C82 —– Bidding 100,000

After interviewing the crew about the filming situation, the reporter asked each artist about the significance of the existence of the character they played and the performance of their strengths and weaknesses.



“The Q&A session is over, can you take me on a tour of the filming site?”


“You posted your unique ski suits online, and netizens should also be curious.”


Du Xiangyuan didn’t have many shots throughout the entire process, most of which were group Q&A sessions, but now he finally has close-up shots.



“The ski suits were customized, it’s a little different, so it looks better than a normal ski suit.”



“The costume team has a higher aesthetic.”



The person who followed the reporter walked at the back, so Gu Yanshen stood on the left and Lu Wenxing on the right. Du Xiangyuan walked behind the two of them.


With the intention of earning more shots and increasing popularity, he thought of Gu Yanshen’s statement that he didn’t mind CP fans, so he also started playing around.



Lu Wenxing could ride the heat, why couldn’t he?



Du Xiangyuan debuted two or three years earlier than Lu Wenxing, and he saw other artists that brought funds to join the cast or relied on their wealth to rise to power.


The dark side of Du Xiangyuan was that he had gotten multiple roles with funding, but he hadn’t become popular as the main character in four or five TV dramas, so there were many anti-fans that mocked him.


As long as there was a TV drama or web series with him as the main character, it was a stone thrown into the bottom of the water, splashing a wave of water and then directly sinking into the bottom of the river.



This movie, if it weren’t for the involvement of Lu Wenxing, it would only be a matter of time before Zhang Yichong wanted to use him as the lead. What he lacked was an opportunity, otherwise he wouldn’t have lost to Lu Wenxing, he just got a bad script.



The way Wenxing used Gu Yanshen’s popularity, why couldn’t he? Gu Yanshen also said that he didn’t mind CPs ……

[TN: CP — couple pairing ]



Du Xiangyuan looked at Gu Yanshen’s back, thinking about how to talk to Gu Yanshen without being too deliberate.



The reporter beside him said a few words to Du Xiangyuan and didn’t get a response, seeing him in a daze, he raised his arm and gently bumped him a bit.



Du Xiangyuan returned to his senses and subconsciously responded, turning his head to look at the interviewer. “Sorry, I got lost in thought ……”



A small stone protruding from the snow, not covered by snow, tripped Du Xiangyuan. Thinking of Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen walking ahead, he took the opportunity to get closer to Gu Yanshen.



As the reporter exclaimed ‘be careful’, Gu Yanshen subconsciously pulled Lu Wenxing and brought him towards him.


Du Xiangyuan staggered a few steps before stopping, looking a bit comical.



“Are you okay, Brother Du?” The little assistant quickly came forward.


Lu Wenxing was yanked in a daze, and when he came back to his senses, he saw Du Xiangyuan rushing to the front.



Gu Yanshen’s actions were completely out of a subconscious reaction, and the comments kowtowed even more vigorously.



[He hugged his waist and they held hands, yet he said there was no situation. Who would believe it?]



[Anyway, I don’t believe it.]



[Brother Shen didn’t turn around at all, when he heard someone shouting ‘be careful’, he immediately protected Wenxing, human instincts don’t lie.]



[Right, right, right, it’s instinct to protect the one you love.]



[Thanks to Du Xiangyuan, I’m convinced that my CP will not fall.]



[Although Du Xiangyuan is a bit miserable, it’s funny.]



[If Brother Shen and Wenxing are together, I’ll show you how to do a handstand.]




Du Xiangyuan’s face didn’t look very good. He thought that Gu Yanshen would help him, but he didn’t expect to let Lu Wenxing ride the heat instead.



He awkwardly smiled, “It’s okay, I accidentally stepped on a stone.”



In the evening, the director invited them to dinner.



Gu Yanshen sat on the left side of the director, the seat on the right side was still empty, the other artists didn’t dare to sit down, but Du Xiangyuan had the idea.




Lin Qingxue who was following him suddenly said, “Wenxing sit here, I’ll sit beside you.”



