Early the next morning, Shen Lianqiu really brought Lin Lang and appeared on time on the campus of his new school.


It was now the end of December, and there were only ten days left before the high school vacation in J City.



This also meant that Lin Lang not only had to prepare for the All Championships in this month, but also had to prepare for the final exam ten days later.


It was a good thing that when he was reborn, he had reviewed his life from beginning to end, so that no matter which period of time he remembered, he could recall it clearly in his mind, or else it would really be a bit troublesome nowadays.


In his three years of high school in his previous life, although Lin Lang was far away from the ice rink due to the shadow, he wasn’t completely decadent.


He was in the top ten of his grade, not to say that he was the God of Learning, but at least he was also known as a school bully.



He had already completed all the courses for the three years of high school in his previous life, and there were no academic issues, so he didn’t need to spend any more energy and time.



However, Lin Lang was the only one who was able to reach such a level, and other people were obviously not so relaxed and lucky at this time.


For example, Yu Tong, who was currently attending classes in the junior high school department of the same school as him.


Ever since he was a child, his performance in skating had been as outstanding as his academic performance had been poor.



His family knew that most of his energy was spent on skating, so they never criticized him in this regard.


It wasn’t until he finished third from last in the last midterm exam that he forced his family to be at a loss. It was rumored that if he couldn’t pass the final English exam, his pocket money for the next six months would be halved.


In other subjects, considering his status as an athlete, he could still relax as he saw fit, but he was about to compete internationally and spoke English so poorly.


When it came to the post-game interview, what could be done?



Even if Yu Tong has already explained many times that there would be an interpreter standing by during their interviews.


But the older generation still thought that if he couldn’t speak English well, he would lose face for the country.



Now it was another English class, and all the other students were doing quizzes in the classroom, except Yu Tong, who was singled out by the teacher to stand in the corridor, forcing him to take an English book and spend the class painfully memorizing all the words in a unit.


And he was born with no interest in this thing, holding a book and looking at the 26 letters on top, it looked like a ghost drawing, no matter how much he looked. He helf on for a total of five minutes before he pulled out his phone and planned to go to the restroom tand watch skating videos to avoid getting lazy.



But halfway through, through the open back door of the high school department next door, he saw a particularly familiar figure.


Lin Lang!


He was actually studying in this school, and he was sitting in the last row!


He didn’t even listen to the class, he just knew to keep his head down and scribble in that notebook.


Yu Tong stood in the back door of the second class of the first year of high school, squinting his eyes and constantly looking in, looking extremely small minded.


He was more than familiar with this state.


School scum! An extremely typical school bully!


At the same time, he was also an extremely unlucky school bully.



It was an English class, and as a teacher in this school, he was so famous that even their junior high school department was known to everyone.

Whoever came to his class must follow the rules and listen attentively, otherwise he would invite their parents at every turn.



Now this whole class of academic bullies, were desperate to listen carefully, but the one sitting in the last row of his head didn’t even lift his head.


It was too eye-catching.


The teacher on the podium lifted his head from the book, with the eye power of a monster, Yu Tong even dared to guarantee that in less than ten seconds, Lin Lang would definitely be called out.





“Lin Lang! Answer this question.”



Sure enough, not even waiting for Yu Tong to count to six, Lin Lang, who was drawing in his seat, was simply lit up in front of the entire class.


Yu Tong was so happy that even though he had covered his mouth in advance, he still couldn’t help but let out a pfft.


Standing at the back door, he gloated and watched, wanting to see Lin Lang make a fool of himself in front of everyone.


But Lin Lang didn’t show any nervousness or panic, but just calmly put his sketchbook on the desk, stood up and answered the questions asked by the teacher, one after another, smooth and natural.


That English accent was so authentic that people couldn’t help but wonder if he hid a tape recorder in his mouth and just played a tape.


Lin Lang was originally good at English literature when he was in school. Later, he participated in competitions around the world, and occasionally went to foreign coaches for special training. This English accent was developed at that time.



This… it seemed that this wasn’t a school bully, but rather a learning god who sat in the last row and was still powerful without listening to classes or reading.



“Not bad, very good, it just so happens that my English class representative has transferred this semester, from now on this position, you will take over.”


