Meng Jinhuai’s voice was muffled, seemingly blending all the complex emotions of the moment into this one sentence.


After hearing his words, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but freeze for a moment, before slowly raising his hand and hugging Meng Jinhuai back. Although when doing research, Duan Hengye’s mind was sharp, it must be admitted that in everyday life Duan Hengye was a bit oblivious.


So it wasn’t until now that Duan Hengye found that perhaps Meng Jinhuai’s thoughts towards him was different.




No matter how deep Duan Hengye’s knowledge of mecha was, or how perfect his previous practice was. These couldn’t change the fact – Today was Duan Hengye’s first time in battle.



In the previous few minutes, Meng Jinhuai had been observing the opposite battlefield and directing Duan Hengye’s attacks, but more than that, he was concerned about his safety.



Just now, Meng Jinhuai hid this emotion, because he was afraid of affecting Duan Hengye. Now, after the two of them had solved the trouble, he finally said what he wanted to say most in his heart. He had been worried about Duan Hengye.



The war god of Ye Tian Empire, the marshal of the empire, Meng Jinhuai grew up in the battlefield, he had seen more deaths than anyone else, and even his parents had died because of the war. Before he met Duan Hengye, Meng Jinhuai thought he had already looked past all this. But now Meng Jinhuai was incredibly clear, he still had things he couldn’t let go of.


Finally, Meng Jinhuai slowly let go of his hand, he smiled at Duan Hengye, and then gently rubbed his palm against Duan Hengye’s shoulder, “Well …… today our coordination was perfect.


Duan Hengye nodded silently, then finally stood up straight again and looked towards the captured escape pods. Now Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai’s location and those “captives” were only separated by a transparent curtain wall. But after this long hug, none of them took a look at those acquaintances.


When the mechas captured the escape pods, they would automatically be locked inside. So now those who were in the cabin couldn’t come out by themselves, unless Duan Hengye or Meng Jinhuai used their own authority to open it. Meng Jinhuai walked to an escape pod, then slowly squatted down and carefully looked at the model number engraved on it.

It was reasonable to say that Meng Jinhuai was usually cold, but this time he was extraordinarily careful, and he even reached out his hand to gently touch the escape bulkhead, as if he was repeatedly confirming the letters inscribed on it with his fingertips.


Although Meng Jinhuai’s actions had absolutely nothing to do with them, when he crouched down, those who were standing at the back couldn’t control their nervousness. At this time, the entire starship hall became abnormally quiet, and everyone’s ears were filled only with the sound of their own heartbeats.


The excessive silence stretched out the time, and when Meng Jinhuai finally stood up slowly, everyone felt a sigh of relief. After Meng Jinhuai got up, he turned towards Duan Hengye and smiled, then slowly walked to the front and opened the transparent curtain wall that separated the hall.


This curtain wall had a soundproof function, and when the transparent curtain wall was completely raised, the sound of Meng Jinhuai’s footsteps immediately came through clearly. As the military boots hit the metal floor, it emitted a clear and unmistakable sound.


Meng Jinhuai walked over.



Although in the eyes of ordinary people, these guests who came to the Empress’s family banquet and Meng Jinhuai belonged to the scope of “members of the upper echelon of the empire”. But in reality, anyone who knew something about the Ye Tian Empire knew that Meng Jinhuai and them belong to two different camps. So even though they had seen Meng Jinhuai many times at various banquets, there weren’t many people here who were familiar with Meng Jinhuai, except for a few people.



Therefore, to this imperial marshal, they instinctively held fear towards him.



Meng Jinhuai walked over, and then glanced at the crowd. Meng Jinhuai was clearly smiling at this time, but after seeing him, the people standing in the front row couldn’t help but take a step backward.


Duan Hengye, who was standing behind Meng Jinhuai, also followed him and slowly walked over. But at this time, everyone’s attention was almost exclusively focused on Meng Jinhuai alone, and not many people noticed Duan Hengye’s movements.


According to imperial etiquette, they should have greeted Meng Jinhuai now, but the truth was, none of them dared to speak. It was clear that although when he hugged Duan Hengye just now, Meng Jinhuai seemed gentle beyond words. But now, after he slowly walked over here, the familiar aura had returned once again.

