It was half an hour to eight o’clock in the evening, and the front audience began to enter the audience one after another.

The contestants were sitting in the waiting room, waiting for the program to start, but He Xiaobei was restless, with less than half an hour left to start the competition, the other contestants who had duets to help the singing guests all arrived, and Ms. Jin Lin had not yet come.

It had been more than an hour of makeup and she was not ready yet?

He Xiaobei couldn’t sit still, so he got up and went to the dressing room to check, but he found that no one was there, so where was Ms. Jin Lin?

He was about to rush to find someone to ask when a staff member came in and told him that Teacher Jin Lin had to leave beforehand.

“What? Did Ms. Jin Lin have to leave?” He Xiaobei was confused and asked, “This competition is about to start, it’s a duet song between a man and a woman, what should I do if Teacher Jin Lin leaves?”

“How do I know, I just came to tell you that, you can go to the director if you have questions.” The staff said impatiently.

“Big brother, will you help me to make a phone call to Miss Jin Lin and ask her? Or else you can give me Teacher Jin Lin’s phone number, and I can ask myself.” He Xiaobei anxiously grabbed the staff member’s arm, his expression was unprecedentedly flustered.

“No no no, where would I have teacher Jin Lin’s phone number, don’t grab me, I still have to go to work.” The staff threw He Xiaobei’s arm away and said in an irritated mood.

He Xiaobei still wanted to grab it, and that was when he saw Shi Fei, who appeared at the door.

Although Shi Fei failed to participate in the rehearsal, he was also dressed in the competition style, wearing sequined blue clothes and casual jeans, with a slight smoky makeup on his face, he looked good.

A long leg crossed the door frame and he looked at the staff who just shook his head and said to him, “What’s your name?”

“What do you want?” The staff was a little scared, he had heard that Shi Fei’s temperament was a little overt, not according to common sense. The program team was shutting him down and not allowing him to rehearse, obviously it gave up on him, he might want to beat him up.

Shi Fei slightly bent, he glanced at the work card in front of the staff, and the man quickly blocked it in his hand.

He said, “I see, your name is Ma Ding, right? I have good news for you, after tonight you’ll probably be out of a job. Cherish your working hours now, oh.”

The staff was baffled and hurriedly went out through the door while cursing Shi Fei mentally, he himself was going to be eliminated, and yet he still had the guts to scold him.

He Xiaobei sat on a chair with a decrepit face, sitting in the same place, he thought too well of the program team, since he was not allowed to participate in the training, and they confined Brother Fei, how could they let them compete smoothly? Brother Fei had only one day to practice, and he wasn’t even allowed to rehearse. He certainly couldn’t sing this one well. He originally wanted to work hard for brother Fei, but now there was no hope.

At this time the door pushed open, He Xiaobei saw Shi Fei, and tears couldn’t help but fall, “Brother Fei, I’m sorry, I have no way to compete, they had planned all this out long ago.”

“There’s nothing to cry about, I already expected this.”

He Xiaobei was surprised, “You’ve guessed it all, so then what do we do now?”

Not waiting for Shi Fei’s answer, at this time the door came in again, Wu Ziqiang and Teng Haining appeared at the door together.

As soon as he came in, he saw that He Xiaobei’s eyes were still red, and then he saw that Shi Fei’s face was not good, Wu Ziqiang went forward with his mouth slightly curved and said: “It seems that He Xiaobei has gotten the news.”

He Xiaobei looked at Wu Ziqiang and Teng Haining, he didn’t understand why the program team was targeting them so much.

Was it because Brother Fei exposed their shady secret during the recording of the show and disgraced them, or were they going to keep targeting them like this because they wouldn’t sign with Heavenly Star Media.

Wu Ziqiang walked over, pulled up a chair, and said, “Honestly, I’m surprised that you’ve lasted this long. In fact, why bother? As long as you sign to our company, you don’t have to suffer, and you can also let He Xiaobei compete normally, killing two birds with one stone.”

“Is that how the word “kill two birds with one stone” is used? Why don’t you talk about your own tactics, not agreeing to sign with the company, then locking me up and not allowing the song to be practiced, bribing the promoter to play shady tricks, arranging for a good male singer to take the female guest away before leaving, and you’re not tired of all this? The big deal is we don’t compete. There are so many talent shows, we can go to something else.” Shi Fei said carelessly.

“Do you think that if you offend us, I’ll let you have the chance to enter other talent shows?” Wu Ziqiang directly threatened.

“Then let’s try it, I want to see if Director Wu can really be so handy.” Shi Fei fearlessly toppled back.

“Good, don’t regret today’s decision.” Wu Ziqiang’s eyes narrowed with hostility.

Teng Haining shook his head and said, “Young man, you will pay the price for being too arrogant.”

Before walking out of the door, Shi Fei spoke up, “Director Wu, Director Teng, I give this back to you, I hope you don’t regret today’s decision. You’ll pay the price for being too arrogant.”

Teng Haining snorted, then they left the room.

Outside the room, Wu Ziqiang showed an impatient expression, he thought it was a nine-tenths certainty, but it turned out that Shi Fei was so stubborn that neither threats nor solitary confinement could make him give in.

