There was an invisible cold aura being released, anyone with little tolerance was going to be uncomfortable, fortunately, Shi Fei’s face was thick enough.

Yu Wenwen sat in the car, grabbed a snack to eat and asked: “Have you inquired about the program? I have secretly poked around a few times along the way, they are too secretive.”

Li Hong also nodded: “Yes, they just keep saying that we’ll know when we get to there, I don’t even know the process. It says it’s a life simulation, how is it a simulation?”

Jiang Yu sat in front of Shi Fei and said, “I used all my beautiful man schemes, but the girl who was with the group didn’t reveal anything.”

Yu Wenwen laughed and joked, “Have you ever suspected that you might not have enough face value to attract a lady?”

Jiang Yu slapped his thigh and said, “How is that possible? My little flames said I was born with the face of an idol actor.” Little Flames was what Jiang Yu called his fans.

Yu Wenwen and Li Hong looked at each other and laughed, and Li Hong replied, “Those two behind you also have a number 1 face.”

Jiang Yu saw Gu Yueze sitting next to his master in the back, and was depressed again, this guy who stole his position.

The three men in the car, had completely different temperaments, Jiang Yu was jumpy, Shi Fei looked more docile and quiet, Gu Yueze was a senior mobile refrigerator, he never spoke.

It was also fortunate that there was a lively Jiang Yu, Yu Wenwen’s personality was also more active, with the two of them, the car ride wasn’t too dull. Everyone in the car chatted with each other.

Shi Fei occasionally replied, so he wouldn’t seem difficult to get along with.

This time Gu Yueze suddenly asked in a low voice: “Do you like paintings?”

This question was asked abruptly, but Shi Fei still answered, “It’s okay.”

Gu Yueze continued, “How about Chinese paintings?”

Shi Fei: “Not bad either.”

In another car, Director Wei, who heard his voice almost wanted to collapse. People in the whole car didn’t know the process of this program, but Boss Gu, the sponsor, was clear.

He even knew who they would meet and where the location was.

Mr. Gu, you asking this is too obvious ah.

He previously suspected that Boss Gu only participated in this show for Shi Fei, now Wei Weidong was more certain.

It was just that when he looked at Shi Fei, it seemed that he didn’t know Mr. Gu.

At this time Wei Weidong’s cell phone rang, taking a look at the caller ID Wu Ziqiang picked up, “Hey, director Wu, for you to call me today, are you free?”

Wu Ziqiang’s voice wasn’t very pleasant but he tried his best to suppress it: “Director Wei, I heard that your recent reality show “Simulation of Life” has started filming?”

Wei Weidong admitted: “Yes, it’s being filmed now.”

Wu Ziqiang poked around, “Can I ask who the guests are?”

Wei Weidong replied as if in difficulty: “It’s not good to ask, you know the rules, it’s confidential before the broadcast.”

Wu Ziqiang: “Okay, then I will not make it difficult for you, I’ll just ask one, is Shi Fei the main guest of this reality show?”

Wei Weidong: “Yes.”

Wu Ziqiang: “Director Wei, you’re being insincere. I’m sure you’re well aware of the feud between Shi Fei and I. I said I’d block him, but you let him be the main guest.

Wei Weidong: “I can’t help it, the sponsors mentioned Shi Fei by name.”

Wu Ziqiang: “Who is the sponsor?”

Faced with Wu Ziqiang’s continuous aggressive questions, Wei Weidong’s temper also reached its limit, he put away his previous cheeky tone, “Director Wu, you are asking too much.”

Wu Ziqiang threatened, “Director Wei, are you trying to get in trouble with Star Media?”

Wei Weidong said angrily: “You really think that with the backing of Star Media, the world is has to give in to you. I want to invite someone to be the main guest, yet I have to ask you. When I started in the business, I don’t know which of your father’s eggs you were still swimming in.”

After speaking, he directly hung up the phone, after hanging up the phone, he continued cursing: “I just gave him some face, yet he really thought he’s something.”

The assistant director next to him asked worriedly, “Director Wei, is it okay to offend Director Wu so directly? I heard that this person is particularly cautious and will retaliate against anyone who offends him, aren’t you worried that he will take revenge on our show?”

Wei Weidong wasn’t the least bit worried and put his phone away, “Don’t worry, can’t you see who we have in this reality show?”

