



And at this moment, in another corner of the castle.



Reid’s group became a bit off after experiencing the inexplicable icy cold feeling just now.



Everyone’s expression became suspicious, not knowing exactly what had happened, but also scared because of it, as if they could feel some nameless terrifying existence hidden in the manor.



Terrifying beyond the most extreme human cognition.



The fainted crazy teammate also finally woke up at this time.



It was just in time for Reid to go on a rampage, saying that he wanted to part ways with them, the lunatics.



“I can gather incriminating evidence just by myself! You crazy people! Even if there is a god in this world, it can’t be that old thing, the old count!”



Reid’s formerly well-groomed black hair was in disarray, his eyes were glaring extremely wide, he nervously clenched his teeth and hatefully cursed these teammates who would only whisper crazy words in his ears, and after that he turned around and walked away without any hesitation.



The crowd watched his distant back and didn’t follow.




Instead, their expressions were all a bit numb, as if their essence had been crushed by the inexplicable feeling of fear at that moment just now.



Only Clance was still barely able to raise his spirits, telling the crowd to ignore Reid.



“He’s probably already been infected by the Evil god, that Evil god’s heir does have this ability to make humans who are close to Him become more and more insane, and this is simply caused by Him unintentionally leaking out His breath.”



“Heh, compared to a god, humans are just so fragile.”



“Even myself, I don’t know if I’m still sane now, or if I went crazy long ago, when the fog came to the city I was in ……”



“The world has also long since drowned in the mists of the evil god’s heir ……”


Clance’s voice grew lower and lower and his eyes trembled slightly as he seemed to recall the past.



It took a long time before he was soothed by his teammate next to him.



The crazy teammate stood beside Clance and didn’t look at the men.



He just raised his head dully, looking at the ceiling of the castle for a while, and then looking down at the floor under his feet.



No one knew what he was looking at, but could only see his increasingly fearful expression and the strange “cackling” sound in his throat.



The look was one of complete nervousness.



“Come on, go find Angus …… if he really exists.” Clance looked numbly at the journal in his hands and lifted his steps forward.



On what was written in the journal, the old count’s obsession with Angus had reached a level of near insanity.



The more Clance read it, the more ridiculous he felt.



Especially after the inexplicable feeling of fear that had just overwhelmed him, that idea that had still felt reliable gradually faltered.


He began to think that perhaps the butler had been influenced by the evil god’s heir and had also become insane.


That was why he had written these heavenly words.



Obsessed and deeply in love, could such words really appear in an evil god’s heir?



Would that grotesque and horrifying existence that had been locked up in the ground for eighty years and could only emit wailing sounds of pain really care about a human that like a mole cricket, treating it like a treasure and loving it to the point of insanity?



Clance’s eyes fluttered, as if the memory of the bloated, grotesque shadow covered in mossy, slippery mold appeared before his eyes again.


Fear, trembling, creepiness, that was all he felt at that time.



To this day, it was still the same.


Clance looked at his subconsciously trembling legs and palms, his face pale.



But things had come to this point, and there was nothing to do but to keep going.


Before death came, he could only go for the last hope.



The crowd just kept walking forward.



But they didn’t know the exact location of Angus, and could only search from corridor to corridor, groping in the outstretched mists, aimlessly in general.



It soon sapped what patience the crowd had left.



Some were even beginning to wonder, as Reid had, whether the god Clance had spoken of existed at all.



Clance ignored their inquiries and simply walked forward.


Until his nose caught the familiar smell of seawater, and his face turned extremely ugly.




There seemed to be the sound of torrential rain pouring down.



Excluding the three people from the science team, everyone else inevitably became a little curious.



It was unknown how there could be such a heavy smell of the sea within the castle, as well as those loud sounds of water flowing.



It was almost like the sound of a turbulent river in the mountains.



They walked a little closer, and only after the mists cleared slightly did they realize that it was a column of water that was falling from the ceiling.



Beam after beam, it kept flowing downwards like a reservoir opening its gates.



“Has this castle fallen into disrepair? Is it leaking? Is it storming outside?”



The bald man stepped forward in disbelief, and before Clance’s’ blocking voice could fall, he had stepped into a muddy corridor.



The walls and floors were soaked with water, the seawater flooded up to his ankles, and the feeling of stepping on it was wet and soft and strange.



The bald man stopped in his tracks, not knowing what he felt, he subconsciously raised his head and looked at the oozing ceiling above his head.



Under the agitation of the water flow, the fog gradually receded.



The human’s sight could see the source of those streams of water on the ceiling and walls without any obstruction.



–One grayish-white eye after another.



