C27 — One Night’s Fright


Mu Sichen had an extremely frightening night back in reality.


The source of the fright came from He Fei.



After he stuffed the octopus doll into the quilt, He Fei first stared at the doll for a while, and then laughed, “Forget it, I won’t grab that bit of noodle with you. I’ll order takeout.”



Not a moment later, He Fei came back carrying four dishes and a soup, set it on Mu Sichen’s desk, and sent out an enthusiastic invitation: “Come ah, let’s eat together, I can’t finish it.”


He Fei came from a good family and occasionally ordered a few dishes then invited his roommates to eat together. Mu Sichen saw that his expression was normal and believed that after no longer looking at the octopus doll, He Fei returned to normal.



As a young male college student, a bag of instant noodles was nothing but filling his teeth. Mu Sichen wasn’t full at all. Seeing that He Fei was very enthusiastic, he put a chopsticks of Braised pork belly in brown sauce.


Just as he put the meat in his mouth, He Fei pressed Mu Sichen’s shoulder from the back and said with a smile, “Brother Mu, show me the octopus doll again.”


He Fei usually called Mu Sichen little Mu, Chen Chen, or even Si Si, when had he called him brother!



Mu Sichen put down his chopsticks with a snap, rolled over on his bed and turned his back to He Fei, “I’m not hungry, I’m a little sleepy after a long day of gaming, I’m going to sleep now.”



He hugged the octopus doll tightly in his arms and covered it tightly with the quilt for fear of it being snatched away.



The beds in their dormitory were all on the top bunk, and underneath the bed was a desk.


He Fei raised his head and stared at Mu Sichen’s bed for a while: “If you don’t want to play with it, then don’t give it to me, it’s not that good. I’ll eat the delicious food myself !”



His tone was extremely natural, exactly the same as usual, making Mu Sichen feel slightly relieved.



Mu Sichen listened to He Fei’s voice from his bed, hearing his roommate go to wash up after eating, and then he turned off the lights and also rolled over and got into his bed.



“I’m exhausted after sitting on the train all day, I’ll go to bed early too.” He Fei said as he laid on the bed.


At this time it was only 8:00 pm, which was reasonably when the nightlife began.



But Mu Sichen was too tired, no time had passed in the real world, but the physical strength and energy he had consumed in the other world was real.



Even though he still had some defense against He Fei, Mu Sichen’s eyelids grew heavy and he gradually fell asleep.



The real world put Mu Sichen at ease, the familiar dormitory and quilt gave him a great sense of security, Mu Sichen slept extremely deeply this night, he didn’t even dream until he noticed a hand fumbling under the quilt in the middle of the night, only then did he wake up in a cold sweat and grab that hand.



“He Fei?” In the darkness, Mu Sichen could vaguely see that the owner of this hand was He Fei.



He was on the top bunk, how did He Fei come to his bed?



Mu Sichen quickly opened his cell phone, which showed the time to be more than three in the morning.


He opened the flashlight and a light shone on He Fei’s face.


Only to see He Fei in his pajamas, he didn’t know when he climbed into his bed and was turning over his comforter.


“It’s after three in the middle of the night, what are you doing?” Mu Sichen shook the flashlight in He Fei’s eyes.



He Fei half squinted, “I woke up in the middle of the night, I was a bit bored and wanted to borrow the doll to snuggle.”


Mu Sichen said indifferently, “No borrowing, hug your own pillow.”



“Che, so petty.” He Fei was dissatisfied, “Your doll looks Q-bouncy and sacred, it must be very comfortable to hug it, like bathing under the holy light.”



Mu Sichen: “……”



Can you not put the words Q-bouncy and sacred together?


“Go down, don’t force me to push you.” Mu Sichen placed his palm on He Fei’s chest.



“Fine, fine, I’ll go back to hugging my pillow.” He Fei obediently climbed off the bed.


Mu Sichen turned his back and frowned tightly.


He Fei’s appearance was too strange.



He Fei’s tone, demeanor, and the way he spoke were all no different than usual, even his awkward look when he climbed into his bed and was caught was so normal, the only thing that was abnormal to the point of being horrifying was his attitude towards the octopus doll.



Mu Sichen buried his head into the comforter and pinched the octopus doll’s tentacle and asked in a low voice, “What the hell is going on?”



He pressed the tentacle against his brow, but he did not receive any information from Qin Zu.



The octopus doll even had its eyes closed, as if Qin Zu was also sleeping.



Mu Sichen couldn’t run out of the dormitory building in the middle of the night, so he only wrapped his arm around the doll more tightly and listened vigilantly to the movements in the dormitory.



Mu Sichen dared sleep, and after about an hour, at four o’clock in the morning, he gradually got sleepy, and his consciousness was a little fuzzy.



At this time, He Fei’s bed gently rattled.


Mu Sichen jerked his eyes open, only to feel his bed tremble slightly as He Fei climbed back up.


Mu Sichen continued to pretend to be asleep, not moving a muscle.


