Shi Fei entered Yiyuan studio, it was a large place, but it was still empty.

The studio was really poor ah, there were no more than five staff in total.

He walked to the dance practice room, and saw Wu Yan practicing, with sweat covering his body.

Wu Yan had started dancing in elementary school, his dance skills were very good, his flexibility was high, his movements were clean and smooth, watching him dance was a pleasure.

Going next door to the vocal room, Yu Zixing was sitting in front of the electronic piano, composing music for a rap song, Yu Zixing’s vocals were quite strong, but he preferred rap.

Because he grew up abroad, his rap compositions had more English, but recently he had been trying to create rap in Chinese.

He Xiaobei was also in the room, he was lying on the floor, with a pen and paper, he probably also wanted to try to writing an original song.

In his previous life, He Xiaobei was originally an original singer, but unfortunately he didn’t reach his final destination.

Although Yiyuan Studio was poor, Song Yiyuan treated them with the utmost effort and tried to give them the best resources, he had promised Wu Yan a good dance teacher and on the next day he really invited one.

For Yu Zixing and He Xiaobei, he hired a vocal and physical teacher to improve their skills.

Shi Fei saw them practicing hard, he silently retreated, and made a phone call.

Since they were the people he brought out from the “strongest idol”, he had to be responsible for them, he couldn’t really let them waste a year in the Yiyuan Studio.

Shi Fei: “Qiu Lao, it’s me Shi Fei.”

A slightly older voice but full of vitality, replied: “You still know to call me ah, day after day, you’re always busy.”

As soon as Shi Fei heard his voice, he knew that Qiu Lao was playing chess again, he was a chess enthusiast, Shi Fei and he met as chess friends at first.

“Didn’t you see me on TV the other day? I was really busy, I went to the show.” Shi Fei responded.

“Why don’t you play chess with me? And also you ran to that kind of undernourished program, and finally got kicked out, right?” Qiu Lao finally smiled mysteriously and said, “When Old Wang saw you on TV that day, he was so angry that he scolded you at home for a day.”

Shi Fei wondered, “What was Mr. Wang so angry about?”

Qiu Lao replied, “Are you playing dumb? Old Wang was determined to get you into the national chess team, but you said every day that you were busy with your studies, but then you ran off to join the singing team. You’d better not let him catch you, or you’ll get beaten up.”

Shi Fei touched his nose, he decided to avoid Mr. Wang for a while, then said, “Qiu Lao, Qiu Lao, I heard that the top wants to make a reality show similar to the Special Forces.”

Qiu Lao: “You’re quite well-informed. There is such a thing, now the top isn’t satisfied with the style of artists, they intend to make a show to enhance the external image, the team is almost done, they’re probably considering the matter of quota.”

Shi Fei: “I want a spot.”

Qiu Lao: “What do you want a spot for? I’m not the director of the show.” Qiu Lao paused and said, “Of course it’s not impossible, if you can play ten chess games with me. Other people are so bad at chess that I don’t want to play with them.”

Hearing the angry voice coming from Qiu Lao’s side, Shi Fei smiled helplessly, Qiu Lao had always had a kind of bewildering confidence in his chess skills.

But he didn’t think that besides him, how many people dared to win against him?

He had poor chess skills, but also a big temper.

Shi Fei said, “I’ll play 20 games with you.” When you lose, don’t scold me.

They chatted for a few more minutes and Shi Fei agreed to go to Qiu Lao’s house to play chess when he finished his exams, before Qiu Lao let him hang up.

After that, Shi Fei called several people in a row.

When the last phone call was finished, Shi Fei looked at the time and prepared to go back, but then he saw a disheveled Song Yiyuan coming back.

These days Song Yiyuan had been out running for resources, but unfortunately there was Star media suppressing him, so Song Yiyuan couldn’t get anything.

When he saw Shi Fei, he said with tiredness in his eyes, “You’re here.”

“Why are you so tired, you look like you have kidney deficiency ah.” Shi Fei joked.

“Roll, I’m young, you’re the one with weak kidneys.” Song Yiyuan found a seat and sat down, took out a pack of cigarettes, and began to smoke.

Shi Fei went over, put out his cigarette and threw it into the trash can, “You are at least a dancer and a singer, smoking will damage your voice, don’t you know?”

