Fu Jiaze put on his mask and walked downstairs, where Qing Heng stood in front of the unit.


“Are you done with your errands?” Qing Heng smiled good-naturedly.


Fu Jiaze frowned, “Didn’t I say not to go upstairs?”


Qing Heng bit his lips, “I …… always hear people talk about how powerful senior brother Qiong Ren is, I also want to see the real person.”


“Alright, what’s with the reddened eyes, I don’t blame you,” Fu Jiaze rubbed his hair, “I remember you said you can read faces. Did you see anything? People in the company are saying that Qiong Ren not being popular is metaphysical, and the feng shui of the company is clashing to make it so.”


“I’m not very good at these, I can only see a generalization. He has a good life, it might just be that his star luck isn’t working, if he’s willing to do something else, he should get rich soon.” Qing Heng looked up at Fu Jiaze, “Brother, why don’t you persuade him to change his profession.”


“No way!”


Fu Jiaze refused without even thinking about it, and Qing Heng’s heart couldn’t help but sink a little.


“Qing Heng, since you know about this, can you think of a way to change his fortune?” Fu Jiaze was much taller than him and leaned down to hold his slender shoulders, “Qiong Ren is very important to me, as long as you can change his fortune, I will definitely repay you.”


Qing Heng’s eyes flickered as he said in a thin voice, “Brother, do you like him?”


Fu Jiaze’s hand instantly tightened, hurting Qing Heng’s shoulder, and as he watched as panic clustered on Fu Jiaze’s handsome face, his eyes reddened in aggravation.


“How come, of course I only like you. But it’s just that he helped me and I want to help him, that’s all.”


Fu Jiaze coaxed absentmindedly, his gaze seemed to penetrate Qing Heng, looking at someone who wasn’t here.


Qing Heng’s heart ached as he remembered Qiong Ren’s amazingly beautiful face, “I don’t have the skills to help people change their fortunes yet, I’m sorry, brother.”



This was a lie.



He came from a Xuanmen family, and used all kinds of formulae in a pure manner. Trying to create something out of nothing and make someone with no luck obtain something that didn’t belong to him was a very difficult thing to do.



But if he wanted to make Qiong Ren’s red luck decline even more than it was now, there were many means he could use. However …… Qiong Ren’s face looks a little strange, as if he was not supposed to be in this situation.


The viciousness on Qing Heng’s face was only a flash, but it had been clearly seen by Fu Jiaze. He was slightly dissatisfied, feeling that Qing Heng’s performance still lacked some fire.



So he made his tone more and more gentle, “It’s okay, I was the one who thought too much of you. Geniuses like Qiong Ren are in the minority after all, I shouldn’t have had such high expectations of you, I guess I caused you stress, I’m sorry.”


This paragraph had a good effect, cynicism almost rushed out from Qing Heng’s eyes, unable to be suppressed, his delicate and small face was a little twisted.


Only then did Fu Jiaze feel satisfied and embraced the slender teenager.


“I really don’t like Qiong Ren, I only love you ah.”


He used a bewildered tone as if he was forcibly convincing himself, but smiled smugly.



The agent looked at the screen and the man was dumbfounded.


“He’s provoking that kid to hate you?”


Qiong Ren: “Uh-huh.”



The agent was too shocked to come back to his senses for a long time, “He’s sick, isn’t he, what’s he trying to …… trip you up?”


Qiong Ren shrugged.


He was so unknown, and he always missed opportunities in all kinds of strange ways.



He participated in the casting, the server was broken and he couldn’t enroll. He received a theater contract, several of the main actors took turns collapsing their rooms, and the project came to a complete halt.



When he participated in a variety show, the plane of the flight ticket he bought in advance was suddenly grounded, and he couldn’t buy a new ticket, he tossed in the airport for two days, and was seriously late.


The number of times he had bad luck was so high that it was impossible to tell whether it was the bad luck Physique that was at work, or whether someone was deliberately tripping him up.


“How did you find out that he’s not what he seems?”


“By chance.”



One day Fu Jiaze came over to see him, and less than half a minute after he left, the screen suddenly activated. Fu Jiaze’s figure appeared on the screen, and he was hugging a little idol and smooching at the stairway.



This was people’s private affairs, Qiong Ren wasn’t interested in meddling, but he felt very strange, Fu Jiaze was already popular at that time, how could he kiss someone downstairs in the neighborhood, wasn’t he afraid of making headlines?


The next day when he and Fu Jiaze met at the company, Fu Jiaze actually implicitly expressed that he liked him.


Qiong Ren instantly smelled the sea.


If this wasn’t the King of the Sea, he was also a scumbag and should be thrown in the trash.


[TN: “king of the sea” is a synonym for self-absorbed playboys who like to gallivant with the opposite sex and enjoy the company of beautiful women or men.]


He realized that Fu Jiaze liked to show that he treated Qiong Ren as a white moonlight in front of his boyfriends, and seemed to enjoy the atmosphere of his boyfriend feeling sorry for him, and by this point he already felt that Fu Jiaze was disgusting.

[TN: White moonlight —- first love]



However, through the visual phone screen that lit up from time to time, he discovered something even more outrageous, which was that Fu Jiaze’s purpose seemed to be more than just making his boyfriend jealous, but also leading him to hate him.


It was truly inexplicable.



Qiong Ren tried to wake up those little fools in love, but he was only treated as a prying wall, he later became too lazy to speak, he didn’t owe anyone.