Growing densely like barnacles, they covered the ceiling of the castle.



There were no eyelids, only empty pupils that quivered and continuously leaked seawater.






The bald man let out a voice-breaking scream, stepping into madness in this unspeakable horror.



His body collapsed to the floor with a limp, and his line of sight was right on the semi-solid substance swimming underneath the floor.



As if sensing that they were being watched by humans, countless pairs of eyes instantly opened on these grayish-white translucent substances.



Squeezed one by one, they were hollow and frightening.



“!!!” The bald man who stared at the eyeballs for a split second rolled his white eyes and completely lost consciousness.



In the end, he was carefully dragged by his companions and left this muddy area.



The eyeballs, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care about the human’s presence, their pupils didn’t even glance at them and continued to flow in clattering jets of water.



But for the crowd, no one questioned the presence or absence of god any longer.



Quickly bypassing the area, they walked through the castle as they had done earlier.



But this time, the crowd’s expressions became even more wooden, like the walking dead.



Everyone was involuntarily trembling.



“These, how ……”



Jack, who had always loved the occult, also had dull eyes.



He didn’t even dare to turn around, his mind constantly echoing the scene he had just seen.



The castle’s ancient towering ceilings, the opulent wall decorations, the long corridors, the scarlet carpets.



And – the densely packed eyes.



“Don’t think, don’t look back.” Clance’s voice trembled, also doing his best to forget everything that had just happened.



Although he didn’t know why the Evil god’s heir was here, all they, the humans, could do was to stay away.




The farther away the better, before they were discovered by Him.

At that, Jack swallowed back his next words, trembling and lowering his head, not daring to think anymore.


Being well versed in the occult, he was naturally well aware that humans sometimes had to be careful when confronting the gods, and Master Jiu Shu’s article was even more direct in stating not to look at what you shouldn’t look at.



His fragile spirit was also telling him that he couldn’t think about it anymore.



But perhaps the more you don’t let something be thought about, the more you would think about it, and Jack still couldn’t help but recall that which had just happened.



For some reason, a strange thought came to him.



He actually thought those eyes were crying.



It should be that he was overthinking it, how could a terrifying existence like that cry like a human being.



Even if it was crying, it couldn’t have cried like that, it was even worse than the last time he lost his love and cried.



It was impossible.



Jack shivered and thought so.






The stream of water had flooded up to his calves.


Jiu Shu who had been watching Black Norman’s wounds was finally affected by all this moist vapor and noticed Norman behind him.



Swelling like a large ball of puffy jellyfish, its grayish-white body rose to near-transparency and continued to ooze water outward.


Even the tentacles were weeping and trembling, fluttering haphazardly within the walls and corridors.



Like a large abandoned dog, it could only timidly reach out its tentacles trying to explain everything to its indifferent master.



Jiu Shu lowered his eyes and reached out his hand to catch Norman’s outstretched tentacles.


The pitch-black tentacle that Black Norman was originally attaching to the back of Jiu Shu’s hand was squeezed down without a trace by this wet tentacle.




Black Norman looked at Jiu Shu’s movements in astonishment.

Not understanding how His gentle lover suddenly forgave his other self.


Shouldn’t he have reprimanded His other selves for hurting Him, pissed Him off enough to run away, and then they’d be alone to live a two-person world?



That was what they said in human dramas!



Black Norman didn’t understand.



All He could do was try His best and once again pitifully put the wound under Jiu Shu’s eyes, hoping to make him feel pity for Him.



Punish the other self.



And then they’d be together in a world of two.





Looking at Black Norman’s wound, Jiu Shu was silent for a moment.



The semi-solid black substance presented the tragic appearance of being torn apart extensively, and pitch-black blood practically gushed out from the wound, staining the carpet black.



As if to camouflage the wound a bit more, the vicinity of the wound was covered with fine teeth marks.



But compared to the small diameter mouthparts on Norman’s tentacles, the teeth marks on this wound were ridiculously large.



It was more like it had bitten itself off.



He didn’t dismantle Him just now because he was more or less heartbroken, but as a result, did he really think that he was disguising himself well?



Jiu Shu held his forehead.



At the same time, Norman, who had noticed Black Norman’s movements, was also not willing to show weakness, and put up all of his wet tentacles to show Jiu Shu that He had shed tears all over the place.


Since he couldn’t explain himself for the time being, he would show his lover how innocent he looked.



That way after revealing the truth, He could get more favoritism.





It always felt like these two’s IQs all focused on jealousy.



Looking at the two behemoths with strong color fluctuations, Jiu Shu thought so.



“Alright, I already know what happened.”