Song Yiyuan: “I may have really brought you to a ditch. Star Media is biting hard, they won’t let me go, and they won’t let you guys go. I originally thought I could get some resources for you guys if I lowered my face and put my pride down, but I found that I still thought too well. I’ll cancel the contract with you guys, with your current popularity you can go to some big companies to sign, with the big companies to protect you, you won’t need to fear Star Media.”

Although Song Yiyuan considered the fear of then not having a future, they had only signed a one-year contract, but if they didn’t get exposure during this period, their popularity would be gone.

The entertainment industry was such a place, change was a very normal thing.

Shi Fei replied, “I think there’ll definitely be a way, we are still young and we’re not afraid, maybe after a while there will be a lot of resources.”

Song Yiyuan was amused by the words of Shi Fei, “You sound so sure.”

At this time, Song Yiyuan’s cell phone rang, the caller ID showed that it was Director Wang, “Hey, director Wang….. what? The Ultimate Street Dance Group wants to invite artists from my studio, good good, no problem.”

Shi Fei looked at Song Yiyuan and the corners of his mouth slowly rose, “Brother Yiyuan, this sounds like a good thing ah.”

Song Yiyuan was about to say something, when the phone rang again, “Hello director Xu, really? No problem.”

After three phone calls, the excitement on Song Yiyuan’s face replaced his previous tired demeanour.

Song Yiyuan hugged Shi Fei with excitement and said, “Little Fei Fei ah, you are really my little lucky star ah, our studio really has resources.”

Shi Fei was hugged to the point of strangulation, he thought he was about to die, “Stop, stop, stop.”

Song Yiyuan was still excited and didn’t let go, he hugged Shi Fei to death, trying to show all the excitement in his heart.

“What are you doing?” Wu Yan stood there with a dumbfounded face, looking at the two people who were hugging each other so tightly.

Behind them, He Xiaobei and Yu Zixing also came out, with the same dumbfounded expression.

“I love little Feifei so much, you are simply the koi reincarnation ah. Come on, kiss.” Song Yiyuan excitedly wanted to kiss Shi Fei.

Shi Fei got really disgusted and moved backward, “Brother Yiyuan, calm down, I don’t want to spread gossip with you.”

Yu Zixing asked in a small voice: “They are getting it on?”

He Xiaobei shook his head: “I do not know, it feels like there is an inside story.”

Wu Yan concluded, “Shi Fei is going to become our boss’s wife?”

After finally escaping Song Yiyuan’s clutches, Shi Fei almost wanted to use force to ‘protect himself’, “You’d better tell the news to everyone.”

Song Yiyuan happily said, “Yes, yes, yes, I got confused with excitement. Come, come, come, everyone get together in the conference room, I have something important to say.”

The conference table wasn’t large, five people could sit comfortably.

Just now Song Yiyuan received a total of three phone calls, the three were all reality TV shows.

One was an army reality show “I Am A Man” similar to the record of special forces daily training, such programs were more difficult, and required greater physical patience and strength.

One was a street dance reality show “Ultimate Street Dance Group” was mainly street dance PK[Player Killing], the people participating in this program were all the street dance industry experts, its level couldn’t be compared to idol street dance.

The last file was the rap class “China Can Rap”, they invited all the rappers in the rap industry, compared to mainstream music, this category was a bit small.

“These three shows, target completely different groups, it requires a very high degree of professionalism. Especially rap and street dance, the program invited all the industry experts. The program invited some traffic stars to go, one is to increase the show’s point of view and ratings, but at the same time, it is easy to create hostility with the other players participating in such highly professional competitions .” Song Yiyuan analyzed then asked them, “Do you understand what I mean?”

Everyone nodded, many people still had quite a big misunderstanding about stars, especially traffic stars, they were thought to be popular because of their faces and that their abilities weren’t good.

Yu Zixing said, “Brother Yiyuan, for the arrangement, we’ll accept your decision.”

Song Yiyuan continued, “According to your specialties, Zixing is good at rap, I want to arrange for you to go to ‘China Has Rap’, Wu Yan’s dancing ability is strong, it’s suitable for ‘Extreme Street Dance Group’. The show I’m having trouble deciding on right now is ‘I’m a Man’.”

He turned his gaze back and forth on both Shi Fei and He Xiaobei.

“Let Xiaobei participate in the show ‘I am a man’.” The show was originally what he had fought for with Qiu Lao for He Xiaobei.

