“Lin Lang you’re too good too! You speak English so well, you know? Our English teacher is known as the Iron Rakshasa in the school, ever since he was transferred from the provincial key school to our ninth high school, I’ve never seen him treat any student like he did to you in all these years!”


“This is too much for our second class! From now on, our class will have a man of the moment, the representative of Iron Rakshasa, the legendary Scholar Lin!”


At the end of the school day, a few scums from his class who sat in the back row like him, followed Lin Lang and joked around.



However, Lin Lang, who was surrounded by them in the center, appeared to be a bit distracted, and his attention was no longer on them, but on the side of the few girls beside him.



Those girls were obviously ice fans who were paying attention to the skating competitions, with Q-version pendants of today’s famous international players hanging on their schoolbags, and talking about the recent competitions.



“There is still a month’s time til the All Championships, this time the All Championships happen to be organized in our J city, do you want to go together?”



“I don’t want to go, it’s just a domestic championship, there’s nothing to see, it’s been so many years, the one who can look down on the domestic field is still only Guan Hao.”


“He has been on the international stage for so many years, and his best performance has not been on the podium. However, compared to other people in China, he can be said to be an irreplaceable genius, but unfortunately, he is not the type I like.”


“I just hope that our country can also see a purple star fall from the sky, right on the ice rink of the national team, so that we can wave the national flag, raise our eyebrows, and be proud in international competitions.”



Not only them, nowadays the Internet was all about skating and there were also such comments.


Lin Lang sat in the passenger seat of Shen Lianqiu’s car and browsed through a lot of such information. Basically, it was said that there was not much to see in the domestic All Championships and it was like watching chickens peck at each other, their comments were not much different from those few girls.



The only few that said they’d go to the scene to watch were basically Guan Hao’s fans. Apart from this big brother, there was only Yu Tong, who could now be considered the hope of the new generation in the hearts of the audience.



Yu Tong was born in the south, where the skating business was relatively barren, and later, in order to learn skating, he deliberately came to J city in the north at a very young age, and now he could be considered half a local.



At the age of five, he began to learn skating, and joined the national team at the age of fourteen. In all the competitions before this, he won countless awards, and he had always been known as a prodigy and genius. He grew up this way.



In his last life, Lin Lang had never paid attention to this child, in this life, he took his cell phone and watched a few videos of his former competitions.



It had to be said that the softness of his movements was enough, his skating was pretty good, and apart from the jumps that were slightly worse, that lively and cute style on the ice was also very appealing.


Although compared to him, there was still a relatively obvious gap, he was also just fourteen years old, so he was a rare good seedling.



Lin Lang held Yu Tong’s video in his hand, the more he watched the more he appreciated, he felt appreciation, at the same time, it felt more and more strange.



Since this child was so strong and also took so many awards, it was impossible for the leaders of the national team to say that they didn’t notice.


In that case, why in the world did he not come to the national team in his last life.



Lin Lang frowned, looking at the video in front of him, thinking left and right, he still couldn’t find a suitable reason, and ultimately could only throw the phone aside, putting down all the cluttered conjectures in his mind.



He’d just think of it as a random deviation after he was reborn.


This kind of thing, thinking about it was useless.


Appreciation on the ice was appreciation, in real life, this little brat had done something Lin Lang still held a grudge for, he didn’t intend to let him off so easily.




“You’re here? First go over there and warm yourself up, run 3,000 meters, then come back and skate that previously choreographed free skate you told me about yesterday, show me the moves.”



In the professional events of figure skating, it generally consisted of two parts, the short program and the free skate, and the total score obtained by adding the two parts together was the final score of an athlete.



They could choose their own music, but the requirements for the maneuvers that had to be included in them varied.


The short program was relatively short, and had to be completed within two minutes and forty seconds, so the entire program was basically a series of prescribed movements, the purpose was to test the basic skills of the contestants, and at the same time, as a preliminary test in general, to conduct a screening to reduce the number of people who would enter the next stage of the competition.


This stage was relatively weak and the score were generally difficult to pull apart unless they were some particularly outstanding and eye-catching athletes.



The free skating was also called the long program, the general performance was often in four minutes or so, giving the player to play a greater degree of freedom, more test of the player’s strength, and the ability to improvise.



The scores were generally wider and more appreciative, and the audience tended to enjoy it more.



In addition, after almost every match, there would be a performance slide, at least the top five players would be invited to the competition, no rules and no restrictions, to give a thank-you performance to all the audience.



The champions would have one long and two short performance opportunities, which was the time for the skaters to really let themselves go, and was often the most aesthetically pleasing part of the performance by jumping out of some of the techniques and rules of the game.



In addition to practicing their moves on the ice, skaters needed to do a lot of land training every day.



Flexibility, physical fitness, explosive power and control of muscles, coordination of all parts of the body, as well as some land imitation exercises for ice movements.


These were the main training directions for land training, and figure skating was a sport that required high comprehensive physical fitness.


Therefore, as figure skaters, their daily training intensity was also very high.



