Secretary Jin picked up the still unconscious agent and placed him in the back of the nanny van.



“His signs are stable, you don’t have to worry. You went through the formal procedures to enter the underworld, so there will be no harm to your body. The final payment will arrive tomorrow, so please check your account. If there are any problems, please contact me immediately. Any questions will do.”



Secretary Jin explained sentence by sentence, staying deliberately far away from Qiong Ren, he was so considerate that it made him feel a little guilty.



Knowing that he was terrified of ghosts, the ghosts of the Third Hall didn’t follow him, they stood at the entrance of the brightly lit restaurant and eyed him from afar.



The lights haloed the crowd with blurry silhouettes in the darkness of the night, and their faces couldn’t be seen from this distance. In his heart, he was still afraid, but he also had a strong feeling of reluctance, the chaos in his heart simmered.



The night wind gently swirled around him, blowing in the light fragrance of the carriages’ descending rue.



This was the underworld, but the wind was no different from earth.



“An evil ghost escaped, prepare to apprehend.”



An icy male voice suddenly resounded in all directions, interrupting Qiong Ren’s thoughts.



“That’s the voice of the King of the Underworld,” Emperor Song frowned, “Secretary Jin.”



Secretary Jin took out his cell phone and looked at the screen to report the situation, “An evil ghost has escaped from the Congregation Harmony Underworld. The escaped ghost was a big scum in his life, with his feet in seven boats, he was fired from his company after his wife reported him for bigamy, and has been downtrodden for the rest of his life. He held a deep grudge against his ex-wife, and while serving his sentence he repeatedly indicated that he wanted to get back at her. Ah.”


[TN: Feet in seven boats —- cheated with seven people ]


Emperor Song: “?”


Secretary Jin: “His ex-wife works at our Third Hall and came to see Qiong Ren perform today. He’ll probably come over here if he knows that.”



Scummy guy.



Trying to get back at his ex-wife.


Qiong Ren’s fists itched a little.



Emperor Song calmly commanded, “Arrange for the jailers to guard the four directions paths, he’ll most likely come over from the Great Ice Cold Understand in a roundabout way.”



Qiong Ren glimpsed a blurry figure in the darkness rushing this way, and his fist grew itchy, it was a clear omen.



Qiong Ren pointed in the direction of the incoming figure, “Is that him?”


He had a good ear and heard the man’s mouth gibbering about how his ex-wife had wronged him, becoming more and more certain that this was the scumbag.



The silhouette came unexpectedly fast, Emperor Song and Secretary Jin had just turned their heads when the man had already run close and went towards the restaurant.


Qiong Ren didn’t even think about it, it only took a few steps to catch up, he lifted his leg and kicked out at a rapid speed, the back of his foot tensed and kicked out in a sharp arc.


They only heard a muffled sound.



The back of his foot swept heavily on the scum man’s neck, kicking the scum man’s body out, he hit the ground with the remaining force, tumbling twice before stopping.



When the back of his foot kicked the ghost’s body, Emperor Song clearly saw a shower of scattered golden light rippling from the place of contact.



Emperor Song’s eyes widened, “That seems to be ……


Before the words came out of his mouth, he abruptly remembered his responsibility and hurriedly ordered the jailers to go up and tie up that ghost in five pieces.



And then he looked at Qiong Ren excitedly, “You actually have this hidden skill! But aren’t you afraid of ghosts, how dare you kick him?”


“Don’t remind him!” Secretary Jin wanted to stop it, but it was too late.


Emperor Song was confused, “Huh?”



It was then that Qiong Ren reacted to the fact that he had just fly-kicked the ghost. He could only feel the coldness crawling down the back of his foot all the way to his heavenly soul, and his face instantly turned snow-white.


He moved his throat with difficulty and looked at Secretary Jin pleadingly, “Looks like I’ll have to trouble you to carry me to the car, thanks.”


Before the words left his mouth, Qiong Ren fell straight down.



But he didn’t fall to the ground.


The red-haired, red-eyed King caught him.


“Yan Molu.” Emperor Song called his name sheepishly.



He gave him a faint look and slipped the light human in his arms to Secretary Jin.



“Escort the sinner back to Zonghe Hell and add ten thousand years to his sentence.”



Thinking of the days when he was repeatedly trampled into the mud by the iron elephants in the Underworld of All Harmonies, the scummy man’s whole body trembled at once.



“In ancient times, men were allowed to have three wives and four concubines, I only found seven wives at the same time, why do I have to suffer such a heavy sentence? The underworld’s judgment is unfair!”


The King of the underworld’s sight drifted coldly downward.



The moment the scummy man saw his red pupils, his courage to resist and escape vanished cleanly, and he endeavored to curl himself up into a ball.



He must have been kicked in the brain by that kick just now, otherwise how could he dare to be stubborn with King Yan.



King Yan’s cold voice rang out.



“The ancients had three wives and four concubines, and they also had to go into the underworld of all Harmonies to be tortured.”



“However, the Judge who sentenced you for your crimes was indeed not strict enough.”


The scummy man’s body stopped trembling.


