C1.4 —– Crime Record (4)

That done, he looked at the clock on the table.

The show above the theater had long since ended, and it was nearing dinnertime, so he casually ate some dry bread and lay down on his bed to fall asleep as usual.

The man who soon fell asleep lay motionless and stiff, as quiet as a corpse.

It wasn’t until midnight that he struggled violently and opened his eyes, which were darker than normal.

“Damn …… You Xin!!!”

The man sat up, seemingly shaking with anger, his eyes, which appeared even more menacing than they had been during the day, glistened with resentment, he rolled onto his back and headed for the garbage can next to the table.

He panicked as he emptied the contents of the trash can and shakily held up the newspaper that had been torn in half.

Before he could be thankful that the paper hadn’t been thrown away by the damned You Xin, the man suddenly froze.

Looking at the other pieces in the trash can, he couldn’t seem to believe his eyes.

When the pieces were put together, he almost immediately reddened, sobbing like a child who hadn’t grown up yet as he held back the tears that came out of his eyes.

“My …… all …… my Jiu Shu ……”

“Cluck …… cluck–” The man with a tear-filled face bit his inner cheek hard as he trembled, making a creepy rubbing sound.

Crimson blood flowed out from the inner wall of the bitten mouth, but it wasn’t as red as the man’s bloodshot eyes.

Collecting all the fragments with great care, the man stood up, and before he could catch his breath, he saw the picture pinned on the wall adjacent to the table.

For an instant his breath stopped.

He carefully pulled out the dagger with a trembling palm and gently caressed the photos one by one.

His voice was soft, as if he was afraid of disturbing the lover in the photo.

Every word spat out, however, contained chilling hatred, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry ……”

“I’ll make him pay …… Don’t worry, honey.”

In the dark basement, the man’s voice was so light that it was almost inaudible, only the rapid breathing and the chest that was rapidly rising and falling because of his anger were still proving his unresolved resentment.

Looking at the photos in his hands that all had a hole in them, the man couldn’t help but shed tears of heartache, choking and sobbing like a child.

“Oooh ……”

After a while, having managed to stop crying, he hesitated, and with a touch of coyness, kissed the person in the photo lightly on the cheek.

The movement was so light that it was like kissing a feather, but it was tinged with fervent devotion and morbid fascination.

When he raised his head again, the man’s eyes were red like blood, hideous as an evil spirit.

He would make You Xin pay in blood, so that he would never again have his so-called peace and happiness.

Picking up the dagger on the table, he morosely looked into the basement, the direction of the stage.

You Xin had destroyed what ‘she’ cared for most, what was most precious to her, and that had to be paid for in blood.

‘She’ was going to kill the woman named Ai Li, so that he would also experience the pain ‘she’ was feeling at the moment.

Jiu Shu was looking over the contents of the original book, his brows lightly furrowed, faint thoughts condensed in his beautiful dark pupils.

The original text of the Crime Record was being displayed on the system panel.

The subject of the punishment was a very special character in the original, not having many lines throughout, but with a very sharp hand, killing people like chopping up vegetables, he could be called unrivaled.

He seemed to have some sort of fixed principle, though, and the people he killed were the ones he considered to be the bad guys.

Especially those who attempted to harm the heroine.

Jiu Shu read one of the chapters where Ai Li went on a suburban forest vacation with her coworkers, only to be confronted with a crisis like no other.

[He was a big fan of Ai Li’s and her admirer.

At every performance, he would show up on time in the audience, watching the show and imagining their future happily ever after.

But Ai Li betrayed their love and actually fell in love with a detective.

So he decided to make a lovely specimen of his beloved Ai Li to stay by his side forever.

The middle-aged man wore a rabbit mask and was dressed in a straight suit, holding a chainsaw that kept emitting the sound of electric current, with a raise of his hand, he divided an opera house employee who kepy crying and begging for mercy into two halves, laughing eerily.

However, his wish was destined to be unfulfilled.

After a miserable scream, the middle-aged man fell to the ground.

Behind him, was a man with a tall figure like a monster, he looked at the fallen man expressionlessly, after a pause, he leaned down and reached out his hand, taking away the blood-stained mask on the middle-aged man’s face.

The cartoon rabbit mask that covered the deep scars on the man’s face was gone, revealing only a pair of pitch-black eyes.


Ai Li’s screams came from the cabin not far away.

The middle-aged man seemed to have an accomplice, who had entered the cabin by now.