Saying that, standing up, Jiu Shu carried all the tentacles in the direction of the storeroom with a calm expression, “There’s no next time, no matter if it’s killing each other or hurting yourself and framing someone else.”








Norman and Black Norman simultaneously and somewhat stiffly stopped fighting amongst their tentacles.


All of them stayed peacefully on Jiu Shu’s shoulders, until Jiu Shu felt that his shoulders were a bit sore and then they reluctantly retreated.


Jiu Shu was finally at ease.



However, looking at the water-soaked, almost translucent top on his body, he frowned with some distress.



In the next second, the pitch-black tentacles and grayish-white tentacles simultaneously handed over a black jacket shirt.



“……” Jiu Shu had a bit of a headache.


In the end, he put on two jackets.


It was a good thing that he was lean enough to button it up even with the extra coat.



His tall figure was a hanger-on in any clothes, and it didn’t look out of place.



And so it continued on until they came across Reid, a human with a crazy demeanor.



It was only then that the two behemoths, who had been busy fighting for favor, noticed Reid’s presence again.



“Damn you Jack! Wait for me! His Majesty won’t let you go!”



Reid’s mouth was full of words and his eyes were bloodshot.



When he found evidence of the old Count’s guilt, he wouldn’t spare a single one of those lunatics.



How dare they say that he was the one who was crazy and talking nonsense!



They were the ones who were crazy, talking about a so-called god!



What was the reason for the heavy fog in this castle? It was because of the evil god, as if the fog outside the castle wasn’t heavy. Today was just a foggy day.



Thinking like this, Reid’s expression became more and more hideous, and he almost crashed into a figure without even reacting when he saw one in front of him.



“Who are you!”


Reid gripped the g.un at his waist warily, suspecting it to be one of the maids.



He couldn’t afford to have his whereabouts discovered, and if it was a maid then he’d kill her immediately.



But when the fog cleared, Reid’s eyes snapped open and he realized he was very wrong.


It wasn’t a maid, but an unusually handsome young man.



His platinum-colored, semi-long hair seemed like flowing gold, tied loosely behind his head with a light blue hairband, mirroring those azure eyes, beautiful like a sweet dream.



The youth looked at him, his gaze pale and seemingly scrutinizing in some way.



It was only a moment later that his eyes curved up in their customary light smile.



“Hello! I’m, uh, sorry, I was distracted earlier.”



Reid was mesmerized by the smile, as if even his sanity had become a little clearer, becoming a bit of the gentle man he used to be.





The youth didn’t reply, he just continued on.



Reid, on the other hand, was busy following him, his face flushed slightly, and he couldn’t suppress the stunning color in his eyes.



“May I ask your name?”



The youth’s beautiful eyes glanced at him.



Reid immediately choked a bit like he was ashamed of himself, and hastily made up for it, “There’s no other meaning, I just want to get acquainted.”



“By the way, do you know who I am? My name is Reid Augustus, the heir to the Augustus family.”





There was something wrong with the hero’s mental state.



Jiu Shu thoughtfully turned his gaze to the two objects of discipline on the walls and ceiling.



The male lead who was still gushing didn’t notice that countless tentacles were leering around him in the mist.


The dense eyeballs all over the four walls contained chilling killing intent, and a mere glance at them would make a normal person feel like falling into a freezing cellar.



And perhaps the male lead was indeed a bit stronger than ordinary people, even under such a powerful sense of oppression he was as good as nothing, at most his mental state was out of whack.



“Do you know how ridiculous those people are? They actually said that the old count was an evil god, and that they were going to give that Angus to the evil god as a sacrifice!”



“Hahaha! I even suggested whether or not we should split up Angus, after all, it’s a sacrifice!”



Reid’s spirit fell into extreme exuberance, seemingly unaware of the changes in the outside world, becoming more and more unrestrained.



Both Norman and Black Norman stared at Reid sorrowfully at the same time.


If it wasn’t for the fact that Jiu Shu was standing right next to him, and it wasn’t good to do anything too bloody, He would have already moved to crush this audacious human into mincemeat.



Jiu Shu didn’t have much of a reaction.



He looked at Reid with a gaze so flat that it was like he was looking at a dead thing, and it was only because he was quite interested in those few science researchers he was talking about that he didn’t immediately get rid of this male lead.



“Speaking of which, that old count is a glutton for punishment! He’s now enamored with that Angus, but once coveted my lover Julie’s beauty and wanted to do something untoward, fortunately Julie fought desperately to prevent him from succeeding!”









Jiu Shu heard something more interesting.


And beside him.



The two behemoths in the mist became stiff at the same time as they listened to Reid’s nonsense.



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