But his agent figure it out: “He’s hypocritical, but why would he want to provoke his boyfriend to hate you?”


Qiong Ren: “I just don’t know why, so I didn’t tear my face off with him. Don’t you think I’m also confused?”


Broker: “Who wouldn’t find this strange, I had strong materialistic beliefs, but because of you, I am now going to worship the god of Fortune.”



Qiong Ren: “There’s something I didn’t tell you.”



“Do you remember, I used to have an account in libilibi for posting dances. The company specifically told me not to use my private account anymore before I debuted, so I haven’t updated it since.


“The me on that account was always a baseball cap with a mask, and I couldn’t see my face anyway, so I didn’t bother to cancel my account thinking I wouldn’t be recognized.”


After his debut, Qiong Ren gradually forgot about that account.


Until half a month ago, he logged in on a whim and suddenly realized that the status of that account was particularly strange. Before he debuted, every video had more than 300,000 plays.



When he debuted, the number of plays stagnated, and along with that, the reposts, comments, and likes were all as if the function buttons had been confiscated. For three years, all the growth figures under his videos were contributed by the same user.



Qiong Ren didn’t know who the other party was, and he didn’t dare to contact them easily.


The situation that this account displayed was as if from the day he debuted, he as a person had become an internet ghost, he could see others and others couldn’t see him.



His microblog number with 9,998 followers and 0 likes and comments every day seemed to be in the same situation.


The agent immediately followed up on Qiong Ren’s thoughts, “You suspect that Fu Jiaze used some method to hinder your star?”



Qiong Ren nodded, “In this world, the person who least wants me to become popular is Fu Jiaze. And his actions are so counterintuitive, I can’t help but suspect him.”



“This time, I received a job, although it’s not a job in the living world, but I think it’s an opportunity, the restrictions they put on me may be failing.”



The agent pondered for a long time, thinking that Qiong Ren’s idea made sense, he suddenly thought of something and looked up sharply, “Wait!”


Qiong Ren: “?”


Agent: “How come the screen somehow lights up and always lights up at the right time?”


He clutched his chubby body in fear.
“Shouldn’t it be your fans ……”


The more he thought about it, the more scared he became, “Could those underworld fans of yours be in this house? Could they be possessing the camera?”


The stuffed rabbit in the chair stirred nervously.


Agent: “Did something move?”


Qiong Ren: “No.”


Agent was insistent, “Absolutely.”


He saw the plush rabbit on the chair, the color of the rabbit was a light lavender purple, the workmanship was very delicate and the version was very cute, at first glance, Qiong Ren couldn’t afford to buy it.



The agent frowned: “Where did you get this rabbit?”


Qiong Ren: “I picked it up.”



Agent: “How can you pick up something like this? You’re not afraid that it has fingers and toes and teeth sewn inside its stomach. I’ll throw it away for you.”


The agent reached out to grab it, but the plush rabbit nimbly dodged out of the way, jumped to the ground and ran away.



The soft little short legs slipped on the floor, and Qiong Ren picked it up and put it on a chair, ruffling a handful of fur in the process.


Qiong Ren: “Take it easy.”


“But it’s just a plush rabbit that can fix the screen la.”


The rabbit obediently rubbed against Qiong Ren’s hand.


King Yan stood in front of the mirror, carefully tying his tie.


He changed out of his Imperial Gun suit and put on a gray suit, his hair and pupils turning black.



King Yan finished tying his tie and asked his secretary standing by, “Do I look like a human being now?”



Secretary Nan shook his head after rigorous scrutiny, “Too good looking to be human.”


King Yan mused, “So the …… key is looks.”


“Then I’ll add a few scars to the face.”


Secretary Nan: “I was just flattering you. You look good dressed like this, there’s no need for alterations.”


King Yan: “Flattery is not a good habit.”


Secretary Nan: “I remember your teachings.”



“It’s been two months since the interview questions for The Book of Torture were sent, and countless readers have wanted to get in touch with your heart through the King Yan Style column.”


“There is only one question, and it won’t take too much of your time.”



King Yan tied his cufflinks, “Ask.”


Secretary Nan: “What do you like to do in your spare time?”


King Yan: “Watch dance videos.”


Secretary Nan: “I didn’t realize you had such a hobby …… Do you have any dancers you admire?”


Yan Wang: “Poor Person, nicknamed PP, he is my favorite dancer, watching him dance always gives me a sense of calm.”


Secretary Nan: “Qiong Ren is also a great dancer, I have a complete video collection if you want to see it, including the third hall scene, I have all ten camera angles.”



King Yan heard Qiong Ren’s name and his fingers paused, then sidled up, “Are you done with the questions?”


Secretary Nan nodded slightly, “Finished asking. I wish you all the best in the living world.”



King Yan nodded and stepped into the car pulled by four dragons.



The dragon car flew over the River of Forgetfulness, passing a large area of withered and unrecognizable flowers on the other side of the river.



In order to accommodate the flow of death from the modern population explosion, the small ferries on the River of Forgetfulness had been replaced with large oil tankers. The ferrymen were now more like tour guides, carrying loud speakers and wearing red vests, giving the souls repeated dos and don’ts.


One soul poked out his upper body and said in surprise, “Is that the flowers on the other shore? How come there’s a clump in the east and a clump in the west, just like a bald spot, it’s too shabby.”



King Yan silently lowered his eyes.




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