After the announcement of the arrival of the Southern Star Starship, it arrived at its destination ten minutes later. But in such a short time, all the residents in the surrounding area had gathered here. From the starship, it was really a huge crowd, the scene was very spectacular.


After seeing this scene through the window, Duan Hengye couldn’t hide his shock. Seeing his reaction, Meng Jinhuai also came over and took a look down, apparently he also didn’t expect that so many people would come here today.



“Today’s incident has a great impact on the interstellar.” Meng Jinhuai finished his speech and moved his eyes away from the window, then turned to another assistant in the cabin, “Don’t rush to land first, fly around the docking pad.”


Now that the starship was about to reach its destination, soon after Meng Jinhuai’s order was given, those people who were watching found that the huge starship didn’t land in a hurry, but reoriented itself and hovered over their heads.



At first, people didn’t understand what this starship was doing – after all, the starship line of the military department was loaded with a lot of weapons, and it looked very oppressive to the naked eye. But it didn’t take long for someone to finally figure out what Meng Jinhuai meant. The Marshal was greeting them in such a way.



Unlike the nobles on the starship today who were far from the war, the residents who really lived on the planets on the edge of the empire knew better than anyone else how hard it was to make peace. The planet that the starship chose to land on today was one of the countless ordinary inhabited planets in the Ye Tian Empire, and some people couldn’t even pronounce its name completely.



But the people living on this planet had a deep affection for the Ministry of Military Affairs. Although it wasn’t a military planet, the security of the planet was the responsibility of the Southern Star. There were no precious resources on this planet, and the economy was very average. Because of its location near the edge of the empire, the security here was more complicated than most planets.



Standing at the window, Duan Hengye saw that while the starship was flying above the crowd, the people below were also screaming and waving with unbridled enthusiasm.

In recent times, Duan Hengye was consciously cramming knowledge of imperial history and geography. So he knew that because of its special location, Meng Jinhuai had come here quite a few times in recent years. Obviously, Southern Star hadn’t neglected this place, and the residents here would never forget Southern Star.



The scene beneath his feet was so shocking that Duan Hengye’s hand subconsciously pressed to the top of the cold view window. Just as he quietly looked at the scenery under the starship, Meng Jinhuai’s hands rested on top of Duan Hengye’s shoulders respectively. It was clear that there were more than two people in the cabin where Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai were now, but the atmosphere between them naturally separated them from them. The assistant who was also looking down the window just now, also silently moved his eyes to the side.



After a few laps, the starship headed back towards the docking bay.


The planet where the landing took place was limited after all, and the military department didn’t contact each guest separately, but divided them into several groups. Although they usually traveled in luxury private starships to and from space, none of them were picky now.


When the starship landed, the first group of people immediately followed the staff of the military department out. After all, the scene was a bit chaotic, so neither Duan Hengye nor Meng Jinhuai showed up again. And at this time, the compartment Duan Hengye was in suddenly received an entry request.


It was sent by Duan Hengxing.


After seeing this name, Duan Hengye was a little surprised, but still accepted this application.


After boarding the starship just now, Duan Hengye changed into a casual outfit, which was a simple black T-shirt, although it was very suitable for the current temperature in the starship cabin, but when the two hands on his shoulders left, he suddenly felt a little cold and reluctant to part.


After turning around, Duan Hengye paused there for a moment, before looking toward the door.


It just so happened that at this time, Duan Hengxing also walked to the door. Compared to the usual look of a hangdog, the aura on Duan Hengxing today was extraordinarily serious. At the same time, the military staff who were inside this cabin also saw Duan Hengxing.


These staff members were already familiar with Duan Hengye, and as for Duan Hengxing, the staff members had all seen him before at parties or on Starnet. But it wasn’t until today that they finally noticed the similarities between Duan Hengxing and Duan Hengye, and then realized the incomparably close relationship between the two of them.



Standing at the doorway, Duan Hengxing gently rested one hand on the edge of the door, and his gaze fell on Duan Hengye. After seeing Duan Hengxing’s expression, Meng Jinhuai glanced at Duan Hengye, and then walked out of this cabin. And seeing that Marshal Meng had left, several other staff members also glanced at each other and followed Meng Jinhuai’s lead.


After a while, only Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai were left in the whole room.


Duan Hengye remembered what happened the last time he was alone with Duan Hengxing, he didn’t feel anything when the situation was critical just now, but now he couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. When all the other people in this starship cabin left, Duan Hengxing finally walked in slowly.


