A painting could be sold for tens of millions if it was very famous, famous paintings sold for more than a hundred million were generally those famous antique paintings, it could even be sold for an astronomical price.


Someone once said, like calligraphy, the painters died before the painting became famous.


Mr. J’s “sunset” was sold for a billion dollars, it bacame a domestic and international media sensation, it made headlines for several days, resulting in many people who weren’t interested in the industry, know about it.


But no one had ever photographed what Mr. J looked like, since then Mr. J had no new public works, it was like he had disappeared.


Yu Wenwen just shouted, several other people also ran over to look, curiosity was human nature.


Even if they didn’t understand these, once they heard that of an expensive painting, they became curious enough to see.


Shi Fei stood on the side, pursed his lips and touched his nose and didn’t speak, his expression was even a little embarrassed.


Gu Yueze stood beside Shi Fei, looked at the painting on the wall and then looked at Shi Fei, he also didn’t say anything.


“Let’s go, the painting room is just ahead.” In the face of everyone’s curiosity, Li Bowen didn’t explain the origin of the painting as before, instead, he directly led the crowd forward.


Li Bowen led everyone to the innermost painting room, where several tables were placed, each with some pens and paper and ink.


“Now I’ll explain the basics of Chinese painting to you, so you can have a basic understanding.” Li Bowen began to lay the paper on the drawing board by himself, and started to explain to everyone while sketching.


Li Bowen’s explanation style was really not very interesting, and could even be said to be very dull, he didn’t have any interaction with anyone, he spoke and didn’t care if anyone understood.


Everyone was ignorant of Chinese painting, listening to this rigid explanation, one by one, they became sleepy.


Even Shi Fei wanted to sleep, except for Gu Yueze, who sat there as still as a mountain.


About an hour later, Li Bowen almost finished explaining, looking at the sleepy people underneath, he said, “I see the time is almost 11:30, it’s almost time to eat.”


Yu Wenwen, a snacker, immediately nodded: “Time to eat? My stomach is growling.”


Li Bowen said, “Before we eat, I’ll test you. If two or more of you can answer the questions, you’ll pass the test and eat.”


Jiang Yu asked, “What if we can’t answer?”


Li Bowen said, “If you can’t answer, you’ll have to starve.”


“No way, so cruel.” The crowd wailed.


Li Hong was distressed: “What should we do? I didn’t even listen to much just now, my memory has gone down a lot since I gave birth, and I’m struggling to memorize my lines more than before.”


Yu Wenwen wanted to cry: “I didn’t have a baby, yet I don’t remember much either.” Yu Wenwen looked at Jiang Yu for help and asked, “Jiang Yu, do you remember?”


Jiang Yu just wanted to sleep with his pillow. Li Bowen sounded like he was reciting scriptures.


Li Bowen didn’t care about the others’ shouting, and with a flash of disdain on his face, he asked, “How many categories of Chinese paintings are there?”


Everyone stared at each other with wide eyes, and a few question marks almost appeared on their heads.


Shi Fei was about to respond when Gu Yueze spoke first, “Chinese painting is divided into figures, flowers and birds, and landscapes, mainly to express an idea and thought through art.”


Li Bowen didn’t expect Gu Yueze to be able to answer, but after thinking about it, he thought it was normal, the question he asked was too superficial, and even people who were not involved in this business might have heard of it.


He had to ask a slightly more difficult question, so he continued, “How many techniques are there in Chinese painting, and what are the differences?”


This question was a little more difficult, to know the technique was okay, the difference between the explanation was longer, for those who learnt painting, this was basic knowledge, for the layman, it would cause confusion.


Everyone looked at Gu Yueze with expectation, although they knew the chance of him answering was very small, they still held on to hope, in case a miracle happened.


Gu Yueze’s deep eyes looked at Li Bowen, then he said, “The techniques of Chinese painting are divided into figurative and realistic, figurative means concrete, not abstract ……”


Gu Yueze answered methodically, with a bland and steady expression.


The next few people looked at Gu Yueze in surprise, Yu Wenwen blinked her eyes, and Li Hong also showed admiring eyes.


Jiang Yu regretted it. He should have listened to the exam just now. This would make this iceberg man behave in front of Master.


Li Bowen was surprised and asked, “Have you study Chinese painting before?”


Gu Yueze responded, “No.” As the heir of the Gu Group, he grew up learning a variety of things, equestrian, golf, archery, antique appreciation, etc., but he really didn’t learn Chinese painting.


Li Bowen: “Then how do you know all this?”


Gu Yueze: “You told me.”


Li Bowen was incredulous: “I said it once, and you remembered it?”


Gu Yuzhe: “Yes.”


Li Bowen didn’t believe, then he asked several questions in succession, from shallow to deep, Gu Yueze answered all of them one by one.


The other people were excited, they thought Gu Yueze didn’t speak much, but he was actually a legendary school bully.


In the end, Li Bowen gave up asking questions to Gu Yueze and once again looked at the others and said, “As I said earlier, as long as two people can answer the questions, you can eat lunch. Gu Yueze has done very well, so I’m going to ask the next person.”


“What are the materials for Chinese painting paper and brush?” Li Bowen looked at them and finally locked his eyes on Shi Fei.


Several other people were too popular, and Li Bowen was afraid that those people’s fans would attack him after the show aired even if he had the intention to make things difficult for them.