Now Ji Cangshu gave the order of three thousand meters, for Lin Lang, it could only be considered a warm-up.


This free skate program routine, which lasted almost four minutes, was actually choreographed by Lin Lang in his later life.



Nowadays, his body indicators had not yet recovered to the normal level, so the overall difficulty, compared to the previous could be said to be almost cut in half.



However, even so, after Lin Lang finished this song, it was still enough to surprise Ji Cangshu, who stood by the side and couldn’t help but clap his hands in amazement.



After all, Lin Lang had pulled a Bellman right in front of him!


Bellman’s spin was a highly representative single legged spin in figure skating. When performing this move, the athlete needed to support the spin with one foot on the ice surface, while reaching out to hook the skate of the other foot. While spinning, the athlete gradually pulled the floating foot up from behind until it reached a height above the head and tried to straighten it as much as possible.



The upper half of the body was bent backward with the head held high, and the hands were raised to hook the ice skate above the head.



It looked like a swan with its wings outstretched, singing with its neck outstretched, or like a little person standing on a music box, dancing to the music.



This posture had a strong ornamental feeling at the same time, the score was also very high, so over the years in the women’s singles international competitions, it had almost become a standard action.



It was just that in terms of opening and posture, one could still clearly see the difference between good and bad.



But if this posture was placed on the men’s singles field, it could truly be called rare.


Since a player took the lead in making it over a decade ago, so far no second person had dared to challenge it in the men’s singles arena.



After all, this movement could be regarded as the pinnacle of all rotational positions in terms of difficulty.


Firstly, it had very high requirements for the flexibility and waist and abdominal strength of athletes. Due to different body structures, males were inherently less flexible than females.


So it was even more difficult to make this maneuver.



At the same time, even if one solved the problem of flexibility, what remained unsolvable was the intense pain caused by performing this action, as well as the damage it caused to the waist, abdomen, and back.



In the history of skating there were many athletes who suffered back injuries of varying degrees as a result of doing this maneuver on the field.



Men were particularly susceptible to groin tears or strains as a result.


So Bellman’s appearance in every athlete’s career basically had a time limit, beyond which he wouldn’t do it again to avoid injuries, or even if he wanted to do it, he would no longer have that physical condition.



Although Lin Lang was born with good flexibility and made this move like the chosen one after receiving training.


However, he was still able to feel the pain in his body every second when he did the Bellman, just like the little mermaid that changed its legs and walked on the land.



Extremely close to beautiful and at the same time extremely close to cruel.



“It’s so beautiful, we’ll set this version for the free skate in a month’s time, so as to save the time of choreographing the program, and all that’s left is just a little more blitz training, trying to adjust your overall condition to that of a year ago.”



“With this big killer today, not just the All Championships, even if you participate in international competitions next season, I reckon you’ll be able to secure a podium finish. Truly worthy of being the brat I’ve been looking at!”



As Ji Cangshu spoke, he held Lin Lang’s shoulder with some emotion. In his heart, he couldn’t help but feel that seeing the scene just now was like seeing the hope and future of the domestic market.



The things that he wasn’t able to accomplish back then, it seemed that Lin Lang could.


He couldn’t help but let sigh, he was less than forty years old, how come he had a deathbed mentality.



It was probably because he had already finished his life on the ice too long ago.



Ji Cangshu imperceptibly turned his head away and let out a light sigh before turning back to him and wiping his eyes twice.



Then he resumed chatting about another topic.


“Hey, but how’s that costume design of yours coming along? If it doesn’t work, why don’t you let Mr. Shen get their group’s designer to step in.”




“Let me tell you, don’t be fooled by his constant meetings discussing steel and real estate, but in reality, Shen started out in the clothing industry and has a group of internationally renowned designers under his command.”


“Let me tell you, don’t be fooled by his constant meetings discussing steel and real estate, in reality, the company started out in the clothing industry and has a group of internationally renowned designers under his command.”



Ji Cangshu said so, subconsciously moving his hands, with a posture that gave him a sense of sitting on the throne and overlooking an entire country.



“The top-notch studio in China that specializes in high-end customization is their own. The schedule is quite full, making clothes that can be picked from all directions. Many celebrities want it, but they say it can’t inspire them and refuse to do it for them.”




“However, when Mr. Shen speaks, he still has a lot of strength. Since you occupy such a good resource, let’s make good use of it and let him design it for you. Don’t waste it.”



Ji Cangshu looked at Lin Lang, as if he was plotting something big.



But when he had just finished plotting, Shen Lianqiu was already behind him, listening to the entire conversation between the two of them.


“Coach Ji, rest assured that not a drop of the oil that should be extracted from me will be saved. Lin Lang’s two costumes have already been handed over to the studio under Shen’s umbrella for production.”



“Among them, the one to be used for free skating is being personally made by Designer Wang Ling who refuses projects like you said, he’s checking every detail and making it for him by hand.”



Lin Lang didn’t expect that his performance costumes, could even include the internationally renowned designer Wang Ling, to condescend to do tailoring for him.