Duan Hengye finally realized something, he didn’t know if it was because Duan Hengxing was wearing formal clothes today, he looked a lot more mature than before.


Duan Hengxing was calm when he stood at the door just now, but he was also embarrassed when all the people in the cabin left. At this time, Duan Hengye and Duan Hengxing were standing at the two ends of the room, with a sofa between them.


Duan Hengye glanced at the man in front of him, “Sit down first.”



“E ……” Duan Hengxing walked over and sat on the sofa, he couldn’t help but raise his eyes to look at Duan Hengye, then he got nervous.


Duan Hengxing’s nervous expression was clear to Duan Hengye, after he sat down, he first waited for a while, estimating that Duan Hengxing’s emotions had calmed down, only then did he hesitantly ask, “What’s wrong?”



After saying that, Duan Hengye felt that he hadn’t started this very well. However, looking at Duan Hengxing’s appearance, he didn’t choke on Duan Hengye’s question. In fact, this was how the two had communicated before, raw and straight to the point.



“Well …… I wanted to come and thank you.” Duan Hengxing’s speech was slow, and both hands were clenched tightly together as he spoke. Although the action wasn’t very obvious, Duan Hengye noticed.


When he saw Duan Hengxing standing in the doorway just now, Duan Hengye already prepared himself. But when he really heard these two words, he unexpectedly felt it was a little unreal.


After saying these words, before Duan Hengye could react, Duan Hengxing suddenly let out a long breath, and then he suddenly stood up from the sofa. Duan Hengye saw that his expression was now a lot more relaxed. It seemed that after that sentence was said, the big stone in his heart also fell down together with it.


The young man standing opposite Duan Hengye at this time, his entire body was permeated with a “weightless” feeling.


Seeing Duan Hengxing get up, Duan Hengye also followed along and stood up. The two men were standing at opposite ends of the sofa, and after they got up, they still maintained a distance of not far and not too close, looking a bit too polite and distant to be ignored.



Duan Hengxing was silent for a moment: “You are very impressive. Some of the things I said before …… were indeed a bit ridiculous.” When he spoke the first sentence, he looked straight into Duan Hengye’s eyes and looked very sincere, while when he spoke the latter sentence, his eyes took on a bit of loss that he couldn’t hide.


It must be said that Duan Hengxing’s words just now had surprised Duan Hengye. But before he could think of how he should reply, he saw the other sniffle, then his expression changed, “Well, then I’m leaving.” Compared to the tense and nervous tone just now, Duan Hengxing was now relaxed, after saying that he then nodded to Duan Hengye, then directly walked out of the cabin.


When Duan Hengxing’s back completely disappeared in the doorway, Duan Hengye finally realized something afterwards.



Before today, every meeting between him and Duan Hengxing was almost always unpleasant and would mostly only happen when the other asked for money. In those previous meetings, Duan Hengxing would basically call him “brother” – although his tone was often mocking. But this time, Duan Hengxing didn’t call him that way. The two of them finished the conversation as if they were strangers, incomparably polite.



After Duan Hengye and Duan Hengxing’s conversation ended, Meng Jinhuai walked back after finishing something else. Pushing open the door and seeing Meng Jinhuai who was walking towards him on the other side of the corridor, Duan Hengxing politely nodded to him and then followed the instructions of the staff around him and walked to the exit of the starship.

“What’s going on?” After entering the door the starship’s hatch closed again.


Hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye slowly shook his head, then frowned slightly and said truthfully, “Duan Hengxing just came over and said ‘thank you’ to me.” As he spoke, Duan Hengye’s fingertips couldn’t help but gently rub against the edge of the sofa.


Although Duan Hengye repeated what Duan Hengxing had just said, and didn’t add much of his own opinion. When he finished, Meng Jinhuai immediately understood the meaning that Duan Hengye wanted to express.


Although Duan Hengye had no memory of what happened when he was a child, and the only times he and Duan Hengxing got along before weren’t pleasant. But the man who left just now was still the only family member he had in this world, and the word “thank you” was both gratitude and a sign of alienation.


Duan Hengye was a bit despondent, not for Duan Hengxing, but for his own loneliness.