“What are you looking at? I know all the nicknames you guys give me behind my back, I don’t need you to always say that I’m forcing you to listen and learn, if each and every one of you can reach Lin Lang’s level, then you can do something else in my class later on, feel free to do as you please.”



As soon as these words were said, they immediately set off an uproar in the entire class.


Who didn’t know what kind of temper this Iron monster usually had, since he had come to No.1 Middle School to teach for so many years, they had never seen him smile at anyone and say this kind of words.


Yu Tong stood outside the door, and for a moment was also a bit dumbfounded, Lin Lang sat back down in his chair, turned his head to look at the wide-open back door, right at him, and proudly raised his eyebrows at him and stuck out his tongue.


He even pointed to his English book, then deliberately and sarcastically revealed a face full of lamentation.


He didn’t oonly know that he had been here for a long time, but he had also given a guess as to why he was here.


Yesterday’s experience of being scared by him to the point where he couldn’t sleep at night, mixed together with today’s mood, all turned into a burst of shame and indignation, making him want to find a crack in the ground to hide and to rush straight in and pull Lin Lang out to beat him up.


But just when he was about to turn around and run away with a glare and a stomp of his foot, the thing Lin Lang had been sketching on his sketchbook suddenly attracted all of his attention.


That was a set of Kousten’s design draft, the specific style and material he had finalized in his last life, so now he just needed to draw out all the details according to his memory.



It was a red and black color scheme, the entire clothing style revealed straightforward desire and provocation, with the overall deep v shirt, coupled with a few rhinestones and soft Man light gauze, his entire style could be said to be quite a match.


Just standing there, Yu Tong seemed to be able to imagine that he stood on the ice rink in this costume, extremely close to the seductive appearance.


This was the kind of handiwork that ordinary designers, couldn’t even draw.


“So powerful ……”



At this moment, all those things from the past were completely forgotten, leaving only a stunning design in front of him.


Even Yu Tong was completely stunned and couldn’t think about it before blurting out a praise.


The words had already been said, and only then did he suddenly cover his mouth.


Lin Lang heard the praise and squinted through the back door with a pencil in his hand, only to see a hasty figure as he fled.



And Yu Tong also ran all the way to the bathroom at the end of the corridor, then leaned back against the compartment door, holding his phone and English book in his arms, and began his endless frustration.



“How could you lose your stance just because you looked at those two broken designs! I can’t believe you praised it in front of people.”


“Have you forgotten how excessive those things he has done are, why brother Yao left his home country and traveled far away from the United States, and the words he has said!”



Yu Tong looked at his cell phone, the group photo that he had gleefully taken during the previous match with Yao Qing, biting his lip with some chagrin.



In fact, there was something that he had been lying to all the senior brothers in the team, it wasn’t that he never knew that there was such a person as Lin Lang, and it wasn’t that he simply targeted and hated him because he didn’t have much of an achievement.


Rather, it was because of what Yao Qing had said to him in that last domestic tournament he attended before he left for America last year.



He said that he had been bullied by Lin Lang, who was in the same rink as him so many years, saying that his talent was too eye-catching and inviting of envy.



“I thought that as long as I got better grades than him time and time again, it would be enough to prove everything, but now it seems that if I stay in the country any longer, I’m afraid I’m going to be haunted by this shadow for the rest of my life.”


Going to the United States was also a forced choice.


Yao Qing had always pretended to be harmless outside, and was the child of other people’s families in the mouths of many parents, as well as a role model in the hearts of many children.


Yu Tong was one of these people.



He had always idolized Yao Qing, and when he heard Yao Qing say this to him with red eyes, he went back and cried for a whole night, and his heart was broken into eight pieces.



This time, suddenly, seeing Lin Lang from the same ice rink in Yao Qing’s mouth made his teeth itch with hatred.



Anyway, players with such character were not worthy to appear on the ice rink of the national team.



No matter how powerful Lin Lang was, this time, in the Full Championship a month later, he would definitely defeat him squarely on the ice!


He must avenge brother Yao!



Yu Tong thought so, and after secretly making up his mind in the cubicle, he pursed his lips hard again, holding back his tears, and pushed open the door with perseverance written all over his face.


For English, it was better to let it go first. Pocket money wasn’t important compared to this matter. Even if he didn’t eat or sleep this month, he had to win!




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