“Brother Fei, I’m not suitable, you know I can’t do anything but sing.” He Xiaobei felt that such an opportunity was better left to Shi Fei.

“It’s precisely because you can’t do anything but sing that I think you need this opportunity even more.” Shi Fei responded very seriously: “Xiaobei, your character needs to be sharpened, I think a period of military life will help you.”

He Xiaobei bowed his head: “I’m worried I can’t handle it.”

Shi Fei put his hand on his shoulder and said, “I believe you can.” He Xiaobei had escaped the death of his previous life, the road ahead needed to be his own, he couldn’t really stay by his side to protect him.

It was better to teach someone to fish than to give them fish.

He Xiaobei raised his head, looking at the inexplicable confidence Shi Fei had in him, as if it was contagious, he nodded brightly: “I can.”

Everyone looked at Shi Fei and Song Yiyuan said, “Then what will you do?” This equates to everyone having a job announcement, except for Shi Fei.

“You guys don’t have to look at me like that, I want to live a cozy and relaxed life, I don’t want to participate in a show.” He was still a student, he didn’t need that much work, he had exams in a few days.

But everyone thought that Shi Fei was saying this to keep everyone from blaming themselves, and felt even more guilty about Shi Fei.

Song Yiyuan wanted to say something, when he received a phone call, it was an unfamiliar number: “Hello, hello …… okay okay, thanks.”

“The good fortune can’t be stopped ah, I said it, Shi Fei is my big lucky star.” Song Yiyuan felt a little dumbfounded again, he wanted to get up and kiss Shi Fei.

“Brother Yiyuan, calm down a little, let’s have a good talk.” Shi Fei crossed his hands on his chest, trying to protect his chastity.

“Just now Wei Weidong called me, he said he was recently arranging a reality show called ‘ The Sims’ and wanted to invite Shi Fei to be the main guest.” Song Yiyuan said and raised his eyebrows continuously, with an excited expression.

“Ah?” Shi Fei was surprised. Where did this resource come from? He hadn’t asked anyone for this spot.

“Wei Weidong is a well-known domestic reality show director, just now he said all the invited stars were all first-tier stars, this is a good opportunity ah.”

Shi Fei said sarcastically, “Actually, I recently ……”

With bright eyes, Song Yiyuan started muttering to himself: “Four of you have shows, that means you’ll soon have an income, according to your social status, it should be charged by how much pay is appropriate. He Xiaobei should not be less than two million, right, Shi Fei has the highest popularity, he should get ……”

The corners of Shi Fei’s mouth twitched, it was as if Song Yiyuan’s eyes turned into two coins.

The next day, Song Yiyuan met with these directors to finalise the contract, the execution was really smooth.

When he got the contracts, Song Yiyuan still felt it was unreal, it had been too easy.

Early in the morning, a white 20-inch suitcase laid on the ground, and wearing a casual white pajamas and white slippers, Shi Fei started packing hia things.

When the doorbell rang, Shi Fei went to open the door.

Outside the door stood a shadowing cameraman and some others

“Hi, you’re here early, come in.” Shi Fei opened the door and let them in.

The camera brother carried the camera all the way through the door and said, “Your home is not quite the same as I imagined.”

Shi Fei went to the kitchen to get out two bottles of mineral water, handed them a bottle each, and said, “What is not quite the same?”

The camera brother said, “It’s too clean, not like a young man living in the house, did you deliberately find cleaners to clean the place before we came here.”

“I just moved here a few days ago, if you guys came a few days later, I guess what you would see would be a different picture.” Shi Fei joked with a smile.

The camera brother moved the camera over the living room environment slowly, and there were several paintings hanging on the wall, he calmly commented, “The paintings on your walls are all quite nice.”

The camera brother didn’t know anything about painting, he just thought it looked pretty good.

“Thank you.” Shi Fei replied politely.

“Can we take a look around your room?” Visiting the guest’s house was also one of the tasks of the cameraman, it would be edited and broadcasted at a later time.

“Feel free to look around, you guys look first, I’ll pack my suitcase, the departure time is approaching, I have to hurry.” Shi Fei quickly stuffed some of the things he was going to use into the suitcase, and quickly packed the luggage.

Just two days and one night only, he didn’t need to bring too much stuff, at this time the cameraman also moved from the bedroom to Shi Fei’s study.