He Fei stood on the bed ladder, his head close to the back of Mu Sichen’s neck, gently blowing in his ear, asking in a low voice, “Xiao Mu, are you asleep? I can’t sleep.”


Mu Sichen just pretended not to hear.


He Fei continued, “Brother Mu, is your octopus doll for sale? How much?”


Mu Sichen was strong and pretended to be asleep.


He Fei raised his hand and gently probed Mu Sichen’s neck and whispered, “No, such a sacred doll, how can I use money to buy it? It’s too sacrilegious. Mu Sichen, how about you give me the octopus doll?”



Mu Sichen violently lifted the blanket to get up, grabbed He Fei’s hand and pushed him off the bed with force.



Since He Fei was standing on the ladder and didn’t quite climb up Mu Sichen’s bed, he wasn’t far from the ground, with this push from Mu Sichen, He Fei just fell on his butt on the ground, twisting his foot as he fell and not knocking his head.



“Ouch!” He Fei covered his ankle, “If you don’t want to give it, don’t give it, are you so cruel?”



Mu Sichen didn’t care what he said, he nimbly jumped off the bed, yanked down the thin towel quilt on He Fei’s bed, and with a forceful tug, tore the towel quilt into two.


He quickly used these two towel covers to bind He Fei’s hands and feet.



Mu Sichen had worked at a construction site and had learned several knot tying methods, he deftly tied a knot to ensure that the more He Fei struggled the tighter the knot became.



“Why why why, I twisted my foot, it hurts!” He Fei called out, “Mu, Xiao Mu, Chen Chen, Si Si, Mu Sichen! You hurt me like this, won’t you pay for my medical expenses? There’s no need to pay, just use that sacred octopus doll to cover the debt.”



Thoroughly unable to endure He Fei, Mu Sichen forcefully dragged the man out of the door and left He Fei outside the dormitory corridor.



He locked the dormitory door and moved all the tables and chairs in the dormitory to the door, blocking it.



He Fei banged his head against the door from outside: “Brother Mu, you’re too cruel, how can you lock me out, I’m only wearing a pair of pajama pants, it’s so cold, so cold.”


Cold my ass!


As calm as Mu Sichen was, he couldn’t help but curse at this point.



It was summer vacation now, and the temperature at night had reached 28-9 degrees. The dormitory was relatively cool with air conditioning, but the hallway wasn’t air-conditioned and it was as hot as a steamer. He Fei could lay on the ground n.aked all night without getting cold.



And it was already past four o’clock in the morning. It was early in the summer, and already slightly bright outside. Even if he left him outside, there wouldn’t be any problem.



He Fei called out in the hallway, “Mu Sichen, open the door.”



Good thing that students had gone home for the summer vacation, Mu Sichen was the only one on this floor, He Fei wasn’t loud, so he didn’t wake up the students on the other floors and the housekeeper.



Mu Sichen didn’t want to sleep either, he picked up the octopus doll that still had his body heat from the comforter and asked through gritted teeth, “What did you do to He Fei?”


The octopus doll seemed to have woken up, with its eyes half open. In a daze, it saw Mu Sichen was holding its head, and its short tentacles moved and wrapped around Mu Sichen’s arm then it fell asleep again.


Mu Sichen wanted to go in and pick up the thermos to pour a head of boiling water on it, to see if this thing could still stay asleep.



He Fei knocked the door outside, so Mu Sichen had no way to go back to sleep.



Fortunately, he went to bed early last night and slept for over seven hours. Mu Sichen was young and had good recovery ability, and by now he was already full of energy.


There was no way to stay in this dormitory. Mu Sichen threw the octopus doll into the blanket, dug out his suitcase, and simply packed some clothes and toiletries.



When the dormitory building opened at six in the morning, he would move out.



If he lived with He Fei for two more nights, he was afraid of being secretly strangled in the middle of the night by this roommate.



He Fei was ultimately flesh and blood, and fell asleep after banging on the door for half an hour, and Mu Sichen could even hear him snoring through the door.



As the day dawned, Mu Sichen sat for an hour, waiting for six o’clock to arrive, then he viciously stuffed the octopus doll into his suitcase, moved the desk and chair, and walked out of the door carrying the suitcase.


As soon as the door opened He Fei woke up, he sucked the saliva from the corner of his mouth, when his eyes saw the suitcase, he excitedly exclaimed, “Doll!”



Without looking back, Mu Sichen strode over him and walked towards the stairs calmly.



“Doll …… No, Mu Sichen, where are you going ah!” He Fei struggled to stand up, but because his feet were tied up, he fell down again, he simply chased after Mu Sichen with a twist on the ground.



Mu Sichen only glanced at him from the corner of his eyes as he turned the corner, then felt the scene was unbearable and dashed down the stairs.



The campus was very large, from the dormitory building to the teaching building was a 20 minute walk, many students bought a bicycle and Mu Sichen also had one.



He bundled his suitcase towards the bike and rode it out of the campus.


Mu Sichen pedaled his bike out to the speed of an electric car and quickly came to an express hotel that was farther away from the campus and chose the cheapest room to check in.



