C17 —- Campus Gladiator Arena (XV)


Meanwhile, the live broadcast room was in a state of joy.


Tea, Tea, Tea: Boss, I’ve been teased by you once again, ahhh you’re so handsome!



Mars: I just came in and I’ve been stunned, the anchor is really a person who can’t be recognized hhhhhh!



deflated:Brothers, now there are two speculations on the identity of the anchor, one is a doctor, the other is a science monster. Buy quickly, everyone bet ah!



Yaoling ah Yaoling: I’ll take the doctor!


Zhang Daoliang’s little fan girl: I’ll buy nurse~


Cool Skin Skr: The one who bought the nurse, are you the devil? hahahaha, I laughed out loud watching the live broadcast in class.



Flower: You guys are still in class? Our side are already on vacation eh. Now a lot of people are still in the game, including teachers, students and the principal, the school has long been informed of the vacation.


The comments agreed.


Some people said they were selling breakfast, business was several times less than usual, almost deserted.


Others said when they rode the subway during rush hour, the entire line was empty. Usually you couldn’t even find a seat, but these days you could lie down on the seat and sleep.



Psychiatrists said that more and more people were experiencing mental problems these days. Many people had experienced something so horrible inside the copies that they had a direct mental breakdown in the real world, and the number of depressed people had increased dramatically.



There were many different opinions, and in short, the situation outside was a mess.


After watching the comments for a long time, Xu Qing blinked slowly and closed the live broadcast.



He had just been paying attention to Xia Yihui, and to be honest was a little surprised that Xia Yihui actually did have some strength.


Thinking about the time when Xia Yihui pulled at his crotch, Xu Qing trembled.


The pain and suffocation of that day finally returned to Xu Qing, causing the slight contempt in his heart to quietly deteriorate, carrying an indescribable sense of fear and curiosity.



He exited the live broadcast and opened the search engine.



The order collapsed, but the Star Network continued to run steadily.


Xu Qing typed in Xia Yihui’s name and scrolled down a lot, but didn’t see any valuable information.



He suddenly remembered the residence that Xia Yihui had mentioned in the copy.


Xu Qing rubbed his hands together in excitement and typed the line ‘China’s CDC on the north interchange of S city’ into the display, and many press releases immediately popped up on the interface, all of which were dated ten years ago.


The content was mostly about the CDC virus leak causing numerous deaths and injuries, Xu Qing wasn’t interested in these, he only wanted to know what Xia Yihui was.


Scrolling down a lot, Xu Qing’s movement froze, in disbelief, he closed his eyes and then opened them again, and looked at the line of words again.


The notice on the display screen was well organized, clearly recounting the entire incident back then.


Scientist Xia Yihui possessed an anti-social personality, and he had researched a dr.ug to attack cancer, because he was dissatisfied with the sequential order of the proposal’s signature, he redeveloped the d.rug and converted it into a virus with extremely strong infectious ability, which was then dispersed to the research institute and spread to the entire city.


Within half a month, S city was put on a complete lockdown. It had become a huge source of infection, with no possibility of salvation.



The farce only ended when the United Nations finally voted on a proposal to drop a nuclear bomb on s city.


“Crazy, crazy!” If the previous Xu Qing was only slightly jealous of Xia Yihui, then he was now in complete fear.


What kind of person could possibly do something as heartless as this?


Xu Qing was horrified and scrolled down a bit more. In a very insignificant little corner, he saw a link.


When he clicked in, it was a group photo with a low resolution.


There were more than fifty people in the group photo, including those in hospital gowns and those in white coats. The names of these people were written in the lower right corner of the photo.


Xu Qing casually scanned the photo and was about to close the computer when he was suddenly startled.


He rubbed his eyes, as if he was afraid of recognizing the wrong person, and hurriedly called up Xia Yihui’s live broadcast to compare it with the photo.


Xu Qing swallowed and read out the identities of the three people in the photo in a trembling manner according to the order in which they stood, “Experiment 233 Zhang Qingyu, researcher Xia Yihui, and researcher …… Li Bai.”


He looked at the live broadcast, his eyes filled with fear.


Was this what was going on? Why did these three people look like they didn’t know each other?


And with the nuclear bomb killing everyone, all three should have died!


Why would they come back from the dead?


Twins? Or clones?


In the empty room, Xu Qing’s whole body suddenly went cold.




Having driven away the enemy, Xia Yihui didn’t put much stock in the ‘Brother Xu’ that the little girls were talking about.


He went up and looked at everyone’s injuries.



In the small group of five, one of them was out, two of them were slightly injured, and there was also the big man who was seriously injured. Perhaps because of the protection from the crowd, Li Bai himself was unharmed.


Xia Yihui sighed, distributed some bread and milk to Li Bai, “You guys are really lucky to have met such a good person as big boss Zhang, or else you would have gotten out directly.”


After Li Bai took two sips of milk and pulled his precarious stamina value back into alignment, his face was cold, “It wasn’t luck. I heard it from someone.”


