C26 —- Octopus Doll

Mu Sichen recalled the situation when the octopus doll fell, and vaguely felt that it seemed to have fallen from his chest.



The experience in Tongzhi made Mu Sichen cautious, he didn’t directly touch the octopus doll, but first looked down at his chest.



The tattoo left by Qin Zu on his chest was already gone.



After returning to the dormitory, Mu Sichen didn’t immediately look at his chest, nor did he know if the tattoo had disappeared before the doll appeared, or if he had not brought it back.



According to reason, the tattoo was the power left behind by Qin Zu, and should stay in that eerie world. It wouldn’t come back with him, would it?


Mu Sichen knew his roommates very well, people in this dormitory definitely didn’t have such a cute and weird octopus doll.



Mu Sichen tried to close his eyes, his left eye was normal, he didn’t bring back the power of the big eye.



According to reason, the left eye and chest tattoo, were both the power of a god level monster, since the power of the left eye didn’t come, the tattoo shouldn’t have either.


Mu Sichen approached the octopus doll carefully. The doll was blue, with big black and white eyes that looked a bit like those in comics. Its eyes were moist, and its mouth was in a circle, like it wanted to spit bubbles.


Mu Sichen boldly, stretched out a finger and poked the octopus head.


It was a bit Q-shaped, he didn’t know what material it was made of.


It wasn’t a plush toy, not plastic, nor some real human made materials.



Mu Sichen didn’t know much about dolls, but he just hadn’t seen such a material that felt like a real squid before.



But the elasticity was much better than a squid, a squid was floppy, but this doll was able to rely on eight tentacles to stand on the ground.



Mu Sichen met the cute big eyes and tentatively asked, “Is it Qin Zu?”



The octopus doll didn’t respond.



In this way Mu Sichen felt a little silly for inquiring.



He stared at the doll for a while, but the doll showed no signs of life.



Mu Sichen couldn’t keep staring at the thing, but he didn’t quite dare to move it, so he could only leave it in its original position for the time being.



He opened his computer and entered the official website of My Ideal Town, wanting to see if the site was still there.



The website was still there, the latest announcement was still recruiting internal test players, and there were still people on the game’s official forum discussing the issue of the test game being too rudimentary.



Mu Sichen tried to enter in the forum “this game has problems, do not click on the internal test invitation link, do not fill in the address”



After clicking on the input, the content sent out was “I received an invitation to the internal test, the game and the test game is completely different, too much fun, everyone needs to experience it ah”.



Mu Sichen: “……”



He also tried to enter “If you accidentally log in to the game, please be sure to exit the game within ten minutes”.



After sending it, it turned into “Oh my god, the game is great, I played all night and didn’t want to get off, everyone must utilize the first ten minutes to explore the game properly ah”.



Mu Sichen was so angry that he almost smashed the computer.



He couldn’t post anything anymore, or he would become an accomplice to the game’s deception of players.



After failing to find any clues on the official website and forums, Mu Sichen was just about to shut down his computer when he saw a post from an ID called Ripple Fairy that read, “I’ve received an invitation to the beta test, the game is completely different from the beta mini-game, it’s too much fun, so let’s all come and experience it”.



It was exactly the same as what Mu Sichen had just sent out.



Combined with this person’s ID, Mu Sichen had reason to suspect that this person was Chi Lian.



So Mu Sichen sent a private message to Fairy Ripple through the forum interface:[Sha Dayan].


He was very cautious and didn’t give his real name. If the other party was Chi Lian, she would immediately know who he was when she saw the name Sha Dayan. If it was just a coincidence that she posted the same post, she would only treat this private message as spam.



Ripple Fairy replied almost in seconds: [Benefactor! I, I, I’m Chi Lian! My penguin number is XXXXXXX, benefactor add me as a friend!”]



Even after experiencing life and death in the game, Mu Sichen still wasn’t very keen on revealing his real identity, so he used a small penguin account that he didn’t use often to add Chi Lian as a friend.