After many days of grinding, he couldn’t get him to sign the contract, which made Wu Ziqiang’s patience very low.

Because of Shi Fei, even He Xiaobei and a few other players were unwilling to sign.

Only five of the top nine had signed with them in total, and the company had already expressed their dissatisfaction with him.

After holding such a grand audition, only five artists were signed in the end, which was too few.

Teng Haining asked, “Director Wu, what should we do now?”

Wu Ziqiang replied: “Let’s eliminate these two.”

Shi Fei should be the backbone of the few of them, as long as Shi Fei was eliminated, then the others should also sign, if seven people signed although still less, but the company could at least account for the past.

Teng Haining nodded his head: “Yes.”

Shi Fei was too much of a troublemaker, and he’ wasn’t very willing to let him stay in the program, the guy was a thorn in his side.

In the room, He Xiaobei asked with a dazed face, “Brother Fei, what do we do now?”

“I’ll be your guest singer.” Shi Fei’s words exploded to the point where He Xiaobei’s jaw could not close.

“You’ll come?” He Xiaobei was surprised, then looked up and down at Shi Fei and said, “Brother Fei, that’s a female voice, how would you sing?”

“Just trust me.” Shi Fei patted He Xiaobei’s shoulder and said, “G

o and wait with the others, I’ll put on some makeup and change my look first.”

“Brother Fei, you’re serious.”

“Of course.” Shi Fei urged.

He Xiaobei was very distrustful and walked out, although he had confidence in Shi Fei’s singing ability, it was too difficult for a man to sing a woman’s voice.

But He Xiaobei was indifferent, after all, he was now like this, no matter how bad the situation was, it would not be much worse.

As he thought before, it was a big deal to be eliminated, but if it weren’t for Brother Fei protecting him, he would probably have been eliminated long ago. He Xiaobei also had a cold heart for such a shady program group.

After He Xiaobei left, there were only ten minutes left before eight o’clock, Shi Fei put his hands behind his back and started to look at the rows of clothes.


The live show started, and this time, the show team also worked hard for the ratings, and the opening show was started by the three judges taking turns to stay and sing.

After the show was over, the three judges sat down and began to prepare to watch the contestants’ performances.

The rules of the competition were very simple: a PK match was held in the order of priority, except for the ninth most popular contestant, the other eight contestants were drawn by lottery in a two-way PK match.

The ninth player with the lowest popularity could challenge any of the four pending players, and the winner became the pending player and the loser was eliminated.

Such a rule was not fair to the lowly 9th place finisher, but that was the rule of Strongest Idol.

It was said to be a lottery, and it was very clear that the program team could do it at any time, and the program team intended to use this live competition to eliminate Shi Fei and He Xiaobei, so the two matches would not be placed in the front, it was expected to be placed in the final PK matches.

In the first round, Wu Yan versus Xu Haojie, Wu Yan was good at jumping and singing, and Xu Haojie brought an original song and won the match with an original lyric.

Chen Boyang was also an original songwriter, but his original song was so-so and he didn’t win against Yu Zixing.

The third round of the draw was He Xiaobei versus Xu Ruhao, with Xu Ruhao singing first.

The ones who could survive until now were capable, Xu Ruhao now had a king-like existence in the magic sound track, his voice was very penetrating when singing, the kind that could touch the heart.

A lyrical song, a note seemed to beat in front of people’s eyes, the feelings were exquisite, people resonated with it and couldn’t help but follow the emotions in his voice.

After the song was finished, the applause thundered, and the host Lu Peng came on stage and said: “Xu Ruhao’s voice still touches me so much, I can say that your song has poked me, thank you for your wonderful performance today ……”.

He Xiaobei’s name was called out for the next performance.

He Xiaobei walked up to the stage with the microphone in his hand, his heart thumping the whole time, and the host Lu Peng said, “This time, He Xiaobei brought us “Dream Back One Night”, so we have a wonderful performance from him.”

“Wait a minute, I also need to invite my partner to come on stage.” He Xiaobei said loudly, his eyes looking towards the backstage entrance.

Lu Peng was surprised, where did He Xiaobei get a partner? He was aware that the program team had deliberately removed He Xiaobei’s singing guest.

At this time at the stage entrance, a figure appeared, wearing a golden beaded flower headdress, their face had exquisite makeup, they wore a wide red long dress, every move was graceful and charming, especially her eyes.

“Who is this person? This is too beautiful. I declare that this person is my goddess from today.”

“Although wearing makeup, but I can feel the features under the makeup is very outstanding and delicate, who is this? Did the program hire a backup singer for He Xiaobei?”

“Mom, I feel like I’m in love, it’s the feeling of my heart beating fast.”

“Wow, this is so beautiful, Goddess, look at me look at me.”

“The goddess is truly beautiful to look at, and her body is impeccable, just a little too tall. But that’s okay, the height won’t stop me from loving you passionately.”

“One minute, I want all of this girl’s information on my desk.”

The army of pop-ups was waving and sweeping, and in the background, Teng Haining looked at the monitor, his whole body froze as he looked at Liang Wei next to him, “This, who is this? The program also found another helper for He Xiaobei?”

