The Byron family house was a little distance from the center of the auction house, it took a carriage nearly an hour of time.


Their Byron family haf declined a lot, but their ancestral land and heritage wasn’t the kind that new aristocractic families could compare with.



She could maintain the vigor of a young girl outside, but back home, she had to change back to the noble lady and absolutely couldn’t couldn’t do some things.


Elisa returned to her room with her skirt, picked out her new clothes and put them on, then re-did her makeup and went to her mother.



Her father, Count Byron, was away at the moment running around for the glory of the Byron family, and it was her doting mother who was in charge of the family’s affairs.



“Mother!” Elisa took her mother’s hand, not knowing what to say: “When I went to the auction today, I accidentally bumped into the City Lord!”



“My goodness, dear Elisa, is that the new City Lord Noel who arrived not long ago?” Lady Byron, who was still dressing up, stood up at once: “How did you provoke that cruel fellow?”



“Not him, but his friend.” Eliza said this but a blush floated up her cheeks, “I …… I told them I’d go to the city lord’s house later to make amends, his friend is a very nice person and will not blame us.”



“My dear, you should know that that the city lord is not at all as kind as you think.” Lady Byron called the servants to change her dress and freshen up, then called the housekeeper and asked him to prepare a gift of apology: “Have you forgotten that he killed many nobles on the first day he came to Bangal City?”



“They treated the commoners harshly and abused their power, and this is the punishment they deserve.”



Lady Byron put her index finger to the center of her lips, stopping Elisa from continuing, “That’s only a small part of it.” She came up to her daughter’s ear and whispered, “They colluded with the Abyssal Demons.”






“Our city is the closest one to the Abyssal Demon Realm, and often people lose their hearts because of this …… Lust/desire comes from within a person, and temptation comes from outside.” Lady Byron changed her clothes, made sure there was nothing unbecoming on her, and took another look at Eliza’s dress: “My dear, call your big brother Morton, we must be accompanied by a male.”



The three members of the Byron family, plus the butler and other ordinary guards, formed a caravan and went to the central district from their residence in the suburbs.



“The one who offended the Lord of the City is Edelman of the House of Horace?!” Elisa’s elder brother Morton lowered his voice and exclaimed, relying on the soundproof boundary they had arranged in advance, otherwise they would be heard by outsiders.


“My God, then we have to hurry up.” Mrs. Byron said: “If it is late, it will really be too late, the Byron family is likely to be destroyed.”



“But the Horace family isn’t as good as our family.”


“The Horace family …… actually has a connection with the demon race.” Morton explained.



The two didn’t say much, but Elisa was able to understand what this represented.



The Horace family was involved in today’s matter, then will the Lord of the City think that the Byron family were also involved with the demon race?



She became anxious as silence lingered in the carriage.




Qiao Nan didn’t notice Norman’s entanglement.


The auction house was very close to the city master’s residence, it took ten minutes to get there by foot, taking a carriage was a little faster than walking there.



The city owner’s house was also transformed from head to toe by Norman, holy light and gold shined like the temple of the city of holy light, so bright that people couldn’t look at it.


Qiao Nan decided that the other not being addicted to being clean was a polite reply.


If he didn’t have a cleanliness fetish then could this place be repaired like this?


He probably considered his feelings.



The butler was waiting at the door, he respectfully opened the door for them, invited them inside, and then closed the door after they all came in.


As a guest, Qiao Nan was first led to the room for washing and dressing before being taken to the dining room to eat, everything was exactly the same.



All white, one step inside was depressing.


Moreover, inside the city lord’s house, he had an unexpected harvest


He actually saw a player inside the city lord’s house.



The difference between players and local NPCs were just too big. The servants who could work in the city master’s house were ordinary people, wearing the simplest gray puffy clothes, and they were down-to-earth, they had no presence if they didn’t talk.


But players were different, even if they would the same clothes as the NPCs, they have a very different aura, a sense of presence that was independent of the NPCs.



Qiao Nan found him, or he was brought to serve him.


“How did you get into the city lord’s residence?” Qiao Nan took off the mask, revealing the face that was smothered under the mask, probably because the mask wasn’t very comfortable, his face had light red marks, his crimson full lips were slightly dry, at the sight of the water in the kettle on the table, he poured himself a glass and took a sip, his lips became moist again, it looked like jelly, making it seem extra attractive.



The boy with short brown hair heard someone call him, when he looked up, he was immediately dumbfounded and stood in place, his mouth was open and he couldn’t speak.



Qiao Nan waited for half a day, yet the player didn’t speak, he had to speak again: “back to -”


“You you you you you-” The player was woken up by the disturbance, and as a result, his mouth wasn’t good, he stumbled without being able to say a complete sentence.



The person invited in by the NPC city lord turned out to be a player ????


How long had it been since the service was opened, and how did this person grab the NPC’s thigh?


No, this was very problematic!