Until the suitcase was dropped on the hotel room floor, only then was Mu Sichen relieved.



He never thought that Qin Zu would not only follow him to the real world, but also managed to cause mental pollution to his roommate with the body of a doll.



He Fei was clearly already somewhat sick in that state, and Mu Sichen didn’t even know how to help He Fei return to normal.



He opened his suitcase and lifted the octopus doll out, shaking it nonchalantly twice and said with suppressed anger, “Don’t sleep!”


Out of respect for god-level monsters, as well as the guilty conscience of not being able to fulfill the agreement, Mu Sichen had always been polite and reverent to the octopus doll.



But now, after such a frightening night, it was hard for Mu Sichen to be kind to it.



The octopus doll’s eyes blinked, and its big, moist eyes flashed with a hint of sleepiness before glaring at Mu Sichen.



“You’re still angry with me.” Mu Sichen carried the octopus into the restroom, placed the doll in the sink, and threatened, “No matter what method you use, lift He Fei’s mental pollution, or I’ll throw you in the toilet.”



The octopus doll immediately stretched out its tentacles and clung to Mu Sichen’s arm without letting go, its big eyes watery as it looked at him.



It was kinda cute.



Mu Sichen was briefly mesmerized for a moment, and his anger faded away.



Although he didn’t find the octopus doll as sacred as He Fei did, he still developed a trace of fondness.



This emotion made Mu Sichen even more wary of Qin Zu, just what kind of strength was it that he could have such a terrifying effect on ordinary people with the body of a doll.



Mu Sichen pressed his forehead against the octopus tentacle and said warningly, “I’ll give you a chance to explain.”



A majestic voice finally came from the tentacle, “You should know that mortals can’t look directly at the gods.”


Mu Sichen brought the doll back to the bed and asked, “Even if this doll is just a part of your power, a totem? Even in another world, one can’t resist this power?”



Doll: “It was your responsibility to bring me here, when I go back and my power returns, the effect on him will disappear.”



“Okay, I will definitely fulfill our agreement next time.” Mu Sichen was sincere in his assurance this time.



Even if he was asked to fight for his life with the Big Eye, he couldn’t bring Qin Zu back again.



It was fine that the doll was in his hands now, but if he accidentally lost it, with the doll’s evil degree, he was afraid that it would cause some kind of urban legend.



For the next three days, Mu Sichen almost ate and slept with the doll, and even put the doll aside when he took a shower, afraid that this thing would be accidentally lost or seen by others.



Apart from the terrible mental pollution, the octopus doll was quite peaceful.



It would sleep at night, and when Mu Sichen took a bath, it would also use its tentacles to try to move under the shower, seemingly wanting to take a bath as well.



Mu Sichen could only help it rub its body every day.


Even when Mu Sichen was eating, the doll would take advantage of his inattention and put its tentacles into his lunch box.



Once Mu Sichen ordered spicy hot takeout, opened the lid and put it on the table, and went to wash his own hands.



After washing his hands and coming out, he saw the octopus tentacles placed inside the spicy hot soup, and half of its body was spiced pink.



Mu Sichen quickly yanked the octopus tentacle out, who knew it still refused to go, with suction cups clinging to the takeaway lunch box, under the argument, the spicy hot pot turned over.


Mu Sichen: “……”


His financial situation was already bad, he had just saved enough money for the next semester’s tuition, and his living expenses were still unsettled. In order to avoid He Fei, he stayed in a hotel, which was already a big expense, and now the octopus’ existence added to his already strained life.



He reordered a spicy hot pot, purposely asked for a little extra soup, and handed it to the octopus doll in a lunch box before finally solving this trouble.



The octopus drank the spicy hot soup with its tentacles, its whole body was spiced pink, and a red spicy bubble was spat out of its mouth.


Mu Sichen looked at the octopus with a sullen face.



Through the contact in the past few days, Mu Sichen had a certain understanding of the octopus doll.



This thing needed to eat and sleep, and there was no way to eat solid food, it could only drink soup, and when it drank soup, it would spit bubbles.



Drinking spicy hot soup would make it spit spicy bubbles, drinking instant noodle soup would make it spit salty bubbles, it once stole half a bottle of Coke from Mu Sichen and spat out one sweet bubble after another.



Mu Sichen pinched the octopus doll’s face, “Are you really an evil god?”


The doll couldn’t speak, its circular mouth moved and spit out a spicy bubble.


Mu Sichen began to think about whether soaking it in soapy water would make it spit out colorful bubbles, it was a bit cute, like keeping a silent pet.



At this time, the cell phone beeped.


Mu Sichen scanned it, it was from He Fei.



[Mu Sichen, where did you take the Doll Saint? Give Him to me! I’ve searched all the hotels near the campus, where the hell are you? I’m not going to rob the Doll Saint from you, just let me have a look at Him, please!”]



Mu Sichen: “……”


Well, this thing was indeed an evil god, he couldn’t afford to keep it.




The adventures of the octopus doll and his tired owner 😂

Happy new year 🎉🎉🎉🥳

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