The person in front of them was Meng Jinhuai, the marshal who had just come down from the battlefield, Meng Jinhuai.



Meng Jinhuai, who was dressed in black, slowly walked around the crowd and then walked to the corner of the hall. Following his gaze, everyone finally noticed that the empress had actually stayed there all this time.


It wasn’t known when the hem of her long dress accidentally split into a long tear. The original well-made makeup and hair had also become messy and her panicked expression …… In short, probably no one would associate this woman in front of them with the empress of the empire.


After seeing Meng Jinhuai walking towards her, the Empress suddenly turned her head over, she faced the metal wall of the starship and her shoulders began to tremble slightly.



Meng Jinhuai didn’t pay attention to the woman’s current emotions, he stood behind the Empress after walking over, then suddenly whispered to the other: “…… The code name of that mecha escape pod is ‘YB-C ‘, I wonder if Her Highness the Empress is familiar with it?”



After this sentence, the woman’s back that was trembling suddenly swayed again. She didn’t answer Meng Jinhuai’s words, but only reached out her hand to clutch the hem of her skirt tightly while the other was speaking. The hem of the fine silk skirt was hooked by long nails, and after a while she finally turned her body around again, then took a deep look at Meng Jinhuai’s back.



The volume of Meng Jinhuai’s voice when he spoke just now wasn’t very loud, and even Duan Hengye, who was standing behind him, didn’t clearly hear what he was saying to the Empress. After Meng Jinhuai came over again, Duan Hengye finally couldn’t help but ask. Immediately afterwards, Meng Jinhuai responded while heading towards the corridor outside the hall with him, “I told her the model of the escape pod ‘YB-C’.”


YB-C, just like weapons had their own code names and codes, mechas had mecha escape pods as well. Duan Hengye knew that this code belonged to the royal family, and likewise he believed that the Empress must also understand who the owners of those escape pods were ……


The reason for this was that the light computer that was with them when they were captured had been taken away, until now the fact that Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai teamed up to repel those so-called “star pirates” hadn’t been spread out of this starship.

Now that the danger was removed, the starship’s travel speed was reduced. In a short time, the Ministry of Military Affairs’ personnel who were responsible for the reception arrived at this unmanned interstellar jurisdiction in their starship. Although the function of the starship wasn’t damaged, the military department moved all the “captives”, as well as the people in black and the escape pods held in the starship’s cabins.


The Starship that was still in the no man’s jurisdiction was busy because of the recent incident. However, just outside the starship, the whole empire of Ye Tian was in chaos because of this incident… Or it could be said that it had fallen into the biggest chaos in recent years.


Before officially entering the battle, Duan Hengye used the light computer on the mecha to tap into the starship’s internal systems – an incredibly simple thing for him to do, and the purpose of doing so at the time was simply to open the starship’s hatch.



What Duan Hengye didn’t know was that at the same time he broke the starship’s program, he also cut the connection between the starship and the person behind it. So the royal side could only intermittently guess what happened on the unmanned jurisdiction through the battle signals on the mechas.



After all, there were so many accidents today that by now the royal family wasn’t even sure what had happened.


That was how the trouble started.



After discovering the details on the weapons and mecha escape pods and guessing the mastermind behind them, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai knew that today’s incident was definitely planned for a long time. The fact was just as they thought, just before the battle was over, the interstellar media arranged by the royal family had already synchronized the long-prepared news to send out.



Thus, the whole Ye Tian Empire and even the whole interstellar world received this misinformation – today’s incident was the work of star pirates who wandered into the interstellar ungoverned area. Because of the improper security of the Empress’s family, many important members of the Empire were put in danger.


Since the Star Pirates had now left the country, the Empire was unable to trace their whereabouts. However, guards had been sent to the Empress’s family’s star and security was strengthened.


Such news completely exploded the originally calm waters of the entire empire. By the way, the spearhead was pointed directly at the Empress and her family.



The royal family’s preparation couldn’t be described as adequate, the reason they sent out the news so early was to give Meng Jinhuai a surprise, and to take over the security of the Queen’s family before the military ministry – that was, to expand their own garrison.