The player turned around violently to take a deep breath before he could speak to Qiao Nan, he didn’t expect that just as he mentally prepared to turn around, he saw Qiao Nan taking off his clothes.



“What are you doing ah!!!” Once again, the player who turned red-faced turned his back on Qiao Nan: “Why take off your clothes at the drop of a hat?!”



“I have to change my clothes to meet the city lord, of course I have to hurry.” Qiao Nan took off the outer robe, only wearing a blue long shirt, he quickly used a cleaning spell on himself, and then walked behind the screen to take off the inner shirt.



Through the screen, the player was obviously much better, at least he was no longer so shy: “How do you know the NPC City Lord.”



“I met him on the street.”



“I had received a mission to do a task, and there happened to be a shortage of people in the city lord’s house, so I stayed, and the pay wasn’t bad.” The player said, “And I think, this kind of big person must have hidden tasks around or something!”


This was a possibility.


Qiao Nan found a more formal white-gold robe to put on.


He always felt that wearing black in a white room was very incongruous, it was better to follow the customs and change into white clothes.



The lucky ring also reminded him that there were good things inside the city master’s house, he certainly wouldn’t leave empty-handed.



Qiao Nan’s patience was good, he didn’t rush Eugene, but rather he was interested in listening to him speak.

He himself hadn’t carefully counted how many years he had been inside the game, and the only bit of information he had was still brought over by those new players every time the world restarted.



The flow of time inside the game and outside the game was different, he had been inside the game for hundreds of years, while outside the game, it seemed less than a year had passed.



And in that almost a year, no one had even noticed his situation?



He wasn’t convinced, the most likely scenario was that the Qiao family had hidden his situation from the public, or possibly made up some sort of lie to coax the common people.



But …… uninformed ordinary people were easy to coax, those who had some background, how could those of noble status not know?



These nobles were corrupt and dirty, they should have blocked the Qiao family to run this game that still had bugs.


The situation now was that the game had officially started testing.



There were tens of thousands of players in the game, and once there were problems …… that wasn’t something the Qiao family could deal with.



Thinking about it differently, had the game bug been fixed, did the Qiao family deliberately trap him in it?



Qiao Nan got a lot of outside information from Eugene.



For example, the Alliance seemed to have the intention to cooperate with the Empire recently, which star had gone on tour somewhere again, and where a new restaurant had opened that tasted great.



Such important or trivial things was actually quite calming, ordinary people had no way to know more, they could only know insignificant little things.



The combination of induction of intelligence was the basic literacy of a soldier, Eugene rattled off a bunch, and Qiao Nan extracted a few useful pieces of information from it.


The Empire seemed to be cooperating with the Alliance, and General Huo Qizhou opposed the choice of the royal family.


As for the rest, it wasn’t very important.


Qiao Nan was relieved to hear that Huo Qizhou was against it.


Huo Qizhou was considered his senior, ten years older than Qiao Nan, in this age where the per capita life expectancy was more than two hundred years, the two were barely considered the same age.



The other was the first son of the Huo family, since childhood he was the pride of the sky, he had his parents love, the family also attached importance to him, everyone was full of expectations for him.



Completely different from him, an unloved illegitimate son.


He was a dispensable weed, but the other was a unique sun, just looking at him made people burn.



But such two completely different people, surprisingly had a good relationship.



Qiao Nan listened in a daze, Eugene talked for a while before he remembered the subject, who knew that Qiao Nan had been staring at him, he became embarrassed.



“Sorry, I’ve been talking a lot, you must have been waiting anxiously.” Eugene scratched his hair, “The mission is to protect the city lord.”


“The city lord is very strong, why should he be protected?” Qiao Nan was curious, “He is at least level 60 or more.”


“Actually, that’s something I’m curious about, I’m only level twelve, why would the butler think I could protect the city lord ……” Eugene hissed, “and then I triggered the hidden mission.”



The rewards for such hidden quests were all very generous, which was why Eugene was tempted.



He actually knew very well that his own strength couldn’t cope with this hidden mission, so after Qiao Nan appeared he chose to tell the other this information.



The reason was that in Eugene’s opinion, Qiao Nan’s rank was the same as his.


There was strength in numbers, even if it was that kind of super dangerous mission, they could definitely complete it by cooperating together!


“Do you want to team up with me? I feel that the two of us teaming up will definitely be able to complete it!”


“Sure.” Qiao Nan agreed slowly, “You can share your mission with me.”



“That will only work if we team up.” Eugene called up his game menu and asked for Qiao Nan’s ID number.



“My name is Qiao Nan, ID is capital Pinyin.”


“I can’t believe you’re also called Qiao Nan!” The boy laughed while entering his ID: “You have the same name as Mr. Qiao Nan, will someone mistake you for Mr. Qiao Nan?”



“No.” Qiao Nan subconsciously touched his face and denied it, “It was a random name at first.”



“Is that so?” Eugene didn’t think much: “Ah, I really want to meet him! He is my idol!” :…




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