She pointed to the seat, and Lu Wenxing didn’t hesitate to sit there graciously.


Deliberate avoidance was what made people suspicious.



Although netizens liked the CP, it was another matter for the romance to come to light.


The public’s acceptance of niche se.xual orientation was high, but as public figures, many things about celebrities tended to be magnified, especially the matter of same-s.ex couples.



He didn’t care what other people thought, and his fans who liked him certainly respected his choice, he just didn’t think the time was right yet.



The two had also only been together for a short time, and the hot period was sweet. Lu Wenxing had seen many passionate lovers around him who wishes they could stick together for 24 hours, but after the passionate period, it became completely different.



It wasn’t that he didn’t believe Gu Yanshen’s fondness for him, but Lu Wenxing wanted to be responsible for this relationship, so he would also be more careful.



He and Gu Yanshen had been dating for less than five months, and their relationship needed a growth period. After a while, as long as Gu Yanshen was willing, he would go public.



Du Xiangyuan was furious, had he known that Lu Wenxing was so unconcerned, he wouldn’t have hesitated, but now he let Lu Wenxing steal the show.



Lin Qingxue sat on the right side of Lu Wenxing, Du Xiangyuan sat on the right side of Lin Qingxue with an expression that wasn’t so good.



During the meal, Du Xiangyuan noticed that Gu Yanshen had taken shrimp several times and said with a smile. “Brother Shen also likes to eat shrimp, I’ve also loved shrimp since I was a kid.”



Gu Yanshen gave a ‘hmm’ and didn’t answer, Du Xiangyuan continued.



“Shrimp is very nutritious and rich in protein, eating more shrimp is beneficial.”


“You’re right.”


When Du Xiangyuan saw Gu Yanshen answer, a smile flashed across his face, and he was about to continue saying something when he saw Gu Yanshen clip another shrimp.



Then, he placed it in Lu Wenxing’s bowl.



“Eat more.”



Du Xiangyuan’s smile suddenly froze on his face.



Lin Qingxue: “Brother Shen and Xingxing are really close.”



The director didn’t think anything of it and replied with a smile.



“The whole internet knows they’re friends.”



Lu Wenxing chucked small broccoli back at him. “Shrimp is nutritious, but meat and vegetables are better together.”


Obviously good friends giving each other food, but Lu Wenxing used his eyes to warn Gu Yanshen to be more restrained.



But Gu Yanshen’s face was calm, looking like he didn’t notice.


Lu Wenxing pinched Gu Yanshen with his right hand through the tablecloth, warning him not to mess around.



Gu Yanshen held his hand, taking the opportunity to interlock their fingers.


“Does Mr. Gu have any suggestions for the movie’s publicity?”



Gu Yanshen explained in detail, everyone else listened attentively, but no one could have guessed that Gu Yanshen, who had a serious face, his fingers were under the table, rubbing the back of Lu Wenxing’s hand restlessly.



The meal was hot and lively, everyone was happy, except Du Xiangyuan.


When they went back, Du Xiangyuan lost his temper.



“Does Brother Shen not know who my father is? Why is he so cold to me.”



The little assistant didn’t dare to disagree, “Maybe he just didn’t recognize him.”



Du Xiangyuan didn’t enter the entertainment industry entirely for Gu Yanshen, but it was because he was enamored with Gu Yanshen’s movies so he had to enter the entertainment industry for fun.



For this reason, he also fell out with his family, Du Xiangyuan’s family was more traditional, it wasn’t that they looked down on showbiz artists, but they felt that the showbiz was a mess.



Zhang Yichong was the producer of the movie, he and Du Xiangyuan’s father were good friends. The two had a relationship without Du Xiangyuan’s father’s knowledge, in the end, the age difference was too much, so they finally broke up.


At that time, Du Xiangyuan was only eighteen years old, Zhang Yichong wasn’t without psychological burden, at the same time there was also a little hidden happiness.



