C1.5—- Crime Record

Jiu Shu got out of the car, wearing a pair of sunglasses that covered most of his face to avoid trouble, his black hair slightly curled around his pale ears.



He looked up, peering through the sunglasses at the theater, which had been highlighted in the original story.


This theater, established in the last century, covered a wide area, with a spacious and atmospheric front door, and a carved interior porch, full of the historical atmosphere accumulated due to its long age, with an ancient and elegant aura.


It was very much in line with the taste of people in this world, who were in love with classical music.


Probably due to the bad location, the crowd in front of the theater was sparse.


It was the time when the show was about to start in the evening but there were still not many audience, but because of the expensive ticket price, it was able to support the theater’s continued operation.


Hurry up! Hurry up and kill him!


As he was observing, the system was noisy in his ears again, its hoarse voice revealing a kind of dying madness.


Jiu Shu, who was used to hearing it, pulled out an opera ticket from his pocket without changing his expression and replied absentmindedly, [Um, okay]]



After saying that, he walked into this theater and leisurely sat down in the audience, with a leisurely look of sitting and waiting for the opera to start, not taking what he had just promised to do to heart at all.



[What are you doing! Do you not want to live! You can’t live even if I die!]



The system was infuriated by Jiu Shu’s appearance, completely tearing its face off and threatening him.


Jiu Shu ignored all of it, he rested his cheeks on his hands, his elbows with cold white complexion leaned on the crimson seat, his posture relaxed.


Sitting in the front row of the audience, he could clearly see all the details of the stage.


The entire stage set was on the side of ornate, with all kinds of flowers, grasses and palace set walls in big red and green colors, extremely stimulating to the eyeballs, and although all kinds of props were considered exquisite and gorgeous, this color combination always felt not quite right.



It was his first time watching an opera in this world live. His expression was delicate, and he took off his sunglasses and looked at them again. After confirming that he had not seen the wrong color, he put his glasses back.


Just then, a few actors walked up on the stage, and the musical accompaniment started, the show was about to begin.


“Oh~ my princess~ you have a face like the flower of spring dawn ……”


“Oh~My Prince~You are valiant ……”


The tone started low, with a gentle ending, and one could hear that the singing was good.


However, both the lyrics and the tune were too clichéd, causing Jiu Shu to frown slightly upon hearing them.


Even the so-called climax was just a tune all over again.

Looking around at the audience in the auditorium listening in rapt attention, Jiu Shu was dumbfounded, repeatedly confirming the admission tickets and determining that this was a famous opera that had been passed down for a hundred years.



He purposely booked this one because it was said to be the most popular opera piece in a hundred years, and it was a great test of an opera singer’s singing ability.



“…… We are destined to endure suffering~”


On the stage, the female lead was wearing a long white dress with her arms stretched out facing the audience, and was singing with the male lead, and despite the extremely exaggerated facial expression, that unique feminine softness could still be seen.


Through comparison, Jiu Shu recognized that the heroine on the stage was the original heroine Ai Li, who was indeed as slim and beautiful as depicted in the original.

Jiu Shu silently watched the heroine swing her skirt on the stage and dance a circle dance that he couldn’t understand.



He hadn’t realized until now that the highly respected songs on those music programs he had listened to before were already considered popular songs in this world.


Bony fingers rubbed his brow helplessly, Jiu Shu simply stopped paying attention to the opera on the stage and pondered his next move in his mind.



He had come here to watch the opera today, partly because he was tired of the System’s non-stop threats, but more so because he had come to meet the object of discipline that had killed countless people in the original story.


After all, it was someone who could make the system want to kill so desperately, and Jiu Shu still valued him.


A while ago, he had indulged himself by becoming a singer in this world just to test the bottom line of the system.



Now it had been tentatively determined that the system didn’t have any bottom line.



The master-slave relationship between them no longer existed, but the parasitic relationship that depended on the soul had no way to be lifted for the time being, and Jiu Shu and the system were currently at a stage where no one could do anything about it.



If Jiu Shu wanted to take revenge, he had to break this situation.



Since this was the case, Jiu Shu intended to let go and do it.


As the saying went, the enemy of the enemy was a friend, and what the enemy opposed, he had to support.


The system wanted him to kill the disciplinary object, so he would do the opposite, not only not to kill the disciplinary object, but also to change the disciplinary object’s final fate of death.



He was curious to see what the system would become when the plot changed so drastically.


With this in mind, he flipped through the original content again, intending to delve deeper into the punishment object.