The emperor of the Gu Group was here, It was okay as long as he didn’t do anything extreme, but he still asked people to keep an eye on the situation of Star Media, just in case.

Looking at the monitor again, he saw Gu Yueze sitting with Shi Fei, and smiled with confidence.

Wu Ziqiang was still trying to deal with Shi Fei, he didn’t understand Shi Fei’s background to dare to provoke him, he wouldn’t know how he died.

However, seeing Boss Gu whispering and forcing hints that revealed the theme content, Wei Weidong wanted to collapse, Boss Gu was the boss of a big multinational company. Didn’t he have any professionalism?

The car drove about an hour or so, and finally stopped in front of a manor.

This was an ancient style manor, planted on both sides with green bamboo and flower gardens and rockery, there was a green stone road along the inside, further inside there was a white circular arch, black tiles covered the roof.

From the appearance alone, it looked a bit like an ancient manor style of a large family.

Yu Wenwen got out of the car and her eyes lit up when she saw all this, “Wow, this place is so beautiful, is this where we’ll spend the two days and nights?”

Li Hong nodded and said, “The air is so nice, the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant, it’s a good place for a vacation.”

Jiang Yu frowned slightly and said, “Why do I have an ominous feeling, is the program team so kind to let us take a vacation here?”

Jiang Yu wanted to turn his head to ask Shi Fei, but found that Shi Fei was bending down at the bottom of the bus to get the suitcases for everyone.

Gu Yueze was also there helping him, “I’ll do it.”

When his hand reached out, it just so happened that both of them grabbed the same suitcase, Shi Fei looked up and smiled, “Thanks, I can do it.”

The luggage was pulled out directly.

After touching Shi Fei’s hand, Gu Yueze stood without speaking, his hand clenched and unclenched again, as if he was stuck, but his expression was too natural, the crowd didn’t notice anything.

Jiang Yu hurriedly stepped forward, “Shi Fei, let me help you.”

His loud voice drew the two girls over, Yu Wenwen and Li Hong both turned their heads and rushed forward to each help with their own suitcases, Shi Fei stopped them and said, “There are three men here, how can we let you do this kind of rough work, the girls can just be beautiful on the side.”

Jiang Yu also nodded and jokingly said, “Yes, you have to give us a little opportunity to show gentlemanly manners, the program team must add such a manly side of me ah.”

Gu Yueze didn’t talk, he bent down and took the suitcase in the front.

This time someone came out of the manor, looking like less than thirty years old, he wore a black Tang suit, which made him look very energetic.

“Hello, I am the person responsible for receiving you, my name is Li Bowen, welcome to the Idle Dream Literature Club.” Li Bowen nodded politely to the crowd.

Shi Fei looked at the circular arch not far away, on it was written the big words ‘Idle Dream Literary Club’.

So this was the Idle Dream Literary Society.

Two years ago he had played chess with teacher Wang Pingyang, the other lost to him, and then he tried to make him join the Idle Dream Literature Club, each time he refused, this was the first time he really came here.

After some simple self-introduction, Li Bowen began to lead them inside, asking as he walked, “I wonder if you have ever known anything about our literature club?”

Li Hong shook his head and looked at Yu Wenwen next to her, who also shook her head, obviously not.

Shi Fei saw that everyone couldn’t answer: “I have heard a bit, Idle Dream Literary Club is mainly to recruit students who love literature, it has a total of four disciplines, respectively, the piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. Each of these doors have a pivotal position in China, each doors have very good teachers.”

With Shi Fei’s answer, his face finally showed satisfied pride, “It seems that you know quite a lot, you’re right. But those who can be accepted as students by the Idle Dreams Literary Club are all talented, not just rich enough to join the Club.”

Jiang Yu looked at Shi Fei with a starry face, master wS master, too awesome, he knew such things.

Everyone didn’t expect that the program team would actually bring them to this place.

After entering the gate, Li Bowen began to introduce: “We have a relatively large Idle dream manor, a total of four courtyards in the east, west, north and south, respectively, the qin courtyard, chess courtyard, study courtyard, painting courtyard. Each courtyard has a door master, for example, the door master of the qin courtyard is Teacher Xia Haiyan, she is a well-known domestic performer, has played the guqin for us in the Olympic Games on behalf of the Chinese nation.”

Before he said that, the Idle Dream Literary Club wasn’t very clear to everyone, once he talked about Teacher Xia Haiyan, everyone understood, they didn’t expect her to be the head of the Qin Section of the Idle Dream Literary Club.