They needed to communicate, but didn’t necessarily need to meet, to maintain such secondary contact was necessary.


After adding her, Chi Lian immediately sent a message: [Benefactor! Captain Mu! A player from one of our game groups has died suddenly!”]



Mu Sichen was startled and immediately asked: [What’s the situation?]



Chi Lian: [I have a game buddy group, and we all share some game tips from time to time. This time I received the internal test notification at the same time as another person in the group. After I got offline, the first thing I did was go into the group to look for him, but he never replied to me. Just now, a close friend of his in the group said that he just went to look for him, and found his body in the bedroom, not long after he died, as if he died suddenly from playing the game all night].



This news sent chills down Mu Sichen’s back.



Those four players who had been purified by the Feathered Eyed dependent, in reality, they would have died silently like this, right?


They were lucky to go offline, but the rest of the players couldn’t come back.


[I see.] Mu Sichen simply replied.



Chi Lian sharing this news wasn’t meant to be a comfort to Mu Sichen as she continued to send, [Captain, what are we going to do in three days?]



Mu Sichen: [What is three days from now?]



Chi Lian: [Haven’t you looked at your cell phone yet?]


Mu Sichen came back and first checked himself, then was surprised by the octopus doll, then immediately opened his computer, indeed he hadn’t had time to check his cell phone yet.


He opened his cell phone, and saw that in an inconspicuous folder, an APP named “Game Pod” appeared.



The disappeared game pod appeared in his cell phone.



Mu Sichen took a deep breath to keep himself as calm as possible before clicking on the game pod app, and saw a countdown on it, 71:45:52.


It was a 72 hour countdown.



It turned out that the system had given them such a short vacation.



Mu Sichen tapped the countdown, and the app popped up a line.



[Players are requested to log into the game within 72 hours to perform their next mission. The maximum time is 72 hours, if the player wants to enter the game now, they can also do so.]


There was also a dialog box below for whether or not to enter the game.



Mu Sichen decisively chose “No”.


With only three days of vacation, he wouldn’t go back to that hellhole until he rested until the last minute.


When Mu Sichen looked down at his cell phone, he suddenly felt that there was a line of sight behind him staring at him.


He turned around and saw that there was no one behind him, only that octopus doll.



Having endured too much sight in Tongzhi Town, Mu Sichen wouldn’t be too big-hearted to think that it was just an illusion.



He put down his cell phone and came in front of the octopus doll, looked at the distance of the octopus from the tile seam on the ground, and said with certainty, “You moved your position.”


The octopus doll didn’t move a muscle.



Mu Sichen pointed to it, “The tile size of our dormitory is 80*80 centimeters, just now you are about 20 centimeters away from this tile line, now only 10 centimeters are left, moving so far, do you think I am blind?”



He left the octopus doll on the floor regardless, of course not forgetting the existence of the doll, but deliberately not paying attention to the doll for a long time, waiting for the doll to think that he really won’t pay attention to it, and then observe the state of the doll.



Sure enough, the doll moved on its own.



“You’re the tattoo Qin Zu left on me,” Mu Sichen said with certainty, “So you’re Qin Zu’s doppelganger? Why were you able to come back with me? Obviously Big Eyes’ power didn’t even follow me back.”



The matter of Qin Zu following over made Mu Sichen feel uneasy.


The game could be weird, the system could be malicious, and he could have been killed by a god-ranked monster in that world, but all of this was something that happened in the game and another world, not reality.



More than traveling to a dangerous world, Mu Sichen was more afraid of bringing something back from that world.



The real world was safe, where one could sleep until dawn, turn his back on his roommates, and look straight at anyone and anything.



It was the harbor of his mind, and he didn’t want anything that would threaten the real world.



Something about the octopus doll following him back made him feel fearful.


The octopus doll still didn’t respond.