What he had just seen in the car was part of the disciplinary object’s appearance.



Although there were some slight doubts that had yet to be answered, from those bloody episodes, he could initially analyze the basic characteristics of the two personalities of the Discipline Object.


One was reticent and wooden, but still adhered to some sort of principles, while the other was extremely crazy and mentally unstable, the tear between the personalities was extreme.


However, in Jiu Shu’s opinion, these two personalities were actually quite similar.



Because no matter which personality, its essence was cold.



Unable to empathize with humans, a typical antisocial personality, overly cold in the face of everyone except the heroine.



Looking at the subject of the punishment, who had not made many appearances in the original story, but had taken away the largest number of human lives out of the countless cases in the entire book, Jiu Shu had to admit that this was indeed a ruthless character.


The system was really praising him by asking him to kill such a strong man.



Jiu Shu pondered for a moment and came to a conclusion.


This was a serious sociopath with strong self-destructive tendencies.


This could be seen from his sub-personality’s hatred towards the main personality.



From the original text provided by the system, this world seemed to be an absolutely materialistic world, and didn’t have as many spirits and ghosts as other small worlds.


Then it was basically certain that that so-called sister was nothing more than a figment of the punishment subject’s own imagination.



Although the self-identified second personality was the sister, but that character crazy sub-personality was ultimately just a part of his soul, representing his hatred of himself, it could be said that this was a soul that was always hating the self.


The tragic ending in the original story of being buried in the fire, perhaps from the moment he split his personality was already doomed.



He looked at the content of the original and narrowed his brows in thought.


In fact, logically speaking, such a psychopath whose spirit was always on the verge of collapse, someone who even hated himself, it was hard to believe that he would really love someone.



Although the author had set the target of punishment in the original text as being deeply in love with the female main character, Jiu Shu felt that this sociopathic personality person might not even know what true love was.



From all the details in the text, this disciplinary object who only hacked and killed with an axe most of the time, instead of loving the female lead, it was more like he was mimicking the feelings of normal human beings, pretending to be a normal person who knew how to feel.


After all, the object of discipline was still human even if he was indifferent in nature.



He had the innate human desire for happiness.


He hated himself and desired to be happy and live like a normal human, which was why the primary and secondary personalities disagreed and hated each other to death.



Reading the tragic ego killing scene in the original, Jiu Shu secretly sighed, if this disciplinary object could truly love someone, the two contradictory personalities might be able to stop killing each other.

He might have actually lived a happy life, as he thought he would.

But unfortunately, in the original world line, he ended up dying with nothing, not a single person loved him, not even himself.


After roughly reading the original novel, Jiu Shu put away the system panel, and felt that the character design of this punishment object still had a lot of depth, it was the force value design that was a bit outrageous.


Jiu Shu recalled the various bloody scenes in the original, his expression was somewhat serious, his long slender fingers gently rubbed the corners of his lips that were flushed with a luscious color, and he fell into deep thought.



In this materialistic world, it was an exaggeration to be able to have a body that could withstand the chopping of chainsaws and the sweeping of bullets.



It represented the danger of the character.



Although Jiu Shu had no ill will towards him and instead wanted to help him change his fate, he still had to be cautious lest he be hurt by mistake.


He pondered how to go about rescuing the subject of discipline.


This mentally extremely unstable and burly man certainly couldn’t be approached easily, or else he could easily be taken as unsuspecting.



Judging from the original novel, this man was highly vigilant, and his attitude towards people other than the heroine could only be described by the word cold.


He could only change the fate of this disciplinary object as immovably as possible.


He fell into deep thought, his eyes emptying as he pondered and watched the opera on stage.


At this time, the opera happened to be the climax of the entire play, with the female lead dangling from a wigwam in a flowing white dress, slowly leaving the ground.



This was the most classic flying bridge of this opera, and the audience looked at the heroine expectantly, in awe.


Backstage, the theater workers were struggling to pull the rope of the wigwam, they frowned and cursed secretly.



This job was supposed to be done by the ugliest one with the most strength, You Xin, but it turned out that he suddenly couldn’t be found, the theater manager was furious, but there was nothing he could do about it.



They could only come out.


However, the design wasn’t very reasonable, coupled with the aging of the equipment caused by the increase in weight, which was fine when You Xin was in charge before. Now they just discovered the problem.



Even though the female lead wasn’t considered heavy, their foreheads were sweating with exhaustion, and they could barely maintain the smoothness of the front stage with all their strength.



And at that moment, near the box on the second floor of the hall, as tall man was excitedly watching everything on the stage with wry smile.