Now that the news from the starship wasn’t received for half a day, the royal family was already getting anxious…. At the same time that the troops were sent to the Empress Family’s genus star, they also began to withdraw the press releases they had sent out and sent out a “calm down” signal to the public, sensing that the situation had changed.



But at this time, the whole Ye Tian Empire had already been in chaos because of this matter. The royal family didn’t think that their withdrawal of news not only didn’t call for the restoration of interstellar calm, but also added fuel to the fire.




At this time, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai had already returned to the starship of the military department. Although they just ended a battle, and there were still many doubts unresolved in his heart, but Meng Jinhuai told Duan Hengye to change into normal clothes, after Duan Hengye ate a long delayed lunch, his light computer was finally returned.



Duan Hengye read the interstellar news reports, although the royal family had already started a major withdrawal effort. But there were still countless screenshots, netizens continued to circulate the news.


To be honest, although Duan Hengye had already mentally prepared, after seeing that overwhelming news, he was still extremely shocked. He slowly put down the light computer, then couldn’t help but reach out his hand to press his temples – it turned out that today’s events were more exciting than he originally imagined.


After seeing Duan Hengye’s appearance, Meng Jinhuai also put down the light computer in his hand, “What’s wrong?” Although the marshal who was busy piloting the mecha had also just seen the news on the Starnet, looking at his current appearance, Meng Jinhuai’s acceptance of this matter was obviously much higher than Duan Hengye’s.



After hearing the other’s words, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but let out a long breath, “The Empress told me not to forget my identity at the banquet.” It was obviously something that happened just a few hours ago, but because of the somewhat overwhelming experience just now, now that Duan Hengye recalled it again, it actually felt a bit distant.


He continued, “The empress told me to give it some more thought and continue working with them. When the time comes, the royal family will not only discard their past suspicions, but also give me a big gift.” Duan Hengye paused for a moment then added, “This ‘great gift’ refers to the real antidote.”


After hearing what Duan Hengye said, Meng Jinhuai was silent for a while and then finally opened his mouth to summarize.



“It seems that Zhuo Yan is trying to play the trick of ‘the mantis catching the cicada unaware of the yellow bird in the back’.”


“The matter of you coming to the Empress’s family genus Star. It should be a plan made by Zhuo Yan together with the Empress. But apparently that woman didn’t know that her husband had also prepared such a hand behind.”


After hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye’s palms couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat. If he really had no spiritual energy like the original owner, and Meng Jinhuai couldn’t come in time. He would probably be transferred away with the people of that starship, and then completely “disappear” from the interstellar. And because people were hijacked by the star robbers in the Empress’s family’s star, this pot would fall on the Empress who also had a lot of bad luck, no surprise.


Although Duan Hengye didn’t have a good feeling about the Empress, after thinking about these things, he couldn’t help but feel some sympathy for this woman.



Just at the same time as Duan Hengye considered all these, Meng Jinhuai continued: “There are still quite a few abandoned planets in this uninhabited jurisdiction, I think …… the royal family should have originally intended to move all the people there first, followed by ‘saving’ some.”



“And then keep the rest of them under control on those abandoned planets.” Duan Hengye added in a rather mocking tone.



Obviously if the plan succeeded, Zhuo Yan would use the unfavorable security as a lure to increase the garrison that had been shrinking in recent years… The army was added to the Empress family. By the way, people like him who were somewhat useful would also be left behind and controlled to do research.


It was just that Duan Hengye wasn’t a person that could be controlled that well, perhaps the plan was doomed to failure the moment the royal family put the calculations on Duan Hengye’s head.



After a while, people from the military department gave the light computers of those nobles back to them. People in the interstellar era couldn’t live without their light computers, and after taking their own light computer back into their hands, those people picked it up at the first opportunity, and then posted the news of their safety on the star network.


After all, they were all dignified figures in the empire, once a “missing” or “captured” event fermented, it would bring adverse effects to their businesses.


As a result, the already chaotic Ye Tian Empire had another unbelievable incident because of these light computers that were issued back. The netizens who always paid attention to Starnet saw that in just half a minute, those people who were listed on the “missing list” in the royal notice appeared on Starnet together.



Most of those statuses said they were safe, although because of the urgency of the mood, the word count of everyone’s posting wasn’t long, but from the clear and unified message – they just experienced a dangerous star pirate hijacking incident, but because of Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai, now the matter had been smoothly resolved.