Du Xiangyuan’s current situation made Zhang Yichong feel a little guilty, so he promised to support him.



But no one expected Lu Wenxing to unexpectedly agree to take this movie, Du Xiangyuan, who had thought he could win the male lead, was angry when he found out but agent warned him that he didn’t care how he scolded in private, but he wasn’t allowed to have a direct conflict with Lu Wenxing on the surface.



Du Xiangyuan had been spoiled since he was a child, and had never been so aggrieved, he didn’t dare to do anything to Lu Wenxing, he just sneered and said a few words, if even that was to be taken into account, then it was Lu Wenxing’s fault.



“Brother Yuan, do you know Painter S?”



“Who is he?”


“It’s the painter who has a high topic of conversation with Brother Shen during this time, just go and look at his Weibo page.”



Du Xiangyuan spent ten minutes to understand the whole process. “So all of Brother Shen’s fans also follow him because he drew Brother Shen?”



“I don’t know how to draw, this method doesn’t suit me.”



Du Xiangyuan thought the assistant wanted him to imitate him.



“I don’t mean that.” The assistant hesitated for a few seconds, “Or forget it, Tang will scold me later.”



“You are my assistant, Tang Yichuan is also my assistant, what are you afraid of him for, say it quickly.”



Artists would have assistants following them when they were filming, but Du Xiangyuan was the only artist in the crew with two assistants. Tang Yichuan wasn’t exactly an assistant, he was the one the agent had found to keep an eye on Du Xiangyuan and watch out for him getting into trouble.



“There are many bloggers who can draw, but only Painter S gets a lot of attention. It’s because he would rub off on Mr. Gu and use the fanboy persona. Arrogantly stating that he doesn’t draw other artists, and because of that, it aroused the curiosity of netizens.”



“He’s good at drawing, but not to the exaggerated point of various fans begging him to draw. The netizens shouting across the room for him to draw their own stars looks like a stunt, but it’s actually the fans of each fandom competing.”


“What do you mean?”



“Think about it, S also said he wouldn’t take on the same person, but he still draws Brother Shen. The fans are competing to get S to make an exception for their favorite star.”



Du Xiangyuan understood, “You mean, ask S to draw me?”






“But he doesn’t draw other people?”


“How can that be, as far as I understand he’s laying the foundation to make money, as long as the money is given, it’s fine for you to ask him to draw Brother Shen and you.”



Du Xiangyuan’s eyes lit up, “If it’s a matter of money, that’s not a problem at all. One hundred thousand yuan for one of his drawings, I don’t believe he won’t take it.”



“S isn’t a very famous artist, most of his fans are students who run to the tutorials he shares. Brother, your opening price is too high.”



Lu Wenxing came out of the shower and picked a video call request from Gu Yanshen, talking about today’s interview, he was a bit helpless.



“Mr. Gu, let’s be a little more restrained next time, okay?”



Lu Wenxing opened two Weibo accounts, purely because of the convenience of receiving commissions. He didn’t want to hide it, but he didn’t want to deliberately tell the public that he had another account either.



But once Gu Yanshen’s criteria for choosing a spouse came out, if it was known that he was Painter S, it would be equivalent to directly announcing a romance.



“Got it.”


Gu Yanshen wasn’t too happy, he had been single for twenty-seven years, it was hard to find a partner, he wanted to tell the world, but he also knew that now wasn’t the right time to announce a romance.



“Just because you talked nonsense, now my private messages have doubled again.”



“What did they all say?”



Lu Wenxing boarded the trumpet and read a random entry, ignoring the word ‘Mrs.’



“Did you watch the live interview of Return to Snow Mountain? Drawing him alone …… was Brother Shen referring to you?”



Gu Yanshen smiled lowly, “She’s right.”



Lu Wenxing gave him a blank stare.





Lu Wenxing continued to scroll through the private messages, then saw……


[You really don’t take on commissions for other artists? I’ll pay one hundred thousand yuan. Please reply when you see this.]



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