This was what Meng Jinhuai guessed, but what he couldn’t guess was that because of this emotion, Duan Hengye once again remembered his loved ones from his last life. Because there was no standard concept of “year” in the interstellar world, Duan Hengye didn’t remember the length of time he had been in this world very well. In addition to the busy work, he often forgot to remember the past. But just now, Duan Hengxing’s distant conversation reminded Duan Hengye of the faces in his memory that were slowly blurring.


Thinking of this, Meng Jinhuai reached out his hand to pat Duan Hengye’s shoulder, then he lowered his head and gently said to him, “There’s still me, it’s okay.”


After hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye’s tightly furrowed brow loosened, and then he smiled slightly “Okay.”




The Empress’s family belonged to the star this incident happened, everything ended with a bang. The curtain fell a little too hastily.


After the starship from southern star returned the Empress to the planet, she was placed under house arrest along with other family members. Although the royal family was also questioned for the first time ever because of the chaotic news when the incident happened. But things were just as Duan Hongyi and Meng Jinhuai imagined, for the time being, the royal family had dumped all the blame on the Empress family’s head.


Duan Hengye learned after a while that just when he and Duan Hengxing were talking in the starship cabin, Meng Jinhuai and the Empress had also communicated, but he didn’t ask Meng Jinhuai about the results and contents of his conversation with the other side.


As for the focus of people’s attention. It seemed that in a short period of time, the incident itself had shifted to the matter of “Duan Hengye could pilot a mecha”. Because of the urgency of the incident and the fact that it happened in an uninhabited interstellar area, there was no video footage. But the more vague it was, the more curious people were about the incident.


It didn’t take long for the interstellar media to recreate the events of that day according to the words of the captured guests. Not long after the video was released, it quickly spread throughout the interstellar. But before long, a number of people who witnessed the incident retweeted it and went on to point out that the operation inside the simulated video was no more than a tenth of the reality.


The hot spots on the interstellar world came and went quickly. It was clear that everyone was concerned about the Star Pirates incident, but as soon as the video came out, the previous events were washed away in people’s minds. Just …… this speed seemed to be a little too fast. After seeing the discussion on the star network, Duan Hengye had a suspicion that there was someone behind the scenes deliberately blurring the matter. His guess was right – soon after the incident, Southern Star began to intentionally guide the netizens’ discussion.


At first glance this was blurring the focus, but in reality it was secretly planting a bomb ……


A few days later, the royal report on the incident finally came out under the urging of the empire’s previously non-existent parliament. However, from Duan Hengye’s point of view, this report was really very confusing, as long as there was a little understanding of the matter, a lot of loopholes were visible.


When the report came out, Meng Jinhuai was conducting a meeting on Southern Star. The rest of the military staff saw that after pausing the meeting to read the report, Meng Jinhuai suddenly smiled coldly at the light screen.


The staff of the military department present all came down from the battlefield together with Meng Jinhuai, and had already seen the other side full of murderous aura many times. But today was different, in addition to the murderous aura, Meng Jinhuai seemed extremely cold.


If the previous Meng Jinhuai was a lion that reigned in the grassland, then today he was more like a python hiding in the jungle.



Seeing Meng Jinhuai in this state, Yu Xinran couldn’t help but look at Hewen Dongfang who was sitting opposite. Although both of them didn’t say anything, the tacit understanding accumulated from years of working together made them reach a consensus – Meng Jinhuai had probably already prepared a “generous gift” for the royal family, he was just waiting for the right time to come, then it would be sent out.



Because of Meng Jinhuai’s expression, more than a dozen people in the military conference room didn’t dare to let out a breath. After a while, the Marshal finally reached out his hand to the light screen to exit from the royal report, and then returned to the content of the meeting just now.


The perfunctory nature of the royal briefing was too obvious, and seeing that Meng Jinhuai didn’t say anything more, a staff member sitting next to him hesitated for a moment before asking, “May I ask the Marshal …… what we need to do?”



At that Meng Jinhuai shook his head and said, “Now is not the time, wait a little longer.”



–Meng Jinhuai was waiting for Lan Jingchi to settle the last big thing.




The toxin in Duan Hengye’s body was really a bit complicated, despite the addition of Lan Jingchi and the cooperation of a whole research institute, the antidote still couldn’t be created in a short time.


The reason for this was that they had officially joined the research institute under Southern Star and started to host the work of the antidote. Lan Jingchi also knew about the matters between Duan Hengye and the royal family, as well as the Empress’s family. Although he thought that Duan Hengye was a very mysterious person, Lan Jingchi had never thought that there was such a past behind him.