Everyone showed a respectful expression.

They happened to be passing by the qin courtyard, a burst of sandalwood fragrance as well as the pleasant sound of the qin came out from inside, lively and moving.

Then Li Bowen continued to introduce: “Then in front is the chess courtyard, the chess courtyard door master is Teacher Wang Pingyang, he has led the disciples in the door many times in the men’s chess championship confrontation to win the championship, for the glory of the country.”

Shi Fei then asked carefully, “Is the master of the chess academy here now?”

Li Bowen shook his head and said, “No, he took someone to the chess tournament.”

Shi Fei secretly breathed a sigh of relief, fortunately he wasn’t here. If he was caught by him, even if he didn’t get a beating, he would be forcibly escorted here.

Finally Li Bowen led everyone to the north gate of the painting institute, “I belong to the painting institute, my master is Teacher Tang Xiangyang, I think you should have heard of it, I will take you to the painting institute for a tour.”

Shi Fei helplessly stroked his forehead, this was another acquaintance, he only knew that Mr. Wang Pingyang was in the Idle Dream Literary Club, but he didn’t know that Mr. Tang Xiangyang was also part of the Club.

It was also two years ago, he also had a painting contest with Senior Tang Xiangyang, and finally the other took the initiative to admit defeat, his pseudonym[fake] name also became popular at that time.

These two years he had been very low-profile and he didn’t paint in public.

Shi Fei asked again: “Will Mr. Tang Xiangyang come today?”

Li Bowen thought that he wanted to see Tang Xiangyang and replied, “My master likes quiet, he won’t come to these activities.”

Shi Fei was secretly relieved again, okay okay.

Techer Tang Xiangyang, of course, they had heard of him, another person who had fought for the country in the Olympic Games. At that time, Mr. Tang Xiangyang dressed in Chinese clothes, and painted a Chinese landscape picture, causing shock at home and abroad.

With Li Bowen’s introduction, everyone knew that the seemingly insignificant Idle Dream Literary Club was really hiding dragons and crouching tigers, and every master reported was famous, and even many of the master’s disciples were famous people in China.

Walking to the painting academy, the first thing that caught the eye was a long corridor, all the sides of the corridor were hung with a lot of very outstanding paintings, they were mainly Chinese paintings.

“I’ve seen this painting before, someone donated this painting during the last charity auction, and I remember it fetched a price of thirty-eight million.” Li Hong said pointing when she saw one of the paintings.

Li Bowen nodded and said, “That’s right, this painting is called ‘Mountain Grass House’ is painted by my senior brother, he painted two of them, one of them was donated to a charity auction, and the other one is hanging here.”

Yu Wenwen was surprised, “Then doesn’t that mean that there is thirty-eight million dollars hanging here.”

When Li Bowen heard Yu Wenwen use money so directly to describe this painting, his eyebrows showed displeasure, “Art is priceless and cannot be measured by money.”

Li Hong relieved her, “She doesn’t understand, don’t mind her Mr. Li.”

Li Bowen didn’t say anything and continued to lead them inside and introduce them.

At this time, the doors of some rooms on both sides opened, and some students who were originally in the drawing room came out with their heads poking out, their ages weren’t too old, the younger ones were only seven or eight years old, and the older ones were fifteen or sixteen years old.

“It’s true, it’s really them.”

“Before I heard that there would be stars, I still don’t believe that it turned out to be true.”

“I saw Goddess Li Hong, I especially like her, I want to ask her for an autograph.”

“I like Jiang Yu, I’m a member of Little Flame.”

When they saw that a fan of theirs appeared, everyone waved at each other and smiled enthusiastically.

There were a few bold children that wanted to take their pen and paper to get an autograph, but Li Bowen saw them: “What are you doing, don’t you all have practice? Quickly go back.”

Shi Fei saw that this Li Bowen was polite on the surface, but in fact, he didn’t particularly welcome them.

This point, only Shi Fei, but the others also vaguely realised.

Everyone didn’t say anything more, but at this time an oil painting caught everyone’s attention, in a crowd of Chinese paintings, it was particularly conspicuous.

“This painting seems to be “Sunset”, that’s right, it’s the “Sunset” that was sold for a billion dollars.” Yu Wenwen was excitedly pointing at the oil painting.

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