Mu Sichen reached out and poked it, asking, “Are you unable to speak?”


Seeing that it was as peaceful as a doll, Mu Sichen simply moved his fingers into those large eyes, and just as his fingers were about to poke its eyes, the octopus doll’s eyes suddenly closed.



“It can move but can’t talk?” Mu Sichen guessed.



Seeing that it couldn’t hide it, the octopus doll stretched out a tentacle and patted it on the ground, seemingly signaling Mu Sichen something.


Mu Sichen remembered the way he and Qin Zu communicated, so he picked up the doll and pressed the patting tentacle to his brow.



“You didn’t fulfill your promise.” A somewhat majestic voice entered Mu Sichen’s mind, the voice contrasting greatly with the doll’s cute appearance.



Mu Sichen remembered that the premise of Qin Zu lending him his power was to allow him to obtain more believers, as well as to use Qin Zu’s power to destroy the “Pillar”.



Mu Sichen did dig up a few believers for Qin Zu, but soon turned these believers back into Big Eyes’ believers, and thus unlocked the perpetual motion machine strategy of wool-gathering from both sides.



As for the “pillar”, Mu Sichen not only didn’t help Qin Zu, but also snatched the “pillar” himself.



Thinking about it, he really didn’t do the right thing.



“It’s my fault,” Mu Sichen said, “but at that time, the ‘Pillar’ was equivalent to the only antidote in front of me who was on the verge of death, and I had to eat it in order to survive. It wasn’t just me, Chi Lian, Cheng Xubo, they all needed this pill.”


He explained his behavior at that moment to Qin Zu, not being evasive or aggressive.



The power of his left eye was stolen from Big Eyes using the self sticker, a power obtained through the system, so it didn’t follow him back, but was stored in the system, just like the “digging” skill and the crossaxe.



But Qin Zu’s tattoo was a deal between him and Qin Zu, without the system in between. He didn’t fulfill his promise, and with Qin Zu’s totem still on his body, Qin Zu followed him back.



One really couldn’t go back on one’s word, especially to these god-level monsters of the Otherworld.



“I’ll make it up to you.” Mu Sichen said solemnly, “Anything else you need, I’ll do my best to get it for you. As you can see, after this battle, my power has gotten stronger, and I can help you more than before.”



The octopus doll lifted its not-so-long tentacles, which were a bit out of reach of Mu Sichen.



Mu Sichen took the initiative to send his head in front of the doll, the tentacle then barely touched his brow.



“The pillars aren’t important, the point is to destroy the domain barrier of the Tongzhi Town, there are two more pillars, you have to destroy at least one of them.” Qin Zu’s voice was transmitted directly into his mind.



Mu Sichen definitely had to return to the game, according to the system’s previous mission requirements, he guessed that the next two “pillars” must be the system’s mission objectives, which was the same as Qin Zu’s requirements.



But what if the system continued to ask him to seize the pillars?



“Do I use your power to destroy the pillars, or do I seize the ‘pillars’ like this time?” Mu Sichen asked.



After asking he very self-consciously touched the tentacle with his brow on his own accord.


After all, he was the party that had breached the contract, his attitude had to be better, he had to ask for Qin Zu’s forgiveness so that he could send this doll back to the otherworld as soon as possible, never to stay in the real world.



“The important thing is not the pillar, it’s the destruction barrier, and the ‘sky pupil’.” Qin Zu’s intention came through.



Mu Sichen recalled that Shen Jiyue had said that the search for pillars was only to destroy the domain of the Tongzhi Town, without the domain, Big Eyes lost its protection, so Qin Zu could directly teach Big Eyes a lesson.


“Just destroy one more pillar?” Mu Sichen asked, “There are three ‘pillars’ in total, so by destroying two, the domain barrier will become unstable, right?”



He pressed his eyebrows against the tentacle, and this time Qin Zu didn’t say anything, clearly not wanting to pay attention to him anymore.



