“A frog at the bottom of a well is so pitiful.” Qiao Nan sighed from the bottom of his heart.



Norman rubbed his brow, a little amused.



“Qiao, what you said is too straightforward.”



It sounded as if he was telling Qiao Nan to shut up, but the meaning of it was actually agreeing with Qiao Nan’s words. Qiao Nan laughed enough, and only then did he straighten up.



The original mood of anger because these guys k-illed the innocent indiscriminately calmed down because of this lack of self-awareness.



It was also…..



Compared to him, these people were actually considered young, it was good to have vigor and impetus.



Qiao Nan looked at these people that were like children, children who didn’t know how to listen were actually very normal.



Why didn’t children know how to listen? Of course, their parents couldn’t teach! Their parents weren’t there, then they could only let others tell them what was called society’s poisonous beating.


He had begun to calculate how much experience he could get by solving these people.



The seventy-six level elemental mages gave a lot of experience, it was estimated that a purple or orange treasure chest could be dropped, their rings couldn’t be removed.



Qiao Nan touched the ring he was wearing on his left ring finger.



The ring mouth was relatively small, worn on the pinky finger, for convenience it couldn’t hang on the neck, so he wore the other one directly it on the ring finger.



Anyway, he didn’t intend to fall in love, wearing it anywhere was the same.



But it looked sentimental to Norman, at this time he didn’t forget to touch the ring.



“Is it from your beloved?”



Qiao Nan: “……”


Where do I have a sweetheart?



This Noel was really inexplicable, why ask such a puzzling question? He had never said that he had a beloved, right, how could he think that he had a sweetheart?



This was quite strange when he thought about it.



The reason for this was that Qiao Nan’s emotions were very high because of the occasion. He didn’t take Norman’s words seriously, but turned his head to the iron-faced elemental mage and smiled: “So, a frog at the bottom of the well is a frog at the bottom of the well, indeed, level seventy-six is very powerful in Bangal City, but this level is nothing on the continent. ”



“You’re only a little over level forty!” The man snorted coldly, “And you, what else do you have to praise besides that face?”



“Thank you for the praise, but it’s still pretty easy to kill you.” Qiao Nan fished out the scroll from among the rings.



It was a palm-sized, less than two fingers thick scroll, the appearance was also very inconspicuous, no one would know that this scroll was actually sealed magic.



The source was himself.



Qiao Nan had the habit of making scrolls, because every time the world restarted he would go back to the first level, he was most likely to encounter danger, so he made many scrolls in advance before the end of the world, from attack to defense, to healing, even red and blue potions energy potions also piled up in the warehouse.


It was indeed dangerous at first, but as long as he was well prepared, then there was no problem at all!



He had enough scroll reserves on him to blow up all the main cities on the continent, and he wasn’t afraid of a level ninety, let alone a level seventy-six mage.



Originally Qiao Nan didn’t want to do this, every time he started from scratch was an opportunity to re-train himself, than directly using the scrolls, he would prefer to exercise and get experience, consolidate the things learned before.



There were exceptions to everything.



For example, today.



“Can you shield the people inside the city lord’s house?” Qiao Nan asked Norman, and didn’t wait for Norman’s answer, he directly tore open the scroll.



A semicircular boundary wrapped the entire city lord’s house, including the nearby streets, without a single seam.



“There is no point in struggling before death!” The middle-aged man also raised the magic staff in his hand, a blue ball of light gradually became larger, from the size of a ping-pong ball until it rose to the size of a bucket, the rich water-attribute magic inside filled the boundary, making those nobles very excited.



“Not bad for a level seventy-six elemental mage!” Edelman waved his fist in excitement, “Mr. Blake will definitely make them pay!”



Not only did he think so, but the other nobles who gathered around also thought so.



They actually didn’t know exactly how strong Noel was, but from the strength he had shown so far, the strength would definitely not exceed Blake’s!



As for this guy who was talking big …… when they solved Noel, he would be next.



“Qiao, no need to worry about us.” Noel opened the boundary and protected the entire city lord’s house, shielding all the ordinary people who were innocently caught up in this battle.



Originally, the Byron family should had been sent to the basement for protection, except that the attack of Edelman and the others directly blocked their way, and they had to stand in the safer courtyard under the protection of the knights.



Eugene was also with the protected people, he clenched his fist nervously and paced back and forth inside the courtyard.



He had risen to level twenty just a short time ago, but even at level twenty, he couldn’t help much, in the rank of ordinary people, he was okay, this was simply a fight between gods, not to mention to help, he couldn’t even leave.


Not to mention that his promotion was due to the light of Qiao Nan. He did nothing and completed the task in a muddle. He also got 500 gold coins and a divine cloak.