“Then let’s go, I’m a little nervous, I wonder what guests are all together this time?” Shi Fei closed the door and looked around as he left.

“You’ll find out when you get to your destination later, it should surprise you a bit.” The cameraman mysteriously said.

The program team made arrangements in a five-star hotel, Shi Fei went into the lounge to wait, there was still no one inside.

The lounge also had a lot of food, he hadn’t eaten breakfast, so Shi Fei peeled an orange and ate it.

A moment later, he heard movement from outside, Shi Fei turned his head to the door and saw a person wearing black denim carrying a suitcase in his hand.

“You,……,” well, Shi Fei was really not expecting that there would be a Jiang Yu among the invited guests of the program.

” …… Shi Fei, you’re here too.” Jiang Yu excitedly took his hand, “yes, yes, fantastic.”

Jiang Yu pushed his suitcase to the side and beside Shi Fei in a very familiar way, “Shi Fei, how long have you been here? Did the team reveal to you what the theme of our first task is? Will you be afraid? ……”

The VJ next to him was dumbfounded, wondering if Jiang Yu had a ‘nagging persona’ .

“You’re asking so many questions at once, how can I answer them?” Shi Fei picked up an orange and gave it to Jiang Yu, then replied, “The crew didn’t reveal anything to me, you’re the first guest I’ve seen, and I arrived five minutes before you.”

Jiang Yu still wanted to ask questions, Shi Fei picked up another orange and put it in his hand and said, “Have some oranges.”

A girl in a yellow dress stood in the doorway and greeted everyone enthusiastically, “Hi, how are you?”

Shi Fei got up and greeted her, this person’s name was Yu Wenwen, she debuted three years ago, and became popular in two years, becoming a new generation’s national goddess.

After introducing herself, she sat down, then another girl called Li Hong came in.

Dressed in a black suit, she looked very intellectual and elegant.

Li Hong debuted early, around ten years ago, this year she was 31 years old, she recently got into acting, and the results weren’t bad, so she was considered a first-tier actress.

Five main guests, four had arrived.

The program team really invited first-tier stars, except for him, he had been invited to fill up the gap.

At this time, someone else came over, they thought it was another first-tier star, and when they heard the commotion, they all stood up.

Out of courtesy, Shi Fei also stood up.

When the person at the door appeared, everyone obviously froze.

Everyone looked at each other, who was this person?

They had never seen him on TV, but he looked really good, which company was preparing the newcomer?

Gu Yueze was wearing a black suit pants, pushing a black suitcase in his hand, his hair was combed back, his body revealed the aura of an elite, it looked out of place with the people present.

In addition to the face that didn’t lose to the stars present.

In the background, when Wei Weidong saw Gu Yueze appear, he couldn’t help but stroke his forehead, he felt very tired.

The previous two conditions that Mr. Gu placed, one was designated for the ‘Yiyuan Studio’, and the other was actually reserved for himself.

He was a multinational company’s president, yet he came to participate in this program ah, was it because he wanted to experience life?

Wei Weidong felt that this program was going to be very exciting, he hoped it didn’t give a heart attack ah.

Shi Fei didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he felt that the other seemed to have taken a special look at him when he came in.

The atmosphere in the room seemed a little awkward after Gu Yueze came in. Yu Wenwen first broke the awkwardness and asked, “Hello, my name is Yu Wenwen, may I ask who you are?”

“Gu Yueze.” Short and concise, without any extra introduction. He even seemed a bit disrespectful to others in this way.

Shi Fei stepped forward and said, “Hello, my name is Shi Fei, this is teacher Li Hong, and this is ……”

It wasn’t that Shi Fei wanted to be the big head as an introducer, but here he was the least popular, this was something he could only do, otherwise everyone would freeze here, how else would the show be recorded.

After the introduction, director Wei hurriedly jumped out to say that people had arrived and they could get on the car prepared by the program team to leave.

Everyone went to the parking lot, where a bus was parked, but the car was very spacious and clean, and a small refrigerator was placed next to it, which had fruits and drinks and so on.

A total of five guests, the bus still had quite a lot of places, even with the cameraman.

After putting the luggage away, everyone got into the car one after another, and Shi Fei found a seat in the back row.

As soon as Jiang Yu saw Shi Fei, he excitedly wanted to sit next to him, but found that he was robbed.

When he saw his seat taken by the newcomer, Jiang Yu’s unhappy expression directly showed on his face.

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