After all, he was a god-level monster, how unimpressive was it to always chat with people like this.



Mu Sichen solemnly held the octopus doll in both hands, set it on his desk, put his hands together in obeisance, and said earnestly, “I will definitely do it.”



The octopus doll closed its eyes, seemingly not wanting to look at Mu Sichen anymore.



Only then did Mu Sichen have time to look at his cell phone.


[Captain, are you there, Captain? Captain, you wouldn’t have gone back into the game after looking at your cell phone, would you!”]



While he was communicating with the octopus doll, Chi Lian saw that he didn’t reply for a long time and sent dozens of messages like a life-threatening serial call.



Mu Sichen busily replied to Chi Lian and calmed her down, stating that the next time they all entered the game together, they would pick 5 minutes before the countdown ended.



Only then did Chi Lian relax and promise that she would definitely cooperate with the captain and do whatever she was told to do.



Mu Sichen put down his cell phone and let out a long sigh.



He tried to make a plan for the action three days later, but realized that he knew so little about Tongzhi Town and Big Eyes, and had no clue about the next “pillar”, so he couldn’t make a plan at all.



Forget it, we’ll talk about it then. He should be enjoying real life while on vacation.



Unfortunately, he couldn’t even enjoy life, after all, he was relatively poor.


It was better to make money.



Mu Sichen took a two-hour order to accompany someone in a game, and took the client to to score points, two hours later, it was late, and Mu Sichen was also a little hungry.


He rummaged through a bag of instant noodles from the cabinet, intending to make do with a meal at night and forget about it.



Just as he soaked the noodles, the dormitory door opened.


His roommate He Fei came back.


“Why are you back?” Mu Sichen asked.


It was summer vacation now, his roommates had all gone home for the holidays, and Mu Sichen had also typed in an application in order to stay at school during the holidays.



He Fei threw away his suitcase and sat next to Mu Sichen, “I went home for vacation. The first week, I was quite popular, but after the second week passed, they started to dislike me for not studying, not doing housework, and being lazy… My dad said I was almost useless at home, so he asked me to come out and work to experience life. I got an internship, and the company is near the school. I decided to come back and live in the dormitory to save money.”



“In that case, an internship is also quite good.” Mu Sichen sheepishly averted his eyes, thinking that it was fortunate that the game pod had turned into an app, and that time in the real world didn’t pass when he was in the other world, or else he really wouldn’t have been able to explain the game to his roommate.



“It’s better than staying home and getting yelled at anyway. You’re eating instant noodles? It smells so good, give me a few bites, I just got off the bus and haven’t had dinner yet.” He Fei looked at the lunch box that Mu Sichen had placed on the desk.



“The rest of the soup can be given to you, the noodles are exempt.” Mu Sichen quickly pushed the lunchbox away, keeping the noodles away from He Fei.


When they ate a few bites in their dormitory, it wasn’t just a small bite. He Fei could eat half a bag of noodles in one bite, his bowl of noodles would be gone if he took two bites..



“Don’t be so stingy, I’ll just ……” He Fei’s words suddenly stopped.



His line of sight fell on the octopus doll on the side of Mu Sichen’s lunch box.



The octopus doll was looking at the two of them with wide eyes, and the scent of instant noodles kept drifting onto it.



He Fei walked over to the doll and half-kneeled in front of the desk, carefully looking at the doll, his eyes gradually becoming mesmerized, his expression full of admiration.



Mu Sichen saw the situation wasn’t right, and quickly slapped the back of He Fei’s head.



He Fei then shook his head and said to Mu Sichen, “Where did you get this doll from? It’s ……”



Mu Sichen thought he was going to say “so cute” or “so beautiful”.


Who knew that He Fei opened his mouth and said, “So sacred.”



Mu Sichen took the octopus doll, stuffed it into his quilt, and said indifferently, “A game sent it.”





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