Inside the cabin, she was screaming in extreme fear.

A man wearing a white rabbit mask was laughing strangely as he picked up a chainsaw and tried to saw off her beautiful head.

“NO! NO! HELP!!!” Ai Li frantically called for help, but all her companions inside the cabin had already been killed by the man, and only she was left.

Looking at the ground full of miserably dead bodies, she nearly collapsed.

Just as she closed her eyes and waited for death, the rabbit masked man suddenly lost his voice.

When she opened her eyes again, Ai Li saw the masked man fall to the ground, but she vaguely heard him wailing in pain.

And in front of her, was an unusually tall man with a blood-stained axe in his hand.

The man also wore a mask on his face, and the cartoon rabbit mask that was dyed scarlet with blood still had a carefully drawn smile on it.

But it was horrifyingly eerie to the extreme.

Seeing the paralyzed Ai Li, the tall man’s arm moved, reaching out as if he wanted to pull her up from the ground.

But she had already been scared out of her wits.

To her, who had completely lost her mind, this tall man wearing a scarlet rabbit mask was even more terrifying than the one from earlier.

The heavy sense of oppression that lingered all over his body made her unable to breathe.

Too late to think, Ai Li panicked and picked up the chainsaw on the ground, which hadn’t yet been turned off, and slashed towards the man.

– with the sound of the chainsaw, blood and flesh splattered, she looked at the tall man who collapsed with a loud bang, staggered and fled to the forest outside the cabin.

And she didn’t see that the man she knocked down moved his fingers, and a pair of eyes even darker than earlier opened under the blood-stained mask, dense with a very deep malice.

In the forest, Ai Li stumbled to a forest path, luckily stopping a car, she cried tears of joy and wanted to get in the car to quickly leave this horrible forest.

However, in the next second, an axe with a ragged edge still on it came down so hard from a high place that the window glass shattered in response, causing the frightened driver to drive off.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” She was paralyzed with fear as she saw the tall man chasing behind her covered in blood, with blood still seeping out from a bone-deep wound on his upper body.

The broken rabbit mask revealed the bloody lower half of his face, and a sickly smile that almost tore to his ears appeared on this ghastly face.
“Gotcha~” the tall man’s voice carried a creepy excitement and pleasure that contrasted sharply with the silence of a moment ago.

Ai Li watched in horror as the man dragged his axe closer, and wondered if it was an overstimulated hallucination, she actually felt that the dark eyes revealed through the scarlet rabbit mask carried a childlike cruelty and smugness.

It was more chilling than pure killing intent.

The tall man cocked his head and raised the axe high, his laughter sharp to the point of being eerie.

Whew – the falling axe kicked up a blood-scented wind and blood sprayed out, but it was the tall man who let out a cry of pain.

He threw down the axe in bewilderment and covered his arm that was exposed to the bone, as if the pain was extreme, two lines of blood and tears flowed on his mask, and he let out a pained sob and a spiteful curse as Ai Li watched with astonishment.

Two splintered consciousnesses fought for control in the same body, one silent, the other hideously evil as a demon.

“Damn it – You Xin!!!”

The battle for control quickly came to a close, and the man in the rabbit mask calmly and weakly dropped down to sit by a tree, watching the terrified looking Ai Li flee.

In the dimly lit forest, as the sun set, he sat quietly, listening to the sound of his blood slowly draining out of him, unconcerned in general, his wooden eyes devoid of any emotion].

Jiu Shu flipped through the slightly gory episode, eyebrows raised slightly in thought.

It always felt like there was a subtle sense of incongruity in these original fragments.

For example, in the fragments involving the object of punishment, the original text seemed to mostly fail to explicitly write whether those who were struck down by the object of punishment were actually dead.

The wording seemed to be deliberately so vague, in marked contrast to the rest of the text, and Jiu Shu speculated that perhaps it was an ambush, but after searching through the original text he couldn’t find any place where the ambush was picked out.

This was really a bit strange.

As a person who had experienced countless small worlds, Jiu Shu didn’t think that his intuition would lie, and could only guess that perhaps the system had done something in the original content that was shown.

Jiu Shu closed the panel as the system kept urging him, and when he raised his eyes again, he saw that the car was parked in front of an old-fashioned foreign building, the very same Plum Blossom Grand Theater that was mentioned in the original story.

It was the place where the object of punishment You Xin worked.

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