The King continued, “With your crime, not only do you have to be tortured in the Congregation Harmony Hell, you also have to be tortured in the Great Calling Underworld.”



“Emperor Song. Have the jailers send him to the Great Calling Underworld, and later have him serve his sentence by rotating between the two underworlds until his term is up.”



Emperor Song: “Yes.”



The words of the King were the laws, and the sentence took effect the moment he spoke them. The scumbag felt ten thousand years added to the sentence inscribed in his soul, and the sign Great Calling Underworld was added to his wrist next to the icon representing the Underworld of All Harmonies.


He cowered on the floor whimpering as he was shackled by his jailer.


Yan Molu’s eyes flicked over toward Secretary Jin seeing only a small head of curly hair, and a dangling hand.



He subconsciously rubbed his fingertips.




His eyes stopped for a moment on the soft, fluffy little curls.



“Is this the idol?”


He had just caught the person and then shoved him to Secretary Jin without seeing his face. Although Qiong Ren was the idol that had taken the hell by storm, King Yan had no interest in him.



Emperor Song: “Yes ……”



King lYan took another look at Qiong Ren’s curly hair, put his hands behind his back, and explained in a slow voice:



“Today, the ghost escaped and made some impact, you have to remember to give him compensation, the amount of compensation should not exceed the cost of the performance.”



Emperor Song: “Yes!”



He couldn’t help but be moved, Yan Molu was mostly like an ice-cold work machine, but he was actually still very gentle in his heart.



As Emperor Song was thinking this, he heard the King say, “Forget it, I can’t sleep anyway, I’ll escort him to his execution.



“Ah. It’s been a long time since I’ve done it myself.”


He moved his shoulders and his joints made a slight ‘click’ sound.



The scummy man fainted in shock at the sound, almost performing a miracle of ghostly death.



Emperor Song: “Uh…… isn’t it inappropriate for you to personally carry out the execution?”


Yan Molu lowered his eyes, a little sleepy: “Working at a desk for a long time is not good for the lumbar and cervical vertebrae, it’s time to move around a bit.”



Emperor Song carefully glanced at his face and saw two large dark circles hanging under his eyes.


He instantly worried, “Are you still suffering from insomnia?” How long had this been going on.


Although Yan Molu was a god, not a programmer, and didn’t lose his hair when he did a lot of work, he slept little, and was under a lot of stress. But he was the Lord of the Underworld, and when his godly body went wrong, every aspect of the Underworld would be affected.



Emperor Song still remembered what happened thousands of years ago, he had a nightmare one night, and the Three Way River boiled right over. Since then, he was always extremely restrained, always maintaining a calm and steady demeanor.



“No wonder the flowers on the other side of the banks of the River of Forgetfulness are so bald that you can’t afford any more insomnia. Otherwise, why don’t you go to the living world and seek counseling from a psychiatrist?”


His quiet gaze flickered.


Qiong Ren slept until noon before waking up.


His agent was sent back to the dormitory with him and simply stayed there without leaving, and when he saw that Qiong Ren had woken up, he made him a bowl of milk cereal, wanting to say something.



Qiong Ren put the bowl of cereal in the water bowl to cool and sat down across from his agent.


“If you have something to say, say it.”



Agent: “You agreed to do a signing?”



Qiong Ren: “Uh-huh.”



The agent’s fat flesh trembled, obviously there was no one else, but still he couldn’t help lowering his voice: “But they’re ghosts!”



Qiong Ren: “They are precious live fans.”



Agent: “Live? Which one is alive?”


Qiong Ren: “Short for active ghost fans.”



Qiong Ren was confident as he spoke, “Compared to paying back 5.8 million yuan in three months or else I can’t be an idol anymore, doesn’t going to the underworld to have a signing sound a lot more gracious?”



His agent silently pulled out a screenshot of an Old Corpse in the Mountain Village. Did he still not know Qiong Ren? He didn’t even dare to watch Sinister Spirit and still wanted to go to the underworld for a signing ……



That was the underworld, wasn’t he afraid that he wouldn’t return once he went there?


Qiong Ren pursed his lips and trembled stubbornly, “You can’t stop me, I’ve already promised then.”


He raised his hand to cover the side of his face, fearing that he would see something he shouldn’t, “I’m going to address my fear of ghosts, doesn’t the company often have people who go to see a psychiatrist? Help me ask which doctor is good at treating phobias.”



The agent felt helpless: “OK, I’ll ask for you.”


Knock knock.


Someone knocked on the door.



Qiong Ren glanced at the cat’s eye and opened only a crack in the door, frowning, “What are you doing here?”



The visitor was the current Top Star Fu Jiaze, who smiled and squeezed through the doorway.



After Fu Jiaze entered, a good-looking young boy suddenly flashed out in the corridor, looking like he had just reached adulthood, with loose shoulder-length black hair.


He stood quietly in the corridor and gave Qiong Ren an impish smile.



In the dark corridor, the sudden appearance of the boy with the sinister smile, made up a classic horror movie scene.



Unfortunately, it had no effect on Qiong Ren.


He was only afraid of ghosts , and this one was obviously human.


If it was a human being, then there was no problem.