“Miss Jin Lin has left, and I don’t know this person. Who would dare to find him a guest without your order?” Liang Wei was also surprised.

“What’s wrong with this person? Who let him in?” Teng Haining looked around at the other staff members, saw them all shaking their heads, and said angrily, “Don’t you know any of them? So this person can’t just appear out of nowhere, right?”

The goddess had already approached He Xiaobei’s side, and the host Lu Peng asked, “What a beautiful partner Xiaobei has found, Xiaobei, won’t you introduce who this beauty is?”

He Xiaobei himself was still immersed in Shi Fei’s costume, he knew that Brother Fei was handsome, but he had never thought that he would look so enchanting in a woman’s costume.

At one point, he even wondered if this person was really Shi Fei.

“We’re all old acquaintances, I’d better introduce myself.” After bending over and giving a salute, he waved his hand at the audience in front of him and cast a seductive smile, “Hello everyone, I’m Shi Fei, and today I’m He Xiaobei’s guest singer.”

All spectators: “……”

Judges: “……”

Teng Haining: “……”

The clear, mellow voice was pleasant to the ear, but it was also clearly distinguishable as a male voice.

The crowd then looked at his charming to the extreme female costume.

The audience at the scene, including those in front of the live broadcast, were all disheveled.

Those who were sitting in front of the computer watching the live broadcast and drinking water, their keyboards were out of luck.

Even the players who were sitting backstage waiting to go on stage, who were all nervous, forgot to be nervous as their attention was focused on him.

“F*ck, did my ears mishear, did my goddess just say his name was Shi Fei? Illusion, it must be an illusion, just the same name, and surname.”

“Wake up upstairs, no matter how beautiful he is, can’t you hear this man’s voice? Is that the popular king, Shi Fei?”

“Brother Fei, how can you be like this, how can you embarrass us one by one like this.”

“Oh beautiful, this is too beautiful, exactly like a women.”

“I feel so traumatized, a minute ago I felt like I was in love, and I gave a flying kiss to the goddess, and my pants were wet, and you tell me it’s a man?”

“The one upstairs, I have reported.”

Teng Haining’s eyes straightened when he heard it was Shi Fei’s voice, “Shi Fei, what’s he doing upstage? Does he want to rebel again?”

The last time Shi Fei directly revealed the shady things on stage, Teng Haining still has palpitations, the last time it was a recorded program that could be edited later, but this time it was live, if he really made trouble, it was too late to stop.

“Quick, go and pull him down.” Teng Haining said quickly.

“Director Teng, this is a live broadcast, you can’t pull it. I guess it’s because he saw that He Xiaobei had no guest singer to help him, and he thought of a way to sing female vocals for him in a hurry. He Xiaobei can’t sing alone, so can he go up there and sing?” Liang Wei comforted Teng Haining and told him to be calm, and also showed him the latest live ratings, saying: “And you see, because of the Shi Fei women’s clothing, the ratings are rising.”

Teng Haining looked at the latest ratings, originally their ratings were at 2.5%, in a short while, it actually rose to 3.0%.

“This is rising after the appearance of the Shi Fei women’s clothing?” Teng Haining incredibly, he didn’t deny that Shi Fei in women’s clothing was really beautiful, but just this one reason brought up the ratings so much, it was too exaggerated.

“Now the audience likes freshness. Although many actors dress in women’s clothes for filming, you can see how many people it can attract. It’s normal for everyone to be interested. Besides, men can’t sing well without many years’ experience in singing female voices. Shi Fei’s talent in singing is already very strong, so it’s impossible to for him to have talent in a woman’s voice. That is impossible. ” Liang Wei subconsciously denied this possibility, there were only a handful of singers who could sing in a different voice in the entertainment industry.

It was only through decades of practice that they had reached their current heights, how old was Shi Fei?

“Yes, He Xiaobei can’t sing in a female voice, but at least he has practiced this week, and his grasp of this song is better than that of Shi Fei. Shi Fei has been grounded for a long time. Can he understand this song well? This seems to be purely a help. ” Teng Haining was relieved. “Then let him sing. He wants to help He Xiaobei. I’ll see how he can help.”

On the stage, Lu Peng saw that the jaw of the audience was falling off. Although he was surprised, as a professional host, he quickly adjusted his mood. Seeing that there was no action from the headset in his ear from the director group asking to remove Shi Fei, he quickly began to control the atmosphere with a circle of words: “Wow, Shi Fei, you really gave us a surprise today. It is estimated that many female audiences at the scene will treat you as a rival in love. Then we are looking forward to your performance. ”

As the host stepped down from the stage, Shi Fei and He Xiaobei remained on stage.

The song “Dream Back to the Night” was a very special performance, which many singers usually didn’t dare try. It combined Chinese folk art, traditional opera, opera, and pop music elements into one, especially the high notes, which were not easy to manage and it started in a high key.

However, He Xiaobei’s treble had been shown in the previous Weibo video music, and his strength was not weak, so it should be no problem for him to sing.

When the music sounded, He Xiaobei began to sing with Shi Fei on the stage.

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