Having just confirmed in the afternoon that he was going to participate in the All Championships in a month’s time, Ji Cangshu informed Lin Lang by phone that evening.


After all, for a skating competition, there were too many things to be communicated and agreed upon.


Lin Lang hadn’t participated in any competitions for so many years because of the suppression by the coach of the club and Yao Qing, and if he wanted to participate in the All-Championships, he had to prepare at least two programs, the short program and the free skate.


In addition to that, at least one more kosten was needed.



Kosten was phonetic translation of “costume”, which referred to the performance costume worn by the skaters during the competition.


Except for the performance skating, the use of sets, lights and other props weren’t allowed in the official skating competitions. Therefore, the costume became the only supporting factor in the performance.



It had to match the background music and also the rules of the competition.


Men could only wear pants, and although women, since ’06, had broken the rule of having to wear skirts and become able to wear pants as well, the length of the skirt still had to be below the hips.


These two things were necessary, but they were also just the basics to be considered in clothing.


On top of that, the fabric also needed to be stretchy and strong, and the design took into account the aesthetics at the same time, but also took into account the overall weight of the garment.

Although the All Championships was only a domestic competition, according to Lin Lang’s strength, he couldn’t be as nervous as he was during the international competition.


But it was also true that it wasn’t simple to do so many things in just this one month’s time.


“Cub, a month later we’re going to compete in the All Championships, we need to make up two programs, from the selection of music to choreography, the production of costumes will definitely too late, so for the short program, I thought to simply use the one you skated when you went to the national team.”


“As for the free skate, have you choreographed it before?”


Lin Lang had participated in countless competitions from home to abroad in his last life, and his program reserves were naturally quite sufficient.


Although according to his strength nowadays, he might not necessarily be able to reach that level of difficulty in his last life, but as long as he slightly changed the difficulty of the jumps and the movements, basically all of them could still be used.


“Yes I have.”


Lin Lang thought so, and after replying to Ji Cangshu just now, he heard an obviously relieved celebration on the other side of the phone.


“That would be great, let me take a look at it when we train the day after tomorrow, if it works, we can use these two programs for this competition, then we’ll finally have enough time.”


Once the two programs were finalized, all that was left, besides the daily training, was the kosten.



Although for higher performance scores, the costumes worn by the contestants generally needed to be in line with the overall style of the music and program.



But men’s outfits weren’t as gorgeous and beautiful as women’s. It was just a top and pants. Taking advantage of this month, they could quickly create a set that was almost versatile and not easy to make mistakes with.


Short programs and free skates all used the the same outfit, so it wasn’t impossible to make do with it.



A black shirt or white shirt, paired with a pair of black pants, countless men wore this on the ice rink.



But Lin Lang’s perfectionism for the program would never allow him to have any little bit of patchwork in any of the official competitions.



In a month’s time, he needed to order two sets for Kosten.



At the same time, both sets must also have a design that could meet his aesthetic standards, as well as performance that was sufficient to support him.



After all, when the competition started and the music played, these two outfits were the robes he would be wearing as he fought alone in that pure white battlefield.


For Lin Lang, in skating, no matter what level of competition, as long as he stepped onto the ice he had to be the best he could be at the moment, and he couldn’t afford to be sloppy with even the slightest detail.



If he had the time to prepare, Ji Cangshu would want Lin Lang to do his best in every competition, but now he only had a month to do so.



From design to material selection to customization, two sets would be fine if they were done casually, but if they were to be designed to fit the show, then the time would not be enough.



Ji Cangshu wanted to tell Lin Lang about this, but before he could say anything, Lin Lang had already made a plan before him.



“Clothing production alone depends on the work schedule, a month’s time is definitely not too late, as for the design, I’ll do it myself, and I’ll be able to hand in the draft within almost a week.”



“For the rest of the production, Shen’s group is involved in a wide range of businesses, if you hand it over to Mr. Shen, you shouldn’t have to worry about it either.”


Lin Lang said and looked back at Shen Lianqiu, and unexpectedly saw the promise in Mr. Shen’s eyes.



At the same time, he also heard total shock and surprise in Ji Cangshu’s tone.


“You’ll design? You still know this?”


“Yeah, a little bit.”



Speaking of which, the reason why Lin Lang knew this, at first, was also because he was too serious about this part of skating.


Ice skating was complicated and expensive, in all respects, it was actually similar to the high definition outside, the price ranged from a few thousand to a few tens of thousands, more than a hundred thousand.



In his last life, when Lin Lang started competing, with money problems in the way, he couldn’t please high-level designers, and he couldn’t communicate well with the costume designer.


As time went by, he became self-reliant and systematically learned to design costumes on his own.


At a later stage, those designs that shone on the ice and were praised by the audience were actually almost all from himself.



“Okay, then the two of you should discuss this matter.”


If it was just Lin Lang alone who wanted to do this, Ji Cangshu might still have some doubts and worries in his heart, but Shen Lanqiu had already agreed to come along.