During the period of waiting for the antidote to be made, Duan Hengye would often go to Southern Star or subordinate research institutes in the stars for regular medical examinations. The difference with the last time was that these medical examinations weren’t in checking his body organs affected by the toxin, but in detecting the content and movement pattern of the toxin.



Since a few months ago, Lan Jingchi had begun to carry out the temporary antidote adjustment work. Although each adjustment was small, several medical examinations revealed that the toxins in Duan Hengye’s body, which had been stationary and even deepening, were finally showing signs of movement.



This was a good thing, but it was also a very risky thing.



As a male counterpart who once had half a foot in the ranks of the villains, Lan Jingchi building up the antidote was also very bold. Probably now on the entire interstellar, there was no one other than Lan Jingchi who dared to use the “attacking poison with poison” method on Duan Hengye ……

At first, after hearing Lan Jingchi’s thoughts, Duan Hengye was also taken aback and hesitated for some time. But in the end, remembering the book’s description of Lan Jingchi, as well as seeing the other’s confident expression, Duan Hengye still accepted his advice, Lan Jingchi was indeed a person who wouldn’t disappoint, after a period of trial taking, the toxins in Duan Hengye’s body began to move and gradually weakened. But because the drug and the toxin attacked each other, in the toxin increasingly reduced at the same time, Duan Hengye’s body once again became visibly weak.



Although he knew that this was a necessary process for detoxification, Meng Jinhuai also told Duan Hengye to temporarily transfer the main site of his work from the star where the research institute was located to Southern Star.


In this day and age, working off-site had long ceased to be a difficult task. It was just that because of the need for secrecy in mecha research, ordinary staff of the institute must use the institute’s light computer for research to prevent information leaks from occurring.



But Duan Hengye wasn’t an ordinary staff member, at least they didn’t have to worry about information leakage from him.



Despite the shift in position, after returning to Southern Star to start work, Duan Hengye still had video conferences with the Institute’s staff every other day. Because of the time difference between the two places, each meeting time was the afternoon of the Institute’s location, and morning on Duan Hengye’s side.



Yesterday, Duan Hengye just took the new phase of drugs researched by Lan Jingchi, although his spirit was still as full as ever, his body was a bit too weak. In the morning his biological clock didn’t work, if it wasn’t for the robot set up before, Duan Hengye would have slept straight through the meeting.



But although he was up before the meeting started, this time, he was a bit rushed.


Duan Hengye walked down from the bed with weak feet, and after washing up it was already time for the meeting to start. So there was no time to go to the office, Duan Hengye had to go to the desk located in the corner of the bedroom, and then opened the meeting program with a coat over his pajamas.



The video conference participants of the research institute, were only Su Mingge and a few more important research group leaders. After a period of work, not only Su Mingge, everyone was no longer as afraid of Duan Hengye as before. Even during the meeting, they would joke with him from time to time.


But today, after Duan Hengye’s rare one-minute delay in entering the video call, the people who saw the video screen were all serious. The video call opened when Duan Hengye was still adjusting his light computer, so he didn’t first appear in the picture.


But the beige wall behind the table told the person across the video that Duan Hengye was now not in that office before – immediately after that, Su Mingge judged where he was now through a floor lamp behind Duan Hengye.


“…… Duan Hengye, you’re now in your bedroom?” Su Mingge first hesitated for a moment, then asked this.


Hearing his words, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but feel some surprise. After adjusting the light computer, he sat at the desk, then while organizing the meeting documents, he gently nodded his head.


Just now when washing up, he was a little anxious, so Duan Hengye didn’t notice that his face was as bad as his state. If an analogy had to be used ….. in Su Mingge’s opinion, today’s Duan Hengye was very similar to the time when he fainted in front of him.



Before Duan Hengye could look up, the image on the light screen in front of him suddenly changed. The images of the rest of the staff disappeared, leaving only Su Mingge with a serious face occupying one side of the light screen.



What was happening? Before Duan Hengye could react to what had gone wrong, he heard Su Mingge across the room asking incomparably serious, word by word: “Duan Hengye, what is going on with you? Don’t hide it from me.”


Although Su Mingge didn’t say anything, Duan Hengye always felt that the other was overthinking again – after all, Professor Su was a person who once asked him to his face if he was going to die.




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