Among these people, except for Gu Yueze, it was Shi Fei who was the least popular, so he said, “Shi Fei, answer this question.”


Jiang Yu was behind him, “Go for it, Shi Fei, I believe you can do it.”


Yu Wenwen touched her rumbling stomach and said, “Shi Fei, it’s up to you.”


Li Hong said, “Shi Fei, you can do it.”


Li Bowen skimmed his mouth, he wouldn’t be strange, just now when he was in class, except Gu Yueze, the other four didn’t listen carefully at all. Even if he had the same memory as Gu Yueze, he couldn’t remember anything since he was half asleep.


Shi Fei smiled at them and nodded, then looked at Li Bowen and said, “The earliest paper of Chinese painting everyone was painting on silk, starting from ……”


Li Bowen’s expression went from disdain to looking dumbfounded, he was half asleep? How did he hear?


Shi Fei’s words were very detailed and clear, Li Bowen had the intention to pick a fault, yet he couldn’t.


When he finished answering, Li Bowen anxiously asked: “You also just listened once and remembered it all?”


Shi Fei shook his head and said, “No, I have read the relevant books before, I have a little bit of understanding.”


Li Bowen: “……”


Then Li Bowen asked a few more difficult questions in succession, and Shi Fei answered them all.


He originally wanted to make things difficult for them, but they ended up answering better than one another, which made Li Bowen feel quite humiliated.


Li Bowen finally said: “In the Chinese domestic industry, few people are currently known as masters of Chinese painting, and have received national-level trophies, name them.”


The questions he asked before were all in the relevant books, but this question wasn’t in the books, not to mention that every year it was held, people won the awards, if outsiders who could report the names of one or two winners in recent years wasn’t bad, let alone so many people.


Gu Yueze narrowed his eyes and said, “This question, you didn’t mention it during the lecture just now.”


Li Bowen said, “Could it be that when you study, you are only limited to what your teacher says you know? You never take the initiative to learn more?”


Yu Wenwen retorted, “That’s not fair, even if we want to take the initiative to learn more, we have to have time, and today is our first time learning about Chinese painting.”Li Bowen’s temper also came up: “Since you are here to learn, then please be more serious. Ask yourselves, have you really studied properly? Just now when I was lecturing up there, you all almost moved beds to sleep.”


He wasn’t happy teaching these stars, he thought that they were all show-offs and didn’t know anything about art, and teaching them Chinese painting was an insult to art.


If it wasn’t for his master who asked him to receive these people, Li Bowen wouldn’t have been interested in coming.


Yu Wenwen didn’t expect Li Bowen to scold her on the spot without giving face, and with the camera next to her, her nose felt sour.


Jiang Yu was also a very straightforward person, he replied back: “Which sentence of Wenwen is wrong, it is something that wasn’t taught. Were you born self-taught?”


His original intention was to make them have a downward spiral, but as a result, the perfect performance of Gu Yueze and Shi Fei both made him unable to play.


Seeing them argue with hom, Li Bowen couldn’t suppress his temper: “Are you here to learn or to raise a bar with me, is this the attitude of learning? Now I am the teacher, I am teaching you, is this how you used to talk back to the teacher when you were in school?”


Shi Fei’s eyebrows were slightly knitted, he suddenly stood up and looked at Li Bowen and said, “It’s indeed our fault that we didn’t listen carefully just now, and I apologize to you on behalf of everyone. But I think this is not just our unilateral problem, from the time we came in, we all saw the disdainful look on your face, emotions affect each other, your impatient emotions will also indirectly affect us.”


“We don’t know much about Chinese painting in the first place, and your impatient mood will deepen our resistance to this industry. Just now you were lecturing up there, it wasn’t much different from an elementary school student reciting a text, dull and uninteresting, which means you didn’t put any thought into it either, you only thought of finishing the session quickly and then leaving, is this the way you treat your students? As far as I know, Mr. Tang Xiangyang’s style of lecturing is funny and humorous, and every time he also mixes the essence of life with the essence of Chinese painting, so that when people learn the knowledge of Chinese painting, they also learn the truth of being a human being. In this regard, you, as his disciple, have not learned the spirit of Mr. Tang Xiangyang.”


Li Bowen said unhappily, “What qualifications do you have to teach ……”


“I haven’t finished talking.” Shi Fei scolded sternly and said, “As a teacher of Chinese painting, when learning the knowledge of Chinese painting, the most important thing is actually to cultivate your body and refrain from being impetuous. Without a good state of mind, I don’t think you can produce any good paintings. There is a more important point, everyone has their own good industry and field, you arbitrarily accuse others in the field that others are not good at, it doesn’t mean that you are more powerful, it just means that you can only show off in front of people who are not good at it. If you have the ability, you can compete with Wenwen in acting? You and Jiang Yu in singing? Do you think you can beat them? There are so many excellent paintings hanging in the hallway, may I ask if one of them is yours?”


Shi Fei’s words were quite heavy, and every word was heartbreaking.


It couldn’t be helped that he usually didn’t fight or grab the limelight, but he had a problem, which was to protect the helpless.


With each sentence, Li Bowen’s face became extremely red and fierce.


This time Shi Fei continued uninterrupted: “In addition to your question just now, it is really coincidental, I happen to know. Our country of China began to run the national painting competition in 1954, so far a total of 65 sessions, the first prize of the country’s people have ……”


One by one, Shi Fei named them all, everyone’s expressions became very frosty.


They met another school bully again?

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