That was purple equipment! Even if it was put up in the auction house, it could sell for several hundred thousand gold coins!


He got the reward without doing anything himself, and now he had no way to help, and could only be passively protected here.



“Don’t wander around.” The other servants couldn’t stand watching Eugene pacing around.


It wasn’t that they didn’t trust Noel, after all, only the strongest person could be the city lord. But Noel had only been here for a short time, the people of the city master’s house didn’t have a clear perception of Noel’s strength.



When Noel went to raid the house, it was the knights bred by the city lord that worked, Noel just stood behind them, even the servants and knights in the city lord’s house didn’t know Noel’s real strength.



“I’m just worried about his safety.” Eugene said, it wasn’t good to continue to pace, he could only stand in place and look up at the two figures standing on the eaves in the distance.



“Or we’d better hurry and run.” Eugene heard someone say.


“There are so many people outside, and there are only so many of us in the house ……”



Similar words like this were incessant, and Eugene quietly listened.



In fact, in his heart he also wanted to leave, after all, those knights outside were really scary, he was just a small chicken in front of them, now the city lord and Qiao Nan stood outside, the enemy couldn’t enter for a while, but if they didn’t win?



At that time, they wouldn’t be able to escape.


Eugene’s heart fluttered, his reason kept urging him to leave, but his body didn’t move.



“Won’t you run?” Someone pulled Eugene’s hand, it was the servant who was in charge of him today, her character was quite gentle and she took care of him, Eugene had a good impression of her.



Gently tugging her hand away, Eugene shook his head, “I have to wait here for Mr. Qiao Nan.”



“Mr. Qiao Nan?” The maid didn’t know Qiao Nan name, but when she thought about the man standing up there with the city lord, she understood who that person was.



How could he be connected to the guest of the city lord?



When the maid saw that Eugene wasn’t moving, she had to let go of his hand: “Forget it, take care of yourself, we have to escape before those knights surround us, it will be too late if we don’t leave.”



“It’s okay, you guys go, I’ll stay here.” Eugene was still kind of hopeful, he was indeed afraid, but as soon as he remembered that he was actually a player, he wasn’t so afraid, after all, he would be resurrected at the birth point after he died, at most, he would have to level up from the beginning.



“What a fool!” Someone heard Eugene’s words and said grimly: “The city lord and that person, even if they are powerful, they can’t beat so many people outside, you staying here is just looking for death, even if you want to show loyalty, this isn’t the right time, when the time comes to die, you won’t be spared.”



“I believe in Mr. Qiao!” Eugene stressed once again.



If you didn’t look at his trembling legs, it was indeed quite convincing.



At one time, the city lord’s house was in chaos, only Eugene was still standing in place waiting for the battle outside, while those servants in the house without fighting power were instead making a commotion to take the valuable items in the house to hurry out of here.



Completely forgetting that the soldiers hired by the nobles had surrounded the city lord’s house.



Even if those nobles wouldn’t lay hands on ordinary people, Qiao Nan also arranged a boundary, there was no way to leave.



Noel took in the farce below, he used the boundary to block all the doors of the city lord’s house before the first servant went out, protecting the entire city lord’s house, those servants had no way to leave from the inside, and the enemy outside had no way to come in.



It had become a cage-like place.



The servants found themselves unable to leave at all, and could only gather at the door in vain, trying to get the city lord to let them out.



“Have faith in the city lord and Mr. Qiao!” Eugene couldn’t help but shout, “The city lord and the others are trying to protect you, what you are doing is a betrayal!”

“What betrayal? We have to save our own lives!” Someone shouted, “How can they possibly care about us when they fight?!”



“This boundary is meant to protect us.”


“Who knows if he used it to drag us along with him!”



The man said it as a matter of course, completely leaving Noel’s good intentions behind.



In his mind, this protective boundary that Noel had laid was to trap them inside the city lord’s mansion.



Who knew how high the strength of the current city lord was, even if it was higher, he couldn’t beat so many people, and the one invited by the city lord also seemed to be just a straw man, these two people were sending all of them to their death.



That was a level seventy-six magician!



What was the concept of level seventy-six? A high-level magic could blow up a small city, the fact that they hadn’t directly blown up the city lord’s house must be because they were merciful.



According to the current situation, they were sure to fight, it’d be too late to escape after the fight, they had to seize the time, while they were still able to leave!



Norman took in all the farce in the House, but didn’t put it to heart.



These people were the people of the empire, as the emperor’s son he had the responsibility to protect them, as for what they wanted, it wasn’t his concern.



What he cared about was something else.



“Your name is Qiao Nan?” He asked coldly.



How come that Eugene who he met for the first time knew his name, but he was only told his fake name?



Was there something about him that was inferior to that guy?!



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