Such a bone-thin chicklet, he could beat ten of them with one hand.



He closed the door and Fu Jiaze was already exchanging pleasantries with his agent.



Agent: “Is the company so short of people that even a passing Taoist has been pulled in to make up the headcount, and has even been signed.”



Fu Jiaze nodded, not too concerned, “Hmm. Fans are tired of watching singing and dancing all the time, and Qing Heng is a Taoist priest, so he’s fresh.”


He saw a stuffed rabbit sitting squarely on the end of his chair and was a little curious, “Since when do you like that kind of thing? Tell me earlier, my fans gave me so many of them, I can’t even handle them.”



Qiong Ren took the plush rabbit over and placed it beside himself, saying indifferently, “No need.”



He looked indifferent, but Fu Jiaze didn’t care, still smiling:



“I just bought a villa in Shengshi Courtyard, it’s being decorated, when it’s done, you can move over and live with me. That side is close to the company, and it’s convenient for you to go to the practice room.”



Qiong Ren: “If there’s no business, I’ll go practice.”



“Yes!” Fu Jiaze said, “There is business!”



He nodded towards his manager, “I heard about what happened. i have a travel variety show here called ‘Let’s Go, Friends’, which requires guests to bring a friend to form a two-person team, and it’s expected to record eight episodes. They’ve already revealed to me that the person I bring along will get at least two million yuan.”



“You can show your face and get money, and you can travel at public expense on the way. How about it, interested?”



Qiong Ren: “Not going.”


Fu Jiaze: “I knew you were going to say no, Brother Yang, persuade Qiong Ren.”


The agent thought to himself, “What’s the point of persuading?”



Going on a traveling variety show with Fu Jiaze was many times better than going to the underworld for a signing.


But Qiong Ren never accepted Fu Jiaze’s good intentions, and he definitely wouldn’t want it this time.



Before the agent rounded up, Qiong Ren suddenly spoke, “Fu Jiaze, you want to help me right.”



“Of course, you’re the one I care about the most.”



Fu Jiaze finished softly, his cheeks suddenly reddening, like an innocent teenager who was shy over accidentally revealing his true heart.



Qiong Ren narrowed his eyes, and the smile at the corner of his mouth became even colder:


“Since you care about me so much, why don’t you lend me five million eight hundred thousand yuan to pay for the training fees, and then I’ll return it to you when I make money, let’s write an IOU and use interest at the rate of a mortgage.”


Fu Jiaze was a little surprised, Qiong Ren’s attitude towards him over the past few years had been very cold, this was the first time he had mentioned money to him.



But he was prepared for this. His thumb slowly swirled around the rim of the cell phone lens, revealing a particularly difficult look.


“I just bought the villa, and the renovation is especially costly, so my hands are especially tight. How about this, when the next contract payment comes in, I’ll directly help you return it to the company, okay? You and I won’t mention any IOUs, interest rates, as long as you’re willing, all my money is yours.”



Qiong Ren ate the cooled milk cereal in three or two bites, wiped his mouth, and raised his eyes to look at Fu Jiaze: “Is there anything else?”



Fu Jiaze understood that he wanted him to get out quickly.



He got up calmly, not having the slightest bit of the wretchedness of being evicted, “Then I’ll leave first, and come back to see you another day. I’ll think of a way for the money, so don’t be in a hurry.”



The agent smiled awkwardly, “I’ll see you off?”


Fu Jiaze looked calm, “No need, then I’ll go, bye brother Yang, Qiong Ren ……”



Qiong Ren was rinsing the bowl in the kitchen and ignored him.



Fu Jiaze’s smile fell slightly, a look of an infatuated young boy being mercilessly hurt.



The agent sent him away and frowned, “Fu Jiaze treats you so well, I think he really likes you, you shouldn’t have this attitude even if you don’t like him.”


Qiong Ren clasped the bowl on the dish rack to dry, shaking his head helplessly, Old Yang had been in the entertainment industry for so many years, but he was still so simple.



“Old Yang, if you were Fu Jiaze, and you knew what happened, what would you do?”



The agent had just been feeling bad for Fu Jiaze, but after hearing Qiong Ren’s words and substituting himself to think for a moment, he immediately realized the problem.



He suddenly realized, “Right, if I were Fu Jiaze, even if I bought a villa, I can make 300 million a year, there’s no way I can’t get a few million just because I bought a house. And if I were him, I wouldn’t even need you to ask, I’d take the initiative to switch between you and the company.”



“He said this thing as soon as he walked in the door today because he was afraid that you would borrow money from him, and you knew what he meant and disliked him on purpose, didn’t you?”



But he was still a little puzzled: “Then why didn’t you show your hand to him?”


“Because there are some things I still can’t figure out.” Qiong Ren walked over to the door and waved at the agent.



“The videophone at the entrance to our unit isn’t responding when you press it, it looks like it’s broken.” Qiong Ren pressed a button and the screen lit up. “I can actually see the image of the doorway unilaterally, and of course, hear the sound.”



“Don’t blink, it’s not every day you get a chance to watch a Top Star do monkey tricks for free.”



You guessed it, see ya ‘morrow ✌️

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