Standing on the ice rink for a moment, his hands clenched his fists tightly, his heart almost overflowing with joy.



Shen Lianqiu looked at Lin Lang’s surprised eyes and imperceptibly hooked up the corner of his mouth, then turned his head to Ji Cangshu.



“Only it wasn’t because of the strength of my words, but because he unintentionally saw the design manuscript Lin Lang handed over to me, and said that it hit him in the heart all of a sudden, and even if it was someone else’s design, he wanted to get his hands on it to take it off the paper, and lead it to the physical object.”




“And he also said that he really wanted to meet you and talk to you face to face about the design concept, and if he had the chance, he also wanted to come to the scene to see it and watch you compete on the ice wearing this outfit.”



Shen Lianqiu’s words could be said to have almost stunned Ji Cangshu.



Who was Wang Ling? He was a designer that even a complete outsider like him had heard of, an international leader, and the ceiling of domestic high fashion.



Moreover, he had a bad temper that was even more famous than his works. In daily life, not only did he disdain seeing other people’s designs and acting as a tailor, even if someone spent a lot of money asking him to design a casual set of clothes, he made lots of rules, which weren’t acceptable.



Proud as a flower peacock, his heart was higher than the sky.



From the beginning of his career, he had never contributed to the design of others, such a thing, not to mention Ji Cangshu, even his acquaintance of nearly ten years, Shen Lianqiu, had never seen it.



At that time, when the design was unintentionally seen by him, Wang Ling’s expression of astonishment and surprise was still remembered by Shen Lianqiu.



“This time, after you retire, you won’t have to worry about finding a way out, Designer Wang seldom socializes except with the regular members of his usual studio, if he didn’t still care about our friendship when he was young, I’m afraid that he’d even disagree with me .”



“This time he was able to take the initiative and wants to meet with you, one is that he feels you share the same philosophy as him and treats you as a confidant, and two is to dig you over to his studio.”



Although Shen Lianqiu knew that Lin Lang’s ambition was only in the field and that no matter who invited him in other areas, he would definitely not agree to give it up.



But he still wanted to use this to poke fun at him, to see what his reaction would be.



But the result, as he expected, Lin Lang’s reaction, was that he simply didn’t react.



He didn’t even talk to him.



Instead, he took it upon himself to direct the topic to another direction, and instead asked him when the customized ice skates for him would be ready.



This was indeed his style. Normally, he seemed spoiled and capricious, indulging in his own desires, extremely hateful, and praising him would make him so proud that he could fly up to the sky.



But once on the ice, it was as serious as if he lived through today and would be dead tomorrow.



Every time, he demanded he practiced seriously, and even a few jokes in the middle wouldn’t make him laugh.



“I’ll do it as soon as I can, I’ll try to do it within a week, so there’ll be about two weeks left for you to get used to it, is this schedule okay with you?”



“Two weeks …… is enough.”



Lin Lang said, leaning on the railing next to the ice rink, he drank two mouthfuls of water, and then just after that, he fought his way back towards the railing underneath him, and immediately returned to the main center of the ice rink to start the next phase of training.



“Wrong blade, next time pay attention, use the blade a little more accurately.”



Ji Cangshu, who was the coach, was always by Lin Lang’s side, always observing and advising him.



Seeing that both of them had already entered the state, Shen Lianqiu, who was standing by the side alone, didn’t stay relaxed.



This time, he specially rushed to the ice rink at this time not just to deliver news to Lin Lang.




Rather, he wanted to complete the work as the designer of his ice skates.


He had been separated from Lin Lang for six years, and his knowledge of some of Lin Lang’s data and habits on the ice was no longer as clear and handy as it was back when he made his first ice skates for him.



What was more, this time, the thing he was going to make was no longer a look-alike item that was immature in every aspect and couldn’t even be called a work of art.



Since he followed Lin Lang back to this ice rink, he was determined to win the championship with him.




While showing the strength of Chinese athletes, Shen Lianqiu would also showcase the power of Chinese ice skate designers to all of them, enabling them to understand and purchase Chinese ice skate brands.



Wearing a white lab coat and black half-rimmed glasses, Shen Lianqiu stood on the ice rink with a concentrated expression, always paying attention to Lin Lang’s habits, movements, and the angle and depth of each trace left on the ice after his ice skates crossed.




From the past to now Lin Lang had always been the type of player who would be more affected by his ice skates, no matter it was the angle of the blade, the lightness, or the distribution of the blade teeth, or even the very slight change in sharpening the blade, it would all affect whether or not he would be able to absolutely play completely.



Holding a record book, he recorded all the details one by one, constantly envisioning various scenarios in his mind.



Analyzing and thinking, trying to find an arrangement and design that best suited Lin Lang.



The plans arranged by him at the special steel plant in H province before he left had already started to operate step by step. At the same time, the factory over there happened to send him a new type of special steel that was currently being tested, and its various properties were almost in line with Lin Lang’s needs at this time.



Shen Lianqiu intended to use it to try out, and the first hurdle to test it was set at the All-Championships this time.




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