Xia Yihui was curious, “That what?”



Li Bai: “In the copy, if people can’t save themselves when facing death, boss Zhang will save. It was knowing this that I asked him for help.”


Xia Yihui then understood. It turned out that just now, Li Bai was asking for help from Zhang Qingyu, he thought it was with himself, he was really making a fool of himself.


Thinking that, he twisted his head to look at Zhang Qingyu, and again felt that Zhang Qingyu was really strange.


People were saved, but he didn’t come to say anything.


It was fascinating.


Seeing Zhang Qingyu turn around to leave, Xia Yihui stopped talking to Li Bai and simply treated the wound on the big man’s abdomen before following.



Behind him came Li Bai’s shout, “Xia Yihui, we will meet again. I will give way to you once when the time comes, remember that!”


Xia Yihui inexplicably glanced back, he didn’t say anything, and accelerated his pace of departure.


Soon catching up with Zhang Qingyu, the two walked side by side, returning to the silence of the beginning.


After walking for a while, they didn’t run into anyone, and the principal’s office was nowhere to be found. Even the idle conversations from before were gone, and now even the audience had noticed, spitting out ‘the atmosphere is so awkward’.



Xia Yihui thought it was okay, the atmosphere was peaceful and happy, how bad was it to fight and kill all day long.


Idly bored, he took an inventory of his supplies.


The supplies totaled 2 bottles of medicine, 16 bottles of milk, and 27 pieces of bread.


The weapon was a scalpel.



The remaining time was over 346 hours.


It could be clearly felt that the later it got, the less time everyone had on their hands. The watches that had just been swiped several times had numbers on them that were even less than an hour.


Xia Yihui took another look at the number of people in his live room, and it was already 15,000 people.


It seemed that there were more and more people out, and the audience was naturally growing.



Carrying such a large amount of wealth, Xia Yihui walked with careful steps.



Every time a battle was fought, and the supplies were divided after the end, Zhang Qingyu must have shared it 50/50.


Xia Yihui thought about it and turned his head and said to Zhang Qingyu, “Why don’t we split the supplies next time, seven for you and three for me, I didn’t put in much effort either. Splitting it like this, I always feel like I’m taking advantage of you.”


Zhang Qingyu said, “To each his own, no need to mention it again.”



Xia Yihui no longer argued, and in his heart, he wrote down Zhang Qingyu’s favor, thinking that he must return it when he had the chance in the future.


The two walked for a while longer, and by now had already walked past two school buildings.



Xia Yihui’s mouth was idle, he coughed, “There are many people in the live broadcast who asked me to ask you why you saved Li Bai. He pulled his companion to block the knife, and everyone thinks it’s better for this kind of shameless person to die.”


Zhang Qingyu slightly inclined his face and looked at Xia Yihui as he said word by word, “Someone once told me that when you see someone asking for help, you must go and save them. That person who would ask for help must be in a very desperate mood. If one has the ability to pull a hand, one’s own mood will change for the better after doing so.”



Xia Yihui followed Zhang Qingyu’s words, “Then did your mood become better after you saved someone?”


Zhang Qingyu said with difficulty, “No.”


“…… “Xia Yihui was speechless, “This is a special situation, an escape game! How many people do you think will ask for help in the future? If everyone asks, can you save them?”



Zhang Qingyu: “Once when he said that to me, it was also a special situation.” After saying that, Zhang Qingyu twisted his head and stared earnestly into Xia Yihui’s eyes.



Xia Yihui didn’t understand what he meant, and only thought that Zhang Qingyu wanted to hear his thoughts, so he very baldly shrugged his shoulders, “It seems that the person who said that to you was quite kind. Anyway, it’s me, there’s no way I’m going to save people when I see them. When I’m self-conscious, it’s enough to save myself and those close to me, what do I care so much about strangers?”


Halfway through his words, Xia Yihui saw Zhang Qingyu’s expression twist, and his footsteps accelerated a bit.


Both of them had long legs, Xia Yihui had no trouble catching up.


After enduring for a while, it was Xia Yihui who took the lead and broke the calm, saying in a serious tone.


“If you can’t adapt to the copies, it’s only a matter of time before you’re out. If you just let them go, in the end they will still die. It’s better to not save them and let them end their suffering earlier. That way you won’t be dragged down yourself.”



After thinking about it, Xia Yihui added, “You can totally see death, there’s no need to have a mental burden, the death inside the copy is just an out, it’s not a real death.”



Zhang Qingyu gave a ‘hmm’ sound, with a faint expression on his face.


Just as he was about to say something else, the electronic tone suddenly rang out.


[Congratulations to the players who survived the third round.]


[The list has been replaced.]


[During the fourth round, the hunter-prey status is switched, setting liberal arts students as the prey and science students as the hunters.]


[Starting now, the science student’s remaining time begins to count down. Arts students’ remaining time is frozen.]


Hearing the word switching lists, Xia Yihui looked up at the list in the air and couldn’t help but curse in his heart.


–Fuck! How did he get to no.7 again!



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