“Cluck cluck cluck-”



His suppressed laughter was eerie and ghastly, and as he laughed, he made a deep bloody cut into his arm, the skin and flesh of the wound rolled over, almost exposing the bone.


It was the only way he could maintain the sobriety of this body and not have control taken away by the Master personality.


He knew he was about to lose control, but he wanted to see this opera, which he had already seen countless times, come to an end.


The muscle lines of You Xin’s already pale arms bulged, showing the taut veins, forcing through the excruciating pain as he continued to watch the stage downstairs with anticipation.



‘She’ was about to succeed, the soon-to-be-flying heroine was about to fall like a butterfly.


With such a foolproof accident, the end result could only be that woman dying a horrible death in the limelight, but no murderer could be found.


After all, ‘she’ really didn’t do anything, she just stopped taking on that job.



The VIA caused the accident, and the aging of the VIA was something the theater management should be concerned with, not ‘her’.



It was a perfect murder without a murderer, one that they, the incompetent ones, had brought upon themselves.



After all, if they had been a little more forceful, if the theater owner hadn’t been so stingy as to not replace the machine for over a decade, Ai Li wouldn’t have died.



The smile on You Xin’s face deepened as he thought with feigned benevolence.


This perfect way to die was something You Xin had a hard time coming up with.



Originally, ‘she’ had wanted to kill the woman outright, but looking at the large, broken photo in her hand, ‘she’ had trouble calming her hatred.



Just simply dying was too cheap for You Xin, ‘she’ wanted him to watch his favorite woman die with his own eyes.



That would be a beautiful scene.

You Xin couldn’t wait to see Ai Li’s disgusting head crack, the look on You Xin’s face at that point was going to be interesting.






“What’s going on here?”



Just then, the audience in the hall suddenly rioted, as they looked in horror at the slowly rising heroine, Ai Li, who also had a horrified look on her face.



This was because the wires strapped to her body began to shake violently, as if it was a precursor to a fall.



Click – the sound of a rope snapping came from the audience, the screams of the audience rose, and Jiu Shu, who was sitting in the front row of the audience, raised his head, his pupils shrinking slightly.


A white butterfly-like figure crashed down towards the seat he was in.







Ai Li screamed as she crashed down, too scared to open her eyes for a long time, but unexpectedly she didn’t feel any pain, and she felt that she was embraced in a warm embrace.


A familiar voice she had heard a hundred times spoke hesitantly in her ear, “Is everything alright, ma’am?”



Lifting her head, her eyes widened in disbelief, her original shock was replaced by surprise.


Jiu Shu looked at the heroine’s expression, then realized that the sunglasses on his face had been knocked off, so he had no choice but to helplessly put them back on, and before he could open his mouth, Ai Li’s shrill voice poked through this short-lived calm.



“Jiu Shu ah ah ah – is that you! Is it really you? You saved me!!!”



The young woman’s excited voice should have been unremarkable in this chaotic theater hall, but because of a special name, this voice was like a thunderclap in a clear sky, actually attracting the attention of the entire theater.


The audience who were originally just concerned about the heroine’s safety moved their gazes to the young man holding the heroine.


In those blazing gazes, the sunglasses that covered most of his face could no longer play the slightest role in hiding his face, and could only appear to be covering up his face.




Jiu Shu fell into silence.



At this moment, the tall man upstairs also violently stopped the smile on his face, his gaze fixed on Jiu Shuo, his expression completely out of control.


Emotions in his pitch-black eyes collapsed, bordering on madness.


Jiu Shu, it was Jiu Shu!!!

How was it possible, how was it possible!


“Impossible …… this isn’t-”


Looking at this scene that was beyond the unplanned, staring deathly at the two people who were hugging each other, You Xin’s emotions instantly fluctuated violently, and in the midst of deep unwillingness and jealousy, he finally lost control of this body.



As soon as the tall man whose expression had become cold and wooden again opened his eyes, he saw a woman in a white dress embracing a handsome-faced young man in the audience seat downstairs.



One was his beloved girl, and the other was his sister’s sweetheart, or rather, his love rival.



You Xin: “……”



The expression on his face remained wooden, making it impossible to detect any of his emotions from it, only the palms of his hands gripping the railing slowly tightened.


After a long period of silence, You Xin heard the familiar yet unfamiliar youth downstairs speak, “Excuse me, can anyone call an ambulance for me?”


Ellie has been changed to Ai Li, my bad, I went back and corrected all chapters, as always, see ya tomorrow ✌️

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