The fact that Duan Hengye’s spiritual energy wasn’t zero and that he was unusually skilled in operating the mecha shocked these people. In these states of varying lengths, everyone also coincidentally mentioned the point that “Duan Hengye was driving a mecha”.



This phrase obviously had an unexpected effect, because Duan Hengye had no spiritual energy, this fact was too deep in the hearts of people. So after seeing those statuses, there were many people who had the suspicion that these contents were sent by the star pirates to confuse everyone? Otherwise, how could they make such a uniform mistake?



The only people who took those statuses seriously at first glance was the royal family.



After seeing the news of safety emerging from the star network one after another, the emperor Zhuo Yan, who was standing alone on the edge of the study sofa, finally slowly fell down. Although the military group hadn’t yet returned, the end had been set.


Zhuo Yan knew that he was going to be finished.



He quickly turned off the lively and somewhat blinding information on the light screen, Zhuo Yan buried his face into the palm of his hand. He took a deep breath, then raised his head with crimson eyes.


This time Zhuo Yan’s light screen was still refreshing automatically at a rapid pace, and he saw a familiar face on the screen – it was Duan Hengye. This was a “thank you” letter from a nobleman who had just been rescued, with a picture of Duan Hengye that he had gotten from the star network.



This photo was very common, Duan Hengye used it on the official website of An Luo University and the Ye Tian Empire’s Mecha Research Institute. The photo showed Duan Hengye quietly gazing at the camera, not a trace of excess emotion could be seen in his eyes. This person was perfect and cold, as if sketched out by an AI.



Although he didn’t know how many times he’d seen this picture, after seeing it again, Zhuo Yan actually had the illusion that the person on the picture was mocking him. He suddenly stood up from the sofa and punched the light screen.


“…… Duan Hengye.” Zhuo Yan gritted his teeth as he said the other’s name.



Unfortunately, the light screen couldn’t be broken. After a brief distortion of the screen, it returned to the original photo once again. After seeing it, Zhuo Yan finally slowly slid back into the sofa, he kept chanting “It’s over …… really over ……”


After reporting their safety through their personal accounts, those who had just come out of danger finally began to look up the reports of the incident on the star network. They originally thought that not much time had passed since the incident happened, and there might not be many detailed reports on Starnet yet. But after seeing the results of the search, everyone was dumbfounded.



Not only was there a complete account of the incident and its ending on the Internet, but the account and ending were different from what they knew ……



What exactly happened in the Ye Tian Empire?


The “captives” who were in the incident were confused, and the netizens who had been following the news were equally confused.


After the status of the safety report was sent out one after another, the military department of the Ye Tian Empire also confirmed on their official account what those people had just said.



–Meng Jinhua drove his mecha to the interstellar no man’s jurisdiction area alone, and together with Duan Hengye, they captured all the “star thieves” in the escape capsule.


In that case, the information just now wasn’t made up by the star pirates, Duan Hengye really had spiritual energy and could pilot a mecha?


This time, the discussion on the Internet about this incident completely veered in another direction – that was, the magical appearance of Duan Hengye’s spiritual energy, and his cooperation with Meng Jinhuai to capture the star pirates in the escape pod.



At the same time, the Starship carrying the people involved in the incident finally flew out of the dark and uninhabited interstellar jurisdiction. Through the viewport, people could see several brightly lit planets not far away. For people living in the interstellar era, this was just a normal part of life, but when they saw them, many of them felt like they were in a different world.


Considering that these people lived on different planets, right after returning to the domain of the Ye Tian Empire, the starship belonging to Southern Star contacted a large planet nearby. The starship would then make a one-hour stop here and take those rescued to take the starships here back to their place of residence.



A few minutes later, the news spread throughout the stars. The apprehensive hearts of the netizens who had been following the event finally fell. The inhabitants of the destination planet went completely crazy, because the planet was so densely populated that there were several huge urban settlements not far from the starship docking pad contacted by the military.



Although there was a no-fly zone set up next to it, when the starship was about to land, Duan Hengye still saw the dense crowd spread around the docking pad.



It was obvious that everyone was here for them.




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