Then he could rest assured that he would be able to do something else, after all, with Mr. Shen around, there was nothing they needed to worry about anymore.



Lin Lang hung up the phone and walked over to Shen Lianqiu’s front, when Mr. Shen happened to receive a text message from the national team’s head coach.


Shen Group had been involved in the clothing industry for many years, and it was true that the high-fashion dresses from their brand had always been worn by many big-name celebrities, so it really wasn’t that hard for him to help Lin Lang find someone to make two sets of costumes within a month.



“But …… first of all shouldn’t you explain what’s going on in this text message?”


Shen Lianqiu said, placing the text message received in his cell phone vertically in front of Lin Lang.


[Xiao Shen, Yu Tong, that child, suddenly cried this evening and didn’t dare to sleep, I asked the team members, they seemed to mention that it was in the afternoon, Lin Lang scared him? Xiao Yu has always had that straight temper, after I understood what happened, I scolded him, persuade Lin Lang on your side, don’t let the two children feud.]


The head coach’s words were sincere and polite, and could even be considered bitter.


Shen Lianqiu had long known that Yu Tong’s attitude towards Lin Lang was not good, and he also knew Lin Lang’s character, and knew that if the two of them really came to the point of feuding, Yu Tong at this moment wouldn’t just be scared.


Therefore, he also didn’t intend to do anything superfluous to persuade Lin Lang as stated in the text message.


Shen Lianqiu was simply a little curious as to how Yu Tong, such a big young man, could be scared to the point where he didn’t even dare to sleep at night.


“What did you do to him?”


“What did I do to him? Just scared him a little.”


Lin Lang leaned against the desk in Shen Lianqiu’s study and ripped open a chocolate bar, ever since he was a child, he had been particularly partial to these calorie bombs, which was why he had grown into a little fat boy in his childhood.


It was a pity that figure skaters had always been quite strict in their weight control in order to ensure the quality and lightness of their jumps.



Some of them would even be precise to the gram in their weight control, and even almost go on hunger strike and stop eating for a period of time before a competition.


It was also for this reason that anorexia was as common as it was highly prevalent in this industry.



Lin Lang had been forced to try this method in his last life because of his coach, but he had been unable to adapt to it, and the excessive dieting only made him feel anxious and off his feet, and even almost ruined his entire future.


It wasn’t until he had fought back several times, and finally made the coach compromise, that Lin Lang was able to return to his old state.



Even so, Lin Lang’s diet was strictly controlled, with less oil and salt, and calories counted every day.


He hadn’t eaten these snacks in years.



The reason why he was able to be a little more indulgent now was also because the malnutrition caused by the previous year had made him too thin, which made it possible for Ji Cangshu to relax his dietary control a little bit in this short period of time.



Shen Lianqiu took a sip of the coffee in his hand, looking at the slightly complacent child in front of him, he couldn’t help but ask with a smile.



“Slightly, the last time you said slightly, but you knuckled down and knocked out someone’s tooth, this time, what are you referring to?”


“It’s really nothing, it’s not like I have a grudge against him, I don’t have to be so calculating with a kid like him.”



Lin Lang said while looking at Shen Lianqiu’s eyes, which were full of laughter, as if he was watching a play.



In the end, he simply put down the chocolate bar in his hand, clapped his hands and walked behind the person.


“Don’t believe me? If you don’t believe me, I’ll re-demonstrate it for you.”


Lin Lang had only just finished saying this, when Shen Lianqiu immediately felt a hot and humid wind suddenly blowing behind his ear.



Mixed with the bitterness of coffee and the sweetness of slightly melted chocolate, all of his senses were focused behind his ears at this instant, feeling the teasing that had already crossed the line without him realizing it.



Shen Lianqiu’s ears subconsciously reddened almost instantly, he hastily pretended to choke and coughed as he changed the subject, snatching the chocolate that Lin Lang had placed on the table and using it to attract attention before he was discovered.


“Cough …… Cough cough, chocolate has too many calories, no more, or else I’ll tell Old Ji.”


Lin Lang had focused all his energy on skating, and being single all the way from his last life to this one, in this aspect, he was slightly sluggish.


Shen Lianqiu only slightly turned the conversation, and this attention of his was immediately moved in another direction.


He immediately turned around to grab the piece of chocolate that had been taken away, fighting hard for the sake of the food.



“Old Ji said that I’m too thin now, my diet can be less controlled for the time being, not to mention that I have a measure in my heart, I don’t get fat easily, relaxing once, is fine.”


“That won’t work either, it’s too late now, be careful of tooth decay if you eat.”


Ignoring Lin Lang’s protests, Shen Lianqiu stood up, retaliating with the suppression of his height, and held the half piece of chocolate all the way back to his house.


Before closing the door, he also didn’t forget to nag.


“Hurry up and go to bed, I have to take you to report to your new school early tomorrow morning.”




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